Terrico White is a Detroit Piston

by | Aug 13, 2010 | 134 comments

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(photo courtesy of mLive)

The Detroit Pistons and their 2nd round pick (36th overall) Terrico White agreed to a 2 year deal yesterday.  White, a 6’5 combo guard from Ole Miss, averaged 15 points and 1.5 assists per game last season for the Rebels.  It has been reported that White will see time at the point guard position, a position he saw limited time in while at Ole Miss.  Many NBA draft “experts” have said White has “NBA Draft Lottery” talent, but that he does have a problem creating shots for others as he ranked among the worst ball distributors of all starting guards in NCAA Division 1 last season.

White is described as a “toolsy” player who has the leaping ability, the mid-range game, etc to compete on the pro-level.  Many have said his game translates most to former Piston Flip Murray.  White showed some flashes during the Summer League, with his best game probably coming against the Lakers where he scored 17 points.  Other positives include: he’s a solid mid range shooter, he’s an adequate on the ball defender, he does not turn the ball over (1.3 turns per game last season) he’s a solid rebounder for a guard (4.6 per game) last season, and he has a 6’9 wingspan.  Some things he needs to work on is his aggressiveness taking the ball to the basket to draw fouls, and setting up teammates for scoring chances.

With the signing of Tracy McGrady, and the addition of White to the roster, the Detroit Pistons now have 15 players under contract for the 2010-2011 season.  In order to make a move to acquire another player they would need to cut and/or trade the same amount of players in return to make changes to the roster.  I expect White to see the majority of his playing time happen in the NBA D-League this season.  Depending on how he performs (as well as current Piston combo guard Rodney Stuckey) he may have a better chance of making the NBA Pistons’ active roster next season, barring injuries and/or trades that happen this year.

He’s a young guy that has some time to develop.  Having seen some of his highlights from the Summer League games, I can see him becoming a rotation player at some point down the line for this team.


  1. Laser

    uh, he made the roster. that much information is in this very article. in fact, it’s what the article is specifically about. he won’t see playing time until next season, but he’s very much on the roster. i’m sure he’s thrilled to be here too; what a place to start a career, tenth perimeter player on the depth chart. there were no minutes for him BEFORE t-mac signed.

    • Danny Bohnlein

      12 players can suit up each night but a max of 15 can be on the roster. As an example yes, Amir Johnson was on the roster of 15 but he spent most of his first 2 seasons in the D League since he was not in the 12 man active roster on a regular basis.

      I will change the wording to “active” roster however, I think we all know what it meant.

  2. N1ck

    Stuckey / Bynum
    Hamilton / Gordon / McGrady / White
    Prince / Daye / Summers
    Jerebko / Villanueva / WiIcox
    Wallace / Maxiell / Monroe

    White is NOT a point guard.

    • Danny Bohnlein

      He’s a combo guard.

      It’s been reported that he will see time at the point because of his ball handling ability.

  3. jon

    Monroe shoudn’t wear nº10!!!! that’s Rodman’s number which should be retired!

  4. N1ck

    Ok Danny, so we’ll do a Stuckey on him! (sigh…)


  5. Friggins

    @ John,
    I don’t mind a player leaving a team for more money, it’s a business. That said, you must retire a Piston to have your jersey number retired. Also, leaving for a division rival to play alongside Jordan is an automatic removal of the privelege of having your jersey number retired.

  6. hi

    on NBA.com it said that magic johnson is interested in buying the pistons!!

    I was happy when i read this

  7. Diogenes

    Yea. They need to retire #10, #1, and number 3 after Stuckey gives it back (pisses me off that he took that number). If Laimbeer is in the rafters than Rodman should be too, right? But he was a Bull for a bit. You tell me.

  8. James (Australia)

    Interested in your thoughts on White playing D-League, Danny. The last Piston to spend any real time in the D-League was Amir Johnson. The Pistons have shown an inclination to keep their rookies around the team, even if it means they wear street clothes for most of the year. So do you think Terrico White will play a bit for the Mad Ants?

  9. junior

    y r u mad at stuckey for wearing the 3? according to some people since he went to a division rival the bulls and left the pistons the 3 wont be retired. also ben gave up the 3 when he left. stuckey picked a free number it is not like he took it from ben cuase he was not here. terrico will get some playing time and i dont think it will be in the d league. boney you are starting to lookmore like a writer now. and terrico is a pg he played pg his freshman year at ole miss, they moved him to sg last year cuase that is where they needed him as u can tell he does not turn over the ball much i think he only had 1 or 2 turn overs the whole summer league.

  10. Laser

    i know how basketball works, danny. if you’d said “active roster” in the first place, i would have left it alone.

  11. edt

    terrico white never impressed me neither at ole miss or summer league, and now our roster is full up.

    same kind of team as last year, lots of “stretch” players that can step out from the block to the perimeter and shoot, very weak on defense, a combination of small players and lanky thin ones, there’s a lack of strength and with that you have lack of foot speed, which means, you lack defense.

    The only real change is monroe, he’s going to be a heck of a player, but he’s shorter than his listed height and weak for a power forward, which sort of fits into whatever the hell kind of team we are supposed to be right now.

    I’ll enjoy watching this team. I have some favorite players, Ben Wallace always been a fan, Jerebko I love his work ethic, and stuckey, he’s like detroit’s secret, nobody else knows just how good he is and even some in detroit still doubt him. I like Bynum, but not as a starter, I like how he comes off the bench and sometimes is ridiculous. Rip and Prince goes without saying love watching their game, love rip moving without the ball, best in the NBA doing that, and I like watching Prince’s high basketball IQ.

    Ben Gordon, Charlie V, T-Mac, Terrico, Daye, everyone else, you have to prove to me that I want to root for you when you step out on the court. Not a fan.

    Here’s a hint: If you play great defense this year, I’ll be a fan no matter what shooting percentage you put up.

    I think we’ll be able to beat Miami or the Celtics, this year, not consistently, just once or twice, to warm theheart, but making the playoffs seems questionable. We got all these shooters, some times you got to get lucky with all the 3’s going down. I have yet to see a Ben Gordon buzzer beater for the pistons. Surely he will do better, because he can’t do any worse than last year.

