Greg Monroe speaks

by | Jun 27, 2010 | 48 comments

New Piston Greg Monroe speaks to Eli Zaret.
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  1. S.J.

    Thanks for the interview, Need4sheed!

  2. Friggins

    I like him already.

  3. terry

    Demarcus who?

  4. junior

    greg monroe is a very nice person that is important, now lets put it together next year and make a playoff run

  5. OG Junior

    Gotta come up with a nickname…He sounds like Barry White. Barry White sang “Practice what you Preach” soo I’m thinkn the Preacher? Greg Vader? Greg Earl Jones? lol

  6. junior

    i like the preacher, only if he comes in and works really hard. it wouldnt be a good nickname if he didnt “practice what “he” preaches”. u know what i mean? if he has a good work ethic, i think that preacher works well. nice job, OG ME

  7. pistons 4 life

    Love this guys attitude!!!!! He seems mature and ready to play in the NBA. Hopefully he turns out to be a great player.

  8. Diogenes

    You can’t have a nickname before your second season – I just made that rule up. Think about it. The Matrix? The Big Aristotle (what the hell does that even mean???) The black mamba. These guys had to earn it. If you suck you shouldn’t even get to keep your own name.

    Ok one exception – if you come off of the bench for like three garbage minutes you can be “the human victory cigar” – “We want Darko, We want Darko”…

  9. KLE

    love the way he’s handled himself so far….welcome to the D Mr. Monroe!

  10. steve

    Ahmed.. old news you terrorist!

    and you guys really think anyone cares about this team? once lebron wade and bosh joing new york, chicago or miami theres no point in playing this game.

  11. Diogenes

    Who likes this trade? Prince and Maxiel for Brand? I know he was injured, had a bad year, whatever – think of what Arnie can do with this guy?! Ben and Elton with Monroe and Jerebko coming of the bench (or Summers). The numbers work on the trade machine.

  12. daddy

    i love this kids attitude seems like a humble person and ready to learn. thats what many kids dont understand there are plenty of systems and you have to learn the nicks in each system to be effective. you cant just put a bunch of good players and say we got the best team. i hope greg gets a lot of guidance from ben and jj.

  13. terry

    Trading Prince and Max for Brand would not be smart…….

  14. Ahmed

    FUCK YOU STEVE, i mean wtf, ur such a dumbass, so u think ur better than me for callin me than u fuckin cunt. ur nothin but a piece of white trash

  15. junior

    nat u need to block steve from this site, he is a parasitic piece of trash and doesnt need to be on this site calling people a terrorist becuase of there name. @ steve if you dont like this site or our team then dont come in here. we dont want you here to begin with. @ everyone else, just ignore steve dont post any replies back to him.

  16. Chad

    Amir Johnson: #songsyoudontwannahearinjail (bump & grind) r.kelly Yesterday.

    Why would we trade for Brand now when we could have easily had him and the #2 pick?? (Cousins or Turner)

    and Steve has a point.. we are pretty awful and JBL, Wade and Bosh playing on the same team only make us look worse.

  17. Lori

    Yeah, Steve should go bye-bye. He says ” you guys really think anyone cares about this team? ” Well, obviously we do, so if he doesn’t- why does he post? Why doesn’t Steve go ahead and ” joing new york”? If you can “joing” there, I mean. I’m originally from NYC and I’ve never heard of it. Maybe you can do it upstate?

  18. James (Australia)

    What kind of a supporter are you if you are just going to give up because another team has “better” players? How many times have teams failed to win titles when they have tried to buy teams as opposed to developing them? I don’t care what LeBron and co. decide to do this offseason, I will still be passionately supporting the Pistons. It will make the victories so much sweeter.

    Steve, why do you have to attack and insult Pistons supporters on a Pistons website? WOW! You are SO coool….not. Don’t waste peoples time or ruin their enjoyment of a great sport.

  19. Diogenes

    You guys are giving Steve what he craves – he is a masochist – he like to be trounced on. He probably has some lady trapped in a hole in his basement like “Silence of the Lambs”. “Put the lotion in the basket”…

    I don’t think he can be blocked unless Nat changes the format of the site to have everyone register.

