Free Agency

by | Jul 1, 2010 | 139 comments

Joe reaching out to Will Bynum, Ben Wallace and Matt Barnes.

“97.1 The Ticket’s Matt Dery has confirmed a Yahoo sports report that Joe Dumars did contact free agent Brendan Haywood after midnight. Also contacted were Ben Wallace, Will Bynum and Matt Barnes.”  Via 97.1

On a WTF note, Darko Milicic is is getting paid 20 million dollars to play for the Timberwolves.


  1. Calculeless

    Amir 34m for 5yr
    Darko 20m for 4yr
    WTF with this world…

  2. KG

    I would love brendan haywood for us!
    Dunno why we would want barnes unless its for sure we’re getting rid of tay…
    would love to have will the thrill and big ben back obviously lol

  3. Tycoon

    Joe is on the right track.
    And what’s wrong with Wolves???

  4. junior

    would also love to see haywood on our team, then we could move monroe to pf. trade rip keep tay his money is off books next year.

    pg-will,white (start whomever)
    sf-tay,dajuan, daye at sg sf
    pf-monroe,cv31, jj at pf sf
    c-haywood, wallace, maxiell at c pf

    very athletic team can run it. i like it u guys?

  5. junior

    damn the more i look at that the more i like it young and athletic this could be a very dangerous team that is 13 good players, no superstar but a stacked roster.

  6. James (Australia)

    Don’t know if people realize the implication of what Darko and Amir signed for. Barring a sign and trade, the Pistons are probably out of the running for Haywood now. We only have the MLE – 5.8 million – to offer. If Darko can get 5 mil a year and Amir almost 7 mil a year, Haywood would surely get more.

  7. ali bazzi

    i have been eyeing haywood since joe d said that we will use the mle this year. and matt barnes!!! that guy scares me. i would never want to fight him. now people will have a reason to be scared of the pistons… matt barnes.. o and i forgot that they are also scared of joe dumars shitiness as a gm lol

  8. josephmacapagal

    haywood will be a good back up for us..we definitely need a big guy that will help us in boards..i love bynumite and big ben to get back…matt barnes is defensive specialist….great roster for us this year..!!DETROIT BASKETBALL

  9. Magoo

    Barnes is the tough scapper off the bench that Joe is looking for.
    Heywood would be good, but you are right, the prices just went up. its going to get ugly.

  10. Diogenes

    Man. That cat in Minnesota is something else. What is Laimbeer thinking! Worst GM ever. Just lays all his business out to the press, signs Dorko Mullethead to 5 years! Like Bugs bunny said – “what an idiot – what a maroon!”. They fired Mchale for that cat!?

  11. Diogenes

    OK – what about Amare for Prince and Rip (sign and trade)?

  12. Magoo

    Any trade will likely, hopefully involve Austin Daye

  13. Jesse

    I don’t think these contracts are really that outrageous by current NBA standards. Both Amir and Darko play D, rebound and block shots. For a young big man who can be a starter 5 or 6 mill a year isn’t that bad. We pay CV the same amount to come off the bench and play zero D. We pay Max about the same amount and he doesn’t even get regular mins.

    Also take into consideration that these are not free agent destinations…. by nature they have to overpay guys to get them to stay in places like Minnesota or Toronto.

  14. Fariduddin

    THATS is hilarious!!!! the special Darko note!

  15. dirk smith

    JOE D!! trade rip,max,wilcox&2011 2nd rnd+2012 1st rnd 4 Melo. Then C.V.& B.G.&2011 1st rnd+2012 2n rnd 4 Bosh. that leaves Tays exp contract(28yrs old) +@5Monroe,Ben W@4Bosh, J.J.@3Daye&Summers@2Carmello,T.white,@1Stucky,Bynm. (some1 should hire me!!

  16. Amer-ican Prince

    dirk i could not read your post lol

    i dont like brandon haywood really but i guess hes the best center available i guess
    he just reminds me of kwame too much, big body with bad defense and not that tough really

    im still kind of intrigued with darko i think im the only one lol

  17. Shawn D.

    Ok, first off i love and alway have loved Matt Barnes’ game, BUT we need a big man. We are stocked to the brim with small forwards.

    IMO Joe should use the FULL mle on either Haywood or Jermaine Oneal

  18. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Just saw at ESPN in chat
    [Comment From John John: ]
    Do you think that the Pistons would trade for Boozer?
    Friday July 2, 2010 7:13 John

    Zach Harper (Hardwood Paroxysm/TrueHoop Network):
    Definitely. Joe Dumars loves trading for guys that will disappoint the fan base.

  19. DD3

    Haywood is a good look for us. We need a center that can get us nearly a double double a night. Barnes would be a solid pick for us as well. But at the end of the day, the team as is, will not be competting for anything other than another lottery pick next year. Our only saving grace, is that teams that shedded payroll are not getting those big stars they wanted, & with the few FA’s that they could have gotten to make their teams better are all staying put. The only 2 players most likely leaving it seems areAmare, Boozer & Bosh. All good PF, but where they end up will tell how the East breaks down. Either way, Orl, Bos, Atl, Cha & Mil are the only teams that will be guaranteed spots in the east. Everything else is now up in the air.

    Bynum, Stucky, White (PG)
    Rip, BG (SG)
    Tay, Daye, Summers (SF)
    Max, JJ, Wilcox (PF)
    Monroe, Ben (C)

    We have room for 2 more with the mle & bi anual. Adding Haywood & Barnes along with Monroe makes us better, but barely a 500 team. I don’t like it. We have to make a trade asap. Rip or Tay have to go I hate to say.

  20. James (Australia)

    You forgot Villanueva, DD3, we have 14 players on the roster.

