Get Depressed – Jonas Jerebko confirmed Torn Achilles Tendon

by | Oct 6, 2010 | 35 comments

There is a even bigger Need4Swede right now…

Jonas Jerebko with a torn Achilles Tendon will be out at least 2 to 3 months Out for at least 5-6 months……UGH


  1. Damien W.

    Are. You. Kidding me? *Sighs and shakes head* Damn, *Puts viking helmet on the shelf* We won’t be seeing that for a while. But that means more time for Monroe? Right? *Hopeful smile*

    Were going to miss the young guys energy and hustle. Wonder who’s going to have to bring it? *cough* everybody! *cough, cough*

  2. Fariduddin

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this sucks!

  3. Chad

    um.. this sucks.

  4. edt

    the good news is that unlike knee injuries normally atheletes have 100% recovery from an achilles tendon tear.

    the bad news is that 3 months is very optimistic, normal recovery time will be 4-6 months, so we should plan on jerebko missing the entire season, since without him I dont think we make the playoffs.

  5. Amer-ican Prince

    what really annoys me is when i saw it, all i could think was about the miami heat guys who jonas collided with especially the number 50 guy. I thought wow that block was completely unnecessary and that he was totally out of control with no thought whatsoever, thats how people get hurt in this league. I know they are excited to play but excitement in a person with low basketball IQ = hurt swedes.

    hope jonas gets well and gets back to his old self. hes a big part of this team

    if he is out though we need more big guys cause we will get killed on the boards

  6. AK

    This blows! Please just don’t start CV in his place. Watching the game I was expecting to see some improvement outa that guy. All he was doing was forcing unnecessary shots and dishing out fouls. MONROE SHOW YOUR STUFF!

  7. edt

    daye looks noticeably stronger from last year, but he’s going to have to play small forward, great 3 point shot tho

    Charlie V
    Ben Wallace

    Daye will have to beat Charlie V for the power forward position, or play the second rotation at small forward behind prince

    1st rotation


    Stay healthy big ben. If you get hurt, we are going straight to the lottery.

  8. a fan

    Nat will u be making a desktop wallpaper for up coming season scheduled games. I hope so because the one on the piston’s site..well they really should give u a call. Keep up the good work.

    • Natalie Sitto

      I will…Starting with November. I usually don’t do October because we don’t have that many games.

  9. daddy

    never use charlie did ppl forget we drafted monroe. even though he didnt look great during the game he will be better at d and getting boards than cv. daye can play the 4 against certain teams like the magic, suns, warriors since they dont have a real power guy.

  10. Jan Scholl

    Just saw the announcement saying out for the season. I wonder if Sheed is available? BTW when my son and daughter in law had their baby girl over the weekend, he announced her name as Rasheed Wallace Scholl. I knew he was doing a funny but not the people on my husband’s side of the family. They totally freaked. I hope he saves the name for their next one.

  11. James (Australia)

    OUCH! This is an absolute shocker. I feel so bad for Jonas. Hope he knows that all of Pistons nation is behind him. I also hope that he recovers speedily.

    What now? Villanueva will start. I thought he was ok on defense against the Heat. Needs to rebound a little bit better. Also would like to see him in the post more (haven’t we had this conversation before?)

    Greg Monroe and Jason Maxiell need to give their all to make up for the loss of Jonas.

  12. Drew

    While I feel bad for Jonas, good thing we have logjams to fall back on. This will actually open up playing time for those that need it: Daye, Monroe, Maxiell, maybe even Summers. CV will be the inherent starter at PF, and maybe Wilcox and McGrady will get a chance to prove their worth now. Ike Diogu shall make the team as well (Arizona State grad here).

  13. pistonsfan101

    Hopefully Monroe gets playing time ahead of CV.
    I hope CV gets traded!

  14. JJ33

    Sign Rasheed Wallace! that is the Answer!
    The Pistons are in dire need 4 Sheed!

    Sheed please comeback for 1 more year!
    Doesnt need to play a lot of minutes but just to set a tone for defense and be a mentor for the young bigs..