  12. N1ck

    Now when we see our roster it’s on Joe D to find a way to get us some center who can score and defend a bit, via trade.

    Prince + Wilcox (expiring contracts, sorry for Prince though, but it’s all just business)…

    Stuck / Bynum / White
    Rip / BG / Daye
    Jonas / T-Mac / Daye / Summers
    CV / J-Max / Monroe
    Ben / ??? / Monroe

    1st team = power (Ben) + scoring (CV)
    1 st team = run (Stuck) + gun ( Hamilton)
    2nd team = power (J-Max) + scoring (mystery man)
    2nd team = run (Bynum) + gun (Gordon, McGrady)

    In case of injuries minutes to Daye & Monroe, White / Summes to D-League if neccesary…

  13. N1ck

    Sacramento’s Jason Thompson is my pick.
    They have their frontcourt packed with an addition of that beast Cousins… (sighs…)
    & Carl Landry, while on the SF they have only Casspi…

    Don’t mind me and my fantasy trade… 🙂

  14. N1ck

    Ha ha Zkranc, great minds think alike… 😉

    But honestly, this is actually pretty logical. Joe D’s number anyone?

    Back to White, he’s got game but his passing abiltiy is abysmal, sounds like we’re only trying to make a PG out of him cause we’re limited at that position…

  15. Zkranc

    sounds like Bynum is making a guaranwill 🙂 love the confidence, we will make the playoffs this year!!

  16. edt

    joe d must have had a dozen chances to add a big man this year, at a good price, the last big trade was the one on the 11th, Pacers got: Darren Collison, James Posey (from Hornets), nets received Troy Murphy (From Pacers), Rockets got Courtney Lee (from Nets) and the Hornets receive: Trevor Ariza (from Rockets) and Joe D didn’t seem to want any piece of that.

    Joe D has shown NO interest in adding a big man. Obviously he is happy with the team. Let’s try to get used to it and cheer on the team. The thing about this team is that no matter how the players play, I really like them all, Ben Gordon is humble, Charlie V seems to be sensitive, Monroe another nice guy. Win or lose, it’s more fun than when AI was here and it became a giant blame go round.

    I really hope T-Mac doesn’t spoil the chemistry. It’s one thing to lose and another to lose badly.

  17. James (Australia)

    I am puzzled, Edt. Why do you think Joe D has no interest in adding a big man? Just because he has not actually completed a deal yet, how do you know he isn’t working the phone lines to get such a deal done? I haven’t heard the Pistons mentioned in any specific rumours, but I have heard that Dumars has been busy. The price has apparently been too much for the Pistons to pay in Joe’s eyes.

  18. N1ck

    Joe D has to be trying very hard…
    T-Mac addition is a clue that obviously tells you he’s trying to move one of our wing players…
    But Joe D is a hard negotiator… And that is a good thing, I think…

  19. Benny (5 years old)

    Jonas Jerebko – want to come to my house? You will like to play basketball at my house. This is going to be the world championship and whoever makes the most shots wins. If you come to my house you will see a basketball hoop. And I have a basketball. You will not believe how I dunk it. You will see the hoop knock over!

  20. Jonas Jerebko #33

    Man that is so awesome benny. I bet you can dunk it pretty nice!!! I would like to come to your house if i had more time. We are really busy right now practicing and stuff like that. You keep practicing on your shot and i bet that you will be able to beat anyone. Be careful on those great dunks, you dont want to break your hoop!! Keep up the hard work, and we will too. I hope we can make it to the world championship together, and win it for you!! Thanks for writing me.

  21. junior

    well written jonas, benny you sound pretty good!! maybe some day you could be a piston.

  22. Andreas

    The last thing the Pistons need is another PG that doesnt pass the ball.

  23. N1ck

    @ Andreas


  24. edt

    face facts. There is only one move Joe D made that was tmac. Only Indian and new orleans have done less in the offseason. Joe D has consistently overvalued Rip & Tay. so he has decided to keep them. That’s all there is to it.

    Joe D feels that instead of an inferior big he will have a better team with rip & tay.

    Here at need4, most people feel that we are so loaded at the 2 & 3 that an inferior big would go a long way to helping the team.

    This is the team you will see step on the court this fall:

    pg: stuck / bynum
    sg: rip / gordon / tmac
    sf: prince / jerebko / daye / summers
    pf: monroe / maxiell / wilcox
    c: wallace

    I’d rather start jerebko, but prince will be starting until he gets injured. it will be a catfight at the sg for playing time, each player getting 16 minutes.

    I think we’ll do ok . . . as long as Wallace stays healthy all season (knock wood).

    • Danny Bohnlein

      I’d argue that Indiana has done the most of any team that didn’t acquire one of the marquee free agents.

      Acquiring Darren Collison for Troy Murphy’s expiring contract is a big deal

      As far as the SG “cat fight” with each guy getting 16 minutes well, we know that won’t happen. TMac is best suited to play the 3 now, due to his injuries taking a toll on his speed.

      Here’s how I see Coach K running the team out there this year:
      PG – Stuckey 30mpg/Bynum 18mpg
      SG – Rip 28mpg/BG 18mpg/Daye 2mpg
      SF – Tay 28mpg/TMac 18mpg/Daye 2mpg
      PF – Jerebko 25mpg/CV 23mpg
      C – Wallace 20mpg/Maxiell 20mpg/Monroe 8mpg

      Obviously I don’t believe the mpg totals to be exactly those I listed above but, based on previous history with this team and how they handle the rookies it’s safe to assume that TMac has jumped Daye unless a move is made and Daye is put in as the starter with TMac there just to be insurance in case Daye doesn’t pan out.

      SG position will not play 16mpg. The only position where we may see our starter play only 16mpg is center, and that’s so the season doesn’t take a toll on Wallace.

  25. edt

    oops forgot to put charlie v in for pf and white as another sg

  26. edt

    I stand corrected. The only team that has done less in the post season than the pistons in the NBA is new orleans.

    I don’t agree with anything you have there Danny. for instance Stuckey played 35 minutes a game last season. You can’t take 5 minutes away from him! Jerebko is out of position at power forward, monroe needs to play alongside Wallace to get the most out of wallace, who has good scoring ability on the block.