  21. Lori

    We can afford Matt Barnes right now, can’t we? I don’t think he made that much with the Magic.
    I have a feeling that when this crazy free agency period is over, JoeD is going to look like a genius for getting us guys last year. For the teams that win the “big gun” lottery, fine. But for the teams that blew off the past year or so, waiting in vain for a big name to come-ouch! 20 million for Darko? 34 for Amir? The NBA- where amazing happens! And not always in a good way.

  22. Greg

    Haywood is asking for 10m/year, he’d be nice but I don’t think it’s gonna happen

  23. Jay

    Joe D. needs to make a trade for Chris Paul, I like Stuckey I respect his game, but he is simply not a point guard he is a shooting guard, Joe if you are istening please consider CP3, otherwise we wont be contenders, we will be a 20 win team for a couple of more years…

  24. Jay

    Trade for Chris Paul, thats your only hope Joe, becuz if you dont the Pistons are doomed for another 5 years.

  25. BadBoy

    As a Louisville native, all Pistons fans need to support Edgar Sosa who will be getting ample point guard minutes during the summer league. He’s a fantastic player and i hope he makes the team

    As for trades and signings. I think a trade for Darren Collison is more realistic. The Hornets would be insane to let go of (imo) the best point guard in the NBA Chris Paul.



    GET YAO WITH MLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. John

    I agree with alot of the post on here Haywood would be a great piece but I dont see him signing and Matt Barnes probably wants to play with a contender so he maybe out of the equation.I think the Next best choice IS J.Anthony from Miami Heat if they dont resign him he seems like a defence of presents that we need because B.Wallace shouldnt Log 34 min s night.But at the End of the Day Until LBJ signs most of these things are just a fantasy.

  28. Amer-ican Prince

    i heard mike bibby is available we should get him if we can. he’s cheaper then chris paul and hes tougher, then again even austin daye is tougher then chris paul and he’s skinner then a pole

  29. Amer-ican Prince

    or derek fisher


    GET YAO!

  31. BadBoy

    Yao would cost alot more than a mle…

  32. rai_from_the_philippines

    Pistons would need a sign-and-trade to make a haywood deal happen

  33. Greg

    sign Yao for MLE? and why not just sign LeBron for 10 mil instead?

  34. James (Australia)

    As Piston fans, I think we need to start becoming a little more realistic as to the value OTHER teams put on our assets. Do teams really want a 30+ SG with a history of injuries and a contract that still has $25 million to pay out? What about a SF who has played more games then some people do in a career coming off of a back injury?

    Are teams going to give Chris Paul, arguably the best PG in the game at the moment for one or both of those two players? If Dumars can get us expiring contracts or a solid starter for the assets we have to offer, he is a better GM then even I give him credit for.

  35. N1ck

    Nicely said James.

    You guys need to cut on the fantasy trades…

  36. N1ck

    1. Sign Bynum & Wallace

    2. Move Rip or Prince (not both) & Wilcox for a starting center that can score in the paint & defend

    3. Gordon & Villanueva havin’ a muuuch better season than the last one…

    4. Stuckey finally becoming what we all expect him to be (a man who can lead this team)

    5. Further improvement of our youngsters (Daye, Summers)

    If all this clicks (and chances are slim for that), even then our chances to reach playoffs this year would be pretty small…

    And stop talking bout’ CP3, Parker etc…

    We have no money or trade prospect for these guys… And they would rather go to Miami or some other place than Detroit. We have to stay tough in these hard times and build our team as such.

  37. Lori

    Sounds good and realistic to me. But I disagree about reaching the playoffs. We’ll be there alright. I don’t think we’ll go far, but we’ll be there.

  38. N1ck

    Well, I’m a bit of a pesimist… Last season made me this way… 🙂

    Hope the guys are working on their game for the 2010/2011.
    With a solid starting big man, couple of guys improving and a bit of luck with the injuries, we can fight for the spots, sure, why not.

    But the fact no1 is that Joe D is gonna have to make something to improve our frontcourt…
    Maybe even trade a couple of players we love for a man who will not make us jump our seats… It’s a hard process… Started with CV & BG signings… Oh how i hope these guys pick up their game…

  39. junior

    trade rip or tay with wilcox in a sign and trade deal for haywood, then i think we would go to at least the 2nd round in the playoffs. i think stuck will be an allstar this year and bg and cv31 will step it back up to at least there career numbers this year. just my two cents worth.

  40. junior

    Miami Heat president Pat Riley has scheduled a meeting with Dallas Mavericks free-agent center Brendan Haywood(notes) on Saturday in Charlotte, N.C.

    Haywood has already had “significant” contract talks with the Mavericks. The Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors and New York Knicks have also shown interest.

    The Celtics and Pistons would need a sign-and-trade to make a deal happen while Toronto needs to first resolve its situation with Chris Bosh(notes). Cleveland won’t engage in serious contract talks with Haywood until LeBron James(notes) has decided his own future.

    – Marc J. Spears, 11:50 a.m. ET, July 2

  41. BadBoy

    Stuckey will not be an allstar.. sorry to say. There’s too many far superior point guards in the East such as Rose, Rondo, Jennings, Arenas etc. And expiring contracts are USELESS to the Pistons. Detroit just like Indiana, and Cleveland (minus Lebron) are too ugly of cities to draw in the big time free agents. We have to rely on draft gems and hopefully tricking some dumb GM into taking our old guys for our future pieces (i.e. Jerry Stackhouse for Rip Hamilton)

  42. James (Australia)

    @N1ck. Really good points there, mate.

    I disagree on the expiring contracts, BadBoy, sure the Pistons might not be able to attract free agents, but the Pistons can use expiring contracts in trade deals.

  43. Drew

    I think Stuckey can be an all-star. He wasn’t that far off last year. His numbers were good enough at the break that, if a guard would have went down, he could have been picked as a reserve. He’ll keep improving this year. A lot of our success will hinge on Villanueva and Gordon picking it up this year. Few-to-no injuries to Rip and Tayshaun would be nice too. I’m expecting about 35 wins this season. I haven’t seen too much to indicate we’re gonna be a 40+ win team this season going to the playoffs.

