Tracy McGrady is a Piston

by | Aug 10, 2010 | 66 comments

The Pistons have reached an agreement with Tracy McGrady.
The agreement is for the league minimum which is $1.35 million.Β  This also probably means they will be dealing Rip, Tay or both.

Discuss Pistons fans!

We have new man in town, are you happy?

I never thought I would be tooning T-Mac, but then again I said that about AI.


  1. Amer-ican Prince

    im glad joe d did something finally even if it is just tracy mcgrady

    go pistons

  2. jediclinto

    ditto with amer-ican prince… glad joeD signed a new piston… here’s hopin he can grab a decent big & still keep tay22 πŸ™‚

  3. mitch

    this is good win-win for the pistons. t-mac has somethin to prove we have a great trainer to rejuvinate tracy just like ben wallace was rejuvinated last year. hopefully were healthy


  4. Armand

    I like it, specialy for the price, i would have paid even more if we had to
    t-mac deserves a chance and i think he will fit pretty good since we are building a fast paste team. Question is what will happen with rip cause sure as hell his game wont fit with stuckey, t-mac, daye, cv, etc

  5. Damien W.

    I’m not going to lie. I have NO idea how I feel about this. *Thinks* Oh well, though.. on a side note. Just because Joe D made a move, everybody is rejoicing.

    He could of sat on his but for all off-season for all I care. My thing is, we were hit by injuries like we never been hit before.. so, I’m not so sure we should demolish this team for something they couldn’t stop.

    But that’s just me ranting so.. *Shrugs* Hopefully this will lead to something good.

    GO PISTONS (everybody else is doing it >_>)

  6. Sleepy Crayfish

    I don’t think T-Mac could ever be as disastrous as A.I. He doesn’t dominate the ball like Iverson, and for that price he literally can’t afford to be full of himself.

  7. The Fan

    Go Pistons.

    Maybe McMcMcGrady can resurrect like McMcMcDyess!

    Both considered has beens lets see. πŸ™‚


    While actually getting T-MAC for peanuts is a pretty good move, you have to wonder how he’ll fit in with the team that has Bynum, Stuckey, Rip, Gordon, Tay, and CV on the lineup. One or two of them will absolutely get dealt. I’m leaning towards Rip getting shipped out, hopefully for a serviceable big (read, Chris Kaman). Then you’d have Stuckey, McGrady, Tay, Big Ben, and Kaman to start, with Gordon (he’s always been better off the bench and will always stay that way), Bynum, CV, Greg Monroe, and Jerebko coming off the bench…

    Any which way, I think that TMac will bring some scoring at the very least to the Pistons. Good luck with the coming season, DP.

  9. BRS197

    This is a no-brainer. The Pistons are paying him nothing – why not take a chance? At least he can shoot, and the Pistons have a great trainer to keep him healthy. I like it!

  10. Cindy J

    Really on the fence about this. I hope Tracy leaves the “attitude” behind and realizes how lucky he is to be involved with a top-rate, well-respected organization. Here’s hoping the chemistry works. Everyone deserves a second-chance. I swear that’s what our whole team has been built on for decades… Can’t wait for the season to start. Also, I’m praying we don’t lose Tay. I think he is a great role model and mentor for the younger players.

  11. Jake

    im not sure if i like this but hopefully tmac will prove me wrong but they better deal rip and tay go pistons

  12. Chris

    Great deal. Joe showing his foresight here and signing a guy for league minimum…

  13. Friggins

    Good price. I hope he stays healthy and produces.

  14. David

    The Pistons are going to be better then MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. Greg

    if T-Mac signed for the minimum, then he probably understands that he has to dig himself out of the hole. if he had an attitude that would screw with team chemistry then he’d still be sitting around asking for a couple million more adn waiting a couple months until someone give him 3mil or something. I pretty much think what SleepCrayfish said
    good call The Fan I can hear Mason yelling out
    Tracy Mic-mic-miggidymiggidymiggidyMCGRADY

  16. daddy

    ive always liked t mac sometimes i thought he gave up maybe ben can help him be a fighter. rips game doesnt fit with us he is kinda a ball stopper i love his game still, but it doesnt fit anymore. he needs to run off screens and have plays ran for him. i know he is going to get traded hopefully its to a contender so we can still watch him play long into the post season. welcome to the pistons t mac

  17. jay

    I like the move Joe D. made picking up T-Mac, I’m confident that this upcoming season everyone, mainly the Piston fans will see a better Mcgrady, a much improved player, not the Mcgrady of 2003-2004, but he will be a plus and a team player. The Pistons always have high character players with good attitudes, that wants to win games without a doubt, so at the end of the season he might not want to leave Detroit. Its a shame that Rip or Tay might be traded because in my book there both still pretty good players that are proven winners and good leaders, and there Champions.

