Nets RUN Away with the Season Opener

by | Oct 27, 2010 | 26 comments

The Nets went on a 13-3 run in the last minute and forty seconds of the their 101-98 win over the Pistons.  Detroit, who lost the lead in what felt like a blink of an eye, had a couple of chances to tie in the closing seconds of the game.

Key Points:

  • It doesn’t matter how great you play, when it takes just two minutes for everything to collapse.
  • Sure it’s just one loss, yes it’s just the first game of the season…but boy that Pistons loss didn’t feel good at all.
  • No Monroe?  I know Brooke Lopez is good, but a DNP from the number 7 pick does not sit well right now.
  • When you lose like that the good things sometimes get lost, but there were good things.
  • Ben Wallace set the tone with his energy and rebounding.  Ben finished the game with 6 points. 10 boards, a steal and an assist in 27 minutes on the floor.
  • Hack-a-Ben…come on Avery.  (it does work though)
  • Seven Pistons in double digits.
  • Stuckey looked good putting up 14 points on 4-for-10 shooting with 3 boards and 7 assists.  Will this be his year?
Rodney Stuckey
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  • Brook Lopez looks better than he did last season.  He finished with a game high 25.
  • Outrebounded 44-37.
  • T-Mack looked ok in his 13 minutes on the floor.  You can see that he’s not moving well but he sure got the ball in the hands of the open man on the floor.  Tracy didn’t score, but he had 3 assists, 2 boards, and 2 steals.
  • What’s with the barrage of three pointers? The Pistons were 8-19 from downtown.  Is that what we are doing now?
  • Austin Daye struggled going 2-for-8 for 4 points and 3 boards in 21 minutes.
  • Charlie V was the go to guy late in the game? Shooting 3’s?  He finished with 14 points on 5-for-10 shooting and 4-for-9 from downtown.  I almost thought Sheed was out there behind the arch.
  • Tayshaun put up 15 on 5-10 shooting with 2 boards, and assist and 2 blocked shots.
  • Wow…16-for-30 from the line.  Pitiful! The Pistons missed 7 free throws int the fourth quarter. Difference maker, maybe. Make a few more and win or take it to OT.
  • “It’s very, very frustrating. To be up 7 with 1:40 to go is frustrating. We have to close out the game. We had the game in our hands and we didn’t do the little things to pull it out. We need any win possible, especially on the road. It was our first game, but a game we should have won. Overall we played okay, but if you eliminate those last two minutes of the game, we could be having a different conversation.” Charlie Villanueva

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  • Bynum just 3-for-10 from the floor.  He finished with 10 points, 3 boards and 2 assists.
  • The second unit played well together.
  • Solid play from Maxiell who gobbled up any of the minutes Monroe would have seen.
  • “I expect the chemistry to pick up. Last year we had a lot of injuries so it was hard to build chemistry, but I don’t see that happening this year. I think we’ll be able to get our chemistry going a lot quicker and in turn that will make us a better team.” Ben Gordon
  • Sadly the D isn’t back in defense.  Detroit looks no better on the defensive end than they did last season.
Charlie Villanueva against the Nets
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  1. rai_from_the_philippines

    Kuester should get their a**es to the free throw line and make them practice those shots. Great game from Stuckey though.

    First game but I hate it that Monroe got benched. Is Kuester building a culture of punishing those who worked hard in the pre-season and rewarding those who did not. sheesh!


  2. pistons 4 life

    What’s up with the Monroe DNP? Not that it should be a surprise but this team is no different from last year. Same roster, same coaching staff, same crappy offense, same horrible defense, same results. More L’s. Amazing how Avery Johnson can imediately start changing the culture of a team in his first game of the season. This NETS team is not nearly as bad as last year. And to think he could have been the Pistons coach a year ago except Dumars didn’t want to give up any of his control over personel decisions so he turned it down. Because Joe D makes such awesome decisions. I know I’ll construct a team of all backcourt players and that will get the job done.

    Mile Illitch, please buy this team asap and get them back on track. Mark my words, Kuester is gone after this season.

  3. The Fan

    I think we need to work on our layups.

  4. edt

    I’m happy we have Q instead of Avery Johnson. Avery is not as good as you think he is . . . he took a lot of credit for what don nelson built

    • The Fan


      I saw something last night. It was in the late first or early 2nd quarter when Charlie V was in. I saw him dish a pass to Bynum which disproves any theories that his hands are a blackhole.

      He can pass.

      • edt

        did you know that Stephen Hawkings got the nobel prize for proving that black holes are not COMPLETELY black. What happens is in the quantum foam a particle & anti-particle are created, normally they just annihilate and vanish back to zero, but if one of the pair passes the event horizon, the other half of this particle pair suddenly goes from being virtual to real.