  15. junior


  16. pistons 4 life

    Sucks that Jonas went down, but I guess that’s just the way it goes. I thought Monroe looked fine for his first game. He’s got a lot of learning to do, but over all I think he’ll be what I expected. CV is a bum. I didn’t see anything new out of him. Hopefully he’s gotten better, but I doubt it. Over all I did see a little improvement from last year though. Ben Gordan looks pretty good and so does Tay. Once a regular rotation is figured out and the season gets under way I think they’ll be pretty fun to watch. Don’t know if they’ll make the playoffs, but that doesn’t really matter. They’re won’t be good enough to beat most teams anyway. Hopefully some kind of trade happens to even out the roster a little bit, but I’m still looking forward to this season.

  17. anchunger

    this really hurts the team now. i just really hope the pistons have some players to step up in place of jonas’ role

  18. Tycoon

    edt, I think it is premature to assume that we are missing the playoffs. But I know that this is very bad. I always see JJ as the future of the team. On the bright side, its good to hear good news about Daye and BG.

  19. The Fluidics

    Yeah, this blows. 5 minutes into the pre-season and you lose your starting PF for the season, no good. THis is the type of injury that Joe should be trading around, you gotta fill that spot for the season.

  20. Diogenes

    I don’t thing this breaks or breaks us – we are broken – we need to balance this team and unload two tweeners for two bigs – or one allstar big.

  21. roz

    hate to hear JJ is out for the season…

    lawd have mercy.

  22. Seto

    that´s really bad. I hope Jonas will come back as soon as possible. I have always supported Joe D., but if he doesn´t trade someone for a big man ( doesn´t have to be a star, but someone able to give us 8 – 9 rebounds a day..Jason Thompson comes in mind ), I will lose faith for him. We already were weak on bigs, and now this…Joe has to make a move, or this season will be lost…we won´t be the worst team, but we will end up around 10 in lottery without chance to take real impact player which is the last thing we need

  23. diggler

    ohhh no there goes are chances at a ship’. I was all ready depressed are team honks. T mac…. sucks. CV….. sucks
    Im mean who are we going to compete with? Lets hear all the homers moan come onnnn

  24. junior

    dirk diggler. . . . u suck

  25. edt

    Monroe will have to step it up.

    Demarcus cousins for the kings played a bit less than 30 minutes vs the suns scoring 16 points on 62 percent with 16 rebounds.

    In other words an absolute beast.

    Monroe for detroit by contrast was nearly invisible. Without jerebko, we need monroe to develop right now.

  26. The Fan

    Guess its a good thing we are stacked at PF.

  27. J.G

    Dam we should put Monroe…

    He could blossom into a solid star if given the time.

    Wish we traded for cousins.. that would be sweet…

    1. stuckey
    2. gordon, daye
    3.tay, jj , daye
    4. monroe, cousins, maxiell
    5. cousins, wallace

    that would be sweet… triangle offense

  28. Greg

    of course we wanted Cousins, but so does Sacramento, they’re not gonna trade him unless we give em someone GOOD… lets at least be happy we got Monroe and not another guard with the #7 pick
    give it a couple games to see where Monroe’s at.

  29. pistons 4 life

    Don’t really understand why people are down on Monroe. I liked what I saw in his first game considering he’s a rookie. Sure he’s not a top talent but I think he’ll develop into a pretty solid player. Just because he didn’t score 40 points and grab 50 rebounds in a meaningless game doesn’t mean he’s going to suck. Give him time.

  30. bryan

    Tell Sheedddd to come back to the pistons for rest of this year!!!! Fans will love it and he will make it hype again even if he dont play =D DET

  31. Drew

    How was Monroe invisible? He looked like he was off to a decent start for his first game. The shots he made were highly impressive. Made 5 out of 6 free throws (when’s the last time we had a big man shoot that well?). He made a steal at half-court and was about to be off to the races, but somebody fouled him before he broke away.

  32. edt

    i guess i had higher expectations for greg monroe than you do, i heard everyone talking about how he was better than cousins, but everytime someone drove to the basket, he was like a matador, if you’re a rookie it’s ok to be in a poster, that’s what I mean being not being invisible. get in the poster and get dunked on but get in the game.

    i dont care much about a big’s free throw percentage

  33. Drew

    Well, when you’re used to our big guys shooting 50% or less (Wallace, Maxiell, K. Brown, Wilcox), you should care. Monroe made a 22 footer while guarded and he made a tough backdown and-1. I didn’t see the first half, however; maybe that’s where the problems you were describing came.


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