Team Need4Sheed – What are your favorite Piston player nicknames?

by | Jul 27, 2010 | 27 comments

So I’m playing around on twitter today, and I see Brandi Maxiell (Jason’s wife) make a comment about having a good time with “hubby” and some friends.  Now, if you know me on twitter, you know that I can be one of the more random twitterers you’ll find.  So I figured, since I was killing time, I’d ask Brandi how she felt about being married to a “baby eater”.

I wasn’t expecting a response, and honestly I think the fact that a tweet asking that question from a person that has a picture of the Spice Girls as a profile picture made it all the more intriguing and/or tempting to respond to.  She responded with this or if you don’t “do” twitter at work or home, she replied “lmao, wth”.

Now this was obviously a lighthearted, and extremely brief moment I shared with her but it got me thinking about nicknames.  I’ve got a whole list of nicknames for players that I like such as: Ken “Junior” Griffey Jr., Nolan “Ryan Express” Ryan, Vinnie “The Microwave” Johnson, Isiah “Zeke” Thomas, Michael “Air” Jordan, etc.  Now that I’m a little older, I don’t really associate “nicknames” for guys like I used to.  Sure there’s a few still out there like: King James, CP3, Dwyane “Flash” Wade, CB4, Richard “Rip” Hamilton, etc.  But I much rather call a guy by his name unless, you know, I’m hanging out with my boys and we’re having a good time watching a game or something.

So I put it to you, Need4Sheed Nation (are we a nation?)… What are some of your favorite nicknames of all-time and current players?  My personal favorite is still Jason Maxiell’s “Baby Eater”, and I use it quite frequently when I reference a dunk or a blocked shot during a game.  I like “Ice Man” for George Gervin too… but enough about what I like, what do you guys like?

Here is a list of NBA nicknames for players both past and present to help out, in case you can’t remember: Both Teams Played Hard.


  1. MRL

    George “Iceman” Gervin – Iceman (by a long shot)

    David “Skywalker” Thompson (the guy could pick a dime off of the top of the backboard — that’s just sick).

    Ervin “Magic” Johnson. If he hadn’t been a Laker, I might have given this #1. LA gets Magic. Detroit gets Greg Kelser. Ouch. Magic’s nickname almost isn’t a nickname.

  2. Hlmk

    “Popeye” Jones…lol

    But also nicknames like Larry “Legend” Bird, Shaq, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, Bob Cousy the “Houdini of the Hardwood”, among others

  3. hime1

    Mr. Big Shot.
    big nasty
    the worm
    big ben

  4. Friggins

    Junk Yard Dog

    Met him once and asked him,
    “Jerome, why do they call you the Junk Yard Dog.”

    With a big grin he replied, “TENACITY!!!”

  5. Zkranc

    LOL Chief Lightning First Step – Rodney Stuckey

  6. altan ♔

    Mr. Big shot is my fav :)

    the worm

  7. Damien W.

    Piston Nicknames:

    Richard “Rip” Hamilton
    Rasheed “Sheed” Wallace
    “Big” Ben Wallace, Ben “The Body” Wallace
    Isah “Zeke” Thomas
    Joe “Joe D” Dumars

  8. Damien W.

    Piston Nicknames:

    Jason “Baby Eater” Maxiell, Jason “The Put Back King” Maxiell (Thanks Nat for that one!)

    Will “The Thrill” Bynum, Bynumite (Another kudos Nat!)

    Richard “Rip” Hamilton

    Rasheed “Sheed” Wallace

    “Big” Ben Wallace, Ben “The Body” Wallace

    Isiah “Zeke” Thomas

    Joe “Joe D” Dumars

    “Dunkin'” Darvin Ham

    Darko “The Human Victory Cigar” Milicic
    “Ugh, I need a smoke” – During a loss

    -Other- Piston Nicknames:

    Austin “All Daye” Daye

    Daujan “Jaun” Summers

    Rodney “Ssssssstuck” Stuckey (Thank you Mason for that one!)