  20. rai_from_the_philippines

    this one worked.. but very unlikely that it would happen. but for fun’s sake, pick this trade apart guys and tell me what you think

    pg – Stuck
    sg – BG
    sf – Granger
    pf – jerebko
    c- monroe

    pg – bynum/atkins
    sg – daye
    sf – summers
    f – maxiell/nocioni
    c – ben wallace

  21. hugeSTONESfan

    not a fan of this trade….rip is really valuable, we would need a sg for him, BG is an offense off the bench guy, and daye is no sg

    foster is not physical enough a center to gaurd our rim like we need… if we want to trade with the pacers, we should look at Roy Hibbert

    and also, no way would JJ start over Nocioni, and monroe is not a center, he’s a pf…which is why i wasnt completely satisfied with our pick

  22. Jesse

    I can guarantee you that trade WILL NEVER happen. Seriously guys, don’t even post trade ideas until you think about it from other team’s perspectives…. Indy would be trading the best player in the deal and two big expiring contracts to get two completely toxic contracts back… why? So they can move up to 7th in the East? You would have to really wow Indy to pry Granger away, he’s all they’ve got.

  23. J.G

    We need a solid pg. Lets see if terrico white can fill that void.

    Either rip or b.g has to go. prolly rip cause hes aging

    we could send rip and tay to new orleans for c.p and e.okafor

  24. Jesse

    If I were a Hornets fan, and they traded CP3 for Rip and Tay…. I would burned the ‘effin arena down. Seriously.

  25. NJ

    Doesn’t matter who detroit get there not going to be very good next year, or some years after that. To bad they blew all there money on players who aren’t worth anything as in Ben Gordon, and CV. Wow yeah there isn’t anyone out there that wants to come to detroit and play for a scrub coach, and some players who aren’t even that great. There all following the Lebron james and D-wade and all the other free agents that are worth signing and detroit won’t get one of them.

  26. Diogenes

    @ NJ – Such things were said prior to 2004. George Irvine, Teal, Ben and Chucky. etc. The Lakers were the nba “dream team”. We put that ass to sleep, but the dreams weren’t sweet. You bet against the D you bet against necessity brother – but we’ll take it 😉

  27. NJ

    Yeah we’ll see, I bet they weren’t making the Playoffs last year, and that happened. Trading Billups was the worst move they could have made, well I guess we’ll bring in AI which was just a god awful move, which should have never happened, hell we were in first place with just two loses at the time….. and now stuckey is supposed to be a savior point guard, please, he’s more of a one dimentional shooting guard who has no passing abilities and just drives the ball, which teams pickup on in the second half and shut down, and then he just turns the ball over and with all the talk about moving Hamilton, and Tay, that would kill any chance to even making the playoffs, but like everyone seems to think, they don’t wanna be here anymore, but who could blame them lol

  28. steve

    NJ i agree with you.. dont even bother argueing with these homers.. its natalie and a bunch of teenagers under 18 lol.. I agree tho this team sucks and they held on to these players too long and they lost their value if they even had any.. Stuckey is not a PG he is a SG.. but joe dumbass is too retarded to tell the difference.. Once this team gets sold and moves to pittsburgh they will start turning around because JOE D will be fired.. Cheers HOMERS!

  29. NJ

    don’t get me wrong I love the pistons, but until they get a coach worth anything, and a team that hasn’t got over paid players on it and that don’t perform, why am I gonna watch or even bother watching them, there going to turn into the lions who I just hope get waxed everytime they play someone, I do hope they get someone that’s great in free agency but I don’t see that coming anytime soon, most of them wanna go to team that has a chance on winning a title and the pistons are far from doing that even the playoffs are a long shot.

  30. edt

    nj all valid points, but I believe Joe D has learned from his mistakes, a mistake to trade billups a mistake to go for AI a mistake to get charlie & ben, all mistakes.

    But right now I like the direction the team is moving. I think we’ll be a fine team next year, and I really like Coach Q.

