The Decision II: Electric Boogaloo

by | Jul 12, 2010 | 29 comments commenters and fans,

Hello, I’m Danny Bohnlein.  Perhaps you remember me from post-game write ups from 3 of the worst losses the Pistons took last year (Knicks, Pacers, and Celtics).  Perhaps you follow me on twitter at @iamboney.  Or perhaps you know me as “Boney”, the lovable yet sometimes antagonistic commenter from your local NBA team’s blogosphere.  I have been told that I am quite possibly the most polarizing figure in Detroit sports right now, and I take that as a compliment.  It means that my point gets across and the majority respects it.  Which is why I’m here today to say…

After much deliberation and discussion, with a handful of talented blogs for various teams (and sports)… geez, this is tough….

I have decided to bring my talents here to work alongside Natalie, at

Now, this is all shtick I’m doing.  It’s not real funny I’m sure but, honestly, with all that has been going on around the NBA lately it’s hard not to latch on to what’s easy when doing a post like this.  I mean that shtick up there would only be better if I were able to type this post in Comic Sans MS font like a guy with whom I share the same first name, right?

Natalie and I have been good friends for a long time.  We’ve shared emails, thoughts, ideas, and tweets about numerous topics and this is a landing place for me that just feels natural.  I do have a tendency to work “blue” in my tweets and likely in comments sections you’ve seen me in but here, I respect the ju-ju and will offer up what I believe to be solid content without going over the top.  If you have suggestions, feel free to email me:

It’s fitting, really… When I sat back (and picked my jaw up off the floor) after talking this over with Natalie I realized… a site that was created because of a love for Rasheed Wallace now has the blogging community’s version of Rasheed, as a contributor.  You love me on your team, you hate me when I’m not on your team.  I’ve been a Detroit fan since 1987ish, when I was 7 and learned what a basketball was.  I’m a fan of all the Detroit teams, so you can find me commenting on blogs about Detroit as well as other blogs where I have relationships with the content providers.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be gathering information about the returning players, and their possible roles with the team.  Also, by working alongside Natalie, I’m sure we’ll come up with some great ideas for some contests and other items to keep all you guys involved as this community continues to evolve and grow throughout the offseason.  You guys are what makes this fun, so by all means email me or hit me up on twitter if you have suggestions and/or thoughts on what I can do to make this as entertaining for you as Natalie does.


  1. JoannePistonFan

    Whoo!!!! Need4Boney 🙂

  2. chef

    Will BRGulker be your #1 fan?

  3. Casper411Det

    Don’t forget about us over at DBB


  4. joeyKu


  5. Damien W.

    Ahh, Boney! Welcome aboard the Need4Sheed Team! It’s glad to hear that your becoming a more interactive member! That’s great to hear. Hopefully, you and Nat can come up with some faster results in what is happening in the world of the Pistons. The contests should be great as well. Can’t wait to see whats in store for the site now!

    Welcome around again, Boney!

  6. Diogenes

    Yo man – you need to ‘toon some of the die hards here at Need4Sheed. Start with Steve – he looks just like the rear end of a jack ass.

  7. Natalie Sitto

    Now it’s my job to get the Man Tooned…then he’ll truly be Boneyfied.

  8. Brian

    What did you think a basketball was before you were seven.

  9. Denny

    What is your favorite flavor of basketball

  10. Danny Bohnlein

    @Denny I like Moose Tracks baskitbawww

    @brian I had no idea lol

    @chef this will be the last I reply about the commenter you referenced – if he wants to be my biggest fan that’s great. if not, we’ll always have the moment on twitter together.




  12. pistons 4 life

    The Jazz are close to a trade that would give them Al Jefferson for draft picks.

    I’m sure glad Joe D. is busy this summer like he said he planned on???????????????????????

    We must not need a center that can give us 20 and 10 every night.

    • Danny Bohnlein

      The Jazz had a trade exception from the Boozer deal and were able to use that to land Al Jefferson for draft picks.

      The Pistons don’t have the money available to just trade picks for a guy with Jefferson’s contract. Minnesota didn’t want contracts back, they wanted picks and financial flexibility for more moves in the future.

      So… that’s why it didn’t happen

  13. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Now there are rumors that Jazz will go after Jefferson. Haslem is a man, he said he don’t give a f*ck about money and re-signed, said that if it was about money, it might be Haslem with someone other’s DNA.

    So now we can look at the market and…Jefferson is almost gone, Lee in gone from the market, Bosh, Boozer, STAT are signed too…there are not many people we can get now…

    By the way, I live in Russia and my friend is the announcer in Khimki Basketball Club, so I know many of this team’s players.
    This club is like a black hole for young talents, but Timofei Mozgov played well for this club and he had an extremely good run in the National Team, he is about 7-7’1, NBA body, good wingspan.
    I do not know how, but he is now in NY without draft and summer league. Why Joe can’t get prospects from Europe too?
    We have Jonas, great example of 2nd round steal, why Joe didn’t keep working in that direction?
    If the Pistons would sign Mozgov, I bet he would be at least 10+7+1 guy in his 1st season. And this contract he has now, 9.7$ for 3 years, he would take less, he would play for less, I know that.

    Now CAVS want Kaun, he was the NCAA champ with Arizona i believe. Now he’s in CSKA Moscow, it’s one of the best European teams. Why can’t we work with these guys?!

    Take a look at Will Bynum, Scola, take a look at Rubio – there are LOTS of talent in Europe and if now you can just get your player without draft – go do it! It’s much better than Wilcox!

  14. The Fan

    Congrats and Welcome to Need4Sheed!!!

    • Danny Bohnlein

      thanks 🙂

  15. Magoo

    I hope Joe D. does not match offers for will bynum.

    Mac Koshwal looks like a great player for Ben Wallace to Mentor. Portland will likely trade Joel Przybilla, he would fit in well here.

  16. Diogenes

    I think it comes to this – is White ready for a roster spot – is he legit – will he get time? If not then we should roll with Bynum. If he really had offers though he would be gone I think. We need to develop these guys with a sense of urgency – don’t let them rot on the pine – we are not winning the ‘ship next year so let’s get these guys ready for the future. Maybe White gets cut and Bynum has a breakthrough year – this is Joe’s job to discern.

  17. Diogenes

    I signed up at the forum and submitted my pic – what the dealio new guy? You don’t need to get us vets some doughnuts (yes you do) but you need to put my pretty face next to my post brother. I followed the steps but no can do-ski.

    • Danny Bohnlein

      I’m not too good with these fancy controls yet. I’ll ask Natalie though for you 😉

  18. Rosemary Concato

    WELCOME Danny, and thank god that whole where will the gods of bball go thing is through….starting to remind me of a huge
    soap opera…divas and all;0

  19. Sauce1977


    Keep up the good work.

  20. daddy

    danny you know about trades thank god. i really get tired of hearing ppl talk about trades that could never happen and why we dont go after certain players like jefferson. he is injury prone as well lets not forget that. im sure joe is waiting to see ppl sign players that wont work for their system and trade to us for next to dirt its what i would do.

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