    But at least we both seem to agree we aren’t going to see rip or tay traded before the season starts.

    • Danny Bohnlein

      I’m not saying take time from anyone. It was an even breakdown across the board, as you can see. The averages will obviously be +/- 3 or 4 minutes either way. Remember, Will Bynum was hurt a lot last season and other portions of the season Stuckey would play the 2 while Bynum played PG.

      I’ve always said Jerebko is out of position at the 4, but he did start there last season and I can see Coach K starting him there again. I agree Monroe should play with Wallace but I don’t see Monroe playing that much.

      Unless of course in year 2 Coach K decides to go against how he and previous Piston coaches decide to play the rookies.

    • Danny Bohnlein

      and yes, the Hornets may have gotten out of Posey’s bad contract but they didn’t really get a fantastic return for trading Collison away.

      So now they lack depth at the PG position should Chris Paul get hurt, and they have yet another SF/SG type of player. Sounds familiar…

  27. junior

    stuckey is our best player. enough said.

  28. thewordkeeper

    Great article about Tracy McGrady’s early days with the Raptors and differences with then head coach and now assistant coach for the Piston’s Darrell Walker.

    ESPN The Magazine: T Time
    by Chris Palmer

    “The kid they call Pumpkinhead has this little half-skip he does right before he crouches down and explodes like all hell toward the hole.

    …That’s the move Tracy McGrady used to shed Sam Cassell at the three-point line in Game 3 of last season’s Magic-Bucks playoff series.

    ….. T-Mac’s numbers read like the product of some scorekeeper’s imagination: 33.8 points, 8.3 assists and 6.5 rebounds per game..

    …McGrady’s performance wasn’t lost on the rest of the league. This wasn’t the high school kid Toronto GM Isiah Thomas had tried to trade to Philadelphia as a rookie. Nor the player “Darrell Walker”, his first coach, declared would be out of the league in three seasons.

    No, this was the player Michael had in mind when he made Kwame Brown the first pick in the June draft. MJ simply couldn’t chance missing the next Tracy McGrady.”


  29. junior

    but still, stuckey is our best player. enough said.

  30. Danny Bohnlein

    Actually – Tayshaun, Rip and Stuckey are all about equal.

    Without Ben Wallace last season, the team would’ve been even more pathetic on defense than they were… I’m not saying Wallace is the best player but, I’m saying the team is greater as a combination than they are individually.

    Stuckey is not an efficient enough scorer or a good enough distributor to be the team’s best player.

  31. Miniman

    BTW we officialy signed t-mac today

  32. James (Australia)

    When you are paying a guy 10 million dollars a season to play 18 minutes a game, you have a problem. Hence the reason a trade needs to be made. Think about it, we are paying Jerebko a million dollars a year to play 25 minutes, and paying McGrady the veteran’s minimum to play 18 minutes. I know your table is only estimates, Danny, but it still reveals the glaring log jam problem we have.

  33. Benny

    Jonas Jerebeko is going to have a great year!

  34. Sebastian (Sweetwater, TX)

    Everyone relax. When you really break it down, we have one of the deepest rosters in the league right now. I know we need a 7′ 5″ monster center who can control the paint, but, if everyone stays healthy, this team is at least a 45 win team this year. You can take that to the bank.

  35. Diogenes

    I think it’s pretty odd that I can’t have my kid post something on this blog – he get’s really excited and thinks Jonas Jerebko is going to read it. If some of the morons that post here regularly can post their asinine drivel whats wrong with a kid posting on a site with cartoon piston characters? You know what – don’t worry about it. I’ve been spending more time over at Detroit Bad Boys anyway. I’ll just do my shopping there.

    • Danny Bohnlein

      What are you talking about? Your comments are always up

  36. Diogenes

    One more thing – if you post here and think you are an “expert” think again. If you were you would be either coaching or writing for the Freep or Detnews. This site used to be for the fans – to be fans – and now we have to contend with these arrogant armchair Archie Bunkers. Hate to break it to you cats – you’re just fans – it’s a good thing but unfortunately it means that your opinion holds as much weight as any other fan. Sorry. It’s like the little league coaches that need to win – just totally take the fun out of the game. D-bags fo shizzle.

  37. Diogenes

    Thanks to whoever for reconsidering. He will be a happy camper tomorrow.

  38. Diogenes

    That is too cool! A letter from JJ. Eating crow bigtime. Thanks guys.

  39. junior

    your welcome DOIGENES you ARE welcome. i hope hes happy. im sad u are not.

  40. junior


  41. junior

    @ diogenes y are you so mad saying your kid cant post here? i thought it was cool that jonas wrote back, i hope your boy is happy. thats what we try to do here make kids happy. i think its great that your kid is interested in basketball at 5. just dont let him read some of the things on here that some idiots say. hope you stay a need4sheeder i like hearing your opinions. becuase you are right we are not coaches or even sports writers. its just he said she said and opinions. nothing more. talk to you later.

  42. Pistonsfan12345

    Hey Nat,

    Can you please put up the TMAC news conference?


  43. edt

    Danny Bohnlein I hope you see what the problem is. You’re being a dick. Natalie is super nice and everyone likes her. You present yourself as an arrogant dick that defends his side to the death.

    If you want to mesh better with this site, you’re gonna have to learn how to be polite. Say things like “You could be right about that, thanks!” Instead of saying “You’re wrong and I’m right and here’s why.”

    I love being confrontational and getting it on with a big argument but it’s not the theme of this blog. Natalie has set the tone, so you need to shape up if you want to fit in. Part of being a professional writer is being able to tailor your message to your audience and the theme of the publication you are working for.

    I don’t think there is any issue with your insights on the pistons, nobody doubts that it’s all about your aggressive tone. You want to be aggressive going to the hole, but not in a blog, in a blog you want to be polite, especially if you are the mod.

  44. The Fan

    I don’t know about everyone else… but i’m ready for some.


  45. Danny Bohnlein


    I apologize if your reading comprehension isn’t up to par with others. I don’t think you understand that I’m not being a dick, I’m simply responding and interacting. I e never said I was an expert. I never took down comments that Diogenes says were taken down, etc.