  18. edt

    hate this move.


    there is no trading rip.

    there is no trading prince.

    I heard from another source that Joe will not deal either one, he’s told them they can stay in Detroit for as long as they want and won’t get dealt unless they want to leave.

    This is our team! Quit Day Dream Ing.

    What a cluster pile up at the 2 and 3. What a horrible mess.

    Have you ever made a popcorn and added salt and it was too salty and then you said to yourself, “What this popcorn needs is more salt” so you get a 5 pound bucket of salt and your pour it on top of your popcorn so it is completely inedible and your popcorn is drowning in a sea of salt so you add more salt?

    Stop it Joe we are drowning in a sea of shooting guards and skeletal forwards. Please quit adding more salt, it’s already got too much!

  19. Chad

    Love it.

    Get rid of Tay, Rip, CV and we might be onto something..

    Hopefully he can become a McDyess-like player, reestablish himself and hold onto #1 for more than one year.

    I still say trade for Dragic……



    Damn…….once again they are SH****n on Da Champ again….first with Iverson and now with this move….I know that both Rip and Tay wanted to retire Pistons..but not like this especially when they can both still play the game and probably be an asset to a contender…Joe D is officially the New and improved Matt Millen for Detroit…Damn shame……..I still got love for the champs even though every media blog and post on the net are calling for you guys to be traded……They have all forgotten that critical game 6 against the Nets when Rip carried us or that critical game saving block from Tayshaun…..What a shame and a mess…I am really sad today…………

  21. The Fan

    Dragic would be nice to have.

  22. Chad

    @trade rip to a contender supporter.

    this one time, charles rogers caught 3 touchdown passes in a preseason game, do we still owe him out gratitude?

  23. Chad

    our*, damnit..

  24. BadBoy

    love this move, In Dumars I Trust

  25. trav

    I can’t wait until we land Lebron…In ten years! No but I do like this signing, The Mac Attack in full swing!

  26. Stephen Tong

    Can’t hurt. The only way to go is up right now. Now if only we could land an owner.

  27. N1ck


  28. altan β™”




  29. Amer-ican Prince

    the thing i dont like about tayshaun is never bothers to improve. he doesnt even care enough about the game to learn to dribble with both hands so he doesnt lose the ball so much on dribble penetration. he is completely complacient and thinks too much is owed to him on the court without earning any points off hustle. after the horrible last few seasons he’s had if he doesnt come back this season with something new i say trade him

  30. T-MAC!

    @trav – Lol! Yeah I was just thinking that we would probably sign Lebron James when he is an old-timer! πŸ˜€ cuz have been doing that for the last couple of years: Ben Walle, Chucky Atkins, Allen Iverson… >( and now T-Mac! πŸ˜€ Well I think t-mac will be great asset at multiple positions but if there is a guy i thin we need to trade… it’s RIP hamilton… so BG can start and Mcgrady can come in.

  31. Drew

    What a cluster**** at the 2 and 3 position. I hate this signing, but I’m now pondering how we make it work. I love Prince, but trade him for Bayless straight up. Stuckey moves to the 2, which creates a logjam, so maybe throw Bynum in with Prince and see who else we can procure from Portland.

    Imagine Portland with Prince: they’d be winning right away. A lineup of Miller, Roy, Prince, Aldrige, and Oden.

  32. N1ck

    PG: Bynum
    SG: Stuckey/Hamilton/Gordon/McGrady/White
    SF: Prince/Daye/Summers
    PF: Jerebko/Villanueva/Maxiell/Monroe/Wilcox
    C: Wallace

  33. Brad

    Good signing…good price, he’s accepting of his role. The upside: He’s Antonio McDyess, only a better scorer. The downside, he’s one year of AI in a Pistons uniform. What harm is there? Adds a little sizzle to the roster. I figure he can only help the team. Not like he is going to torpedo a 50-win team like AI did. Look at him not for his name, but what he can contribute to the team.

  34. The Fan


    Don’t be so negative. I hear what your saying though.

  35. Chad


    AI didn’t “torpedo” a 50 win team.. Curry did.

    The Pistons actually went on a what.. 8 game streak? while Rip was injured and AI got more minutes.

  36. edt

    lets list the good & bad recently

    bad overpriced moves: charlie v, ben gordon, kwame, wilcox, maxiell, rip’s contract, ai

    good: Jerebko, Stuckey, monroe

    I won’t give him credit for ben wallace, since that fell into his lap.

    t mac is another bad move, clogging up the 2.

    I refuse to be optimistic because Joe D needs some tomatoes thrown into his stinking face.

    I don’t want to get him fired, but good grief Joe D needs some heckling from the press. Someone needs to light a fire under his ass and get him to quit blaming injuries for our losses.