  44. junior

    i think we will win 47 games, 6th seed in the playoffs. stuckey can be an allstar he has the ppg to be one already if he steps up his assts by 3 pg he would be at roughly 8. i think a 17 point 8 asst pg is an allstar, ala billups? i beleive that was his numbers when he was an allstar. astuckey plans on running more and i think that will open up 2 more assts right there by easy transition baskets. but what i really hope happens is rip is traded, stuckey moves to sg. we resign will bynum he starts as our pg. bg comes off the bench as our sg like usual, and hopefully terrico white is far enough along to be a backup pg. (stuck also could fill in some of those min if need be) oh and the person i would like to see rip traded for along with wilcox is haywood. i think we would be solid team then. maybe a 5th seed.

    pg- will, white
    sg- stuck, bg
    sf- tay, daye, summers
    pf- monroe, cv31, jj
    c- haywood, ben, maxiell
    plus whomever joe signs with mle
    solid lineup

  45. N1ck

    IMO it’s much easier to move Tay cause he’s got only a year left on his contract.
    Don’t like that cause he’s been a Piston right from the start and he’s 2 years younger than Rip.
    And I love the guy & his game.
    But, as I said earlier, tough decisions are gonna have to be made…
    Stuckey an allstar… Dunno, that’s a bit of a longshot you guys.
    Personally I would settle with him organizing a Pistons game a bit better… Makin’ us a better team, which has not been a case until now…
    Something’s bound to happen cause we have a big imbalance in our team…

  46. James (Australia)

    I’m not going to start making predictions as to where the Pistons will finish next year until the preseason starts. When we know the makeup of each team in the East, then we can start making, at best, educated guesses. The East should be stronger this year – it was so weak last year, it would be hard not to be better – Milwaukee is the only team that I feel reasonably comfortable in saying they will be better next year.

    Still a lot to be determined.

    Haywood would be nice in a sign & trade, I just don’t see why the Mavericks – who have stated their desire to keep Haywood – would want Prince/Hamilton when they have Caron Butler, Shawn Marion, and Jason Terry.

  47. N1ck


    My fantasy rotation. 🙂
    30+ wins on a stronger east as James said IMO.
    And that’s optimistic my friends.

  48. DEL

    Have you heard that Joe D was in New Jersey last weekend to discuss GM role there?

  49. Amer-ican Prince

    yup de


  50. N1ck

    Joe has a job to finish. (dare to say – mess to clear!)

  51. NJ

    Darko getting 20million, so what the difference on that and us paying CV the money he got, at this point I’d take Darko over CV lol

  52. nmded

    should have drafted stevenson

    bowers going to nj, dont worry about joeD…if anything watch out for the hornets nabbing him

  53. James (Australia)

    At least Villanueva has injuries to blame…

    I don’t understand this talk of Dumars leaving. He doesn’t seem to be a guy who wants to leave a team incomplete and struggling. If he had left around ’06, ’07 when the Pistons were on top, I could sort of understand. Leaving a team half complete goes against what Dumars has stood for, hence, I don’t buy this talk.

  54. Diogenes

    Maybe he doesn’t want to work for Illitch – or whoever.

  55. STEVE


  56. Jesse

    What did Darko do to deserve $20 mill? Probably the same things he did to deserve being the 2nd overall pick… playing sparse minutes that lead to a few highlight plays and a whole lot of the p word…. potential.

  57. N1ck

    Last season was injury plagued… If it weren’t we’d have maybe 10 wins more 4 sure.

    This season the key is in 3 things.

    1. Can Stuck, CV & BG be what we want them to be…

    2. Can Joe D pull out a trade that will bring us a good man in the paint

    3. Injury list bein’ a bit smaller this year

    That’s it. I’m not really optimistic on these things…

  58. edt

    junior I’m with you 100%.

    Stuckey was asked to do too much. Have you seen those games where Kobe went off scored 30 or 40 points because his team mates were . . . Kwame Brown and Luke Walton? I’m not saying Stuckey is Kobe. But even the best player in the world can’t play 1 on 5.

    Charlie was invisible in the paint. Ben Gordon couldn’t hit a 3. And we did not have a power forward all year!

    When Stuckey has better pieces he’ll look like an all star. Billups for instance is the same player that he was on the pistons, but now in Denver he is looking like one of the best points in the game why? He’s playing with ‘Melo instead of Rip (no offense Rip, but you’re no ‘Melo).

    Stuckey will play better at shooting guard, but I’m happy with him at point or SG, either way he’s growing up to be an all star.

    Monroe will be expected to start and play like an NBA pro his first year. It’s going to be fun to be a piston.

    The AI experiment is over. Stuckey is growing up. We have a big man with some emotional maturity. And no matter how much Charlie V and Ben Gordon sucked last year, they are mature enough to come off the bench and never complain about it.

    Seriously at the salaries they are paying players in this year of the Great Lebon Chase, it makes sense to already have your pieces.

    I’m really starting to understand now why Joe D was so quick to snap up BG & CV. They were the two best free agents last year, now that I see Darko with a $20 million, Joe Johnson with a hundred million and something, bidding for free agents this year seems like it’s a fools game. I’m glad the pistons are out of it!

    I will however reserve the right to boo Charlie V if he performs like a matador next year.

  59. Jesse

    I don’t think the FA market is really that out of control, its just a few teams (NY, ATL, MIN) that have historically made bad basketball/cap decisions that are continuing to do just that. Team ink bad deals every single year…

    But, a smart front office like they have in OKC, has room for one max guy, but they aren’t in a hurry to spend it on a someone who doesn’t deserve it. Instead they will probably add a few cheap role players, save some room, make deals when other franchises get desperate and still have flexibility in the future to keep Durant.

