Chi-town disaster – Pistons fall in tremendous fashion

by | Oct 31, 2010 | 15 comments

9 points.

The Detroit Pistons scored 9 points in the 4th quarter of last night’s matchup against the Chicago Bulls, which went from a 20 point lead to a 10 point loss for the Pistons.

Ben Gordon picked up in the first half where he left off on Friday night, hitting all 5 of his first half field goal attempts for 21 points off the bench.  Rodney Stuckey was driving the ball and drawing contact for the foul or converting easy baskets at the rim.  Tayshaun started off looking good as well, but in the end it’s all about how you finish the game and that is something that hasn’t happened for the Pistons in the last 3 games.  Detroit has had the chance to win all 3 games but for whatever reason, either coaching or execution, the team just can’t finish.

  • Will Bynum missed his 2nd straight game.  With Bynum out, the Bulls backcourt was able to get to the rim at will.
  • Either play him or don’t – Austin Daye started at PF again but was limited to only 17 minutes and 5 points with 6 rebounds.
  • Tracy McGrady scored his first field goal in the regular season as a Piston, and was a team high +12 on the night.
  • Anytime you have more turnovers than assists, you’re not distributing the ball well.  Usually, it’s the PG’s fault for the poor distribution but, Rodney Stuckey lead the team with 7 assists and only 1 turnover.
  • Rodney Stuckey had his 3rd straight good game with 18 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds.
  • Derrick Rose scored 39 points on 13-27 shooting.
  • Bulls 2nd year forward, James Johnson, played well off the bench for the Bulls (8 points, 9 rebounds, +24 +/-) and was the main reason for their comeback due to his energy off the bench.
  • Questionable rotations on the floor at times for the Pistons – Tayshaun at PF, Coach Kuester?
  • We know the starting PF is hurt (Jonas Jerebko), but that doesn’t mean other legitimate PF aren’t available to start, instead of Daye.  Charlie Villanueva scored 15 points off the bench for Detroit.
  • Outrebounded, again: 51-44.
  • Ben Wallace had 13 rebounds in 26 minutes on the floor.

After the game, Detroit returns back home to face the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night at The Palace.  The team could go either way at this point – at times they’ve played good enough to win, at other times they’ve brain farted enough to give up the game during a stretch of time as little as 5 minutes that allows for momentum to shift.

It should be interesting to see what kind of rotation Coach Kuester employs against a more traditional roster like the Celtics (PF and C who play in the post, strong rebounding team, etc…. as opposed to teams that start a SF as the PF)


  1. Zack

    Such a horrible rotation during the 2nd half. I feel sorry for BG.

  2. flintstone

    Kuester isn’t much of a coach………hang these loses on Joe D. for hiring him. Larry Brown would have never let these melt downs happen.

  3. jayg108

    Been checking all day to see the “Kuester Fired” headline. Nothing yet. I knew we were in trouble when we were up at the half

    • jayg108

      Not that I don’t think Kuester’s a good guy, but come on, this sh** happened last year. Makes me wonder if the team out their last year could’ve won more with a different coach.

      any coaches looking for a job? Prince could be a player/coach

      I’m gonna check the site to see if it’s been updated with Q. Sorry Q

  4. justafan

    Damnit I’m tired of this crap!,

    Enough of this Trade Charlie V to Orlando For Ryan Anderson and Brandon Bass. Trade Tayshaun To OKC they have the salary cap to absorb his contract. Trade Jason Maxiel and Chris Wilcox to Sacremento for Carl Laundry. If Not Trade Maxiel to a team like Phx, or Portland! Maxiell is SORRY get him out of here! Let Monroe Play! Trade Rip to to NY, Or NJ, get some young talent. Cut T-Mac, He looks horrible!