    When you say that “Detroit has had a poor offseason like Indian” not only is there a typo but it’s flat out wrong.

  46. Danny Bohnlein

    I’ve never attacked people like I’ve been attacked. I’ve asked for input and replied accordingly. I’ve never talked down to anyone.

    But that’s fine, edt and everyone, I don’t need to comment.

  47. edt

    you see danny this is exactly what I’m talking about

    “I apologize if your reading comprehension isn’t up to par with others. ”

    I gave you some friendly criticism. Take my advice! Be nicer. I’m wrong a lot, and I like you correcting me, but it’s all in the tone.

    You took my criticism as a PERSONAL ATTACK ON YOU!!!!!

    My reading comprehension? I’m trying to HELP YOU BE NICER. I’m trying to be your friend. But you took it as an attack on you. AND you deny that I even have a point of view that needs to be acknowledged. Sure your feelings are hurt, that’s part of what happens when you accept criticism.

    But I think that you, just like the Pistons team that we all love, can improve. You can get better, and the principle way is just to work harder at structuring your comments in a way that people don’t feel like you are attacking them, that instead of attacking, you are helping.

    I think the reason I feel qualified to give you this advice is that I can be a real dick, myself, and I definitely notice you have those same attributes.

    • Danny Bohnlein

      1. Actually, the “I apologize” comment was the first time I’ve taken exception to anything anyone has said about me. I reply when others are wrong, but I don’t say they’re wrong. Like your comment before, I simply asked why “Indian” had a bad offseason when they acquired a starting point guard for an $11m per season expiring contract.

      2. Don’t compare yourself to me.

      3. I don’t take your “criticism” as a personal attack at all. My feelings aren’t hurt, and have yet to be hurt by anything anyone says on the internet.

      4. and this is final – if you don’t like what I post on the site guess what, I was asked to contribute by Natalie. If you don’t like it, email her and take it up with her.

      Also, if you don’t like it, then don’t comment on it if you don’t want to interact with a site contributor. You’ll see Natalie comments rarely, so I thought I was offering up a change of pace for you guys. Honestly, it seems like all you want is a “Lord of the Flies” way of managing the comments section and I’m cool with it. I don’t have to comment on your comments, I can let my email inbox fill up with comments from the same people trying to use 5 different names all day long and not respond.

      I’m done commenting with you guys. You can have the comment section back.

  48. edt

    So you’re gonna take your ball and go home. You’ve got a thin skin.

  49. Danny Bohnlein

    I’m not taking my ball anywhere. You can read what I post. Take your complaints to Natalie.

    I don’t have to “be” Natalie. Natalie doesn’t want me to “be” her anyway.

  50. jesse

    jesus what the hell is up your snatch danny?

    i dont think anyone’s liked you from the start…

    (but of course, you would know right? you know everything)

    “actually, blah blah blah”

    youre a dick.

    go need4sheed! and nat! and edt!

  51. Danny Bohnlein

    Yeah Jesse! You tell him!

  52. Friggins

    Are you taking article requests?
    I’d love some proposed trades. Right now, I think Rips value is pretty low, maybe a salary dump and nothing more. I’m kind of curious what you think a Rodney Stuckey/Jason Maxiel trade might fetch on the NBA market. Also, what bigs do you think might be available for the right price?

    Seems to me Portland has a lot of bigs tied-up and not enough money and minutes for them all. They could use a Tayshaun Prince.

  53. NYC

    @ Ahmed.

    I was day dreaming about that trade as soon as I heard Melo wants out… What does everybody else think (Danny, this includes you)? Is it at all possible?


    Obviously the above is flexible. This is some serious day dreaming, but one year experiment (he’s gone to New York or some brighter lights next year). Then we have his contract expiring, have some money to go after a big…

    On the other side, a one year experiment with a dude that doesn’t necessarily want to be in Detroit could be pretty miserable, as well know. Still, fun to dream.

  54. Lori

    I posted this before and I’ll post parts of it again and then some!

    Frankly, this is the most hysterical I’ve ever seen this website be. And it’s pretty awful. Losing readers and revealing nutty aliases and doubting our fan status? Chillax, please! If we start the season with this line up, then go crazy! None of us is privy to what is actually occurring behind the scenes.

    And Boney, you are new, so you should relax too. Throw the topic out there and let us all squabble amongst ourselves. It’s what we do best! And please don’t get so defensive about your opinion. This is basketball, not brain surgery. In the big scheme of things, it is sports entertainment and that’s all.
    You have good and smart opinions and so do most of us. Remember though, they are only opinions and are not going to affect reality in the slightest.

    You say “…Also, if you don’t like it, then don’t comment on it if you don’t want to interact with a site contributor. You’ll see Natalie comments rarely, so I thought I was offering up a change of pace for you guys. Honestly, it seems like all you want is a “Lord of the Flies” way of managing the comments section and I’m cool with it. I don’t have to comment on your comments, I can let my email inbox fill up with comments from the same people trying to use 5 different names all day long and not respond.

    I’m done commenting with you guys. You can have the comment section back….”

    Danny, it sounds way too confrontational! Please just relax!!

  55. Laser

    for the record, danny, i felt talked-down-to when you tried explaining to me that NBA rosters have up to 15 players, 12 of whom suit up on any given night. and this was right after i corrected you on the NBA roster thing, so it was an especially odd time to start giving me lessons on how the NBA works. so, uh, yeah.

  56. James (Australia)

    Danny says:

    “2. Don’t compare yourself to me. ”

    That is the attitude I am struggling with, mate. Why can’t we compare ourselves to you? You are a Pistons fan; I am a Pistons fan; Edt is a Pistons fan. So what is there not to compare?

    I like the fact that you are being interactive, but the way it is coming across at times is that you are trying to shove your ideas down our throats. We all have the right to be wrong. I want discussion; I also want to respect another man’s right to an opinion, and my right to disagree.

    Please take this as constructive criticism. EVERYONE needs to chill out!

