Greg Monroe is Scheduled for Foot Surgery

by | Jul 20, 2010 | 24 comments

Before I could even get him tooned, the Pistons first round draft pick is having surgery. The Free Press doesn’t make much of the whole thing, sort of throwing the bit of new in the same sentence as Jonas Jerebko playing for the Swedish national team, but to me surgery is surgery.

I’m not going to sit here and use a foot issue (like some will likely do) as an excuse for Monroe’s Vegas Summer League performances.  I wasn’t expecting him to blow us away,  I know what he’s capable of.  Summer League is a learning tool and Greg did just that. Just check out the highlights in his last game in Vegas.

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  1. oracle

    Monroe doesn’t need an excuse for his summer league performances. He got better in every game, and ended up dominating. He posted similar or better numbers (on average) to other highly drafted bigs.

  2. KG

    Exactly Oracle Monroe is gunna be just fine and probably one of the biggest bright spots this coming year. I’m very excited to see how he fits in with the roster.

  3. bballnmike

    ya i read that its a lingering toe injury that dates back to high school, and he should be only out for about a week. doesnt sound like anything to worry about, and could be good news really, cause maybe he’ll be even better and have a little extra quickness or something in his step

  4. The Fan

    I think Summers is going to have a killah year.

  5. Jesse

    Summer league tells you absolutely nothing about a player. Nothing.

  6. junior

    me too fan, as long as he gets the minutes to back up his play. monroe will be fine he will give us what we need, low post scoring, passing, and some rebounds. big ben andd jj will be getting the rebounds. what we needed was a low post scorer thats what we got.

  7. Cerecyte

    It wont matter. Infact it might help him. Its really minor. So i mean if he was in anysort of discomfort he would obviously play better with out it. This isnt knee or ankle surgery. So its nothing to really be all that concerned about.

  8. Diogenes

    Joe D is boring me to death. He’s not going to make a move just to make a mooozzzzzz – opps sorry – I fell asleep on my keyboard. He should just waive everyone and hire the Globetrotters. Man this off season sucks on my ass – and not in a good way!

  9. Rosemary Concato

    Let’s all just hope the pistons will be here…enough of the he said he said allready…nobody cares;)
    You act like kinder pouting outside your garden…

  10. BB

    Pistons Trade Idea:

    Hornets Okafor and Stojakovic for Pistons Hamilton, Prince and Wilcox. Check the salaries it works. It would help both teams instantly and give Dumars the much needed upgrade in the frontcourt as well as relief of the log jam in the backcourt. The Hornets get two proven starters w/ NBA title experience and an athletic big man who can play center. This move could provide an assurance to Paul that the team is moving in the right direction. I like the pairing of Monroe and Okafor. I think they would be able to dominate defensively against most teams on a nightly basis. What really intrigues me is Stojakovic. He is a proven scorer on the decline that can still shoot. His presence could lesson the blow of losing Prince and allow a couple years for Daye to become the starter. Let me know your thoughts. I’ll stay tuned.

  11. James (Australia)

    So long as NOH don’t feel the need to make a knee-jerk reaction after Paul’s statements, I don’t see them making that trade. The Hornets want salary cap relief so they don’t want Hamilton. Prince and Wilcox as expiring contracts are obviously musts for the trade. Then you probably have to add Monroe and Daye – the Hornets want talented players on small contracts. Lastly, you throw in Stuckey because the Hornets need to replace Paul and we wouldn’t have a need for Stuckey with Paul anyway.

    Do you want to give up your future for a dodgy cap situation – Okafor’s contract is something the Hornets obviously want to give up – and an all star who can walk in two seasons and probably would anyway?

    The other question is, if you have a lineup of:
    PG: Paul/Bynum/White
    SG: Hamilton/Gordon
    SF: Jerebko/Summers
    PF: Villanueva/Maxiell
    C: Wallace/Okafor

    Would Paul really see that as a team capable of knocking off Miami or LA?

    Because of how much a team would have to give up to make NOH trade Paul, the trade is virtually pointless. Unless Hornets management over reacts.

