Let the Pre-Season games begin – The Pistons vs. The Heat

by | Oct 5, 2010 | 15 comments

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With new ownership looming and the Pistons starting the Pre-Season, Pistons fans should be quite happy. Well, except the ones who have DISH Network.

The Pistons tip off their pre-season in South Beach against…you know who.  Not beating up on specific people, but it’s funny how fans become fans.  They couldn’t give tickets away in Miami last season and now they have sold out their first pre-season game.  Can you say B-A-N-D-W-A-G-O-N.

Tip off is at 7:30 pm on FSN Detroit and of course NBA.TV.  Follow the game on NBA.com or listen over at  9.71 the ticket.

For those of you watching…feel free to chat away during the game.



  1. pistonnation

    I have Dish Network… >( I have NBA TV… =D No worries here! =]

  2. KG

    This game is a joke…

  3. pistonsfan101

    Jonas injured! Will not play for the rest of the night! 🙁

  4. junior

    what happened to JJ?

  5. J.G

    Even without dwayne wade they were friggin toying with us.

    I cant even describe how pathetic this team has become.

    To sum up whats wrong with our team; 6’7 maxiell was posting up on 6’11 pittman while monroe was watching..

    austin day looked good shooting those 3s until he missed a wide open layup and made a rookie mistake while going for a dunk

    I have to say watching B.G was encouraging.. he drove the lane, made his jumpshots and free throws, made smart moves

    Its time to ship Rip and/or tay for a big guy… benny g earns his spot..

    we need an interior defense and offense

    I was thinking Chris kaman

  6. J.G

    Monroe has some serious potential.. he needs to be in the starting line-up

    Daye too

    These guys are the future

  7. edt

    not happy with monroe. he didnt run a single time. he walked the entire game, sometimes speeding up to a very slow jog. Is he lazy? Injured? Out of shape? This is a pre-season game, so I’m not gonna look for anything other than effort. Daye & gordon looked great strong effort by both. I guess that’s all I can say, just a preseason game.

  8. James (Australia)

    I thought Gordon and Prince were the best of the Pistons. Stuckey and Hamilton flashed some brilliance but were really outplayed by Arroyo and Miller? Turnovers kept coming just when it seemed like the Pistons could get a roll on. Too many open 3s. Defense in the post was ok.

  9. Diogenes

    Lions fans, repeat after me – “there’s always next year”. We’ll definitely get another lottery pick, probably number seven again because we will be too mediocre to lose correctly. Stuckey looked more like Sucky tonight and I am disappointed with the effort. A waste of two hours of my life. I’m not a Clippers fan – and not about to become one. This team is worse than any teal team – ever.

  10. junior

    to edt, i think monroes thing is he needs to get more strength (kinda like cv31 did, i thought he looked like he was moving alot better) give monroe another year with arnie and i think you will see more”speed” out of him. to dio, dude its the FIRST preseason game and against probably the best team in the league. we have worse things to worry about like jonas getting heatlthy before the season starts. overall i was a little disappointed i figured they would lose but i thought by like 10-13 points not whatever it was. my only other concern or i guess question wold be, y did t-mac onlyplay 7 minutes? i thought he would get in at least 18 min tonight. hopefully we are just saving our stuff for the regular season. i noticed big ben didnt look like he was tryin to hard either. GO PISTONS

  11. NJ

    Pistons got SMOKED!!!!! can’t compete with tha Heat…..Miami looks tight…..

  12. edt

    im sorry there is no excuse. when charlie v does his little shuffle/jog up and down the court and is beating you with his activity there is something wrong mentally. I hope its just nerves for his first game, but Im not happy with his lack of effort.

  13. Normal 2

    Pre Season..Games don’t count yet

  14. James (Australia)

    I know that Preseason games don’t count, but how you play them is the key. I saw some good things –
    – The Pistons starters played reasonably well against the Miami starters
    – Tayshaun Prince was aggressive
    – Charlie Villanueva defended Chris Bosh well in stretches
    – Ben Gordon did a nice job in the second half
    – Austin Daye showed a nice confident stroke

    And, some bad things –
    – The turnovers we committed were just silly passes and miscommunication
    – Transition defense was woeful
    – The bench was poor in the first half
    – Miami had more open threes than we have guards – which is an amazing feat
    – Rebounding was really poor at times
    – JONAS!

    Wins don’t count, but how you play does. Unfortunately, I was seeing some of the same things that I saw last year. Hopefully, these things can be cleared up by the start of the season.


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