“The Thrill” Answers your Questions – Will Bynum Interview

by | Aug 23, 2010 | 42 comments

Will Bynum, as always was kind enough to do something special (besides dunking on 7 footers) for Pistons fans.  I put a call out to for you to to “Ask Will” a question.

You asked, and he answered.

We originally thought we were going to do a podcast, but due to technical difficulties we did it the old fashioned way.

So here we go…

From Damien Washington
Time to go down memory lane: The Bobcats are in town. 5:24 left in the 2nd. You looking over the shoulder of Gerald Wallace, Stuckey sets a screen for Charlie, you burst to the baseline….


Actually 2 or 3 plays before, we ran the exact play and twice I came off the pick, got into the paint, and got an assist and (I think) a basket,or foul. I knew Gerald Wallace was a gambler on defense, so I faked the pick and roll and went baseline..I saw Tyson Chandler and there it was….

(In other words: What made you decide, “You know, I wanna dunk” and then pull off said dunk against Tyson Chandler?)
The opportunity presented itself.

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From Ziga Kranjec (Slovenia, Europe)
Will if you could go back in time and play against any NBA player, who would you most want to dunk on?

Bill Russell. Because I think he is one of the greatest defenders of all time.The ultimate defender. He made blocking shots an art. Not only did he block a lot of shots he altered just as many. I think the challenge of dunking on him would be a lot tougher and extremely exciting.

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From Mike Brouty
Who has been the biggest inspiration in your life as far as motivating you to get you from where you were years ago to where you are now as a pivotal player on the Detroit Pistons?

I don’t think it was a particular person but many things and people have motivated me over time. My upbringing… the things I’ve seen and lived, competition, believing that I’m just as good as the best player. I believe that God has blessed me with an amazing talent level and I know my full potential can only be reached by outworking the next person and that fire alone motivates me to succeed…on top of being in love with mastering the game.

From Wade Saari
Will, what has been your favorite moment in a Detroit Piston uniform?

Making the playoffs my first year. The atmosphere of the playoffs and being a part of that would be my best moment.

From James Steven (Austrailia)
Are you ok with coming off the bench? Would you prefer to start?
What have you done this off-season to prepare for next year?

I would definitely prefer to start but I’ve been through so many things and in so many situations and played so many roles that I can adjust to any role and be successful.

This year, I’m training under Tim Grover at Attack Athletics..I’m making 300 to 500 3’s a day, doing physical therapy on the ankles, defensive drills, improving my conditioning, hip strengthening and breaking down film on myself and the strengths and weaknesses of league point guards.

From Fariduddin Muhammad (Chicago)
Being a native of Chicago, how has Chicago shaped you as a man and ball player?

The things I’ve been through in Chicago made me who I am today. It helped me to be able to appreciate the opportunity at hand and to NOT let it pass me by.When I go home and look into the kids’ faces and see the hope, despite the circumstances… is when my desires burn to be great….that was me. I have to be at my best for them. I have to show them that the dream can become a reality.

From Ollie (North Carolina)
Will, have you seen the film Black Dynamite? If not I highly recommend it. If so, have you thought of asking the folks at the Palace to play the DYNA-MITE jingle modified of course to BYNU-MITE whenever you have one of your incredible dunks?

LOL…no, I haven’t seen it. But I’m sure it’s probably funny.

From Chris LaPensee (Ann Arbor) and Me!
When are we going to see BYNUMITE in the Slam Dunk Contest?!?!

Hopefully next year. If the good Lord continues to bless me with great health I would love to be in it!

From Janae Richardson (Chicago)
I am a single parent raising boys in Chicago. I read about your upbringing and wanted to know what did his mother say to him to keep him away from the trouble? How was he encouraged to NOT join in with everyday street thugs? What can I tell my boys? Ages 13 and Tell him also how much Chicago loves and needs him to BE an example. The youth are watching,listening and hoping.

My moms focus everyday of working and supporting the family spoke for itself. I use that same focus and approach in life, with whatever I’m doing. I have two brothers who went in the gang and street direction early on and I learned from their situations what to do and what NOT to do. The streets have NO future. On top of that, I always played basketball and the neighborhood knew and respected that, for the most part. I would suggest you tell your children that it’s okay to be different and to say no. It’s okay to set goals and chase your dreams and that the only way to achieve it is through hard work and discipline. And to never be afraid of working hard at whatever they decide to do. I hear you Janae.

From Jacon St. Pierre
My question is how much of an adrenaline rush do you get when you fly over guys that are almost twice the size of you?