    The Core of the team should be built around players who want to play and hustle! Stuckey looks SERIOUS! To all the Stuckey haters shove it!
    The untouchables are

    Other than that everybody else can go! Joe D needs to make some moves point blank! The effort sucks! Charlie V is a joke! Maxiell is not a Center! We play him at the 5 but he stands out by the free throw line! B.G looks good! He makes Rip Expendable, he’s younger more atheletic and a better all around shooter/player. Jerebricko will be back but until then let Monroe Play!

    We could have had Cousins and Da’Juan Summers! Joe time to make right of your many mistakes! True enough we won in 04, but that was 6 years ago! We are the laughing stock of the league! No more! Time to play physical Defense and hard nose basketball!

    Natalie Please! Help US the fans push for these changes!
    This suffering is horrible! How much more can WE take!

    Coach Q, Ha, That’s right Coach Q “Question Mark!”

  5. edt

    turned off the game at the half because it didnt seem competitive. What the heck, man.

    Just looking at the box score, Ben Gordon was a turnover machine, 5 TO’s in 28 minutes. I put that on the coaching decision at the half to key on Ben Gordon, but can’t say for sure since . . . I turned off the game early.

    please stop it with the fire coach Q. What are we going to do with Larry Brown? Win 35 games instead of 30?

    agree with everything else justafan said, except for t white he’s not NBA caliber, just my opinion.

  6. pistons 4 life

    What? When I suggested that coach Kue was not a good coach after the Nets game everyone jumped down my throat and defended him. Now after 2 more games like that one everyone is calling for his head and wanting him fired. Make up your mind. I’ll stick with what I already thought. That he’s a bad coach and Joe is just using him to get by while they suck.

  7. The Fluidics

    I’m kinda glad I didn’t get to see that one.

  8. daddy

    if all these players are horrable why would other teams trade for them? yeah i would love to trade cv but who wants that contract? I never really liked Q i really wish we got avery instead.

  9. rai_from_the_philippines

    damn! why can’t he place monroe in for more time. I mean, he’s should be filling in minutes for ben wallace right?

  10. Tycoon

    When should we expect Moroe to play?
    Is Kuester worse than Curry?

  11. Hassassin

    I like how everyone’s jumping off the ship already… it’s an 0-3 start, not 0-10. We’ve played well enough to win, but can’t close out games. This blame primarily falls on Kuester due to some atrocious lineups, which is when teams make their runs. Prince needs to stop playing the 4, Daye needs to get more time at the 3, CV needs to get more time to see what he’s made of (he’s playing well, those of you who’re saying to trade him are being unreasonable), and Monroe needs to play spot minutes at the 4 and 5 when Maxiell or Wallace aren’t out on the floor.

    Surprisingly, Mcgrady’s led the team in +/- so far, and the second unit seems to play well when he’s out there with them. I’ve also noticed that him and Maxiell seem to have good chemistry, and if Maxiell could finish at a slightly higher percentage near the rim, he’d be putting up some nice numbers.

    Basically, everyone needs to calm down, and Kuester needs to keep doing what works in the first three quarters of games, which is work to get shooters open, put the ball in Stuckey’s hands (he’s been fantastic), and give minutes to whoever’s producing. If games like this become a common occurrence, that’s when we need to bring out the pitchforks ‘n torches.

  12. Fariduddin

    OMG!!!! i was so pissed! the rotation at times was very problematic. Tracy was on the floor for way too long. Ben sat for way too long. the potential in this team is great. They have so much fire power, but they have to get back to playing some damn D!!!! I love Charlie V. — but he plays no D and it is suspect as hell. He needs help which means we need to develop a defensive scheme that creates the mentality of working as one to make STOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we dont develop such a scheme it will be a long season… btw… Stuck and Ben are playing Ball…

  13. daddy

    joe d if your reading this give stuckey the extension he deserves. i know we are going to do the waiting game to see how cheap we can get him and due to the bargaining rules for next season. but my man deserves it more than anyone, besides big ben.

  14. PistonsFan

    Well I think John Kuester must change the starting rotation. Charlie V must play at starting PF !


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