Tayshaun for Jefferson?

by | Jun 23, 2010 | 20 comments


The Minnesota Timberwolves have been burning up the phone lines the last few days looking for a trade.
They’ve discussed deals to move up to No. 2 for Evan Turner, a 4-for-7 swap with the Pistons, and have looked at moving their other draft picks (16 and 23) to either get up in the draft or to add another veteran.
However, the most consistent thing I’m hearing is that the team appears to be determined to move Al Jefferson. According to sources the Wolves have offered him to Detroit for Tayshaun Prince this week and have also contacted the Pacers about their interest in Jefferson for Troy Murphy’s expiring contract.


  1. 313amare

    I like the kid and all but 3 yrs of a deal avg $14 mill on a reconstructed knee for Tays’ expiring contrived revived play and my 7th pick, lol. Thanks but no thanks!

  2. pistons 4 life

    Personally I don’t see why you don’t make this trade. Jefferson is younger and he can score in the paint and rebound. Prince has been nothing special the last couple years. His “great defense” on superstars hasn’t even been that great lately.

  3. VJ

    im upset the pistons havent accepted this trade yet. In a heartbeat

  4. Wonder

    i like Tayshaun,but the Pistons need a great post player to be able to contend again,, and Jefferson can definatly be the man. hes young and can play defense and score downlow. Plus the Pistons arent giving up too much, because the Pistons have JJ to start at small forward.

  5. James (Australia)

    I want to know if it means we get the fourth pick. If Minnesota is trying to use their 16th and 23rd pick to strike a deal, then no thanks. If it is their fourth pick, then we start talking. If Jefferson could give us 3 full really productive years, then great, but it is a big risk. We don’t lose a whole lot if Prince is traded – especially if Villanueva improves a lot to a point where he can start at PF and allow JJ to shift to SF – but is Jefferson worth it?

  6. JHigh

    Do it, do it now!

  7. VJ

    what do you mean “Is Jefferson worth it?” Are you serious? Easily in the top 5 centers in the league and second most underrated player in the L behind PEACHES. My only concern is staying healthy, but we have The Magic Arnie Kander

  8. dre

    They need to pull the trigger on this now, nobody thought McDyess was going to last as long as he did Kander is excellent when it comes to helping keep guys healthy I love Tay but you need Al Jefferson and Jarebko has proved he can start at the SF position if you make this trade it opens up more options maybe they can even draft Bledsoe the need a PG bad or they can still draft Udoh basically not trading him is the only thing the Pistons can do wrong.

  9. BadBoy

    They really could use this, hes a big banger downlow, the nitty gritty kind the pistons have been searching for, especially if we can swing the 4th pick aswell and partner him up with the likes of Cousins

  10. Shaun

    yeah if this is true then why the hell havent we done this!!!

  11. jannssen

    don`t give tayshaun prince he is a big thing in deroit pistons with hes teammate richard hamilton with another teammate!!!

  12. Will

    Do it now Dumars!

  13. Bugs

    The only reason why this deal hasn’t gone through is Joe will wait to see is if Cousins or Monroe is still on the board in the draft. If they are both gone then Prince better buy some warm clothes. Also the trade i have heard is T’wolves trade Jefferson and picks 16th & 23th to Detroit for Prince, Wilcox & 7th pick. By all means if Cousins and Monroe are gone then it is a no brainer. The only problem here is that i think the T’wolves will want this trade done before the draft starts so they can then trade the 4th & 7th pick to Philly so they can draft Turner. Philly could then select Favors (4th) and maybe Monroe, Aminu, Henry or Udoh (7th) or crazy as it sounds if he falls that far Cousins (7th). Just imagine if they got Favors and Cousins from the draft. Either way it is going to be an interesting day!