    What Dumars did last year is not really that different from what is going on now… teams overpay the best players that will agree to play for them, regardless of whether it makes basketball sense or not. I honestly can’t sit here and say that paying $100 mill for CV, BG and Wilcox would be better than having paying the same amount for Amare…. Although either is really ideal.

    In all honesty there are about 5 GM’s in the league that have any clue at all what they are doing (or that work for owners that will let them do their jobs)…. Most just make obviously stupid moves…

    ….Take Otis Smith for example. Despite the fact that the Magic are a top 5 team in the league, he has made a bunch of costly, bad decisions of the course of recent seasons…. trading Courtney Lee for VC, dumping Trevor Ariza & Rashard Lewis is currently the 2nd highest paid player in the league ?!?

  60. Diogenes

    Is that a different Steve or did “Steve” get back on his meds – either way it’s an improvement. Still rolling with all caps but hey – the comment was not too bad. Good work Steve.

  61. daddy

    i think joe was smart in not waiting to sign players this year. as popp’s said “why wait for your peice of the pie and say we will give it a shot in another year?” the knicks already looked screwed for next year. lebron is going to drag this out so he can get so much publicity. this fa thing is a joke ppl just want attention.

  62. Steve

    JOE NEEDS TO GO! Say it with me people.

    He single handedly destroyed the pistons franchise and isn’t doing shit all to repair it.

    THE ONLY valid excuse in trading Billups for Iverson was to free up cap space. Yet here we are in the biggest free agency market of all time with Dumars and the Pistons sitting on the sidelines with no money to player with because of big contracts to mediocre players.

    Dumars received far too much credit for their championship team. He bought into his own hype when he thought he could just get rid of Billups and rebuild. Epic Fail.

  63. junior

    hey there EDT glad to see you back, its nice to have a intelligent person to talk to that actually knows something about basketball. joe d was smart to sign bg and cv31 we got a great deal on them for what teams are paying right now for the likes of amir and darko. i mean come on 34 mill for amir? amir? hes ok and young but come on. i would much rather have cv31 for 11 mill more over 5 years then amir. cv31 will be back to his career numbers this year he was playing hurt all year, he will be better this year i guarantee it. same with bg. he is a streaky shooter so he will have his off nights here and there but it will not be anything like it was last year. becuase i know that i wouldnt want to be sitting around HOPING to get a free agent that we threw away a year on (even though we had a bad year cuase of injury, but who could of forseen that) and then be the team that is hung out to dry withno superstar coming here. joe knows what he is doing hes building a TEAM. a TEAM is what wins titles not 1 superstar, just ask lebron how many rings he has.give joe this year and possibly the next and we will back to the elite in the east. cmon guys have a little faith in OUR TEAM. i do. EDT does. do you?

  64. junior

    steve u have to have a brain before u can have an opinion.

  65. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    I do have faith, but honestly, I’m waiting Joe to make something happen this summer

  66. gMac

    Seeing the Two guys we could’ve had signing with one team makes me sick. What’s worse is that we don’t even have the freaking cap space after a wasted season to go after ANY top free agents.

    If you don’t think Joe has made a big mistake when he picked Darko, you at least should consider our current situation a disaster with all the money he had beginning of the last season. Speaking of last season, 7th pick? come on…. That’s all we got….

  67. gMac

    Junior if you don’t agree with what Steve said on that particular post, You have no brain at all, at least you don’t know much about all aspects of basketball.!! you dilutional.

    This is a business, people make mistakes. Joe Dumars is not a saint for christ sake.

  68. Greg

    just about anyone else with the #2 pick in 03 would have drafted Darko

  69. edt

    i hold joe d accountable for all his mistake. I think that picking darko was a mistake. Maybe some other managers would have made it. But he should not have. He should have been better than that.

    I never liked the CV and BG signings, I didnt like how he traded away billups, I hated AI, the pileup at small forward and shooting guard.

    But Joe D has done a lot of great things, not just the 2004 championship team but since then he has made some really astute picks. Who doesn’t love JJ? But maybe the best thing Joe D has is an attitude. We just had the worst season I can remember, and yet the team still has hope, they played hard at the end, and they look excited to play next year.

    The pistons are gonna be a really good team next year. Don’t you get that feeling?

    I knew last year was going to be a disaster, but next year we will really shine. One reason is that with this team we got something that teams with better players might not have and that’s a great attitude, players willing to play their best even from the bench.

    Let’s just be happy that this year, with this team, I think we are gong to go to the playoffs and give anyone who goes against us a good fight.

    Think of all the players that we have that are going to get better. Stuckey will get better. Jerebko will get better. Ben Gordon will play more like his old self and get better (it’s theoretically impossible to play worse).

    I love having so many young players.

    I will be so happy that we are done with Kwame “Potato Hands” Brown, what a waste of time and money.

    It’s an exciting time to be a piston. And now that I see how Wade and Bosh ended up in Miami, I’m glad we aren’t in the hunt for them.

    We never had a chance at Lebron, we were never in the top five, and now, apparently we never had a chance for wade or bosh, it looks like that was his plan all along to stay in Miami.

    I admit now I was wrong. I thought we should have been in the free agency hunt this year. But oh what a mess! CV and BG have been real disappointments to me, I never though we should have signed them. But I really understand now how futile it is to try to win the lebron-stakes unless you are chicago, miami or cleveland.

    Haha nicks. Hope you like losing. More.

  70. Amer-ican Prince

    i didnt believe we should of been in free agency this year or last year, however i guarantee you our chances of getting prized free agents would of been much bigger if we didnt loose sheed and dice if we had avery johnson at coach AND ESPECIALLY if chauncey was still running the point.

    with that being said i like the fact joe is correcting his mistakes, i like the fact he watched the teams who got to the finals lakers and celtics and realized going small doesnt work and you need toughness and length lakers are the biggest team in the league almost and i think joe d realized that helps your defense and if kendrick perkins didnt get hurt i would call the celtics the toughest to beat. but i think sheed calm and detatacted attitude sort of played a role in celtics losing

  71. Diogenes

    OK. That’s definitely a different Steve.