  37. Chad

    I think Gordan would be worth it if he had either more minutes or less money. AI would have been a good move sans-Curry and Rip (whos contract extension was pretty dumb, factoring in Chauncey’s move directly afterwards). I wouldn’t consider Stuckey a good move.. Joe D is still trying to force him onto us as a point guard (which he isn’t). Monroe can’t be judged yet.

  38. Hlmk

    T-mac is a pretty stupid move, I know he was for cheap but still, SG is definitely not a need for the Pistons, he can also play SF but the Pistons need a PF/C more than they need a SF. All this will do is eat up minutes that could be going to the young developing players, as well as players like Bynum. Not to mention its another roster spot filled with a player they don’t need.

  39. Cerecyte

    I dont feel that this is a bad move. I mean 1.35 mill for Tracy Mcgrady, plus kander working his magic behind it all to keep Mcgrady healthy.

    However Right now The pistons Roster ages make no since to me what so ever. Had we never traded chauncey and Rasheed was still with us adding Tracy to that team makes since.

    I was under the assumption that we were trying to get younger, have a team rebirth with new talented younger players.

    But now the team is just really…Odd. I mean like half our team are Vets, and half is young guys. To our great misfortune the youngs and the Vets overlap. Meaning not all are going to get significant Pt.

    This isnt like we have a nice blend of Vets and young guys. its like we have 2 completely seperate cores of teams.

    However on paper our midlevel exception was used on.

  40. edt

    stuckey has been great. It’s not his fault we have lost so many games. Someone else posted how stuckey is nearly identical to Chauncey when you look at stats. Stuckey looks bad because he’s on a god awful team. I of course agree he would look better at the 2, but I think he’s a heck of a point guard too, and it’s fine to use him at the 1.

    I have a feeling monroe will be a decent nba player just because he is an excellent and willing passer, and right now all we seem to have on our team is a bunch of shooters who dont know the first letter in Teamwork.

    What the hell is Q supposed to do with a team where need to share 2 slots with 10 players?

  41. kiraniye

    Seriously, how many guards do we need? At least this is a low risk move. Hopefully we can trade gordon for a big now.

  42. junior

    yeah EDT that was me on stuckeys stats here it is again for ALL of you who think we should get rid of stuckey cuase he sucks.
    billups 2004 stuckey 2009
    16.9 ppg 16.6 ppg
    5.7 ast 4.8 ast
    3.5 reb 3.3 reb
    1.1 stl 1.1 stl
    2.4 to 2.0 to

    now if you look at just the stats they are the same player minus 1 ast per game from stuckey, and he will pick that 1 up this year. god everyone needs to stop hating on stuckey and get off of billups nuts. hes gone get over it move on. we have a great pg/sg in stuckey. which is more then billups could have ever gave us. he cant play the sg. i loved billups too, he WAS my fav piston, but hes gone we need to embrace the great guy we got NOW in stuckey. is EDT and me the only ones that can see this?

  43. altan β™”

    why in the world would we trade gordon?

  44. junior

    and yes i do know billups gave us a championship. before anyone dumb tries to point that out.

  45. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    There’s an article already from where they talk it’s a win-win for the Pistons. No one wants to criticize Joe D now, no one has potatoes, everyone has popcorn and they’re ready to watch a circul live. Maybe popcorn is too salty, but the league likes drama and *funny* teams like GS with Nellyball was last year…
    Let’s wait, the same people will put Joe D into the pool with his own shit, but at the end of the season if this circus will only make people laugh.
    Anyone serious about our 40+ wins this season?! Anyone?!
    Oh, i forgot some people said here we will become instant supaeam if we trade RIP and get a bigman here. And now what? We’re top 5-7 in the East, right? Lol)))

  46. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Stuckey was great last season, he has too much D-Wade in him and it doesn’t help time to time, but he made some progress and he will.
    We need Stuck, there’s no another Stuck for the money we pay him now, he has significant role in this team and Joe wans him to take even bigger role this season. Let’s see, I think he was B+ or A last season

  47. daddy

    tay will get traded and t mac will fill in at the 3 for about 20 mins. if he doesnt work out we can trade him for something else. just wait till the season starts you guys complain about getting a guy at this caliber for 1.3 mil? seriously t mac has played the 3 more than he has the 2 so i assume he will be playing at the two. you dont know what joe has lined up im sure rip or tay will be traded when the time comes. white will take bynums mins and sorry to say but i dont think summers will play at all again this year.

  48. Trade Rip to a Contender Supporter

    @ Chad
    Do you even know basketball…comparing Charles “the Alcoholic” Rogers to Rip is insane….

