*BREAKING* Byn-u-mite! Will Bynum re-signs in Detroit for 3 years

by | Jul 28, 2010 | 41 comments

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ESPN.COM’s Marc Stein is reporting that Will Bynum and his agent, Marc Bartelstein, have announced they’ve re-signed with the Detroit Pistons for a contract that is 3 years and $10.5 million.

As the roster continues to line itself up, let’s take a quick look at what we got:

PG: Stuckey/Bynum/Terrico White*
SG: Hamilton/Gordon
SF: Prince/Daye/Summers
PF: Jerebko/Villanueva/Maxiell
C: Wallace/Monroe/Wilcox

Detroit still has full availability of their mid-level exception.  It’s safe to assume that at least part of that MLE will go towards signing a free agent big man.

*Terrico White is reportedly working on a 1 year deal with an option for a 2nd year but nothing is official.


  1. KG

    Looks like we have a back up for sometime now

  2. Friggins

    It’s not what we need (a big man) but it’s time to give credit where credit is due. In an off-season that has witnessed backup PGs like Ridnour and Lowry get $16mm and $25mm, Joe D resigns a better one for less.

    This is a good contract.

  3. N1ck

    Great news, even though is expected…

    BTW, where’s J-Max in your rotation…
    He’s our backup center (sighs)…

    • Danny Bohnlein

      My bad man, I added him in. Thanks N1ck 🙂

  4. N1ck

    If we sign a FA, we’ll have like 16 players…
    We need a trade for that big man…

  5. Fariduddin

    great news! we still have our energy guy and difference maker!!! i have to say that i think our Pistons will be a surprising team to watch… im excited about the season and hope our guys remain healthy and play with heart and Defense!!!! we have great fire power on teh offensive end… it will just be interesting to see how effective our D will be… and also how the improved young cats play… excited about the season!!!!

  6. The Fan

    Wow. Now I see why Bynum waited so long. Because we were low-ballin him. We ripped him off.

    But glad to see Bynum back! That shizz is Bynumite!!!

  7. Chad

    We have exactly the same roster as last year.


    Get what you can for the rest.. Stuckey too because Gordon should be starting.

  8. N1ck

    Steve is right, this is last years team.
    But hopefully some players can step up, some improved…
    Some if’s but hey…
    But we need a trade if we wanna see playoffs, maybe Joe’s gonna pull it off during the season… Maybe we should be patient… I dunno…
    But we have to be able to say after the season 2010/2011 that we made a step forward in this rebuilding process. And that would not be a repetition of the last season…

  9. daddy

    steve is retarded i dont hear him talking about the cavs anymore and how they were going to go all the way.

  10. Friggins

    Steve may be right but there’s a little more to the story than what he lets on. Other than Rip, Tay, & Wallace, Detroit is a very young team. Every player can improve and develop their game from last season to this. Also, we got Greg Monroe.

    We ain’t gonna win any playoff series but it will be fun to watch a corp of Stuckey, Gordon, Monroe, JJ, & Daye put it together. Plus, Tay & Hamilton may be moved for some pieces and maybe CV will suprise us. Lastly, its always a pleasure to watch Ben Wallace (AKA “Employee Number Six”)

  11. Sable

    New coach, new system, more injuries than we’ve seen in the past decade. If you’re making a final pronouncement on our team, then you are an idiot. It might wind up being a blessing in disguise because the young guys like Jerebko got to play.

  12. KG

    The Pistons and the HEAT WOOOOOOW Ignore button on you sir.
    Pick one please then come talk, anyways we got him for cheap.
    Can we please get rid of RIP and TAY for something of use…
    Maybe a new basketball even LOL

  13. N1ck

    Don’t say that, have respect for Tay & Rip.

    But we have to trade down for a big man we need…

  14. Friggins

    I agree with N1ck. Let’s not get “rid” of Tay & Rip. I prefer to it as completing the “roster turnover” or “add to the new corp.” LOL.

  15. DPrince

    Id rather trade rip, I think Tay shud play out his last season in Detroit. And whatcha all talking about? The roster looks the same? Atkins and Kwame (thank god) are gone. Dunno bout Wilcox though, kinda hope he leaves as well. If our two trade assets dont get traded, Im still not to worried though, Tay is working out more intensly to prevent back injuries.

    And Steve, no offence but saying that you used to be a heat fan already a long time ago is such bullshit. Such a bandwagon thing to say.

  16. DPrince

    Ok I just read that Wilcox is gonna stay…3 mil for him though? well atleast his an ok backup.

  17. thewordkeeper

    Will The Thrill is back! I’ve been checking the sports sites everyday for this news. Great!!! Now if we can get another big we can begin that oh so long and difficult climb back up the mountain again. Thanks Joe D.

