It’s time to step up Charlie V

by | Oct 7, 2010 | 12 comments

It’s always tough when one of your players go down, but for the Pistons who were riddled with injuries last season the loss of their spark plug Jonas Jerebko with what looks to be a season ending injury in the starting minutes of their first Pre-Season game hurt.  What it also doses is put holes in the rotation and the starting lineup.

Sure the Pistons are stacked at the position, but who’s ready to be the guy that Jonas was.  Believe it or not Jerebko was a difference maker last season for Detroit.  How do you replace an unknown viking from Sweden who decided to wow us with his hard work, determination and fearlessness?

You don’t…

So here it comes.

Regardless of the fact that Jonas went down, it’s time for Charlie Villanuava to prove to this team and the NBA that he’s a player.

He said he was going to make a point of working all summer to prove it.  So now we want to see it.

The Pistons don’t need for him to lead the team in scoring, though I’ll bet that’s what he would like to do.  He needs to be the big man that Joe Dumars is paying over 7 million dollars a season.  We don’t need sulking on the floor or from a twitter account.  We don’t need 30 plus points a game.  We don’t need another big man that should be banging down low, but who hovers around the three point line.

Charlie Villanueva
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What we do need is someone who Charlie can be…just ask Jonas.

Grab a board or two, or three, or four.

  • Post up sometime.
  • Play a little D.
  • Be happy with  whatever time you have on the floor and make the best of it.
  • Be a man…not The Man (that goes form Tracy McGrady too).

I’m not trying to be hard on the guy, he seems like a really nice person. We don’t need much in the “D”, hard work is what we ask for no matter what the result.

Just think of Pistons past who did so much when no one really expected it from them.

Remember the Worm Dennis Rodman, how about Rick Mahorn or Bill Laimbeer.  And noone will ever surpass expectation like  Ben Wallace.  You could ask them what it takes and I’m sure one of the first things that come out of their mouths is hard work and determination.

It’s time Charlie…you have Austin Day, Greg Monroe, DaJuan Summers, Jason Maxiell, Chris Wilcox and possibly Ike Diogou ready to send you to the bench.

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  1. Brian

    Well said I have been saying all of this since about the first month of the season last year. Im better Austin outplays him.

  2. Raq

    Jerebko needs to be Jerebko and Charlie needs to be Charlie (Rip needs to be Rip and Tay needs to be Tay). EVERYTHING said here applies to everyone, not just Charlie. He does not need to be put on front like that. He was injured last year just like everyone else, but he was the only one who played through his injuries. If other players are out-performed by others, they can be sent to the bench too.

    Be a man…not The Man (that goes for Tracy McGrady too)????WoW! That should go to EVERYONE too! Why single him out? lol.

    So come on Pistons, everyone needs to step it up!

  3. DTown

    I have to agree with this, he totally deserves to be called out. Sure it applies to almost everyone at some point. Don’t chalk it up to injuries either, when he’s healthy he never even Seems to bi giving his all. Well unless maybe his shots going down. Dude gives up rebounds to guys half his size.

    It needed to be said!

  4. junior

    no it didnt. its a expectation, those dont need to be said.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I may not have to have said it Junior but I believe it. He’s got talent that we haven’t seen yet, maybe its about effort. Look at what JJ does every game no matter what the score and I believe Charlie had more talent than he does. There is nothing wrong with expectations.

  5. joe

    charlie v is never gona step it up. he is the type that talks the talk but only once in a while will walk the walk. he is super soft, he never hit puberty.

  6. Diogenes

    Damn good post. Like Jim Rome says – Rack it. That was kick ass.

  7. Diogenes

    And that guy that calls himself “joe” is Steve. Rack me.

  8. Greasy Bonds

    Nice concept, but that would be like me trying to ask a Pomeranian to step up and be German Shepherd. Not going to happen.

    CV’s season peaks when he annually proclaims on twitter that: “This is the year, I am ready to break out” in August. He goes downhill from there.

    Remember when both CV and Gordon said at their intro press conferences that they were going to play hard at both ends and focus on their D. As if for the past 15 years of organized basketball they just decided to not turn on the switch? We’re the suckers as fans.

  9. terry

    These injuries are just another reason to use a high rotation. Kuester should be going deep into the bench every game. That would enable the players to go hard and fast every minute their on the floor without getting gassed. They can overcome some of the defensive liabilities with a stronger commitment to transition defense, pressuring the ball, and faster defensive rotation to open shooters. the defense has to be more anticipatory and less reactionary. That requires a lot more effort as a team, and keeping a healthy rotation going will help that cause. So yes CV has to step up but every one is on the hook right now especially after that weak interior and perimeter defensive showing in Miami.

  10. gordbrown

    I watched the Miami game on the PVR, and spent a few minutes going back and forth trying to determine what was wrong. A couple of observations. Miami’s forwards spent a lot of time camped out in the key. If the three-second rule existed for teams other than the Pistons, they would have had a lot of turnovers. Speaking of which, unforced errors on the Pistons part were the difference in the game. The worst (or perhaps symbol) was Gordon breaking his pivot foot for no particular reason and getting called in the middle of the second when the Pistons were starting to show some life. The defense wasn’t actually that bad. Miami shot threes out of their mind early, but sure enough cooled off but by that point the game was out of hand. But it was the poor offense that put so much pressure on the Pistons defense. Finally, the Pistons were ahead when McGrady came into the game and the game was over when he came out. Hopefully jitters are over and a good home game will give us something to hope for in the future.

  11. NJ

    Great post, yea he needs to put alot more effort in his playing time, I’ve seen him countless times wondering around the court like a zombie with out a head and not helping out D or to make things better he expects the next guy to do something when he’s right there, and then talk about how things are going to be great for him and the team this season, we’ll see, first person that comes to mind is Jon Kitna when he was all public for saying the Lions are wining 10 plus games in the upcoming season and they go 0-16 lol, Awesome post, i agree with everything ya typed out in it, needs to be a make or break season for CV.


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