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Around the Way Detroit Pistons News

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  • Stuckey says he was misquoted in the Dime piece.  They are “among” the best teams on paper.  He also says the sky is the limit.
  • Rip and Tay not surprised they are back. Really? We want the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
  • Patrick Hayes over at PistonsPowered has a slew of Video interviews from media day…go check them out.  He of course got a little Need4Swede, who talks about keeping his starting  job.
  • Will Rip hold his tongue with the new crack down on technical fouls?
  • Mr. Glass McGrady feeling healthy.
  • Kuester not worried about the backcourt rotation?  He should be, unless he knows something is going down.
  • Don’t forget open practice this Saturday.
  • Could Ike make the roster?
4 Responses to "Around The Media Day Way"
  1. Avatar tim* says:

    So is Ben Gordon keeping #7 then?

  2. Avatar Benix says:

    Why wouldn’t Ben Gordon keep his number?

    Nat- Do you think that the Pistons will be sold by the begging of the season? If so, what would you do if you where the owner?

    • I’m hoping the team is sold before the season starts. I’m sure it’s not easy for Dumars to do his job with the dark cloud of new ownership looming and the fact that the wallet isn’t open to spending. As for what I would do….I can’t answer that in the comments 🙂

  3. Avatar tim* says:

    Ben Gordon tweeted that he is changing his # to 8 NEXT season.

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