  18. Josh

    I am “Thrill”ed to have Will back!!!! This WILL BE a good year Pistons fans This WILL BE a good year!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Loss of Hope

    Yay! Joe D keeps throwing money at players who are not top tier! Detroit will continue to go nowhere.

  20. pistons 4 life

    Shaq is still available. Sign him for the mid level. Just kidding. I’m sure he would have no interest in coming here. And what would be the point for more than likely only a one year contract?

  21. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    @Steve – now you’re jumpin’ to Heat’s bandwagon? I didn’t hear about them last year from you, but now it seems you’re ok to be Miami fan, isn’t it you dumb fuck?
    And please don’t talk shit about anyone here, dumb fuck, don’t use anything that may hurt somebody, moron, ok?

  22. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Sorry, people, this guy is killing me. There are men, real men , and there’s Steve. We have a lot of guys in basketball community, who’d meet him right after his verbal abuse and kicked his shit out of him. Now he’s unbanned and can’t be eliminated from here, so he can do whatever he want, and he want abuse and talk things that are unacceptable for any appropriate person

  23. James (Australia)

    As I read a lot of the predictions and power rankings for the upcoming season, I see a constant theme with the Pistons. They are being ranked near the bottom basically because no one knows what they are capable of doing. Sure, it is a very similar roster to the one we had last year, but we lost players to injury for a combined total of nearly 150 games. I can see that we need a big man and probably need to use a wing player to make the trade, but even if we stay the same, without the injuries, we will be better than 27-55. How much better? who knows.

    Really pleased that we have kept Bynum and didn’t have to break the bank to keep him.

    Steve, you talk so much rubbish. I know quite a few times last season you were talking up LeBron and the Cavs and how they were going to win it. Now it is just a coincidence that you go for the Heat, c’mon mate, give us a break…

  24. Calculeless

    We at least need one true PG in my opinion.

  25. James (Australia)

    Very hard to do that with the way the game has changed to benefit the offense of teams.

    I agree Rashit. I don’t understand how people take joy in abusing people. Its not right.


    Low Ball Joe D……..Bynum you got BAMBOOZLED…but then again if you didn’t have those injuries last season you could at least have gotten around 15-25 million especially in this years free agent market……..If Darko could get 20million why not the BYNUMITE….shame…shame..shame

  27. Diogenes

    We will do better than last year and I think we will grab the seventh or eight seed. Let’s quit giving attention to the lesser elements here at Need4Sheed – like they don’t exist – like the tree falling in the forest not making a sound. It’s the only way to amend the behavior of a small child, short of a good ass whoopin behind the wood shed.

  28. Diogenes

    Chad – my man – you have Shaq starting for the Pistons? Will never happen brother. Shaq needs a big market or a shot at a ring or both – the Pistons have nothing right now. Also you don’t have Rip on your roster – he’s still with us. Mrs. D tied Joe’s hands big time but he’s not going to throw her under the bus. Wait until Kid Rock buys the team – I think we will be kickin some big ole ass then baby!

  29. James (Australia)

    I don’t understand why everyone is paying out Dumars for not giving Bynum enough money. If Bynum is happy to accept less money, why the problem? In his first year at the Pistons, he only played a major role at the end of the year. In his second year, he was injured for a great deal of the season. Why do we think we should give him the world? I’m happy that Dumars has signed him and that Bynum wanted to stay in Detroit.

  30. N1ck

    Ideal scenario would be…

    Rip + Wilcox + Maxiell for a starting center who can score & defend…
    I don’t care if it’s not Howard for Rip, if it’s dunno, Biedrins or some other… Just an example… We have to trade down to receive balance into this good team.
    And then we can see playoffs, but for that we’ll need a good season from BG & CV.
    And Stuckey offcourse…


    +Summers & maybe White

  31. dd3

    Love Bynum,

    But we need a pass first PG or a defensive minded big who can rebound. Not sure why we didn’t make a run at Tyson chandler. I love Stuck & hope he proves me & everyone else wrong & becomes a real PG. But resigning another combo guard for over 3 mil a year, was not a wise move. Yes he is a fan fave, but with the talent we have at guard, his mins were going to shrink anyway. We need a Center or a PG period. I say this is a bad sign. Personally. Joe D doesn’t wanna piss off the fans, but he will not make a trade this Summer. This is our team & he will be forced to make a bad trade in Feb to make up for a poort start to another terrible season!

  32. James (Australia)

    I’m pretty sure the Pistons inquired about Chandler, but the Bobcats just didn’t like what the Pistons had to offer in return. I don’t think Bynum’s role will change at all from last year, and if he can fulfil that role, he will be well worth the 3 million dollars – especially considering what some other backup point guards have been given.

    Between Stuckey and Bynum, point guard is not a major weakness that needs addressing. A talented big is where we are lacking. I want a trade to land us that player, but I don’t want Dumars to sell out cheap.

  33. N1ck

    Well, would you rather Dumars “sell out cheap”, or would you rather have another draft lottery in the 2011?

