Lottery Hopes and Dreams

by | May 18, 2010 | 77 comments

Detroit will soon know its fate when it comes to their draft position when the order will be announced (tonight) May 18th 2010.

ESPN will air the lottery live prior to Tuesday’s Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. with the drawing itself to start around 8.

Here is a little info you should know before tonight’s big news. Via

The teams entered in the lottery, to be held on May 18, 2010, are as follows (note: the first three picks in the Draft will be determined by the lottery and the remainder of the “lottery teams” will select in positions 4 through 14 in inverse order of their consolidated standings at the end of the regular season):

New Jersey 12-70 250
Minnesota 15-67 199
Sacramento 25-57 156
Golden State 26-56 104
Washington 26-56 103
Philadelphia 27-55 53
Detroit 27-55 53
LA Clippers 29-53 23
New York (To Utah via Phoenix) 29-53 22
Indiana 32-50 11
New Orleans 37-45 8
Memphis 40-42 7
Toronto 40-42 6
Houston 42-40 5

Second Round Draft Choice order 36/37 – Detroit

So The Pistons have a 18% chance of drafting o top three pick, it could happen right?

Let’s cross our fingers for good balls Pistons fans!


  1. Ollie

    I know it’s immature, but I don’t really care, but I chuckled like nobody’s business at the last sentence.

    On a serious note, while it would be nice to get one of the top picks, there seem to be a lot of good big men in this draft, an asset we’re sorely in need of. So even if we end up with a bad pick it could be good.

  2. terry

    Either way it goes even in the worst case scenario drafting at 10, the Pistons will still be able to snag a big that can help them in the paint. This was simply a good year to be a lottery team. That being said however a top three pick will assure us of getting Derrick Favors or Demarcus Cousins (sorry John Wall fans but we gotta get big).

  3. The Fan

    Yoo hoo!!! Mr. Cousins soon to be in Pistons blue.

  4. edt

    never draft position over talent. if john wall is available we have to take him and then move pieces.

  5. edt

    ps last time we drafted for position over talent we got darko

  6. steve



  7. steve


  8. sadday

    #7 ………… 🙁

  9. ripcity32yessir

    WOW This is soo fricken gay!!! they shouldve just blown the rest of the games as soon as they found out they couldnt make the playoffs I said it ever since and look what happened. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. theyre goin to pick that stupid guy from Wake now and its just goin to be another darko!

  10. steve


    dumars a is moron… they went into half time down by almost 20 if not 20.. they came back and won it and everyone here jumped down my throat because i said they were stupid for doing so.. all these need4sheed fucks all say it was a “moral victory” fuck that.. i hate being right all the goddamn time.. im almost sick of this being right shit for once i wish i was wrong!

  11. Shawn D.

    Damn you Steve you took the words right out of my mouth!!! haha jk

    but seriously, the Pistons can go F**K themselves for throwing away the second pick in the draft in exchange for the seventh pick. All they had to do was lose the last game against Minnesota, and they would have had the lottery numbers they possessed today plus the Sixers’…meaning they would have gotten the second pick overall.

    BUT NOOOOOOO…they need to have that stupid fu**ing “moral victory” of winning the last game of the season against a Sh*ty team.

    I’m not saying I’m not a Pistons fan anymore or any of that bandwagon BS, but I am saying the Pistons are complete and total F**KING IDIOT!!!

  12. Shawn D.

    idiotS* lol

  13. adam b

    Last year’s 7th pick was Stephen Curry. Don’t judge so quickly.

  14. Shawn D.

    and just so you know Steve i was posting here saying they should have lost those games, especially the Minnesota one, back when they were playing them

  15. Hlmk

    7th pick, you can still get a quality big man with that.

  16. steve

    Shawn D oh no all these people on here say that was a great win and its classless to lose a game on purpose.. id rather be the most classless mother fuckers if it meant i was #2 instead of #7.. o well the losing continues.. cant wait to see these people cry all summer about losing gayshaun and rip.. god trade them all start over!.. keep BG thats it.. maybe stuckey if hes a good maid..

  17. steve

    May 18, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    7th pick, you can still get a quality big man with that.


    rather have a franchise player than a “quality” player.. fire em all!

  18. Wade

    your all negative fucks.. we need to sign sheed wallace.. and we got another championship. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

  19. Shawn D.

    True Adam, but last years class was a lot better up top, the only reason people like this one is because the media goes goo-goo eyed over big men that can play even at a role player level. And in my opinion after around the 5th pick that’s what every player is, whereas the top five picks have big time all star and all nba potential…muchhhh bigger gap this year than last year

  20. steve

    EAT EM TIGERS EAT EM UP!.. GO TIGERS!.. and i cant believe the Lions will be a better team than the pistons this yr lollllllllllllll GO LIONS!

  21. KG

    exactly Hlmk this is a pretty decent draft for bigs im not panicking or giving up like the other idiots on this site LOL

  22. steve

    May 18, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    your all negative fucks.. we need to sign sheed wallace.. and we got another championship. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

    Stop smoking crack, its bad for you.