  49. NUMBER 1


  50. James (Australia)

    I can’t see us trading Tayshaun Prince. We may have a lot of 2s and 3s, but Prince is really the only SF who is starter-calibre at this stage. If we lose Prince, I think we all of a sudden become very short at the SF spot. If McGrady doesn’t work out and Daye is still not ready, that means getting Jerebko to play this position again with Summers backing him up. That is why Dumars has to do everything possible to trade Hamilton.

    I think we are even at the stage with our desperation to move Hamilton that we may need to accept back cap relief or draft picks instead of the all-star big so many fans wanted.

    People keep talking about the low-risk of signing McGrady to such a small contract, but what if he stuffs up the chemistry and is a distraction all year? I’m leaving my judgment until I see what other moves Dumars has to make.

    Edt and Junior, I have said many times that if Stuckey is our starting point guard, we will be fine. That is not the area we need to worry about.

    From David Aldridge:
    “The source said that McGrady agreed without conditions to play behind starters Rip Hamilton and Tayshawn Prince next season, though it’s likely that Detroit will move either Hamilton or Prince before the start of next season. It’s more likely the Pistons will move Prince, who is entering the last year of his contract.”

    I want to know, who is TayshaWn?

  51. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Dawid Albridge said he knows who Tayshawn is…

  52. hi

    I saw on one of the blogs on that the celtics waived rasheed wallace!

  53. janssen

    we can go on the final now we can have a new champion now yehey

  54. Chad

    @Trade Rip to a Contender Supporter

    Do you even know English? Read it again, then read the comment it was responding to… aahh…. there you go.

  55. drclaw411

    Bulls fan here. Honestly, I don’t think the t-mac move is as bad as you all make it seem, considering it’s a one year deal. I know you guys have a logjam and the wings now, but with mcgrady and prince both coming off the books next year that isn’t a long term problem. At best, a veteran minimum player who scores 20ppg off the bench and can be brought back next year for the MLE after nobody else gives him a long term deal. At worst, 10ppg off the bench and a little whining. And honestly, this is your first offseason move. You’d have to think the Pistons are just planning on improving via trades instead of free agency.

  56. jack

    33 year old guard with poor shot selection: $20 million (ai)
    32 year old guard with bad knees that never got out of the 1st round: $1.35 million (t-mac)
    pistons track record of aquiring players past their prime that disrupt team chemistry… priceless

  57. dd3

    This move makes no sense unless Joe already had a plan to move 1 or 2 of the wings we have in place. Logic suggests we move Rip but seeing Joe’s moves the last 3 years I’d assume he will trade Daye, Stuck & Prince for a big. This is out of my ass right now but we are talking about Joe D who makes all of his decisions out of his ass. Terrible terrible move. I see not 1 positive in bringing in Tmac. He is only 31 & maybe last year was a fluke & tmac can come in & average 18 ppg 3 asst & 3 reb & then maybe we trade 31 yr old rip away…a guy who averaged about 18 ppg about 3 rebs & 3 assts. Hmmm yea I still see no logic here.

  58. Steve



  59. Miniman

    Steve, why the hell would we start maxiell over Jebrecko, and whos the guy we traded 4? Man, your roster needs work.

  60. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    perhaps, steve wants to throw Prince out and that’s all)
    perhaps, steve didn’t watch many games, so he think that CV is better than JJ now

  61. Blake Clendening

    Im Blake from Little Rock, Ar and we rep the pistons big down here lol and to even think about givin up Rip or TP is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. Its even worse the dealin Granderson like the tigers did. Makes me sick. DETROIT BASKETBALL!!!!!!

  62. Chris

    Everyone wants to trade Rip becasue of his contract, but in reality, the guy just came off of his worst season as a Piston and he STILL managed to lead the team in scoring with 18 ppg and chipped in 3 rpg and 4 apg to boot. While his field goal percentage was down, those averages are right about even with his career and typical for his tenure with Detroit. He mostly likely would have done better than that and been more efficient had he not struggled with injuries. I think he’s got plenty left. Meanwhile, Tayshaun looks to be falling apart. The guy was never particularly quick or athletic, but he got by because of his length, bball IQ and defensive prowess. Now, he’s definitely lost a step and only has his IQ to fall back on. I’m not saying trade him, I still have love for the guy. But, if we move anybody, I say him before Rip.

  63. Magoo

    I agree. a healthy RIP is worth the money they are paying him.
    I do think we still need a floor General at the point guard position. I don’t think Bynum is anywhere near the guy.
    His playground style is fun to watch, but it does not lead to Team success.

  64. Chris

    Agreed Magoo. Bynum is what I’d like to call the the perfect prototypical back up guard. He can come in, spark the offense and has a flair to his game that’s very exciting. However, to truly rely on him to be a playmaker and run the offense isn’t ideal.


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