    Joe D has wanted to obtain AI since the early 2000’s and also wanted to build a team full of stretch players. I think he’s gotten it out of his system, and will get back to basics.

    Why do I have Joe D so much slack? Just look around you. There are so many horrible GM’s in the NBA. We could have the guy over at the Wizards, Ernie Grunfeld. Or the guy at the wolves, david kahn.

    Joe D has I think been one of the worst GM’s in the NBA for the last 2 or 3 years. But he has also been brilliant.

    As for not chasing after the lebron sweepstakes only time will tell. If Lebron heads back to cleveland, the nicks will look like fools. They only got 5 guys under contract and will be continue to be on the bottom for next decade.

    The hardest times I think are over, things are looking up again for the pistons.

  31. Jesse

    I feel like Dumars always used to be one move ahead of everyone else, but lately… ugghh. I’m disappointed that he intentionally gave up all his flexibility during a time when HE KNEW a ton of movement was going to happen. I’m not even saying he had to chase elite free agents, but if we had some wiggle room here he could do some things now…. sign and trades, get players for nothing because team want to cut salary, maybe he even could have moved up in the draft.

    As it stands now, all he can do is attempt to trade away Tayshaun (Who Dumars apparently believes to be worth more than a 20-10 big man like Kaman or Jefferson) or find takers for our bad contracts…. Maybe the Knicks will get desperate and take Rip or something… idk. It doesn’t look good to me though…

    I’m pretty much expecting Dumars to make a dumb move with the MLE, because he always does… too bad the Bucks already overpaid Drew Gooden, he would have been a good candidate to rot on our bench and collect millions for nothing…. And we haven’t even gotten to prospect of overpaying Bynum to be the 3rd best sg in a pg’s body on this roster.

  32. Amer-ican Prince

    well i just looked over and im surprised about how much im hearin about the pistons so far. So far ive read people saying raymond felton and brandon haywood as interested in coming here. Will bynum and ben wallace getting resigned possibly and ben getting a raise? what a surprise lol. another interesting thing i heard was that ben gordon and charlie v could possibly be trade options with cleveland, though theres not too many people from cleveland that im really giddy about

    heres one of the things i read on mlive with a bunch of links

    enjoy pistons all day

    oh and steve, im usually cool with people expressing themselves but you got to stop taking out your frustrations on natalie and other fans, ease up a little

  33. steve

    i didnt say anything bad about anyone.. i said this site is just natalie and a bunch of teenagers.. nothing offensive.

  34. Diogenes

    I heard we are going to do a sign and trade – Charlie V for Lebron – straight up 😉 We’ll have to throw in the rest of the team to make the numbers work. But Bron-bron can play all five positions – like bugs bunny – so we are all set.

  35. James (Australia)

    People don’t want to come to Detroit because it is not a glamorous city with all the marketing opportunities. I’m with, Edt, things do seem to be turning around. Sure, we still have an imbalance of guards over bigs, but if we can somehow move a wing player in exchange for a big then we are really on the right track.

    I don’t think Joe Dumars has been one of the worst GMs over the past few years. I think he has taken some gambles that have not panned out perfectly. As for sitting on the cap space for a year, Dumars is so competitive that he was not prepared to sit a year out basically. There was also the much bigger problem that he may have missed out this year, while last year, he knew he could get what he wanted. I still think it is too early to judge.

    Don’t understand the MLE comment. Joe Dumars made a pretty good MLE signing in 2002 if I remember correctly. I just don’t think the talent will be there this time around. Someone with cap space will overpay an MLE worthy player taking options away from the Pistons.

    Finally, unless we were getting a great deal for Villanueva or Gordon, I don’t understand the rumours of the Pistons trying to trade them. They were both injured for much of last year, we are finally getting some roster and coaching stability, and these players apparently are putting the hard work in to be better players FOR Detroit.