I get a calm rush looking at the fear on the facial expressions of the opposing teams, the coaches and the fans at away games and at home games it gives me a big rush and makes me want to do it again…and size doesn’t matter..lol

From Joanne Ross
McDyess was famous for his superstitions. Any unique pre-game rituals?

I pray…everything else is personal

From Danny Bohnlein

Is there any fear when you take the ball to the rim and elevates when a 7 footer goes up with you to block the shot?

No fear, none whatsoever!

Will loved all your questions and unfortunately his favorite was on that I had asked him, but he did pick a runner up of the Limited Edition BYNUMITE T-Shirt.

The Winner is…Janae Richardson (Chicago)

I would like to thank Will again for taking the time to answer our questions, but I’m even more excited that we get to see  him in a Pistons uniform for the next three seasons.

Not back to the question I asked Will…
I know you prefer Will The Thrill, but I have been contemplating a name change here at Need4Sheed.com, would it be so bad if I changed to BYNUMITE.com?

LOL..Natalie, I’m with that. I’d love that..It would be an unmeasurable honor!

I choose yours…Natalie…lol.. But if I have to choose one I choose Janae Richardson’s.

Now with that, I leave you with this.

I think it’s probably time to change the site’s name. I have a handful to choose from, but I may just put it to a vote. Stay TOONED.


  1. gale marion

    Enjoyed all the questions and answers. I like that Will puts his faith in God and realizes the God has blessed him with a remarkable talent that can inspire other kids to follow their the dreams no matter where they come from. Much respect to Will Bynumite.

  2. Adam

    Could it be, Natalie? Need4Sheed changing it’s name?
    A potential changing of the “guard”? *rimshot*

    Bynumite.com, 100%.

  3. Darshan

    Need4Swede.com baby!!! the future of the pistons lies in the hands of Jonas Jerebko!!!

  4. brgulker

    Great stuff, Natalie. I’d be cool with any new name that involved Bynum and or Jonas… just sayin’!

  5. N1ck



    Will Bynum rules. Proud to have him on the team.

  6. Damien W.

    Sweet! My answer was up there! 😀

    To bad I didn’t get it, but congrats to Janae Richardson. *Claps*

  7. thewordkeeper

    I like Will The Thrill!!! It is absolutely thrilling to see those sweet dunks!

  8. Laser

    wow, what a class act! let’s leave him on the bench.


  9. edt

    you could rename it to something real simple


  10. tim*


  11. Andy

    Natalie – Just a heads up, the title to this article says “Thill” instead of “Thrill.”

  12. James (Australia)

    Thanks for asking my question, Natalie. 300-500 3s a day? WOW! I hope his offseason work pays off in a few months. Much respect to Bynumite. I’m glad he was prepared to thank God for his talents.

  13. Susie

    Never ever change this name Natalie, it will never be the same,,,,

  14. Wade

    First off, thanks so much Natalie for asking him my question! He has become my favorite Piston since Sheed left. I appreciate Will and he has been through more than I can imagine but you can’t change the name of this site! Sheed 4 life!

  15. junior

    im with them natalie leave the name need4sheed. it is what it is.

  16. Annie

    Please please please leave it the way it is. It is a legacy to an awesome man and a sign of respect to him and the Pistons team. Everyone knows it is a Pistons blog. I also personally don’t want to have to change my need4sheed t-shirts to a need-for-something-else t-shirt. I don’t want to make their meaning defunkt.

  17. Janae

    I WON, I WON HAHA. Thank you NEED4SHEED and thank you Will. You are such an amazing talent and person. I appreciate that you are humble and appreciative of your blessings. I’ll see you when you play the Bulls or Milwaukee and I will be the one wearing the shirt. LOL

  18. Justin

    Nat I’d suggest instead of naming it after a player I think you should name it after the Pistons. Otherwise in 5 or 6 years you’ll be going through the same thing. But by that time Nat you’ll probably be kicking back, lighting your cigars with 100 dollar bills. 🙂

  19. terry

    I like Will and all but you gotta have more than a three year deal to get a web site named after you. This site does have a need4anewname though Sheed’s been done now for like 3 years.

  20. Laser

    if you want the site name to reflect the team, how about need4SGs.com??

  21. Ameri-can Prince

    wow i really didnt think you would ever change the name natalie, but i can understand maybe a change is needed. As much as a loved sheed i think naming your site after someone who would appreciate it is a positive step forward.