  12. hime1

    sign shaq! hes looking for a job .haha

  13. afg

    now this website doesnt make sence anymore it use to.

  14. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Yep, after this off-season I don’t see Detroit in conf.finals in the next 5 years or so…

    And if BG+CV were a part of a plan, this plan is not equal to what Miami, Boston, Orlando, Chicago have now, not anywhere near if we talk about anything in basketball – chemistry (i think miami will be ok), players’ skills, depth and so on.

    But if BG and CV would have played like Joe thought they would, then we could be in a discussion to sign some pieces, but now we have kinda desperate team, someone always injured, on sale, without a good owner and without lots of cap space, and with some huge contracts.
    And all this stuff doesn’t work.
    I can get what Joe wanted from this team in terms of what the new rules are, but Lakers shown Joe what kind of team you’ve gotta have to be successful.
    And now, guys, I want to see a mentality of a true blue pistons, I want them say “we can be better than that, we can be a solid team”, I want them work like no other team in this league. Only this makes sense now for me.
    Because I don’t see Joe’s busy trying to add some pieces now

  15. edt

    It’s been too long. All the big deals have come down. We are stuck another year with rip, and prince taking away playing time from our young guys.

    I guess Joe is thinking wait until the trade deadline but that means we lose 1/2 a year of development time for our young players.

    I know Chris Paul is left and wants a trade, but he’s going to play with the nicks or the magic NOT a terrible detroit team that’s in the bottom ten.

    He’s not leaving new orleans for a change of scenery but to find a team that can beat the heat.

  16. Rashit Flawless (Russia)


  17. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    I wrote about it 2 times last week, but please let me say it again:

    NJ got Childress! Back from Europe
    SAS got Splitter! A BIG MAN from Europe
    NY got Mozgov! A BIG MAN from Europe!

    Why the hell we still have Wilcox and no any Mozgov, Splitter or whoever our big might be!?

    I mean, you can’t be worse than Wilcox in NBA, any good young prospect from Europe would be better!

  18. Tycoon

    2 years ago we were mad at Joe not making any move but just after 2 games he traded Chauncey. Right now we cannot say that Joe isnt working on something, lets just hope if its going to be as bad as Billups move, he’d just leave the lineup as is.

  19. Diogenes

    This just in – Detroit signs Steve Francis for the MLE.

  20. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    R u kiddin’?! I love this guy, but Steve Francis in 2010?!

  21. Chad

    Steve Francis?? Really??

    I’m assuming that was a joke, but I could easily see it being true.. This team has been grossly mis-managed for the last few years.. Joe Dumars is becoming Matt Millen.

  22. edt

    Lol. As much as I hate on Joe D, he is no Matt Millen. Millen I think picked a dozen players who as soon as they left the lions the other teams realized they didnt belong in the NFL.

    Charlie V, and Ben Gordon while maybe not starters in the NBA are both solid bench players. Joe D made a bunch of mistakes, AI, Chauncey, Ben Gordon, Kwame (Charlie V is actually looking like a decent value), but he has also made many very good picks, Jerebko, Stuckey, Daye.

    Joe D has only made one Matt Millen comically bad goof, and that was the Darko thing, and even then, we went on to win a championship a couple years later.

    I just want Rip gone. For his own sake, it’s not right for him to be sharing time with Ben Gordon since Rip is a better player. And it’s not fair to Ben Gordon.

    When Rip & Ben Gordon both are getting 20-30 minutes it is just messed up. One or the other should get 40 minutes.

    Prince I dont mind so much sharing time with Jerebko, Summers, Daye and Charlie V, he’s got so much wear on him.

    I dont like thinking that Ben Wallace will need to play 40+ minutes, he’s been healthy last season, but why tempt fate.

    Greg Monroe should be playing 40+ minutes, we need him to get NBA playing time and up to speed as quickly as possible.

    Like I said before, right now we need some addition by subtraction.

  23. hime1

    we can trade stuckey,prince for chris paul.

    just kidding.

  24. Sandi

    Take Josh Boone before somebody else gets him


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