Thank you Joe… for Greg Monroe

by | Jun 24, 2010 | 47 comments

Well, I got exactly who I wanted to see in a Pistons uniform. With the 7th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, The Detroit Pistons select Greg Monroe from Georgetown.

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Video Courtesy of the NBA and ESPN

As for Terrico White…he’s already got a commercial, but do we need another G?

Hat tip to Need4Sheed reader Joshua for the video.


  1. Kerghan

    Just wondering if he is going to stay or if the rumors Cousins coming to Detroit are valid.

    I think I would be happy either way.

    Good draft Joe!

  2. rai_from_the_philippines

    Yahoo said Dumars is still pursuing Cousins. I say, trade CV, Kwame, TP/Rip for Cousins and whomever with the kings.

  3. altan ♔

    good to see another young player enter our core.

    R.I.P. Rasheed Wallace’s NBA Career

  4. PistonsFan4Life

    There are talks that the magic are working on a deal to trade vince carter and jameer nelson for chris paul

  5. ripcity32yessir

    Exactly who i wanted too! But why did they pick up another SG?! This is sooo stupid. ):

  6. adam b

    Very pleased/excited about Greg Monroe. But Terrico White? I’m thinking that’s either trade bait or security if we can’t match whatever is offered to Will Bynum in free agency. I can’t make much sense of that. Why not take a risk on Alabi, who ended up being picked up at 50?

  7. James (Australia)

    SO Happy with Monroe, I was so excited when Udoh got taken at number six, knowing that the Pistons would take Monroe.

    Second rounder is a puzzle. Either Joe didn’t see anyone else on the board worth the pick and took the best player available as trade bait, or he is looking for a backup if one of Bynum/Gordon/Hamilton are not Pistons next season.

    Hopefully this distraction will be over with soon.

  8. Lori

    Well, that’s good! I didn’t think Monroe would still be available at the 7 spot.

    And Sheed really did retire. I just read on NBA Fanhouse- “Rasheed Wallace Retires With Two Years Left on Contract”. I wonder if he’ll move back to Michigan?

  9. Richie

    I’m very pleased with the pick, but I’m curious about what to expect from him defensively.

  10. Will

    Couldnt get Cousins!
    Too bad we need a star not another role player.

  11. James (Australia)

    @Will. No guarantees with any player. Cousins or Monroe could be a bust. Hopefully, Monroe will be able to contribute straight away.

  12. Seto

    I´m excited with Monroe…If Cousins backfires,Monroe will be the best big of this class…not great athlete but still good and has real size and skills + is a team guy…for me the best possible pick…and White makes sense to me,I don´t really see Rip and Tay in our uniform when the season begins

  13. terry

    Excellent pick for the Pistons, better than Cousins, so if Joe is still going after Cousins I hope he holds to what he said at the press conference about not trading Monroe. All the Pistons really need is another big and another three point specialist to fill out the roster.

  14. Magoo

    Very Lucky to get Monroe at 7, I hope he stays in Detroit.

    White must be for trade purposes, otherwise I think they would have grabbed Jerome Jordan or Alabi.

  15. Magoo

    Although, Terrico White is the kind of Guard Joe D. likes.
    He can play the point guard position as well.

  16. daddy

    im happy with our picks i think joe d thinks will the thrill with leave due to someone paying him more than we can. monroe is not the scorer we want but he is def the best pick from the choices we had. if big ben signs with us he can teach monroe and give him some rest. siked on the season now we worry about trades

  17. Diogenes

    So correct me if I’m wrong (you will – bring it) but this guy seems like a Tim Duncan kind of cat. Timmy D is not the most athletic big – he is the “big fundamental” – good skills, good Bball IQ – overall good big. I’m not saying he is Timmy D – I’m just saying he is solid like that. I think we can count on this guy for a consistent double double – not 20 and 10 double double – but 12 and 10 double double – with 3 or 4 assists too. What about his D though????

  18. rai_from_the_philippines

    I can hear the pre game introductions now. ‘At Center! Greg Muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-Monroeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’ Wooohooo!!!

  19. JJ33

    Monroe is better than Cousins i think..
    Too much hype on Demarcus, he may wind up like Blake Griffin.. injured on his first year..

    I hope Greg doesnt be like the other Greg we know..