  14. daddy

    just like bugs dumars knows he will wait till the draft to see who gets picked where. you never know last min things change and ppl can fall in the draft. al is a great player i dont know if he will last though mcdycess had the work ethic and smarts to last in the nba. i dont see that in jeffereson yet. he always looks out of shape to me which equals lazy in my eyes.

  15. Jesse

    I’m not a huge Jefferson fan (lack of D, no leadership, injury concerns), but he does have one of the best back-to-the-basket games in the league. Letting that #7 go without getting a top ten pick back is hard to swallow…

    Even if Aldrich fell to 16, and Whiteside fell to 23 the roster would still look pretty sad, and still be without any real flexibility for a few seasons:

    C Jefferson/Aldrich/Whiteside
    PF Jerebko/CV/Maxiell
    SF Daye/Summers
    SG RIP/Gordon
    PG Stuckey/?

    Granted, that’s without knowing who is taken at 36, what happens to Ben and Bynum, and whoever is signed with the MLE. There is always the possibility that Rip could be moved too, I suppose… It’s an improvement, but not a team that’s contending anytime soon… Maybe the 6th seed in the East?

  16. DD3

    This trade is only worth it if it’s Jefferson & the 4th pick. If we lose Prince & Wes Johnson is out of the pic then we can draft Favors & play him with Jefferson or even have him as a beast off the bench with our more uptempo squad. But if we do this & Wes Johnson is available we need to grab him. He has potential to be a superstar or at worse a 20 ppg player which we will need. Rip is a # 2 guy at best. So we need someone who can come in & help us score. So Jefferson’s 15 & 9 board, Wes Johnsons possible 20 ppg, Rip’s 18 ppg Stuck at 15 & 5 assists & even if we keep JJ or CV in the starting 5 we look pretty damn good.

    Al Jefferson at Center (a shorter but proven version of Cousins, the pick we prefer)
    CV/JJ at PF
    Johnson at SF
    Rip at SG
    Stuck at PG

    Big Ben
    Summers off the bench. Please we still have the MLE & can possibly get a pretty good player that way. A back up defensive minded center or defensive wing player perhaps Raja Bell? Or try to get a defender like Jarvis Varnado with the 36th pick. We make this trade, I will like our chances a little better than if we stand pat & draft Cousins,Monroe,Udoh or Ed Davis

  17. DumarsFan

    for the love of god!!! please! haha. we. need. size. not tayshaun prince. do the trade straight up.

  18. Bestontop

    Are you guys nuts??? Al Jefferson has the best back to the basket game in the NBA. What does Prince have other than an expiring contract. The TWolves will not resign him, and some of you think they need to give up the 4th to make up some kind of difference between the two. This might be the some of the dumbest sports fans I have read on a blog site. You guys seriously think that Prince is so good to have him for one year, give up Jefferson and move back three picks in the draft. Go back and watch the soccer tournment. Some decent fans on here know that this would have been a good deal for Pistons and I am glad as a Twolves fan it was not made.

  19. DD3

    @ bestontop. You call US the stupidest NBA fans & you are a Twolves fan? Arguably 1 of the worse ran franchise in NBA history? Prince is an asset. Prince is a defensive SF that can score & provide winning intangibles on the right team. Basically a watered down version of Pippen. His numbers across the board are consistent from his 2nd year to now. Even in a bad year, he stayed around the same numbers. 14 pts, just under 5 boards & around 3 assists. The reason Min wanted this trade was because they know what Prince brings & if he doesn’t produce, he was a short term investment. As good as Jefferson can be, he has concerns. Health & weight issues, a bloated contract & the Wolves are desperate to get rid of him. If you understand how NBA teams work, the team with less to lose always has leverage. Detroit is the better team as is so Joe is dealing from a position of power with the Twovles. So he would not say yes to a deal where he gives up 2 potential starters for 1 that can’t even stay on the court for 82 games. That’s being realistic. So go back, read more articles outside of Minnesota & learn the negotiating process before you start throwing out insults.

  20. Rock

    Bye Bye Tay!


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