The Pistons vs The Wizards

by | Oct 19, 2010 | 19 comments

The Pistons vs The Wizards

The Pistons are in Toledo tonight to take on John Wall and the Washington Wizards tonight. This will be a treat for the tons of Pistons fans that live in the Toledo area. This is another pre-season game that you won’t see on TV, but you can follow it on or listen to the radio broadcast over at 97.1 The Ticket. Tip off is at 7pm and you may or may not be able to catch this one ONLINE.


  1. ijio


  2. Drew

    Holy damn, Stuckey has 23 points and 4 assists at halftime!

  3. Friggins

    Like him or not, Stuckey is ready to play.

  4. terry

    Good Game, Stucky shows why he’s the Star of this team!

  5. Damien W.

    DUDE! Just walked in from downtown like.. 20 minutes ago. Stuckey had a incredible first half… incredible. He hit just about everything he tossed up. Faded away in the 2nd half but Austin put some points on the board. Surprised at a Diagou sighting. Took me a while to figure out who it was when I seen him.

    *Side Note* Funny to see Will ‘The Thrill’ sporting a headband (with a full outfit of warm up gear) One more side note, I really think Ben Wallace had more playing time than what he should of had. I mean, Maxiell never took off his warm ups. Didn’t even see T-Mac on the bench, probably staid in the back. >>

  6. BRS197

    Had a great time at the game in Toledo tonight. Stuckey was awesome! Daye and Villanueva had nice games, too. Monroe looked like a rookie. Rip and Tayshaun looked good for the short time they were out there. Wish I could have seen Maxiell and Bynum play. Had great seats by the Wizards bench. Could actually see Flip Saunders’ clip board. I thought Wall was as good as advertised and McGee seemed like he could play. I felt like the effort was there tonight.

  7. Brian Enix

    What a good time. I live in toledo and hate having to drive to the Palace to see games. No need to build a new stadium, you can have the Huntington Center. My seats were amazing I felt as if i was on the court. The Pistons overall had a solid game, but where was the BABY EATER or BYNUMITE or Mcgrady…. come on man! Stuck stood out and was my MVP of the game. Close game the whole time. CV31 had some good offensive plays but my mom could play better D… come on man! Daye5 was good and looked as if he has really hit the weights. I thought for a minute Rip was gonna have another broken nose, WOW was he hit hard it echoed through the arena. Tay had some good dunks. Didn’t know I would be seeing Adam dirt ball stash Morrison, if i knew he was showing up I would have stopped at Rite Aid to buy him a razor and shaving cream, come on man! Overall i really thought I got my moneys worth. Did you show up Nat? Anyone that has not yet been to the arena what was your reactions? Oh yeah, John Wall is the fastest player in the NBA.

  8. rascal

    its a good sign t beat the wizards because they have the number 1 pick john wall.good job stuckey…

  9. James (Australia)

    Wow! Kuester starts to warm to the idea of bringing Stuckey off the bench, and then Stuckey scores a 2010 NBA Presesason high 34 points, and drops seven dimes. Turnovers were a black mark, but I am hopeful that they will be cleaned up by the time the regular season kicks in.

    Villanueva had a really solid game and needs to show consistency. Problem that Daye is going to have at PF is the issue of fouls.

    Funniest thing was Ben Gordon getting tossed….

  10. The Fan

    Stuckey is the Man!

  11. junior

    hardwood or soome color in the background please, its too bright maybe pistons blue? now everyone is on the stuckey bandwagon? edt james and i have been saying hes the man no one has been listening. all star this year you watch. (although prob a backup)

  12. junior

    sorry about the short posts and the no grammar or spell check i have a new boss at work and im not supposed to be on the internet anymore, but hey i gotta have my need4sheed right?

  13. edt

    what you see is what you get. Stuckey is Stuckey. T-Mac is the invisible man, nursing his injuries. Charlie V still taking shots he shouldn’t, Ben Gordon still gun shy, Austin Daye, finally ready to start and still shooting a sweet 3, Greg Monroe still a rookie, still not ready, Summers looks like he’ll never be ready, Ben Wallace still a monster on D, still a jog-jam at small-forward/shooting-guard, still don’t have a big man, but maybe we are ok with the pieces we have. Monroe will develop. Austin Daye is going to keep getting stronger. Jerebko will be back and better than ever. Prince and Rip have 1 less year on their contracts.

    This team will only get better with the pieces we have. It’s hard, though, knowing this year is a rebuilding year. It’s hard knowing that the great Pistons, the famed bad boys are soft as a donut. As the young players develop, they are going to get better on defense that’s what happens, but it’s tough waiting.

    • chris

      couldnt agree more

  14. pistons 4 life

    Why did Ben Gordon get tossed. Was it techs?

  15. edt

    he gave a hard foul on redick and then argued it for a double tech & ejection. nothing serious. This is the new NBA where if you glare at a ref the wrong way you get a tech. I bet Rip was happy it wasn’t him, Rip loves to argue.

  16. edt

    Sorry that was a different game! How do u delete

  17. junior

    he was arguing a call that went against monroe.


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