  57. Danny Bohnlein


    I typed “NBA roster” a sentence after “D League” roster and you told me it was wrong. It’s safe to assume that you were nit-picking and/or looking for something wrong. Why “correct” it? There’s a d league roster and the NBA roster. There’s nothing “wrong” with it

  58. Danny Bohnlein

    James – I think it’s a better place when interacting happens. “don’t compare me to you” came out because he said he’s a dick so he feels qualified to criticize me because I’m a dick? lol. Sure James, that’s being a piston fan.

  59. Danny Bohnlein

    Lori –

    I’m not “new”. Also, people agree with others who post asinine comments under 6 different names. I think it’s a great idea to throw up a post and let you guys go at it, I’ll take that advice and run with it.

  60. edt

    ** I don’t have to “be” Natalie. Natalie doesn’t want me to “be” her anyway. **

    What’s wrong with wanting to be more like Natalie, she’s super nice, and everyone likes her.

    She’s the reason I started reading need4sheed. so many bitter sarcastic web sites where everyone’s got a chip on their shoulder (I like those sites too, the fark comments are vicious and fun) but then there was need4sheed where natalie always had something nice to say, which made it different and cozy

    • Danny Bohnlein

      Natalie doesn’t want me to “be” Natalie. I can easily be her, but I wasn’t asked to be a backup Natalie. I also never said I didn’t want to “be” Natalie.

      She knew what she was getting when she asked me to come on board. What you’re reading is what she expected out of me, nothing more nothing less.

  61. Joe

    Blah, blah blah.

    Anyway, Yahoo has just rated Stuckey as one of the worst starting PG’s in the league (#28 or #29, I can’t remember which). Is it time to accept the fact that he’s just not very good? I think he’s a decent 6th man… but we still need to find a pure PG.

  62. edt

    Stuckey is going to be an all star, the problem is that everyone else last year sucked, when ben gordon is shooting 10% under his career average, this means any time stuckey throws it to bg, and bg clanks one up, stuckey doesn’t rack up an assist even tho he deserved one.

    from yahoo, so people dont have to google it

    * * *

    29. Rodney Stuckey(notes), Detroit Pistons (last year: 22nd)

    Stuckey is what Stuckey is. He’s yet to find a balance between acting as a scoring point guard or passing point man, and the unfortunate truth behind those two aspects of his game is that he’s not particularly adept at either. Hardly the return Joe Dumars had in mind when he staved off rebuilding, re-signed Richard Hamilton and brought in Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva.

    * * *

    Yahoo Ranking the point guards put Felton from the nicks and sessions from the cavaliers above stuckey.

    that’s ok with me, stuckey will be our little secret. Stuckey will look a lot better next year with a healthy Rip.

  63. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Why everyone think that Danny is being a dick?
    You know, I’m very tolerant to what others are writing when they are doing it in offensive manner, it’s their choice to write like that BUT
    Trere are people like Steve and now ANYONE will tell you that he’s a dick. Anyone who have read any of his hysterical and unacceptable things.

    And you know what – he is a dick. Because if someone looks like a rooster, smells like a rooster, acts like a rooster and cock-a-doodle-doo like a rooster – then HE IS A ROOSTER. You know what I mean.
    And if someone’s writing when they are doing it in offensive manner, trying to justify himself every time, when anyone can tell him “you’re being a dick”, it’s not something wrong with everybody, it’s not like everybody are fools. It must be something wrong with YOU personally.
    And if someone like EDT is giving you advices, and EDT is a clever nice guy who always have a smart opinion – take these advices and work on yourself, man, and tell EDT thank you for not being a dick when he talk to you.

  64. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Danny, your ways are good to write for this site, but it’s not for being a mod

  65. daddy

    the person who made the list is a moron ive been reading his blogs for atleast a year. for one he doesnt like the pistons and constantly ranks us lower than usual. he said we wouldnt win 24 games last year as well and once again he was wrong. he also said dirk was the best pf in the last 10 years. brandon jennings. lou williams, mo williams (haahah, jack felton, holiday, and jose calderon above stuck. please stuck d is better than all of those above.

  66. daddy

    stuck will be an all star this year just like edt he is our little secert

  67. KalbasaHIGH

    Ranks us lower cause he dosen’t like us? lol where do you think stuckey ranks? do you know what the purpose of a pg is? allstar lmao

  68. Laser

    sure it was a bit of a nitpick, but don’t fool yourself into thinking what you’d written before was accurate. it’s not the same. and i suspect you know that since you MADE THE CHANGE. so don’t be defensive. i gave you a good note. a simple “thank you” would do better than all these reasons why you were right. i knew what you meant, but that doesn’t mean what you said was accurate. it wasn’t. stop being defensive about it. i wasn’t “looking for anything wrong,” but i found it easily enough. jumped right out at me. and YOU MADE THE CHANGE. not sure how you can defend your own error WHILE CORRECTING IT. wonders never cease.

    the weirdest thing is that i moved on from that to being talked down to. totally different issue. i don’t need to be told about roster sizes and inactive lists. i didn’t go through all of these comments, but i wouldn’t be surprised if people felt like you talked down to them. i sure felt that way. you might be the most defensive person i’ve encountered on the internet.

    i was only talking about being talked down to, and you went back to the correction to get even more defensive about it. i’m sure you’re going to get defensive about this too. it really seems like you’re approaching these comments the wrong way. no sense butting heads with anyone or making excuses. there’s always going to be people who give you a hard time when you write something and put it out there. i gave you a minor note and you’ve been CRAZY defensive about it. relax. grow up. it’s the internet.

  69. Danny Bohnlein

    Laser – “Making a change” isn’t sarcastically crossing through ‘NBA’ and italicizing Pistons active roster, which as you can see is what happened. I corrected it to shut you up, and obviously it didn’t work because here you are still bitching. “Making a change” is actually deleting what was typed and re-typing and giving someone dap in the post at the bottom.

    As you can see, I sarcastically crossed through what I typed just to appease you.

    Rashit – thanks for you input about edt’s input. I’ll consider it, but for right now him saying he feels qualified to advise me because he’s a dick and I am too, well, no thanks.