  72. daddy

    i would rather rebuild and start now instead of wait till our players go too old to play at this level. we needed to rebuild i got tired of us losing int he conf finals every year. it was time to let it go and i think joe did the right thing by creating space to trade last year. i wouldnt of signed cv but maybe his attitude will turn around and he will play. i dont think he or bg have ever heard critisim like this maybe they will turn it around.

  73. STEVE





  74. Lori

    Why don’t they call themselves Steve 1 and Steve 2 or something? Seems they both like caps. Or maybe it’s the same person, on meds and off!

  75. N1ck

    Nobody cares, whoever Steve is, he’s entitled to his own opinion.

    As for the Joe D’s free agent activities… I think this season will give us many answers…

    Can we go back to fight for the playoffs or are we destined to be a lottery team seasons to come…

    Offcourse, we desperately need to add a bruiser to this team, the one who can score some in the paint… Without that, we’re doomed.





  77. edt

    dude chill.

    Lebron is good for the game. How many times have we heard of our favorite sports star caught with prostitutes, guns or drugs.

    He’s having a little show to pick his team. It’s honest good fun. Maybe you prefer the whores drugs and guns?

  78. Amer-ican Prince

    i dont think miami is best for lebron just my opinion

    i dont mind the lebron thing its kind of fun and gives me something basketball wise to think about, pretty much anything i want for the pistons seem to be out of reach in one way or another, either its joe d or the “small market” thing or whatever so its kind of fun

    i think chicaago is going to turn out pretty good and increase their wins with boozer. i wouldnt want him here but hes interesting in that group.

    lebron dwade and chris bosh is just not seem likes its going to fit because the big guys r just weak chris bosh sucks, if it was amare or boozer or something i could see them in the conference finals but i dont think they get out the second round

  79. James (Australia)

    Sure, Joe Dumars has made some mistakes. Who hasn’t?

    I look around at the deals being thrown around:

    Joe Johnson at 29 gets 120 million over 6 years. To me, that makes Ben Gordon at 26 getting 55 million over 5 years an absolute steal. Is there THAT big a difference between Gordon and Johnson? Also, we are getting Gordon in what should be the prime of his career. Johnson will still be getting 20 million at the age of 35.

    Amir Johnson gets 34 million over 5 years. Is Villanueva worth only 1 million per year more?

    If Gordon or Villanueva were free agents this year, they would have EASILY got more. The Knicks would have loved to have a go at Gordon. People want to say the Pistons should have waited and then I see teams that should have been so much more attractive to free agents – NYK, NJN, CHI – and who do they have to show for all the cap space they sacrificed for? Stoudemire? Outlaw? Boozer? I think the Nets and Bulls still have bright futures, but the Knicks have absolutely failed.

    Really like the way Joe D has not rushed Bynum with a contract. Means he is not bidding against himself. Teams know that he is a RFA and that he wants to stay with the Pistons. Dumars has said he wants to keep him, so why would they bother tying their money up for seven days for nothing. Joe could have signed Bynum on day one to a 4-5 mil a year deal, but by waiting, could get him for much cheaper if he doesn’t garner any real interest.

    Steve = Random

  80. The Fan


    cleveland sucks

  81. The Fluidics

    I’m pumped to see Cleveland get effed over. Bandwagoneers deserve their idol leaving them. Root for the team, sot the 1 superstar.

  82. Lori

    Now that’s over, the deals will be fast and furious. Can’t wait to see what happens!

    @James- thumbs up for Steve=Random. I got quite a laugh!

  83. Steve

    What does it matter if the Pistons got a few players “on sale” or paid a good price for them when the end result is 27-55 season?

    Billups is still playing absolutely great. Not only did we lose an amazing player but the team morale was completely shot. Joe also handled the entire situation with NO class. Hearing the BIllups interview about how he didn’t know what was going on and why Joe and most off the front office where giving him the Cold shoulder on the team buss was just sad.

    To all of the sheep out there who were chanting in “Joe We Trust”. Wake the F up. 27-55. Nuff Said.

  84. James (Australia)

    Most true Pistons fans will admit that the Pistons and Joe Dumars have made some mistakes over the last few years, Steve, but who hasn’t?

    The end result of our free agency spending last year was not a 27-55 season, that was the end result of a year full of injuries and the struggles of a new team gelling. We won’t know the end result of the free agency for a few years.

    Do we really need to go through the Billups thing again? We weren’t going to win another title with him! They had 4 more goes at it after ’04, but failed. The trade will hopefully turn out to be a win-win – Billups is playing better at the Nuggets than he was in the last year at the Pistons, and the Pistons got a chance to rebuild.


    I read that article about the trade “through Billups eyes” and I don’t really know how credible it is.

  85. leon el reo

    can anyone explain me why Joe D. tries to bring Haywood for de MLE while J. O’Neal has signed for the same ammount of money in Boston?

  86. Diogenes

    O’Neal isn’t coming to the D for a chance to loose in the first round – he aint no spring chicken and he has bad knees – he wants a chance for a ring.

  87. nik

    Hey Nat,

    Where are you?
    I was expecting a nice write up for Lebron leaving Cleveland ( There is only one king in palace-BURGER KING).

    Anyways, I am smiling at the misery of cavs fans.
    I will be even more happy once Miami fails to win a championship this year. Watch out for Bosh being the wekest link as he is the one I expect to get the least amount of touches. If we thought this free agency is a drama, there might be a bigger drama coming up when the three guys start having chemistry issues.

    Go Pistons, I miss Michigan….

    Fan from Texas.

