Pizza for All – Ilitch wants to Own the Pistons

by | Aug 9, 2010 | 11 comments

Via The Detroit Free Press:

“Michael Ilitch said today he wants to buy the Detroit Pistons and move the team to a new arena in downtown Detroit.

The Ilitch bid is for the entire Palace Sports & Entertainment organization, not just for the basketball team itself. If successful, that means that the Ilitches would also own the Palace of Auburn Hills arena, the DTE Energy Music Theatre and other aspects of the Palace network.

In a statement issued this morning, Ilitch said he and his family are committed to building a new arena in downtown even if their bid for the Pistons fails. The new arena would serve as a home for the Red Wings, which continue to play their games at the aging Joe Louis Arena.

“No one should get too excited just yet, because this is the first step in what could be a long process,” the Ilitch statement read. “There is a lot of due diligence to take place, and who even knows if the Pistons would accept any potential future offer.

“But I can tell you that we are serious about this, we’ll be aggressive in the process, and we’re going to take a real hard run at it because it makes sense for our organization.”

The statement added, “Whether or not we end up buying this Piston team, we remain focused on a new arena in the city of Detroit, and that will serve as a great catalyst for future economic development in the city.”

The statement said the Ilitches were formally notifying the Pistons today of their interest in buying the team, a required first step. Negotiations are expected to take several weeks.

If this happens…..Pistons fans can breathe a sign of relief We will even have Tom Wilson back….I feel SWEDEtastic right now.


  1. The Fluidics

    Illitch buying the Pistons keeps them in Michigan, so that’s a win.
    I kinda like the Palace though.

  2. Friggins

    I wonder if Illitch would give the green light to spend over the salary cap.


    COME ON! another reason I love this team is because I can actually go and watch the game without being scared out of my wits being murdered in Detroit. This is about to ruin it.

  4. Damien W.

    I agree with The Fluidics, it’s good that Lillitch could buy the Pistons. But, I’m not so sure about a new arena. Wasn’t it The Palace voted multiple times as one of the top arenas in the league? Why would they build a new arena when The Palace is such a successful area?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Tom Wilson again, just not a new Palace.

  5. KG

    Because by moving it to the D your closer to your fanbase IMO.
    All the surrounding suburbs of Detroit, I know personally if Illitch does buy them and move them down to Detroit I will go to more games because its a shorter drive for me.
    It saves some money for fans and thats huge in this economy.
    Now I do believe that Illitch will be more generous with spending as far as Joe D’s leeway.
    In terms of trades and siginings and what not.
    And as far as the atmosphere in Detroit, I’ve yet to hear of ANYONE getting attacked or killed while at a sporting event down there.
    Police are everywhere down there and i’ve never been bothered down there personally.
    People are just being ignorant, fact of the matter is you stay on the beaten path down there you’ll be perfectly fine for God sakes…

  6. The Fluidics

    Never been panhandled at the Palace.
    Ever not been at the Joe, or Comerica?

  7. Amer-ican Prince

    in terms of new arena in my opinion if it aint broke dont fix it. It is one of the best arenas still to this day even though its older then a lot of them. I hope new ownership doesnt mean attention to detail is forgotten, will davidson was the best cause he paid attention to the little stuff that fans appreciatied. and that trickled throughout the organization. hopefully that mentality stays

  8. junior

    will? u mean BILL. i guess u dont pay much attention to detail do you? i could care less what arena they play in as long as they are still the DETROIT PISTONS and i can still go see them, by the way i live 3 hours away and i still went to 6 games last year. if you want to see them u will.20 miles either way isnt going too make a difference.

  9. junior

    o and i have been haggled by a few bums outside of the tigers stadium.

  10. Amer-ican Prince

    junior its the same name dude, it wasnt a type i just like saying will davidson. will and bill are both short for william. ok? do i now have permission from the junior to say will instead of bill? in fact i think i will replace ‘will’ for ‘bill in everything from now on.

    ex; went to greektown paid my will. i decided i was a big baller so i paid in 100 dollar wills then i went to the pool hall to play some willards and btw im still mad that joe d traded away chauncey willups

    oh and did anyone notice how a day after we were all saying we’re glad a local buyer was trying for the pistons an article comes out claiming thats one of the reasons he decided to try and buy the pistons? im not saying he’s lying but the timing of it seems a little suspect. maybe some of those higher ups are reading need4sheed interesting

  11. edt

    im reading between the lines here but what I think Michael Ilitch meant when he said he was building a new stadium downtown is that he will get the MI state government to subsidize it 100% with michigan tax payer dollars, and use the bonds raised by building the stadium to obtain tax free loans, all in the name of revitalizing downtown detroit.

    I suspect if the new governor says “No Money for you” he’ll explain he decided not to “buck tradition” and remain at the palace.

    it’s just business.

    building new stadiums is almost always a way for the owners to bilk the tax payers and make us pay for new fancy high rent seats.


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