    Rodney Stuckey needs to score at better than a 40 percent clip from the field to make the All Star team. Especially when guys like Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, etc are in the Eastern Conference. I’m not doubting Stuckey’s talent, I’m just saying there are only so few positions on the All Star team and we all know that fan favorites get voted on to start and then the coaches vote for the backups. Stuckey will need to have an all around monster first half to surpass what Rondo and Rose will likely do.

  70. Danny Bohnlein

    and by “all around monster” I mean – be among the league leaders at his position in rebounds as well as having respectable assist totals to go along with more efficiency on the offensive end of the ball.

    He can be Rajon Rondo-lite when he wants to be, he just has to go get it. It’s supposed to be his team now.

  71. junior

    you guys serious? danny, the whole big problem came when you crossed out my comment. ill admit i had aproblem with it i was very mad. but once i aired out my thoughts i got over it. i think for the most part we do like you to comment often on your opinion to what we have to say. BUT EDT is right. (thats just my opinion) you sometimes need to just roll with what someone thinks. even if they are wrong or you just dont agree with them. just leave it at that. you can post things without putting people down, like you did to edt by saying his reading comprehension is low. thats like saying to him you are dumber then everyone else its not my fault. then expect him not to take offence to that? seriously? come on danny we all know you are better than that. you are a good writer you just maybe need to read what you write to someone first and try to put yourself in their shoes to see if it would be offensive. with that being said. everyone else on this site needs to do the exact same thing i just said. there is no reason to put down danny. i know i say take that boney. but i think everyone knows im just messin around. treat each other with respect. what do you think fans of other teams will think if they come to this site and see us fighting amongst each other? pathetic if you ask me. what are we the cavs? no we are THE DETROIT PISTONS. act like the fans of a class act franchise, not like a bunch of ignorant assholes. why do you think i posted that letter as jj to diogenes kid? cuase i knew it was a nice thing to do, and that it would make some ones day better. try to make good decisions with what you post and be kind.

  72. junior

    and we dont have to point out every little error like where you meant to sat “rondo-like” not “rondo-lite” by the way. just sayin, take that boney! lol.

  73. junior

    say* fuck i messed that one up huh? take that me.

  74. junior

    i think we will all be surprised by stuckey this year. 4th year, isnt that about when billups came around? that is a question im not sure. danny? do you know? can you help me out on this?

  75. Danny Bohnlein

    junior – I crossed out your comment because it was the first one that was vulgar in the entire thread. you’ll notice steve isn’t around anymore.

    Also, I meant to type “Rondo-lite” but technically it could be either like or lite. Rondo fills up the box score at each of the key statistical categories. Rondo-lite or Rondo-like would mean Stuckey would fill them up as well, just not as much since Stuckey is more of a scorer than a distributor.

    2000-2001 was Billups’ 4th year and if Stuckey has the same year this year, statistically, that Billups had in his 4th year then Stuckey will still be “ahead of pace”. Problem with that line of thinking is, Billups started in his rookie season and then was primarily a bench player. Billups’ 4th year was his 1st year in Minnesota.

    Stuckey will never be Billups and Billups will never be able to drive to the basket like Stuckey, in my opinion. Stuckey needs to develop some type of perimeter game to go along with his driving ability otherwise he’ll continue to see defenders pack the lane and wait for him to drive.

  76. Ameri-can Prince

    in terms of stuckey being an allstar i will say this, if stuckey didnt come to the pistons i believe he would of been an allstar by now, simply because he would of been very score oriented and even though thats what hes doing is being a scoring he’s holding back a lot trying to learn to run the offense as a typical point guard. I mean Will bynum goes off scoring wise and he gets praised to high heaven for it, but stuckey goes off and you’ll get a mix of people a lot of who just say stuckey isnt a point guard, i think theres a double standard with stuckey but also the fact is the teammates he have arent really that good on offense, so he cant be a distributer with the scorers on this team.

  77. Drew

    Stuckey damn near had the stats to be an All-Star alternate. When Iverson decided to sit out the ASG, Stuckey should have alternated in, but the East choose size (David Lee I believe) instead. Look at his stats before last year’s All-Star break:http://www.cbssports.com/nba/players/player/splits/2009/1231900

    Also, his points total was way higher in our wins than in our losses. So, where Stuck goes, we go.

  78. junior

    hey danny, as far as the crossing off thing-water under the bridge (just dont do it again). danny if you look at the stats, stuckey is already as good as billups was when billups led us to the championship in 04. their numbers (stuckeys last year and billups 04) are identical, as i have posted on here before. my comments were by far Not the first vulgar words. maybe to you as anewcomer, but everyone here will agree i only posted that after i was constantly made fun of and ridiculed by steve. if him not being here is your doing. then you are the man!!! i think everyone will join me in a big thank you for him not being here. you are right danny stuckey will never be billups and vice versa, and he does need to add a perimeter game. ive read that stuckey has been working tremendously hard on his 3-point shot this offseason, along with his conditioning.

  79. junior

    @ drew, also the whinersin cleveland wanted mo as a all-star so he got the go ahead if i recall right.

  80. junior

    oh ya. . . . take that boney.

  81. junior

    nope. danny y can we click in the bottom right of the comment box (ones already posted) and then it takes you to leave a reply to ______ but then when you leave comment its not in their comment box as a reply? you know what im saying?

  82. Drew

    Mo was on the all-star team last year? He had a pretty mediocre year, as I recall.

  83. James (Australia)

    Saw that thing rubbish about Stuckey over on Yahoo. Ramon Sessions? Jarrett Jack? please…Edt is 100% right, Stuckey is maligned because he is not playing for a great team, he is a mid round draft pick, and from a college that hasn’t produced many NBA players. I don’t care; I’d rather Stuckey than quite a few of those guys higher on the list.

    Danny, we got off to a bad start. Can we move on from the past and start fresh? I want this to be a fun environment again.

  84. junior

    @ drew yes he was!!! unbelievable huh? lebron whined and cried till he got his way!! he says there is no way the cavs can have only 1 all star when we have tyhe best record in the nba. someone got hurt lebron lobbied some more(whined) and Kazaam mo was a allstar. stuckey was more deserving.