    Lindsy “The Hunta” Hunter

    I love plenty of other NBA Nicknames too. Just too many to name! XD

  9. Jared Ruefa

    “The Glove” Gary Payton – one of the best people do defend Jordan (the other, of course, is Joe)

  10. not tryna b negative

    i like earl the pearl…jyd junkyard dog…the altenators….stack….big nasty… big z…the diesel…the zoo crew…hakeem the dream…supa dupe ronald depreee…memo…melo

  11. DPrince

    Stuckey= Chief Lightning First Step or Young 50


    Big Bad Ben

  12. Derek aka Mr. DJO

    Since most folks took my favorite Pistons’ names, let’s go with…

    Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon
    Clyde “The Glide” Drexler
    Larry “Grandmama” Johnson
    Kenny “The Jet” Smith
    Shawn “The Reignman” Smith
    “Sir” Charles Barkley
    Karl “The Mailman” Malone
    “Thunder” Dan Majerle
    Earl “The Pearl” Monroe
    Nick “The Quick” Van Exel
    John “Hot Rod” Williams
    Tony Kukoc “The Waitor”
    Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic (self
    Rik Smits “The Dunking Dutchman”
    Ray Allen “Jesus Shuttlesworth”
    Ruben Patterson “The Kobe Stopper” (self
    Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway
    Terry “Three” Mills
    Sam Perkins “Big Smooth”
    Tom Gugliotta “Googs”
    Chuck “The Rifleman” Person
    and my all time favorite….Greg “Special K” Kelser

  13. Czzz

    Tayshaun Prince “The Long Arm of the Law” (I love it when Blaha gets hyped, when he says it) “Prince of The Palace”

    Chuck Person “The Rifleman”

    Rafer Alston “Skip to My Lou”

    Brent Barry “Bones”

    Allen Iverson “The Answer”

    Vince Carter “Vinsanity” “Half-man Half-amazing”

    Tim Duncan “The Big Fundamental” (Given by Shaq)

    Steve Francis “Stevie Franchise”

    Daniel Gibson “Boobie” (Ha Boobie)

    Robert Horry “Big Shot Bob” (I hate him & dam you Sheed play some defense)

    Steven Jackson “Captain Jack”

    Andrei Kirilenko “AK-47” (That’s just clever)

    Shawn Marion “The Matrix”

    Antonio McDyess “Dice”

    Yao Ming “The Dynasty” “Great Wall”

    Tony Parker “Mr. Longoria” (Love It)

    Nate Robinson “Nate The Great” “Krypto-Nate” (Love The Shoes)

    Jerry Stackhouse “Stack” (I loved him & Hill in Detroit, & best team in NBA Jam)

    Amare Stoudamire “Stat”

    Rodney Stuckey “Hot Rod”

    Ben Wallace “Big Ben” “Beast from The East”

    Toni Kukoc “The Waiter”

  14. David

    man, you spelled “King nothing” wrong

  15. Tre

    1/2 Man 1/2 Amazing=Vince Carter a perfect Nickname for VC

  16. BSS

    “Scoreless” Corliss Williamson
    “Dirty30” – Sheed
    I’ve also heard Joel Pryzbilla called “The Vanilla Gorilla”
    Didn’t Mehmet used to be called “The Turkish Tornado”?

  17. Zkranc
  18. T1theinfamous

    Chubby Cox should win just based on how dirty it sounds.

    Other randomly great NBA nicknames

    Mr Big Shot
    Daddy Rich
    Big Nasty
    Magic Johnson – another vaguely dirty sounding name
    Air Canada
    Pistol Pete
    X man

  19. Darshan

    Wake up everybody, its DAYE TIME!!!!

  20. uhhh

    Chubby Cox – Chris Wilcox


  21. Theboourns

    “Pistol” Pete Marovich
    “The most beautiful man on Earth” Jonas Jerebko
    Clyde “The Glyde” Drexler
    Ervin “Magic” Johnson
    “The Admiral” David Robinson
    “Serbian Gangster” Darko Milicic
    Dennis “The Worm” Rodman
    Stephon “Starbury” Marbury

  22. dd3

    I love Big Ben, Sheed, Rip. But a nick name is derived from the old school bball courts. You get the name for doing something well. Like Gary “The Glove” the king of steals. No name is more fitting. Than “the Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant. I hate the Lakers & I am a trueblue Pistons fan, but I think that’s hands down the sickest nickname I’ve heard heard.

  23. McJatt

    The Vanilla Gorilla Joel Pryzbilla

  24. Robby C

    Paul Pierce – “The Truth” given by Shaq after playing against him.
    “Paul Pierce. Dat n—as the f’n Truth”

  25. Amer-ican Prince

    kwame brown- darkness

    amir johnson- paper thin

    love those

    and i dont know if its a nickname but the way charles barkley screams

    and the way kenny says jose calderon’s name

  26. jack

    Byn-u-mite!! he’s the truth!

  27. Jake

    ditto jack


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