    Greg Oden.. hahaha : )

  20. Diogenes

    Look at Joe’s body language when he tells the press he didn’t draft Monroe “just to trade him”. He’s not comfortable. Same kind of nervous reaction when asked if he’s “under any restrictions”. If it’s true and Mrs. D is selling this team – Joe will be free – and that is big. She assures the press that it will be before the season starts. Joe needs latitude to function. I read somewhere that he had a deal to bring Boozer to the D but Mrs. D squashed it – to save a buck short term. Joe needs to have latitude to operate as a real GM under a boss that wants to win. I wish that cat in Cleveland – what’s his name?- would buy the team. He is a Pistons fan. He has the pyrotechnics and the pseudo John Mason – he is one of us. We need a Pistons fan as an owner – from the D – the form pounded out by the fist of Joe Louis – the heart from Ben Wallace and Kirk Gibson – the skill set of Zeke and Ty Cobb. Ain’t no party like a Detroit party baby.

  21. daddy

    he is expected to do everything that every player is expected to do and especially play d. he is a blocking center with good iq so i hope he is a strong def person.

  22. Jesse

    Don’t worry too much about the fact that White is a sg; in round two you’re lucky if you can find guys who can make it in the league. Don’t be concerned with need.

    As far as Monroe, I have no doubt he will be a solid player, but I wanted more. There is still a whole offseason left, but if the Pistons start next season without their stud frontcourt player for the future, then the last two seasons would have been a complete waste….. and next one will be too.

  23. steve


  24. Joe

    Monroe looks alright, but it remains to be seen if he can actually play center, or if he’s just a Lamar Odom type of player.

  25. Drew

    Here’s the lineup I envision as it sits now:

    PG – Stuckey/Bynum
    SG – Hamilton/Gordon/T. White
    SF – Prince/Daye/Summers
    PF – Villanueva/Jerebko/Maxiell
    C – Monroe/Brown/Wilcox

    There’s not room for both Brown and B. Wallace on the team. I forsee Ben retiring, but, if not, then we get rid of Brown or Wilcox. Chucky will be gone. And that’s about it as we sit right now. Even though Maxiell appears to be third string PF, he might get some minutes at C. I can see Max and Monroe playing a lot together, making for a bruising front line.

  26. Damien W.

    Honestly, I don’t see White staying on the team. He might be a good player, but we are VERY guard heavy right now.

    To Drew: I like the line up.. though; I’m not so sure about Kwame. More like:

    C – Wallace/Monroe/Wilcox (or) Maxiell (if need be)

    I’m pretty sure that Ben is staying for this season. He said it himself that he felt renewed since his return to the Motor City. But I DO agree with Monroe and Maxiell playing the 4 & 5.. Not the TALLEST front court there is, but it will have a lot of PHYSICALITY: something that is NEEDED in Detroit again.

  27. N1ck

    Nice, best selection (since Cousins was taken), hopefully it will pay off in the future.

    But, when I take a look at our team it’s clear…
    We need a trade cause with this team 20-30 wins is max.
    Easier said than done cause our players are overpaid and nobody wants to trade for that.
    Not too optimistic for the 2010/2011 I’m afraid… 🙁

  28. Swifty

    Just means we are going to ship some guys out!

  29. edt

    drew kwame brown is not a basketball player. He’s just a big guy that gets paid to put on a uniform. also jerebko is our #1 sf and stuckey is going to be moving over to shooting guard to maximize his efficiency, that’s why we got another guard. Ben gordon is going to be expected to play point along with white, we will not be able to hold onto prince, he is gone. if ben wallace is healthy next year he will be our center with monroe at pf.

    We still have too many shooting guards, and it may be impossible to deal rip. We’ll be better at small forward when prince leaves.

  30. Friggins

    Stuckey, Tay, Jerebko, & a future 1st round pick
    Chris Paul.

  31. James (Australia)

    Kwame Brown surely will not be back. Wilcox will – he had a player option in his contract. I think Ben Wallace is leaning towards returning, but even still, we need another solid big man who will be a part of the team for the next 5 years or so. Will Bynum wants to stay in Detroit, and Joe D wants to keep him, but the problem will be if a team who has cap space misses out on a couple of free agents, they may be prepared to overpay Bynum ridiculously just to get someone.

    I foresee a dilemma for the Pistons. I heard some journalist say that Dumars doesn’t have to trade Prince; he could just let his contract run out and than use his cap space next free agency. The problem is this: Rodney Stuckey is due for a big extension next season, so what money we save on Prince will be spent on Stuckey. Therefore, we need to trade Prince to use that asset; do a sign and trade with Prince; or resign him.