        We need to see him pass one more time to make sure he’s not just emitting a virtual basketball.

        • The Fan


        • Amer-ican Prince

          I have no idea what that means but ill smile and say good job so you think im as smart as you and that i understand it XD

  5. James (Australia)

    This loss leaves a terrible taste in your mouth, but if you take a step back, there were positives. Leading by 7 in the last 2 minutes on the road is the makings of a comfortable win. You look at the box score and the only stat that jumps off the page against the Pistons is free throw shooting. We should be discussing a solid first up win and talking about our chances of beating the Thunder. Instead, we have a team that was easily good enough to win tonight, but don’t have the mental toughness yet to finish a game out.

    If Daye had been a bit sharper, then this could have been a blowout win for the Pistons. Doesn’t matter, move on. I think we have the talent to beat the Thunder in 2 days, but I don’t know if no how to win yet.

    • Amer-ican Prince

      with daye at the 4 he’s gonna have his hands so full at the defense end so i dont know how much sharpness he’ll have on the offensive end

  6. Frank

    edt are you serious? just keep your mouth closed you sound dumb.

    • The Fan

      Actually, I agree with EDT. I can’t imagine having to listen to him speak after each game he would be so annoying and in 2 years he’d be dumped.

      Avery = No Bueno!

    • edt

      well, all I got to say is that 2 years is a long time for a coach in the NBA looking for a job. I’m not sure why he was passed by for the Pistons, the Hornets, the bulls, and the hawks, why he got fired from Dallas, maybe he’s a control freak, or maybe it’s the playoff meltdowns, maybe it’s how he got outcoached by Pat Riley, and Don Nelson, but . . . something is not right with this guy.

      Give me Q, tks.

  7. Dave

    Is it too early to start second guessing the coach? For an offensive mastermind he wasn’t very creative with play calling down the stretch when the Pistons were desperate for a bucket. I’m going to reserve judgement for now.

    And I’ll pretend this game didn’t happen and the season really starts on Friday. Who’s with me!?

    • Natalie Sitto

      Dave…I second guessed him at the end of the game big time.

      • The Fan

        Me too. Having Charlie V who I’ll admit was hitting 3’s but at the end of the game when you need two and you are shooting 3’s.

      • Amer-ican Prince

        Dave well to be honest even charles barkley was criticizing kuester when he was in cleveland for his play calls regarding lebron, arguably the best player in the game. So i doubt he’ll get much more from players less talented then him

  8. daddy

    its a L just rub it off it happens this is how teams build trust and chemistry. i hate the fact that we lost but things will get better. Daye and stuck were not their usual self. lets get them thunders.

  9. mobius909

    totally frustrating, but i agree with Gordon. We really have to do something about this logjam that plagues us year after year. I’m just scared that we have a coach that repeats history by not playing (good) rookies. I’ll give him props for playing Daye tho. We sure coulda used the Swede last night…

    Oh, and play the center… PLEASE!!!!

  10. Drew

    I don’t know why Prince was the featured shooter near the end of the game. I hate how Stuckey wasn’t even involved in those crucial offensive plays. He just brought it up, passed it off, and then practically hid. When he finally got a chance in the clutch, it was an awkward postup on Farmar–that didn’t work obviously.

    • Amer-ican Prince

      i agree

      tayshaun shots every game at the end seem to just aggravate me, even when he’s lucky enough to make the, its weird how he used to be my favorite, now he just seems to annoy me when he shoots jumpers or just stands there and doesnt help his teammates

  11. B.A.

    Gordon should have taken that last shot! He is a proven clutch player in the league and also the best three point shooter on the team based off career stats. Very upset that Monroe didn’t get a chance to play. I thought he would be a great match up on the offensive end vs Lopez.

    • James (Australia)

      Have another look at the play. I’m pretty sure it was drawn up to get a three for Gordon first, Hamilton second, and Stuckey as a last resort. I think the Nets know the same as you do that Gordon is the best three point shooter in the league so they defended him well and forced the inbounder to pass off to someone else before the five second call. Now if you want to ask why Stuckey was setting the screen for Gordon when Wallace was on the floor, go right ahead.

  12. rash

    i believed even the pistons loss to new jersey in their first game..their is a chance to beat the okc thunders back at the palace….

  13. Diogenes

    First year in 5 that I won’t pay for league pass to watch these games out of state. Sorry Joe – you built a stinker my man. I love you Joe D but you are not entitled to run that team forever. Might be time to hang it up.

  14. terry

    Rehehehelax! I still think Pistons make the playoffs this year. That’s a big step in the right direction. Joe’s gotta land us a 7′ center even if he’s gotta give up more value than said player would normally command.


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