    We need to trade down. It’s tough but it has to be made.

    We cannot afford to lose another season cause this is not a bad team.
    Hopefully CV & BG can be much better to us than in 2009/2010.
    And Stuck learned to pass the damn ball.

  34. daddy

    steve is a lebron fan of course he is going to say he was a heat fan. mark my words they still will not win it. why would we want tyson chandler he is injury prone and doesnt play d well. we need to let this roster play out without injuries and wait till ppl make mistakes and trade good players for next to nothing. we seriously have to wait sucks but understand basketball ppl. saying you would trade rip and tay for a new ball is the most retarded joke ever. rip can still shoot the lights out and tay can do anything you ask of him hit threes, post, and defend.

  35. Bugs

    Here is an interesting stat for you all…The Pistons lost 155 man-games to injury last season. The Pistons had a full contingent of players for just 11 games (winning seven).
    In 2008-09, it was man-games to injury 57.
    In 2007-08, it was man-games to injury 45.
    In 2007-06, it was man-games to injury 46.
    In 2006-05, it was man-games to injury 65.
    I know it’s only a small portion of games to go by but 7 from 11 isn’t to bad with the full team on the court. I still think we need to trade Hamilton, Prince or both for front court help but maybe it is worth Joe seeing what this team can do while healthy. Come trade deadline Joe can then decide who he wants to trade.

  36. edt

    we were very fortunate to have injuries last year. otherwise, Jerebko would never have developed as a player, and he’s one of our best players right now.

    If Prince & Hamilton are healthy next year and we dont trade them, it will be bad for the team, as ben gordon, daye, summers will get very little playing time and Jerebko will have to fight for playing time between Monroe and Prince.

    ben wallace, Monroe, Prince, Hamilton, Stuckey

    We can’t be playing a team like that, our young guys need to be developed. Prince and Hamilton deserve better than being on a crappy detroit team like ours. I wish we could trade both Rip & tayshaun for a draft pick and a rookie, to Denver so they could reunite with Chauncey and Affalo, but obviously that doesnt work for salary reasons.

  37. dd3

    I love everyone’s optimism. But we can’t keep using injuries as an excuse. Out of all of the teams that suffered multiple injuries Detroit actually suffered the least & played the worst. Look at Golden State. They lost half of their roster & was forced to play D-Leaguers & finished with 1 more loss than us. Portland, Utah, The Clippers, Miami, Lakers, Bos, ETC. All lost key players down the stretch at key points in the season & still played hard. the Bucks lost Bogut, Redd & a few others & still played hard & got to the playoffs. No one questions Tay & Rip have enough in the tank to keep playing well. The argument is, they packed it in. Kuester is a good assistant coach, but his bumbling of the roster all season made the teams balance a mess. There was never going to be any rhythm. Not only did he make questionable line up decisions, he also had players playing out of position all season. It’s no wonder players were hurt. Stuck is a 1/2 guard. Rip is a SG who was asked to play SF a lot, Tay is a SF who was asked to not only guard the other teams best wing player, but to also play some PF. Maxiel was asked to play center. No way players stay healthy playing against guys twice their size banging with them in the paint. I will always support the team. My point was, we need a legit center. Kwame is gone, Big Ben is old, Wilcox is not any good & maxiel is way too short. All of our guards can score. But that’s all they want to do. Besides BG, none of them spread the floor with a 3 point shot & it’s difficult to drive & dish when everyone is camping inside the paint which leads to way too many turn overs or busted plays. We don’t have any above the rim guys, so in transition I have to cover my eyes every time. The NBA got younger & more athletic. Trying to redo what we did in 89/90 & in 04 is not going to work in 2011. Just how it is. We have a very long way to go. I’m just realistic.

  38. Joe

    Bynum should start at PG. Last year he averaged 8.1 assists per 48 minutes, compared to only 6.7 for Stuckey.

  39. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Let’s make an overview of free agent.
    Now, there are guys like
    Amundson, who is a high energy guy
    There is Boone still, it seems like he can’t find a team yet
    Oberto is there, he can be really good one to have, but only as a part of a system our team had some yers ago, now we have no strong team play, so he’s usless as he was in Washinghton. In SAS he was great, made all job Pop asked of him.
    So I think we have no one here to be a big part of our team, no rumors about any trades, that forces me to make a conclusion, that Joe’s “busy summer” is over with re-signing Ben&Will + draft and he has all time in the world, don’t want to hurry and he wants to give the Pistons another one chance.
    We’re done for now, please stand by and wait for winter to come, maybe Joe will make something happen
    And now it’s up to our new old team with new old problems.

  40. kiraniye

    Good to see BYNUMITE back for another run!! Maybe the Pistons should experiment with starting him as pg. They seem to have played a little better with him at the helm rather than Stuckey at times. Now all we need is a better starting big man………….


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