  36. pistons 4 life

    Joe has made some horrible moves in the last couple of years but I agree with EDT. At least we don’t have David Kahn as our GM. First he drafts Rubio last year when he knew he wouldn’t play for the Wolves, then there’s all these rumors about trading Al Jefferson (don’t get that one), and now he just signed Darko to a 4 year $20 million deal. What an idiot!!!!!!

    Someday people on this site are going to have to realize that as long as Steve gets reactions from all his nonsense he’ll keep posting stupid things. Just ignore him and he’ll go away.

  37. Amer-ican Prince

    i wish we could get mike bibby or derek fisher for the point, i think mike bibby might be available. also theres talk of shane battier and louis scola in sign and trade for amare maybe joe d could somehow pry shane battier over this way, as of now i prefer shane over tayshaun since tay stopped playing GREAT team ball long time ago and shane battier helped keep houston over 500 ball with both yao and tracy out

    the ben gordon CV rumors sort of make sense cause of joe d’s statement that he is going back to toughness of so its possible it could happen, but i dont see him pulling the trigger personally

    i think the differnence with steve is he actually believes what he says hes not saying it just to get a reaction at least thats my guess, i just think he got to find a better way to get his thoughts out

  38. pistons 4 life

    So here’s my question. Why would CLE. want CV and BG? And what would they be willing to give up that we would want? They’re not going to give up Hickson, who Joe could have drafted last year by the way, and I can’t see them giving up Jamison. Who else do they have that would be any different than who we’d be trading. Rumors are rumors. I’m just afraid that Joe will squash all the offers he gets because he’s gun shy for some reason.

  39. James (Australia)

    When Joe pulled the trigger on the AI trade, that proved he is not gun shy. What we don’t want is him to make a move just for the sake of it.

    Not surprised by Darko being resigned, but 20 million over four years? c’mon…

  40. VA Stones

    First off Joe has made some real bad moves over the years and should have be fired when he said C Anthonys are a dime a dozen.

    Last year Joe knew he had no chance at the big names this year that is why he signed BG and over paid for CV. BG never got over his ankle last yea and when healthy can shoot the lights out. At the end of the 08-09 season CV was a beast so he took a chance.

    Last year Stucky lead the team in APG with just under 5 which is not horrible for a slashing, scoring pg in his 2Nd year. Stuckey might not be the answer at pg but we could do worse. A young player from a small school who had the team thrown in his lap give the guy a break.

    Rip is a cancer and his contact sucks. Joe needs to find a way to get out from under the contract even if it to free up money the year after next. Then you have Rip and Prince of for 2011 season. In 2011 we will most likely end up with another lottery pick and money for a good free agent. If Joe plays his cards the right way in 2011 we will be back to 50 wins and a threat. Hope I’m wrong about the pick but i don’t think so.

  41. James (Australia)

    I agree with a lot of what you say, VA Stones.

    Only thing I struggle with is this idea of using Prince’s expiring contract for cap space. Unless we do a sign and trade, we are unlikely to have the cap space to sign a big free agent. We will be over the cap at the start of next season, we have to re-sign Rodney Stuckey – unless something drastic happens that means Dumars decides to let him go – and Villanueva’s contract is backloaded, I believe, so that will increase for the next year. If Prince’s contract comes off the book we will only be a couple of mil under, if that.

    Can’t see us finding a trade involving Rip that provides cap relief, but I could be wrong.

  42. Amer-ican Prince

    Va stones

    carmelo anthony = allen iverson just a little bigger

    joe was right to pass on him

  43. NJ

    It seems like ever since Chuck daly and the owner Bill davidson passed away Joe has made some bad new. Hmmmmm, yea I think joe was getting help from those guys and now that they are not here anymore its been hard making decisions for him without their help, just saying.

  44. NJ

    I meant to say bad moves, sorry

  45. VA Stones


    I we can trade Rip and let Prince go it will give the Pistons about 23 million next year. CV’s salary is 7 mil this year and jumps 500 grand a year for his contract. BG will make 10.8 this year with his money going up 800 grand each year. The team as a whole will jump about 2.5 next year still giving the pistons about 21 mill in 2011/12 if we unload Rip and let Tay go.


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