  23. Shawn D.

    KG, I’m not panicking I’m just saying it’s BS that we should have gotten an all star or even all nba player, when instead we’re going to have to get a role player

  24. steve

    Who cares the pistons will be bad for a LONG time we will be in the lotto for the next decade if the world doesnt end in 2012…expecially with the Alopecia prince on the team..

  25. KG

    Agreed Wade well minus the sheed part lmao

  26. steve

    Shawn D is the only one here with any brains.. the rest are like Joe Dumars, Retards.

  27. KG

    i still think we can get more than a role player out of this draft where were at, but thats just my opinion.

  28. steve

    Im done ill be back on here to bash dumars for drafting another small forward lmao.. joe dumbass

  29. KG

    Actually don’t come back please and in no way am I a super fan of dumars believe me hes made plenty of dumb ass moves

  30. adam b

    I’m not happy about the situation, I share many of the same sentiments…but I wasn’t expecting a top 3. The only team that one the 1st pick with our chances was Portland, who picked Greg Oden.

  31. adam b

    won* the first pick.

  32. Shawn D.

    Steve, I’m pretty sure dumars won’t draft Aminu if that’s who you mean. Aminu is good, but I don’t think he’s that much better than ed davis or greg monroe.

  33. Jayg108

    Hope Monroe is available at 7. Good passer, defender, and can shoot jump shots.

  34. Hlmk

    I think all you guys are hoping for a 1 year fix with this team, not even drafting john wall would do that, no offense, just the truth.

    I think you guys need to look at what the OKC thunder did, throughout the years they’ve gotten good draft picks (and drafted well) to the point where they are now a good athletic young team that will be great in the future. Granted the Pistons dont have a Kevin Durant.

    You guys have the 7th pick, which is not a nightmare, players taken with the 7th picks include Stephen Curry, Eric Gordon, Rip Hamilton, Luol Deng, hell, even Chris Mullin was drafted 7th. Then again Charlie Villenueva was drafted 7th overall as well, but thats the beauty of the draft, hit or miss.

  35. steve

    at least detroit got Ndamukong Suh!

  36. The Fluidics

    Yeah, cuz that one loss would have meant for sure that Detroit’s numer would have came up for sure. It’s a lottery, it’s random. Just ask folks in New Jersey about how the most losses locks you that first pick.

  37. Pissed

    I’m soooo bummed, I know its a lottery, but we know now what the future had in store for the #6 spot, the 2nd pick in the nba draft!!!! And we blew it, for what, we didnt save any face by winning those 2 meaningless games at the end of the year. Oh well, “here’s to 4 more years of mediocrity”. I suspect theres no way the pistons will even come close to being as bad as they were last season, next year. Unless its just another year full of freak accidents, theres no way. That means, this was are last shot at an all star draft player. I hope to god we find some kind of amazing future talent at #7, maybe another foreign guy like Memet Okur. We should have let sheed go and kept memo instead and we’d have 2 more rings I bet. Damn hindsight, pisses me off.

  38. Lori

    Actually, all the Pistons had to do was win the tie with the 76ers to be in the 6th place slot. Losing games on purpose is pathetic and I can’t believe that anybody is still whining over that.

  39. #1 pistons fan

    celtics lakers final………

  40. daddy

    i thought we could get a better draft pick but im still fine with how we landed. it could always be worse. as far as steve goes im sure he is upset becasue the cavs were bumped out and lebron isnt on their team anymore. the cavs will be a lottery team next year and steve will choose another team to root for. anyways we still can get a good pick. I think dumars has learned his lesson and will not gamble as much. we gambled with a lot of players sheed, billups, darko, cv some have turned out and others havent. its the luck of the dice go pistons.

  41. Jesse

    Roll out the welcome mat for Ekpe Udoh, seems to fit the mold of players that Dumars loves to draft…. from a small school, smart defender, no offensive game (good passer though),not much national hype…. too bad though that he’s 6’10”, Dumars loves those 6’7″ power forwards.

  42. Shawn D.

    Actually Lori, they had the sixth place spot this year as far as lottery combinations goes, but they were tied with the sixers for it. If they would have lost just one more game they would have had it all to themselves, all but guaranteeing that they would have been the one that ended up with the second pick.

  43. steve

    May 19, 2010 at 6:46 am

    Actually, all the Pistons had to do was win the tie with the 76ers to be in the 6th place slot. Losing games on purpose is pathetic and I can’t believe that anybody is still whining over that.
    enjoy that 7th BLOWN pick because we all know dumbass i mean dumars will blow it on a undersized small forward.. this team is a joke im so glad its finally baseball season i couldnt take much more of that circus at the palace.

  44. edt

    what do you people not understand about probability.

    IF we had lost that last game. Then then future would have been different, air particles collide making different patterns, balls bounce differently, the dice roll and come up with different numbers.

    IF we had lost that last game, then maybe #6th from the bottom seed would have gotten a #6 pick and #7 would have gotten first pick.

    That’s how the rules of probability work. You can’t replay history selectively.

    Suppose you get into a car crash and have to walk home, and on that walk you meet your future wife. Then later, you wish that you had not gotten into the car crash, and you people think you still think you would have married your wife. You can’t selectively repeat history folks. Every little thing changes the future, including that last win.

