Karen Davidson – Multiple Buyers Interested

by | Aug 12, 2010 | 17 comments

“The Davidson family and its constituents, working together with Palace Sports & Entertainment (“PSE”) management and Citi Private Bank, have instituted a robust process that is well under way,” the release said. “We are extremely pleased at the level of serious interest from multiple potential buyers in purchasing the Pistons and PSE. Via MLive


  1. Friggins

    I’m a little nervous about the transfer of ownership and will remain so until the winner is announced and makes clear the team will stay in SE MI.

  2. Jake

    i hope they stay in mi

  3. Damien W.

    oh… shit. Hopefully when the Pistons come to Toledo, OH for a Pre-Season game against the Wizards, that WON’T be the last time I see them because I don’t want them to move!

    If they get bought, fine just…. don’t… move.


  4. edt

    why would anyone move the pistons. It’s an excellent money maker in the detroit metro area. Moving the team to vegas is a sure way to lose money.

    However, pittsburg would be a great place for an nba franchise. Pittsburg Pistons. St. Louis is another town that could make money for an NBA franchise.

    Toledo would never make money.

    I honestly see zero risk of the team moving. It just makes too much money in detroit. We love our team!

  5. Friggins

    @ EDT
    I can’t answer why somebody would move the team, I’m way too biased. All I know is that it can happen, Seattle lost their team. In football, the Cleveland Browns lost their team. I really, really hope they stay and, from what I read, it’s very likely they will. At the same time, do you really see “zero risk of the team moving?”

  6. edt

    seatle is the worst sports town in america, they were losing tons of money, nothing like detroit. the browns thing is one of the most screwed up weirdest events in sports, so the brown’s owner thought he wouldn’t see revenue loss when a new baseball stadium got built but he started losing money on his brown’s stadium now that baseball wasnt there, so he declared instantly that he was moving to baltimore, this killed the pro team there that was in the CFL and effectively killed the CFL in the USA, the NFL was forced to create an expansion team because otherwise the franchise name of the “Browns” would face impossible to settle lawsuits, meanwhile the old Brown’s owner was losing money on his new Ravens and was forced by the NFL to sell.

    Now . . . for the pistons to leave detroit the same way that the browns left cleveland, someone is going to have to HATE MONEY.

    I consider it a zero risk. Karen Davidson doesn’t like basketball much but she loves money and she will get the highest price by selling the team to someone who will keep it here in detroit. Anything else is financially preposterous.

  7. junior

    @ edt i dont think friggins was trying to say they would move to toledo hes talking about them playing their preseason game there this year, and if they did move he wouldnt get to watch them play anymore preseason games there again. (toledo)

  8. Miniman

    I don’t really mind who buys this team as long as we stay in the D

  9. junior

    EDT where did your pic go? or is someone pretending to be you? saturday guys the lions start preseason at 7:30pm on fox 47. at last a sport i can watch not the baseball that is on now. id rather watch the lions lose every game (again) then watch the tigers win 1 game so boring ZZZzzZZZzzzzZZzz. dont get me wrong i like baseball and playing it i just cant stand to watch it. im with edt on the team staying in detroit area they are in the top 5 in revenue every year, y would a new owner move from that kind of a loyal fan base and money? im glad we got tmac and i think we would be just fine with the team we got right now every one will just get less minutes, to me thats not such a bad thing especially if we are going to be a run n gun team. low minutes mean our players will still be fresh at the end of games and at the end of the season even when we are playing at a fast paced game. the opponets will be tired becuase they will be running up and down the floor while we are subbing people in and out the whole game. what do you guys think about that idea? i think we will be fine up front with big ben cv31 monroe and maxiell with a little of jerebko sprinkled in. i think we will all be surprised how good cv31 is going to be this year. im gonna say his best year of his career and a stepped up defense. he has put a lot of work in i think we owe him at least a chance to prove himself before we write him off. i ersonally love this team. we have a ton of talent we are young and we have a lot of depth. take that boney. lol

  10. James (Australia)

    The reason I can’t see the Pistons moving is due to one of Mr. D’s greatest achievements – The Palace. Whoever buys the team gets their own stadium that can be used for concerts, fights and a range of other things and they get all the proceeds! The Palace is still one of the best arenas – what did McGrady say? I can’t wait to play at the Palace – and it is the reason why I can’t see the Pistons moving. Another thing we have to be thankful for to Mr. D.

  11. Diogenes

    As great as the Palace is I would like to see the Pistons play in the city and I would like to see the city develop. It’s a city waiting to happen again – the highways are there – the infrastructure is there (needs repair). The land is free or close to it. When things do take off and this thing gets cooking Detroit will be the fastest growing city in the country. It just needed to shift from the Auto industry to something else or many other things. I hear Rock Financial is moving downtown. I hear you can buy a twenty story building for $60,000. Detroit is going to be the new New York city. You heard it here first. Now is the time to buy baby!

  12. Gludious

    You know she is doing this to try and get more money out of Mike and whats with the picture of the creepy dudes face? Is that Damien or Friggins make up your mind. You know he has no pants on lol

  13. Andrew

    The Seattle situation was completely different from the Pistons one. Seattle didn’t have a good enough arena and couldn’t get a deal to build a new one, which led them to leave. The Pistons, on the other hand, don’t have any arena problem. The Palace is still considered one of the best arenas in the NBA. So I wouldnt be too much concerned.

    My only concern is to see the Pistons being owned by a PASSIONATE owner, someone who loves basketball. And, sadly, Ilitch is not the one I’m looking for. He’s not a basketball fan, don’t forget.

  14. Ronnie D.

    @ EDT, no professional sports team can play in Vegas numb nuts. Theres legalized gambling there

  15. junior

    @ ronnie d u dousche it was not edt idea. its been run all over the sports news nation. if you payed any attention to sports or the pistons this was reported like 2 months ago that a las vegas based client was in discussions with a nba team about buying them and moving them to las vegas. o and if you have legalized gambling you cant have sports? michigan has casinos thats legalized gambling, numb nuts.

  16. Magoo

    There is a group from Dubai Saudi Arabia interested in the pistons franchise..
    Let’s hope Tom Gores or Mike Illitch steps up and buys it before the arabs do.


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