  88. Diogenes

    OK – WTF? How long do we have to wait for Joe to make a trade? We know you can do it Joe – remember when you got Sheed for Canadian tire money? Remember when you pulled that sweet move on MJ that got Rip? Damn Joe! Are you getting old man? Wake your ass up, have a cup of metamucil, surf some internet porn -whatever it takes man. You definitely are half, I mean twice the man (weight) you used to be. We need to package Tay, Rip, some of Mr. D’s windows, a vintage Ben Wallace bobble head, an original Bad Boy T-shirt, Rick Mahorn, Blaha’s toupee, the rights to the “going to work” jingle and one of those Arby’s curly fry coupons that we will never win waiting for a Piston to get a triple double (cheap ass bastards). Put all of that together and we can get someone to get us to the first round. Git er dun Joe!

  89. Diogenes

    @ edt – I prefer whores drugs and guns. Just sayin.

  90. Diogenes

    Hey. How come edt is the only one with a pic on the whole site?! I want my pic up there too. edt is a smart guy to be sure but does everyone else really not know how he got his pic up there or is it just me? You regulars need to step it up – put your pic up – Junior, James, Lori, Rashit Flawless, Jesse – and when you figure out how to do it – post it. I REALLY want to know what STEVE looks like. No Steve – with your pants up – thank you.

    Also – this would be a kick ass contest – who is the first follower of Need4Sheed to be cartooned?!


    It was funny watching all those Cleveland fans cry and burn LBJ jerseys.


    I cant wait to see the Cavs come in last place without their precious ” KING “

  92. Magoo

    still a string bean, but apparently he added ten pounds…

    Detroit Pistons Links: Austin Daye is bigger, stronger than last season

  93. daddy

    joe is waiting to see how the team plays. we never really saw the full potential of the team due to injuries. when we get 15 or 20 games under we will see what we need the most and who is expendable. dont be trigger happy thats how you end up with hedo or j oneil. trades will be pulled off especially after this free agency thing is over and ppl realize they made mistakes. Thats how we got sheed for “tire money”

  94. terry

    The Pistons will win 45-55 games next season, there I said it. Lebron is just wack, the Heat will probably win a few rings now, but I just hope they get knocked out this year so I can laugh. In a perfect world they lose next year too. I like how Gilbert called Lebron out even if it’s just out of bitterness. Lebron obviously quit on the team the past two seasons in the playoffs. He wants the rings to fall into his lap easily like his endorsements because he has no heart to back up all that skill. I got more respect for Wade and Bosh than the queen, but just a little. In some strange way I feel for the fans in Cleveland, I didn’t think I would, but it’s like wanting to see some one go down because of their cocky attitude but when they do you just can’t feel the satisfaction. Amare must be feeling kinda dumb right now.

  95. junior

    @Steve 116 games lost to injury = 27-55. . . . nuff said.

  96. junior

    ya i want my pic up too, EDT how did you do it? oh and i think Steve looks like a giant penis.

  97. terry

    I’m something like what you call a purist. I like Joe D’s philosophy of trying to put quality players at every position and building a rock solid TEAM, rather than trying to brown nose super star divas with max contracts. To me a player does not care about winning rings if he’s demanding half of the team’s salary goes to him. It’s funny how Lebron said his move was about winning while if he would’ve resigned with the Cavs for less money they could’ve kept their team in place and brought in yet another star player to an already great team. The Pistons to me had one of the best if not the best championship wins in NBA history. They knocked off a so called dream team in the Lakers, it would be beautiful to see them do it again this time to the super Heat.

  98. DD3

    Here’s my take on Joe D. Love the guy. Loved him as a player, love him as a GM. But it is unconditional. he has made so many KEY mistakes it isn’t funny. But I love his intentions.Keep us in contention while staying out of the luxary tax & pretty much out of the media. It’s worked so well for so many years. Signing high character guys willing to play rolls but that are tough. I think winning the championship so fast after Signing Sheed messed us up. It took the chip away. The anger each player had for not being taken seriously left & they all got an overly cocky swagger. From Larry “See ya in NY” Brown, to Ben “Gotta get my money now in Chi” Wallace, they all got cocky & tried to win elsewhere. The only real warrior through it all was Dice! He stayed hungry. I hope he gets a ring before he calls it quits. DICE GO TO LA!!!!

    Anyway back to Joe, I am just frustrated because he swore we’d be busy this Summer. I am sure he isn’t throwing darts at a board or fishing with his family. I know he is TRYING to be busy. But we are the only team not mentioned in any of the trades or FA signings. Now that Lee is headed to GSW, there really is no one good left in FA. So now what? We need a Center. We are a team full of combo guard/combo fwd/way too soft PF’s. No real bangers. No real point man. No real leader on this young team. I agree we will be better, but if we don’t make a trade soon, we will finish well under 500 for the 3rd season in a row. this is NOT a good team.

    Big Ben

    That’s a 40 win team if we are LUCKY!

  99. Junior29


  100. junior

    ughhh i tried to login as au user in the forum as junior29 and set a pic but i dont think it worked i still have no pic

  101. N1ck

    @ DD3

    100% with your post man.

  102. NJ

    Terry sorry but your an idiot, Pistons beat yeah the lakers when they weren’t but they also beat an old lakers team with no bench, with might I add got lucky to get by the spurs. Pistons were young fast and oh had a bench and people coming off such as players like an Okur, williamson, and a Mike James who all left the following year, and it showed when they couldn’t repeat. and then get knocked out of the playoffs by the Heat, Cavs and Boston. Pistons couldn’t deal with Wade, or LBJ, nor the big three in Boston, and Bostons big three are not even in their prime!!!! Wade Bosh and LBJ are all in their prime 25yr olds which the league has never seen 3 top players in the league be on one team, I can’t wait to watch them play, how are you going to hate on LeBron when he knew winning a chamionship in Cleveland was unlikely, the rest of the Cavs team is horrible, and if there so great lets see how they do this year with LeBron and see how great that team is, I bet the Pistons can even beat them now, unlike them not last year and the Pistons are horrible, lol.

