Terrico White Tooned

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Cartoon Terrico WhiteYou knew this one was coming too!  Terrico White, the Detroit Pistons dunking sensation is has  been tooned.

T-Mack, Greg Monroe and now Terrico.  Unless Dumars makes some moves soon these may be it as far as new toons for the Pistons season.  Unless we get a great new owner and I feel the need to toon them.

If you missed what White did during the Rookie photoshoot, here it is.

9 Responses to "Terrico White Tooned"
  1. Avatar Peekay says:


    I can’t see the Toon – broken link!

    When you dropping the Sheed Natalie?

  2. Avatar Lori says:

    These toons are good! If the new owner is Tom Gores, make sure his head is tilted to the side.

  3. Avatar Diogenes says:

    Still asking to drop the Sheed? Why?? There is something to be said for the history of a thing, no? Remember Tiger Stadium? They tore it down so rich cats would not have to drive through the hood to see people living in destitution and could sit in cushy luxury boxes. There were seats behind support beams. But that place was immaculate – it had history with our dads, and our granddads, etc.. The moral to the story – just enjoy what you’ve got – it has it’s own life. Sheed is like one of those support beams and they were a pain in the ass – but I think now they were a big improvement to what we have now.

  4. Avatar Franz says:

    Sick bunnies. With his athleticism, he could go far. Don’t know him a lot but I think he just needs to work on his game and he will be a steal.

  5. Avatar Zack says:

    Hahaha very nice Natalie! Love the tint around his eyes…

    We are all “WHITENESSES!”

  6. Avatar Peekay says:


    I’m not asking to drop the Sheed – I’m a great fan of his. I just thought there had been talk of changing domain names, wasn’t sure what the decision was.


  7. Avatar marlnc26 says:

    White will bee better than Stuckey …. garansheed

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