    In terms of what to name it i think something that sort of references Will but but also keeps the true meaning hidden since he wont be here forever and it wont have to be changed, unless you like changing it lol.
    Anyway what about something like
    “need4athrill.com” or something like that since he is will “the thrill” bynum haha

    he seems really cool nice read

    • Natalie Sitto

      I think I’m keeping it SHEEDTastic..

  22. Jake

    Bynumite.com ftw u should toon will dunking on chandler and put that in the backround LOL

  23. Richard. S. Burgess

    How good can / will the Pistons be this year without a 7 footer on the roster? I’ve been a big Pistons fan, since the 1980s when my, Novi Christian Eagles used to play before Pistons games at the Silverdome. I’m still a Pistons fan, and I live in Florida. Thanks R.S. Burgess

  24. tads

    DON’T CHANGE THE SITE!!! The wittiness of the name never dies, especially since the site survived a season of Sheed playing for another team. Now that he is retired, it is fair to think of the domain as a way of paying homage to the time he spent here.

    If you want to give some of the new players a shot you can buy those separate domains and have them redirect to Need4Sheed, maybe even give them a splash page with all the posts about that player before clicking through to Need4Sheed. Don’t just scrap the name and the site though.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Look like the consensus is that I don’t change the name…which I never really wanted to do in the first place.

      I’m thinking I was right all along….that never happens.

  25. barb

    Love to watch u shot the release is like.one of the best i’ve seen keep up the great work so glad.u decided to stay here as a piston and the questions were great….know we will have that team back up soon love always a piston fan for life. Go will

  26. James (Australia)

    With Kwame signing for Charlotte, what do you guys think about trying to get Erick Dampier from them? I think he is on the last year of his deal worth 13 million dollars.

  27. Diogenes

    Maybe we should rename the Pistons while we are at it. Come on now! Sheed is the catalyst. Sheed is an all time great Piston. If this site was called “Need4Worm” would we change it just because Dennis Rodman went renegade with a wedding dress and played with Jordan? You cats are something else man!

  28. Diogenes

    Don’t even think about posting “Need4Worm” jokes either. Seriously.

  29. J'Quez Powell {Official}

    It should stay to need4sheed, but if we had to change, iwould suggest need4pistons, but that doesn’t have a ring to it.

  30. Armand

    Keep the name as it is, at least untill another player with sheedlike character comes around
    And as we all know Sheed has high b.ball IQ and might just be back to coach for this team one day
    Like Will’s answers and attitude

  31. hime1

    I wouldnt change the name, but if you did you could go with ..”PURE PISTONS”
    I think it sounds cool , but nithing is cooler than need4sheed.


  32. junior

    “NEED4BONEY” what you guys think? i think it would be awesome!!! take that boney. lol.

  33. Danny Bohnlein

    I’m an A$$

  34. junior

    y u say that? i never said u were an a$$. actually im growing a little fond of you (not in a gay way either, sorry). take that boney.

  35. Diogenes

    Getting my fix watching team USA this weekend. It’s going to be interesting – not the redeem team – more like the redeem teams bench. What’s the verdict? I think they will have a tough run but pull out some close games.

  36. rai

    off-topic: Melo wants out of Denver, did a trade machine on this with the Nuggets, Pistons, and the Knicks. It’s wishful thinking but hell it worked (at least on paper).

    link: http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=2eeh3pr

    new line up:

    Starting 5:
    PG – Will Bynum
    SG – Rodney Stuckey
    SF – Carmelo Anthony
    PF – Charlie Villanueva
    C – Ben Wallace


    PG/SG – Terrico White
    SG/SF – Austin Daye/Tracy McGrady
    SF/PF – Jonas Jerebko/Danilo Gallinari
    PF/C – Greg Monroe/Chris Wilcox
    C – Eddy Curry(???)

    Pick it apart, tear it to bits, and burn it to the ground as you like. =D happy weekend Pistons Fans!

    Go PISTONS!!!

  37. Diogenes

    Bison Dele. Teal. Jud Buecher. Jerry Stackhouse. Rodney Stuckey. Tracy McGrady. Put Teal on the bench and we are good to go for a 40 win season baby!

  38. edt

    i think you should change the name of the website. You change your hair style every now and then, you change your shoes, some people even change their husbands.

    I like need4pistons, it doesn’t rhyme but it has a link to the past and it feels like it is looking to the future. You brought in Danny who is not as sweet as you are, that’s a change. The pistons are changing. We are still playing Ben Wallace Tay & Rip from the 04 team but they are not the future any more than ‘sheed is.

  39. Sauce1977

    There’s no business like Sheed business?

  40. Richie

    Wow, a name change? I thought it would never happen.


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