  103. NJ

    I meant to say lets see how the cavs do without Lebron and see how great they are, sorry. and Bosh maybe not the top top player, but he’s definetly, one of the top players in the league and worth having on a team.

  104. JJ33

    this LeBron James-Dwyane Wade-Chris Bosh formation is a big deal. It makes Paul Pierce-Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen look positively quaint by comparison. That was a reach. This is power-broking galore. I know that brands and legacies have been tarnished, but that’s an old paradigm. Who knows how this will affect these narratives down the road? Haven’t we complained for years that no one can step out of Jordan’s shadow? Well, this is real innovation. It’s uncharted waters; we have no idea how history will judge it.

    I know that Joe has something in his sleeve to stay relevant in the East..
    I Trust Joe D!

  105. edt

    junior click on “Forum” at the top of the page and register

  106. rai_from_the_philippines

    Pistons won vs LA in the summer league 89-84 after trailing by 10 at halftime. GO PISTONS!!!

  107. terry

    No need to apologize to me NJ. That’s like me saying sorry NJ but you’re a dumb ass. While I agree the Lakers additions where a bit over the hill, I made the comparison because like the heat they where being sized for rings before the season even started. I give Boston more credit because the built that team through the draft and trades. The gay trio however had this all planned out in their secret little closet meetings so they can win ten championships in a row. Like I said before, no true super star worth their salt ever felt they had to do something like that to win championships. Like I said Lebron is wack for that and doesn’t deserve a ring. I just calls it likes I sees it. If that’s what you like go be a Miami fan like the rest of those overnight, fair weather, band wagon riding, watered down fakers that like that type o garbage. I’ll stick to my “horrible” Pistons.

  108. Drew

    I was wondering about the summer league. Somebody needs to update us on this site.

  109. NJ

    Ummm alright I guess, but ahhhh teams are sized up before Championships no matter what sport your talking about, espn has done it with the NFL already, and yeah maybe they did talk to each other but its also smart, they’re taking less money to do it, sacrificing their own careers to do it. Maybe more players in the league should be the same way. You have no idea or anything about it because you’ll never be in that situation, as like alot of others won’t. So its easy for you to sit there and criticize that. Your only as good as the team around you is. Lebron didn’t fail Cleveland, Dan Gilbert did by getting players that weren’t great. And its going to show next year. You can’t win Championships with just one great player, and neither Bird, Magic, or Jordan did it by themselves. Funny thing is you know how good Lebron, Wade, and Bosh are, and you have to give credit to the front office of the Heat for that. If the Pistons woulda pulled it off I’m sure you would have been all for it, and your right, I do have a choice on who to cheer for, that’s my right. I’m not just a fan of a particular team but a fan of the game, and yea I will watch Miami play more than the Pistons, kidding me there going to be fun to watch, this year.

  110. KG

    just to let you know streams the summer league games and has them available to rewatch if you couldnt catch them when they aired. just an FYI for my Need4Sheeders lol

  111. STEVE


  112. Kory

    I really hope we re-sign Will Bynum, but if he wanted to leave us and sign with the Heat for the minimum, that guy would be an amazing fit down there.

  113. terry

    Well, I guess we agree on one thing NJ. I am also a fan of professional basketball. I don’t hate on any team that beats my home squad, but believe me I never wanted, will never want Queen James on my team. I understand why you like Lebron so much he has phenomenal basketball skills, but he did fail in Cleveland. It’s not Gilbert’s fault Lebron quit against Orlando then showed his true lack of character walking off pouting because he wouldn’t trust any of his team mates to take big shots. Then what did Gilbert do? He kept a core in place that had already went to the finals and added Shaq and Antawn Jamison, and if James would’ve stuck it out for less money like what he took in Miami they would’ve added another quality player. Gilbert showed his commitment to winning, but the Queen showed his true lack of heart when he gave up and rolled over against Boston. Remember when the Pistons were down 3-1 against Orlando? The truth is Lebron quit and you know it, hell we all “witnessed” it. Lebron went to Miami to try to hide that fact. I do not want quitters on my squad no matter how much skill they have. If the Pistons come in next season with a chip on their shoulder and fight for every possession I’ll watch every game win or lose. I’m not trying to watch Miami more than the couple times they blow Detroit out, it would just make me feel dirty.

  114. Drew

    Well I’m confident we’re gonna be better than the Cavaliers and Raptors next year, at least. Probably the Knicks too; Amare wasn’t enough.

    On another note, why don’t we just trade Tayshaun straight up for Bayless. Portland needs a small forward BADLY.

  115. Greg

    well said Terry

  116. xxx

    Source says Cavs are especially looking at young players who have failed to live up to potential, could be had cheap, and may still develop. ROFLMAO…look at them trying to be our 2004 champions.. Yea cavs fan good luck on the rubber check Dan wrote about getting a ring we see your wish ring and raise you 1 real one GO PISTONS!! Don’t forget to check out our summer team Joe has something under his hard hat…

  117. pistons 4 life

    @terry: You say you don’t want quitters on your team but we’ve had plenty of them in the last couple of years. Joe pretty much came flat out and said that they quit in 08 when Boston beat us to close us out. Don’t you remember? That’s why the Billups trade went down and started this whole wrecking ball, because Joe had seen enough. And lets not forget about AI!!!! He never quit.

    I don’t understand all the criticism about Lebron leaving CLE. So the guy has a chance to play with two other great players and he took advantage of it. Who cares. Dan Gilbert is just pissing and moaning because he knows his team is going to suck ass next year. I think it’s funny how you never heard one lick about the Cavs saying LBJ quit until he decides to leave. If he would have resigned with the Cavs Dan Gilbert would kissing his ass all the way to the press conference. It’s just sports. As much as we like to think/hope that there is any loyalty involved in it, there just isn’t. (Ben Wallace anyone, even though he’s back now) The guy ended up leaving because he had no confidence in the Cavs ability to build a championship team around him. So why not go where your best chances are?

