Ben Wallace is Back

by | Jul 11, 2010 | 26 comments

It’s official, Ben Wallace is back for two more seasons.

The contract is worth $1.9 million per season.

Besides the good news of Ben’s return, it looks like the Pistons won’t be bringing back Kwame Brown next season.  A Kwameless Detroit is just what this town needs.


  1. Lori


  2. The Fan

    Hellz Yeah good news on both accounts!

    Welcome back Big Ben and Good Riddenz Kwame!



  4. Calculeless

    BigBen is gonna retire as a piston, so is his #
    i guess rodney is smart enough

  5. Tycoon

    That should be it for Kwame. He’s a good guy.
    Welcome back Big Ben!

  6. Friggins

    Glad we put to bed this priority. Now, let’s get another big so we can benefit from Ben’s production without having to lean so heavily upon it.

  7. James (Australia)

    Really pleased with the signing. Respect for Wallace went up even further knowing that he didn’t take the full Bi-annual. We won’t be able to sign anyone else with what is left of the Bi-annual exception, but it may help avoid luxury tax.

    Really hope we get to see two full seasons of Wallace, but who knows, he may retire after a year, or the pending lockout may ruin his last year.

    No Chucky or Kwame next season.

  8. edt

    Ben Wallace I believe had an invitation to go to Miami and play for the minimum with lebron james, since lebron has said before that he got along ok with ben when he was in cleveland.

    thank you Ben! We love you in detroit, thanks for resigning.

  9. Bugs

    I know this is off topic but i just needed to clarify something about LeBron, Wade & Bosh all taking less than the max deals they could of to sign with Miami. Now it was repoted that each took a $15 million pay cut which i think is really all smoke and mirriors kind of stuff. Now you don’t pay tax in Miami so i am guessing the money they would save by this would come close to covering this so called pay cut, so in retrospect they are not really taking a pay cut at all. It just irks me that these 3 guys make out like they had to sacrifice money to make it all work out.

  10. Bugs

    First of all welcome back Big Ben. Secondly, now that Ben has re-signed has anyone heard of any trade rumors or FA signings in the works? The suspense is killing me!

  11. James (Australia)

    @Bugs. More to the point, with how much money these guys make from basketball and sponsorship deals, what is the difference between losing a couple of million a year? and if they win a title, they will make up the loss with interest.

    Would be interesting if some sort of tampering or colluding charge could be put on the Heat, can’t see it happening, but it would be a laugh.

    Re: FA Signings – negatory. They spoke to Haywood who stayed at the Mavs for money the Pistons couldn’t offer. Matt Barnes is rumoured to be prepared to go to the Heat for pennies. Udonis Haslem was another target, I presume he will return to Miami as well. Remember the Pistons only have the MLE to offer, and it seems like a market where you need more than that to sign a player due to all the teams who have cap space and missed out on a big name.

    Re: Trades. Now that the first wave of free agency is over, expect to see more rumours coming out about teams inquiring about Prince and Hamilton. With some of the contracts that have been offered over the last 2 weeks, Hamilton’s contract is no longer that bad. Teams will be happy to take a veteran, proven scorer.

  12. Bugs

    James I really wonder if Joe had envisioned this when he signed Gordon and CV and extended Rip. I mean if worse comes to worse, Joe has a couple of different trade chips that look pretty attractive now. He is either a genius or just a smart GM doing his job (well) even though a lot of people have wanted him gone and knock all his recent moves. I would hate to see what our team would look like with all the big FA snubbing us like what has happened to New Jersey.

  13. daddy

    thank you ben wallace for coming back and not being greedy. you mean a lot to us in the d and i know he appreciates it. so thanks again.

  14. Diogenes

    Alright Stuckey – time to give the big red 3 back to it’s rightful owner.

  15. Magoo has Will Bynum listed at 6’0″. he must have been wearing his Gene Simmons KISS boots that day…

  16. DPrince

    This is great. Ben still has a lot left in him and he’ll do an excellent job of mentoring Monroe into the defender he needs to become.

    Does anyone know of Matt Barnes signing with the Piston? and does anyone know if Chris Wilcox will be traded? I also hope Chucky Atkins leaves. I think we just need one more big.

  17. Damien W.

    *Chuckles at all the comments* I’m just as happy as to hear Ben is back for another 2 seasons like everybody else. Hmm, I wonder if Stuckey is willing to give up the three and take his college number of 15. Maybe even take Chucky Atkins number of 7 (I always liked that number) since he might not be returning?

    Good to see you back B.W! Now, it’s time to get Will ‘The Thrill’ Officially on the roster (even though were all sure he’s coming back for like another 5 years. XD).

  18. DPSkip

    So happy BIG BEN is returning for a couple more. Ben Wallace is detroit basketball! Stuckey you gotta hand over that #3 so it can be retired with wallace on the back.

  19. ali bazzi

    man stuckey has to demand that ben should take the the 3. he should say that he would not play till he takes the number. lol

  20. The Fan

    Ben Wallace is not the rightful owner of the #3 jersey. When he left Detroit he forfeited the three.

  21. Drew

    I agree with The Fan. We can retire Ben’s number 3, and Stuckey will be the last dude to wear it.

    And thank you for your time here, Kwame. I saw you trying to improve your game in areas last year, but for some reason the coach didn’t offer consistent playing time. Best of luck to you in another city.

  22. Drew

    Oh snap. I hope we can get by with no true center on our roster now. Wilcox, Wallace, Monroe, Maxiell: all under 6’11”

  23. DD3

    This is nice to hear. Not the greatest news in the world because it was expected. This doesn’t help us transistion into a new era. I love what BW, Prince & Rip did for us back in 2004 & the years up until the terrible AI/Billups trade. But we need new voices in the locker room. Ben will have his Jersey retired but I think Stuck earned it. He is our leader now & needs a fresh team to lead. BW, Prince & Rip gotta hand over the keys & move on. Sad to say, but it’s a new day & we need to get younger players who we can build around for the next 5 years or so. Not just resign old guys who MAY be around for 1 mediocre season for us. Makes no since why THIS is our big FA news so far. Sorry. I love the Pistons to death. It just breaks my heart to see where we are right now.

  24. Drew

    We still need to re-sign Bynum badly.

  25. STEVE



  26. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Now there are rumors that Jazz will go after Jefferson. Haslem is a man, he said he don’t give a f*ck about money and re-signed, said that if it was about money, it might be Haslem with someone other’s DNA.

    So now we can look at the market and…Jefferson is almost gone, Lee in gone from the market, Bosh, Boozer, STAT are signed too…there are not many people we can get now…

    By the way, I live in Russia and my friend is the announcer in Khimki Basketball Club, so I know many of this team’s players.
    This club is like a black hole for young talents, but Timofei Mozgov played well for this club and he had an extremely good run in the National Team, he is about 7-7’1, NBA body, good wingspan.
    I do not know how, but he is now in NY without draft and summer league. Why Joe can’t get prospects from Europe too?
    We have Jonas, great example of 2nd round steal, why Joe didn’t keep working in that direction?
    If the Pistons would sign Mozgov, I bet he would be at least 10+7+1 guy in his 1st season. And this contract he has now, 9.7$ for 3 years, he would take less, he would play for less, I know that.

    Now CAVS want Kaun, he was the NCAA champ with Arizona i believe. Now he’s in CSKA Moscow, it’s one of the best European teams. Why can’t we work with these guys?!

    Take a look at Will Bynum, Scola, take a look at Rubio – there are LOTS of talent in Europe and if now you can just get your player without draft – go do it! It’s much better than Wilcox!


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