  85. Diogenes

    Junior – if you wrote that thing from JJ to my kid – thanks man! That made his day. He’s five but he can read and his face lit up like Christmas. He loves this site for the cartoon Pistons. The vibe here is not good lately. I almost wish Steve was back – OK not really – but you get my point. I’m taking a screen shot of this posting by the way. I think it’s pretty weird how posts “disappear” and then “reappear”. Thinking about starting my own blog for all of us know nothings who still like to talk about the Pistons – stay tuned.

  86. Diogenes

    New guy issue – partly his own fault – talking down to long time followers. Partly – people don’t like change and don’t like any new guy. But hell – if this guy sticks around after this he might be alright. Also – partly we like Natalies posts from a fan’s perspective. And we just like her, right? Dude is like the substitute teacher – I was a kid once and saw it from that angle and I was a sub for a year ten years ago – and I weathered that too. One thing I noticed as a kid and a sub – if you stick around long enough it’s all good and we are on the same team. Let’s go to work.

  87. Diogenes

    One thing I really like – keep Steve in Siberia Danny boy! That rocks!

  88. Laser

    danny, you are the absolute worst.

    • Danny Bohnlein


  89. daddy

    yes i know the point of pg they have to get everyone involved and control the tempo of the game. stuck had no one to rely on last year scoring wise so it force him to take a lot of shot he wouldnt normally take. with everyone getting hurt a lot was put on him which will make him grow this year. like edt said he will get more dimes since now ppl will hit more jumpers since they wont jump back in the game rusty. i dont understand what you dont see in stuck? he takes it to the rim hard and finishes well. he has a pretty good mid range and can create his own shot. plus he plays excellent d and get boards what more do you want? id take stuck over rondo anyday. rondo is way overratted. he plays with 3 hall of famers that opens who opens the floor for him. he does not get 10 assist per game an assist is when you assist someone in making a bucket not just passing to them running off screens. id say he usually gets about 5 assists per game.

  90. Danny Bohnlein

    Rodney Stuckey – 16.6 ppg, .405 fg%, 3.8 rebounds per game, 4.8 assists per game
    Rajon Rondo – 13.7 ppg, .508 fg%, 4.4 rebounds per game, 9.8 assists per game

    Rajon Rondo is a better all around point guard, right now. Stuckey has a long way to go, but honestly I don’t believe they’re equals. Stuckey is more offensive oriented whereas Rondo will always be a pesky on the ball defender.

    Last year Rondo averaged 4.9 OWS (offensive win shares – wins he helped contribute due to his offensive numbers) whereas Stuckey was a 1.4. Rondo was a 4.7 DWS (Defensive win shares) and Stuckey was a 1.3.

    brgulker from DetroitBadBoys and twitter (@brgulker) wrote an extended piece on the Rondo and Stuckey comparison: http://dberri.wordpress.com/2010/05/30/rodney-stuckey-equals-rajon-rondo-2/

  91. edt

    rondo is ridiculous. he’s better than stuckey. But I completely disagree with brgulker in not wanting to put our future with stuckey. stuckey is our best player, and his struggles in the stat box are mostly of all the injuries his team had. he was forced to do too much. Everything that will happen next year is going to make stuckey look better, we have monroe who can score on the block, this will help stuckey’s jumper and assists, ben gordon will add between 5 and 10% accuracy, which will help our defensive turnover to transition (which stuckey can generate) because BG would not take the pull up three last year even when it was open. Rip was not himself last year, being able to pass to rip will not only help offensively it will help defensively for stuckey because last year, we asked him to defend and score all night, being able to rest a bit on offensive helps you when you have a difficult defensive job.

    I would choose Stuckey over most of the point guards in the NBA right now, but not rondo.

    I also think brgulker is wrong in that stuckey has to improve in order to have a breakout year. Stuckey needs to keep doing what he is doing, if only the team stays healthy this year he will still be our best player, but he will look a lot more like an all star.

  92. Danny Bohnlein

    ehh, we’ll agree to disagree then edt –

    Stuckey hasn’t improved noticeably from his 2nd to 3rd year. His point per game totals went up because he played more minutes, but he was more inefficient as a scorer last season. His rebounding and assist totals stayed the same.

    The reason why I say this year he will need to have a breakout year is because this is the first year he’s had the same coach going into the next season. Year 1 was Flip, 2 was Curry and now 3/4 is Kuester. If Stuckey is going to take the next step, it’ll logically happen this year.

  93. edt

    Thanks for the comment Danny 🙂

  94. daddy

    rondo does not get real assists he did not create the open shot for the other player. he can hit a jumper or free throw to save his life. if he was on a bad team you would see how he really plays. if stuck was on a better team you guys would be on his jock. like i said stucks % was down cause he was pretty much the only person on the team that can create his own shot at the top of the key.

  95. daddy

    get buck stuck, i got your back show these fools who you are.

  96. The Fan

    The reason Stuckey’s assists weren’t higher last year is because of his supporting cast. They sucked. He was forced to score more which is why his ppg increased. Once everyone realized the one dimensional mindset of the pistons to run their offense through Stuckey. It was much easier for opposing teams to game plan.

    Stuckey is the man. Stuckey is the man. All the haters and non-believers can do just that. Hate and non-believe. But if his team does well to move off the ball and make their shots this season then there will be a grip of people jumping on the Stuckey bandwagon.

    After how Rondo tanked it last year in the finals, not sure I would want him on my team.

  97. junior

    @diogenes, yes i was jj for your kid i knew how much he would like to see a letter back fromm jj, and i knew that jj wouldnt actualy write back. im glad he liked the letter. your welcome. we all now stuckey is the man. ive posted it many times. we will also make the playoffs as a 5th seed.

  98. Danny Bohnlein

    It’s hard to argue about Stuckey’s supporting cast because he put up the same numbers in year 2 as he did last year. There were games where it was Stuckey, Atkins and Bynum sure.. but not enough to balance out the games where he played with at least Rip/BG/Tay or a combo of the 3.

    Stuckey’s limitations will always be there: poor perimeter shooting, non-existent 3 point shooting, and uncontrolled drives to the hoop.

