Injury Update

by | Nov 1, 2010 | 19 comments

Add Richard Hamilton and Charlie Villanueva to the injury list.   Hamilton injured his foot and Charlie Villanueva sprained his ankle Saturday night in a 101-91 loss to the Chicago Bulls.

Will Bynum is still out, Rip is questionable and Villanueva is a game time decision when the Pistons take on the Celtics (who will be without Shaq) Tuesday night at the Palace.  Chris Wilcox is also doubtful so if Charlie doesn’t play, you can bet we will see more than a few minutes from rookie Greg Monroe.

This is starting to feel like last season.


  1. Travis

    Joe D needs to make a move ASAP! Detroit has too many similar players and their obviously not anywhere near contending for a playoff spot. I love RIP but he needs to be moved either for a big or for a draft pick before he loses value. Keep Tay, Bynum, Monroe, Stuckey, Gordon, Wallace, and Maxiell. Everyone else should be trade bait for teams that need a specific player. Dont get me wrong we do have the best team on “paper,” (talent wise) BUT that doesn’t equate to wins.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Joe has been trying to move Rip, problem is it’s hard to make a deal with his salary. Sad thing is…we have a big but hes not playing.

      • James (Australia)

        I will be interested to see what happens when the team is (finally) sold. Reports have said that the Dumars has been restricted whilst the team is in the process of being sold. I love Rip, but with his cold start to the year and Gordon’s hot start, it might be in everyone’s best interest to move him along.

        I thought the injuries were supposed to be over…

        • Natalie Sitto

          True I’m sure Dumars was limited with the checkbook, but with Ilitch and Wilson coming back…Dumars may have to worry about himself. You never know what’s going to happen.

  2. anchunger

    yeah although rip has been a huge part of the pistons family, its time to move on. tay’s been playing much better and we see gordon trying to prove that his contract is worth it from last year.

    rip’s about to lose his starting position if gordon keeps firing up in every game and if rip gets cold. its simple as that. we need more big men.

    • RP

      Your seriously think that Rip will be sent to the bench? I wish I could believe it, but if there is one thing I’ve learned over the last few years watching Pistons basketball, it’s that whiners more often than not get their way. I’ll be shocked if Kuester has the guts to do it.

    • JHigh

      Tay’s been playing good right now, but by the end of the season and the playoffs(if we make it) he will tire out and fade away, just like he’s done every season.

  3. Tycoon

    Rip should be kind enough to give way for BG to start. And with injuries or not Monroe should get playing time.

  4. rai_from_the_philippines

    like old times!!!

  5. Steve

    We’re seriously lacking in Abdenour Power so far this season!

  6. Iz

    In Arnie I don’t trust

    really, so much injuries in this team

  7. Brother Curlin

    Ok enough is enough with this mess. Someone needs to go and it has to be soon. Call Denver up and offer Rip and Tay for Melo. Maybe even try to get Billups back because this team needs a floor leader on the ball. And since Joe has already stated that Kuester is safe we can’t go into the whole fire the coach thing that is so popular for losing teams. I was able to finally catch a Piston game this past Saturday when they played the Bulls and I still can’t understand how they gave that game away.

    Still with Pistons but something needs to be done.

  8. edt

    “Rip and Tay for Melo”

    uh, what? Nuggets are 26 million over the cap, there is no way in hell they want to add 34 million to their payroll for two older players, let alone throw us melo for free basically. joe d had his chance last year, this year, he can’t give away rip and prince, their contracts are huge especially with the new bargaining agreement coming.

    maybe we could trade prince & rip to the washington wizards for gilbert arenas and yi jianlian

    • JHigh

      Even if they were to give us Melo, he won’t resign here anyways; but we need to do this so that he have salary cap space and can truly start the rebuilding process.

  9. justafan

    It seems like Rip & Charlie have been faking injuires!
    Neither one of them play that hard!
    Enough Trade Charlie to Orlando for Brandon Bass & Ryan Anderson!

    Send Maxiell to Sac for Cousins, players are complaining about him, well send him and his bad attitude here! We need some mean, nasty players, these guys are a team of softees excluding Bynum, Gordon, Stuckey, Jerebricko.

    This may be Joe’s last stand. Well, I can’t say that I am sad or depressed about it, Let Monroe Play. Atl wants to get rid of Josh Smith, Trade Maxiell, Wilcox, and Summers for Josh Smith.

    We have the pieces to get it done, Imagine a front line of Cousins, Monore, Smith, Gordon, Stuckey! Now that’s Detroit Basketball!

    • James (Australia)

      I’m not sure how we send Maxiell to Sacramento for Cousins, then magically get Maxiell back so that we can trade him to Atlanta for Smith. So all our problems come from the fact that there is only one Maxiell?

      Look mate, the real NBA is actually not like NBA 2K11. You don’t just match the contracts up and assume that it is a done deal. Why would Orlando give up Bass and Anderson for CV31? Why would Atlanta want Maxy, Summers, and Wilcox for Josh Smith?

      • justafan

        Dude I was proposing 2 different trade scenarios! Grow a brain!

        • James (Australia)

          Some people write the funniest things.

          To quote yourself, “We have the pieces to get it done, Imagine a front line of Cousins, Monore, Smith, Gordon, Stuckey! Now that’s Detroit Basketball!”

          Now, as I said before how do we get Smith and Cousins in our lineup with the trades you have proposed when both trades require Maxiell to get them done?

          Before you go shooting off at the mouth at me, have a look at what you are actually saying.

  10. edt

    oh that’s just ridiculous justafan, cousins is gonna be the 2nd best big man in the league in a year Maxiell for Cousins? A guy who can’t start for one of the best bigs in the nation? As for Josh Smith, the talk was that we would trade Rodney Stuckey for Smith. We could give Atl Maxiell Wilcox & Summers all three for free and none of those guys would be good enough to make the 2nd rotation.

    I have a feeling we are stuck with this team as is for the rest of the year. The only piece that might move is Joe D when he gets fired by Illich lol.

    People know I love Joe D, despite all his mistakes, but he has nobody to blame but himself when he gets fired.

    The problem with our current pistons team is that the contracts are so damn big for our players that we can’t move anything, we are above the salary cap and sure you can fire the coach, but that doesn’t solve anything, might as well fire Joe D.

    The worst mistake he made was rewarding Rip with that contract at $13 million this year. If Rip was making $8 million we could move him tomorrow and bring in a quality big. The second worst mistake was him paying Ben Gordon $11 million, the third worst mistake was Charlie V at $7 million, see a pattern here???

    All those guys would be fine, Ben Gordon, Charlie V off the bench, Rip would be fine, they would all be fine if their contracts were $3 million less.

    Our best players are Stuckey at $3m, Ben Wallace at $2m, and Jerebko at $700k. This team would be great if we weren’t weighed down with these gigantic contracts that make it impossible to move any pieces, especially this year. Tayshuan is $11m and he comes off the books, so . . . why trade him now? Might as well keep playing him. Rip is on the books until 2012/2013. I don’t know how we can move him until next year, when he has one less year on his contract.

    Actually nothing will probably change on this team (except for Joe D getting the axe) until 2011/2012 when we save $11m by letting go of prince, $3 dropping wilxoc, $1.4m dropping t-mac, but then we have to renew jerebko and stuckey, so we might end up only having $5 million to spend on getting a big.


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