  32. rai_from_the_philippines

    we have a solid line up (2-5) for the las vegas summer league though

    c – monroe
    pf – jerebko
    sf – summers
    sg – daye
    pg – t. white

  33. Chad

    Get Cousins, keep Monroe, sign Bynum, trade Prince, trade Rip, trade CV or bury him on the bench til his contract expires.

  34. N1ck

    Too much SG’s & SF’s. (Stuckey, Gordon, Rip, White, Daye, Jerebko, Summers)

    No real starting PG & C.

    PF’s are underachievers. (Villanueva, Maxiell, Wilcox)

    Jod D has to trade even if it’s just a trade for the future. This imbalance has to stop. It’s hard to expect this season we’ll see playoffs. But nevermind that, let’s go forward in this rebuilding process & never look back.

  35. Diogenes

    Joe is going to get us a premier big – I bet. We need depth at the 4 and 5. I say we should sign Sheed for the veterans minimum though, for starters- is that possible if he “retires”? I don’t know – I’m asking. Sheed and Boozer should replace Maxiel and Wilcox.

  36. Sleepy Crayfish

    I was upset with the drafting of White at first — mostly because Ebanks was still on the board — but the more I see of him, the more I think he was probably a steal.

  37. Amer-ican Prince

    im not really excited about monroe passing ability as much as his rebounding , reason being that kuesters offense combined with guards who are less than willing passers means he wont touch the ball enough for that to be a factor. But i hope working with ben wallace will get some grit in his defense and reboundings cause i think that will be where he will succeed this year the offense wont develop too much this year (unless we bring in sheed to help tutor him one on one now that he’s retired ) haha

  38. Diogenes

    I think we should keep Tay -he is a glue guy, a leader, and a solid three. He has a super high BBall IQ. Who would be better at the three? Daye is not better – yet. San Antonio has had success by keeping a good mix of vets and young talent. We need some solid veteran leadership. Keep Tay. Rip can go though.

  39. Lori

    I think we should keep Rip. With Monroe’s passing ability, it’s like having a point guard at the post. I’d love to keep Tay , but with his expiring contract, he’s the logical one to go. I wish we could keep both of them, really, but I don’t see how. Too bad, because part of a team’s identity is in its veterans.

  40. Joe Dumars

    Lori..ur a homer shut up tayshaun sucks.. trade em all cept BG and Monroe!

  41. pistons 4 life

    @Lori, honestly I don’t think this team has an identity anymore. Hopefully they get one this year and it’s good defense.

  42. Lori

    @pistons 4 life, I don’t mean a theme, I just mean- you see KG, you think Celtics, you see Kobe, you think Lakers. You see Rip, you think Pistons.

  43. terry

    Rip has to be traded if this team is going to move forward. I would hate to see Tay go though it might be necessary. Prince has a high basketball I.Q., superior defense, and versatility, and I definitely would only trade him in a package that brings a big time talent back in return not for cap space.

  44. Mike

    White is insurance in case bynum leaves.

  45. edt

    Have you SEEN prince for the last 2 years? His back almost completely gone.

    If we dont trade him NOW we get nothing for him. If you’re a pistons fan than you must know better than anyone else that he is has not been healthy for a while and he has not healed up properly. I don’t think he has been right since 2006.

    If we dont trade Prince he will just get older and more hurt.

    If a miracle happens and like Ben Wallace he gets healthy again, he will play all the minutes and bury all our other forwards on the bench so they never develop.

    He HAS to be traded. He has value.

    Rip may not be tradable. But like everyone knows we have a glut at small forward & shooting guard. We need centers power forwards and point guards.

    Thanks Joe for moving in the right direction. You guys realize that his theme of a team built entirely of small forwards and shooting guards was on purpose right? He wanted a shooting team full of long stretch players that could get out on the perimeter and flat out score, but you look at the two teams at the end of the dance, the LA lakers and and the Celtics and what did you see?

    DEFENSE. The lakers didnt go out and get some scorers they got Ron Artest. The Celtics didnt go out and get some scorers they got Sheed, who played like a defensive fiend in the low post. Sheed is pretty worthless in the regular season but once they were in the playoffs sheed defended like a monster.

    Also, the perimeter shooting guys that stretch the floor, the 3 pointer teams, the Suns and the Magic, they got beat by basics, a strong point guard and trees around the rim.

    The Joe Dumars experiment in a team completely made of small forwards and shooting guards is over. We are going back to traditional basketball, and I promise it will be a lot more fun to watch next year.

    Don’t think that Joe Dumars accidentally built that crappy team we had the last two years. It was on purpose and it was a failure. Thankfully it is over. Welcome to detroit monroe & white.


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