    There’s no rule that says every team can only have one great player. Miami put themselves into a great position to get 3 max guys and it payed off. If Joe could ever pull something like that off everyone here would be ecstatic.

    Okay, I’m done blabing now.

  118. Amer-ican Prince

    i really REALLY think dwade lebron cbosh is going to be a lot more hype then actual results

    as for us i hope we get a point guard (rafer alston, mike bibby, or derek fisher) and rafer took orlando to the finals dont knock him jameer nelson came back and they couldnt get back there

    and a big man who plays big not too many out there though that are available.

  119. Seto

    Hey,don´t argue about Cavs or Heat….this article is about Pistons and their free agency. I think Joe should take Joel Przybilla, the best C left in free agency…not great player but strong rebounder and defender, that´s great for us…and than trade Rip + Wilcox or Max for another big man if it´s possible….we don´t need Tay as much as in the past years,but Joe should hold on to him,his expiring contract will be worth gold in february

  120. James (Australia)

    I just want to correct a misunderstanding quickly. If James took a paycut in Cleveland it would have been irrelevant, they would already be over the cap so could only use the MLE to add a quality player. The new “Big Three” taking pay cuts in Miami is necessary so that Miami can put some OK role players around them.

    I couldn’t care less where the players went. All I knew was that they weren’t coming to Detroit. Miami are not guaranteed any championships and I think teams will have an extra incentive when playing against them to try and knock them off.

    Don’t want to read too much into the Summer League, but how good is Austin Daye going! He looks really confident. If he plays with the same confidence in the playing time he will get in the NBA, he can become a solid rotation player.

  121. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    I can’t wait Joe to do something, but I do know that if we’ll have someone new here it would be cuz of a trade.
    No FA will go to the Pistons when there are so many teams with big money and Miami who want to sign the best of the rest FAs for nothing (I mean for a chance to win immediately)

  122. rai_from_the_philippines

    Detroit won vs GSW today 89-69.. WTG Daye!!! Go Pistons

  123. RushRapeReloadREPEAT


  124. terry

    Look, I never said there wasn’t quitters on the Pistons Rasheed for 3 Wallace, and come on baby I need to roll a Fiverson are definitely two of them. I simply said I didn’t want them on the pistons. I’m not criticizing Lebron for leaving Cleveland, how he left was pretty wack but I would’ve been more surprised if he stayed, and no I would not be happy If Joe gutted the Pistons for three players. You’re right Seto Przybilla would be nice, but we definitely need to trade for an impact player as well. I like Joe D’s model of building a complete team. He’s not been perfect in the execution part of that plan, and our temporary owners interference last year didn’t help, but I like that mentality. I want to see Q utilize the entire roster or at least a 10 man rotation. We got some talented young players that deserve playing time like Daye, Summers, and White. Regardless of what DD3 says, I think we DO have a good team, it’s just a bit incomplete as it stands. I also believe that Ben Gordan and yes Charlie V. WILL be far better than they were last year. I’m afraid that Rip’s career in Detroit is R.I.P. He had a great run here but he’s kind of in the way now, and Joe’s gotta move him before another injury makes it impossible to get something decent for him. This is just a thought unpopular though it may be, but there is going to be another wave of nice free agents next year too so Joe might have to stand pat for 1 more season. Tay and Wilcox’s money comes off the books and Rip would look a bit more attractive with 1 less year on his contract, but that might not be an issue with how these free agents are getting paid these days. I say that to say all is not lost if Joe can’t pull something off this off season though it won’t be for lack of trying.

  125. junior

    u two give it a rest players quit on every team and we dont want them. enough said. ali bazzi, i dont even want to know how long it took you to get that trade to work but get real.

  126. Amer-ican Prince

    ali bazza i doubt chicago is giving up both derek rose and joakim noah

    the denver might make sense sort of but why would joe d go after carmelo after he said they were comitted to toughness?

  127. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    ali bazzi must be joking)))
    That’s kind of the most unfair deal ever)))
    If anything like that took place in the NBA, I’d thought these GMs are insane and make their descisions via lotto or playstation games)

  128. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    DETROIT — Ben Wallace says he’ll sign a two-year contract soon with the Detroit Pistons.

    Wallace told The Associated Press on Sunday he heard from a lot of teams, but agreed to a two-year deal about a week ago because he wants to retire with the Pistons. He’ll make $1.9 million each season.

    HE IS DA MAN!!!

    He refused to quit and want to help this team again. Respect to the big fella

  129. Seto

    Yeah,Big Ben is back….Pistons heart is still beating :)!!!

  130. junior

    big ben and no injuries = 50 wins

  131. ali bazzi

    BREAKING NEWS: Ben Wallace says that the fro is back.


  132. Bugs

    I know this is off topic but i just needed to clarify something about LeBron, Wade & Bosh all taking less than the max deals they could of to sign with Miami. Now it was repoted that each took a $15 million pay cut which i think is really all smoke and mirriors kind of stuff. Now you don’t pay tax in Miami so i am guessing the money they would save by this would come close to covering this so called pay cut, so in retrospect they are not really taking a pay cut at all. It just irks me that these 3 guys make out like they had to sacrifice money to make it all work out.

  133. edt

    btw the reason lebron never lived up to his potential in cleveland is 100% pure coaching. I think the great charles barkley said it best.

    “You can’t play 1 on 5 basketball”

    That’s not lebron’s fault it’s a coaching error. The problem of course is that mike brown got coach of the year 2 years ago and it’s really hard to fire a coach when he wins coach of the year, even when it was a miserable job! Lebron played 1 on 5 basketball and all they got was a loss in the conference finals. Great player, miserable coaching job.

    I have never seen so many players just stand around on court and just watch. No movement without the ball, nothing.

    Cleveland loves to feel sorry for themselves, I’m sure all this self pity and hate for lebron is secretly making them all really happy.


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