    No one is questioning his talent. No one is “hating” on him. No one here hates him. Percentages and statistics are for things that have happened and that show tendencies. Stuckey has a tendency to shoot low percentages from the field which if you argue it like daddy has, Rondo can finish at the rim a lot better than Stuckey can. Both Rondo and Stuckey shoot horribly from the field.

    Again, no one here says Stuckey sucks.

  99. daddy

    the guy that rated stuckey at 22 put rip as the 26th best shooting guard in the league with eric gordon ahead among others.

  100. junior

    stuckey has a great mid range jumper, if he worked as hard as he says he did on the 3 ball he should be serviceable from there this year. last year after his collapse he worked on his 3 ball while he was not medically cleared to run . if you guys remember he was more efficient after that at the 3. i recall a game where he hit 3 3pointers in about a min and a half and everyone was surprised but stuckey. all he needs is a deep shot and his dribble drive will open up. i have always said stuckey needs to dunk it instead of always trying to draw contact for the foul then try to make the shot. half the time he dont get the foul so he is putting up a hard layup (low percentage). iff he made 50 percent more of his layups he would be averaging 20-23 ppg. instead of 17ppg. i dont follow the “ratings” unless they have him at #1 im not even bothering to worry about where they have anyone ranked.

  101. theTRUTH

    daddy you must not of watched any games last season , stuckey and rip blew last season the only thing they were good at was crying themselves to sleep everynight

  102. Diogenes

    Let’s see what happens when big G-money gets in the paint and finds the cutters with his awesome passing. Joe is going to look like Yoda for stacking up on all of these guards – like a swarm of wasps surrounding the opposing team. 6th seed and who knows maybe as high as 4?


  103. Laser

    hey let’s all make excuses for stuckey!

  104. junior

    hey laser how about we all support our team?

  105. The Fan


    When the opposing team doesn’t have to worry about an inside threat its real easy to
    shut down the perimeter.

    Lets see. Between Wilcox, Kwame, Maxiell and Wallace I’m not sure I would pass it to either of them on an offensive set unless I wanted a turn over.

    Granted Wallace does have his moments they are far and few between.

    Then with Gordon and his miserable shooting last year and with the black hole of charlie V. You guys act like Stuckey should have 9 apg.

    All of our poor perimeter shooting last year was the cause of a non-existent inside threat.

  106. The Fan


    Stuckey averaged 3 points better than he did than in his second year so I’m not quite sure I get what you are saying that he posted the same numbers. I’d say you got that one wrong.

  107. edt

    the pistons got 99 problems but stuckey aint one of them

  108. junior

    thats funny edt, jay-z style.

  109. Danny Bohnlein

    He may have averaged 3 points more but he did it shooting at a much worse percentage while obviously taking more shots.

    He scores at the rim 48% of his attempts from “close” and is a 37% jump shooter. Saying he’s got a good midrange jumper is wrong. His poor shooting is not an indictment on the supporting cast. The opposing teams can pack the lane whenever he brings the ball up because they don’t respect his jumper

  110. junior

    sorry danny but i dont agree, stuckey has a good midrange jumper. i dont care what the numbers are, he has a good shot. half those misses are probably coming off a last seecond shot where someone bailed on their shot and dumped it off to stuckey. that is a low percentage shot for anyone unless you are kobe. but if stuckey has the ball and knows its his shot its going down at least half the time, and 50 percent is a good shooting percent. take that boney.

  111. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    2 last seasons any 1or2 guard who had the ball tried to make a tough shot. we have major problem with shot selection. BG, Stuck, sometimes ever RIP, Tay, Bynum – every one of them made so much ill-advised shots last season, I mean TOO MANY shots like that.

    So it’s really looks like he has average mid-range game. Even if he can make 50of50 on training, he takes bad shots that ruin his%, so 48% inside and 37% mid-range are honest numbers

  112. Danny Bohnlein

    “take that boney”? Really?

    Take this – Stuckey actually shoots better when the shot clock is between 0-10 on the shot clock.

    Sorry junior, I think you’re wrong. Before you spout off any more go read here: http://www.82games.com/0910/09DET4.HTM

  113. junior

    he shoots better yes but that does not mean that the shots he is taking are ALL jump shots, they are also “close” and “inside shots”. if it was just a “jump shot” category for his 0-10 sec percentage then yes i would agree with you , but its not so i dont. what i am talking about is the percentage of his “jump shots” that he misses under the 0-10 sec shot clock are shots he has to throw up becuase he was passed to at the last second not shots in the last 0-10 sec where he had the ball for the whole 10 sec or longer then puts up a shot or drives it to the lane as the clock is winding down. so yes, “TAKE THAT BONEY”.

  114. junior

    cmon boney you gotta “read” into the percentages and the charts before you just post it and try to make a point that is not there. your better then that…….take that boney.

  115. junior

    TAKE THAT BONEY!!!!!!! lol.

  116. Danny Bohnlein

    Umm sure thing.

    The numbers don’t lie.

    Stuckey’s mid range game is below average, he struggles finishing at the rim and he’s not a good distributor.

    “LOL” “LMAO” and to you too

  117. Diogenes

    Like Sheed said – wubba U O wubba U – Wow.

  118. James (Australia)

    I agree with you, Danny, that Stuckey is at best an average jump shooter. What I disagree with is that Stuckey will always be a poor jump shooter. This is only Stuckey’s fourth year, and I believe he can improve that shot. You may be right though – it may always be a limitation – I just don’t think Stuckey is our biggest worry at the moment, but it seems like when we want to pick a scapegoat, Stuckey is the first one in line.

  119. edt

    when i look at stats the number that I usually look at to find the best idea of a jumper is not the on floor stuff, that is all so depending on whether you are getting doubled!

    My favorite stat to show the jumper is the foul line number.

    rondo is 63 from the stripe, terrible!
    chauncey is 91% one of the best all time
    last year stuckey was 83%
    kobe is 84% career

    I think stuckey’s jumper will be fine if he gets a little help from the rest of his team.

  120. daddy

    stuckey has a really good jump shot (mid range) anything past that isnt great. stuckey does draw the foul which i love but he needs a bit more time to finish after. he will be great and all star i got love for stuck.


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