    Losing that last game would NOT have given us the #2 pick. It would have given us a ONE PERCENT better chance at it.

    That said, I sure do wish we had lost that last game. Because #6 pick is a lot better than #7 pick this year.

    Here’s hoping someone (or some two) in the top 6 make a “Darko” move! It could happen.

  45. Jesse

    Wait, wait, wait… which space time continuum logic are going by here, the grandfather paradox from the Terminator or alternate timelines like Back to the Future?

  46. KG

    Why do you DBAGS even watch or care if it’s so awful just leave and dont come back you’ll do all of us a favor. KTHANKS

  47. edt

    i think in a joe dumars alternative universe ben gordon and charlie v are the two best players in the nba, AI is still playing at superstar level, leading, the pistons to a division title, and darko is the dominant big man, not dwight howard

    lakers celtics is gonna be a good series in the real universe, btw.

  48. Hey NATALIE!

    Hey Nat, can you please add some sort of “Like” and “Dislike” buttons, or maybe a thumbs up or down for after each comment, sort of like on facebook. I think it would be a good way for us to show our respect for a well written comment or perhaps our dislike for the lack there of.

  49. Wade

    Hey steve. I do not do drugs. I do not drink. I do not smoke. The sheed saying was 100% a joke to lighten all you ” tank or bust” peoples moods.

  50. Wade

    and KG your the man! You know whats up


    Sadly but some way Joe D will find a way to screw this pick up…just a feeling thats all

  52. James (Australia)

    Can’t believe how upset some people are here. Etd is the only one to have made sense, had we won the tiebreaker with Philly, then that changes the way the rest of time plays out. That is like saying, had I made that three pointer in the first quarter we would have won. No! Had you made that three pointer the game would have gone much differently.

    There is no guarantee with a higher pick, and there is still a good chance to find a great player lower down. I really hope we get Greg Monroe; I think in a couple of years he will be as good if not better, than Cousins and Favors.

  53. Lori

    Aside from Darko being ranked second in the draft, Kwame Brown was selected the number 1 pick! I’ve been saying all along that just because a player is ranked high in the draft doesn’t necessarily mean that they will have a stellar NBA career. Relax and see what actually happens before you go off the deep end!

  54. Shawn D.

    I still completely think the Pistons f**ked up their chances of getting a great, and not just role player, in this draft

    BUT you guys need to stop blindly bashing Joe D. His batting average for decisions is MUCH better than all the other GMs in the league, and I’m glad he’s the one that has to steer us out of this sh*t hole, rather than some stupid GM like the Timberwolves David Kahn rofl

  55. Amer-ican Prince

    im sad we cant be players in the free agency and i dont really follow college ball so i dont know the good players but i think 7 is just bout the perfect draft position for joe dumars he does well with finding gems in the middle of the pack and if joe d doesnt like the spot he could always trade the pick for someone nice. So not worried here.

  56. steve

    Amer-ican Prince
    May 20, 2010 at 4:27 am

    im sad we cant be players in the free agency and i dont really follow college ball so i dont know the good players but i think 7 is just bout the perfect draft position for joe dumars he does well with finding gems in the middle of the pack and if joe d doesnt like the spot he could always trade the pick for someone nice. So not worried here.
    and what gems did dumb ass find?.. please dont say gayshaun or maxiell.. they both suck.. please dont say amir johnson or walter sharpe or arron afflalo.. they all suck.. dumars CANT DRAFT.. get off his jock youngster!

  57. daddy

    stuckey jonas daye just to name a few recently

  58. Jesse

    When evaluating drafts you have to consider the value you get at the slot your in. Getting legit starters like Tay and Afflalo in the 20’s is a great value. Finding 2nd rounders that can stick in the league is about the best you can hope for. Amir might be the best 56th pick in the history of the draft. There a lot of players selected way ahead of Amir in ’05 that aren’t in the league anymore or that are barely hanging on… Julius Hodge, Ike Diogu, Sean May, Wayne Simean, ect.

    I definitely have issues with Dumars’ draft record, but its not nearly as bad some people are making it out to be.

  59. Mr. Anderson

    Dumars is not an awful drafter. He’s just subpar.

    Found some good guys in the late first, some not-so-bad guys in the second, and blew a 2nd pick with 3 or 4 future all-stars available.

    That’s the way things go.

    I think Greg Monroe can be a better pick than, say, Cousins.

    From my point of view, Favors is the only safe pick regarding big men. Cousins have issues, and the other are just not that great.

    But Monroe can be good or even great. I sure hope that he gets drafted.

  60. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    I hope it will be Monroe, I’m rooting for this pick since long ago, I wrote it zillion of times – it would be great to get Monroe here

  61. James (Australia)

    Dumars drafting ability will always be tarnished by 2003 when he drafted a project player, who many thought was the second best player in the draft. If you could remove June, 2003, Dumars would be known as one of the best drafters around – Prince (Steve, he is an NBA champion, all-defense team regular, olympic gold medallist – he may not be LeBron, but he is a Piston great), Stuckey, Maxiell, Johnson, Jerebko, Summers, Okur, etc. Every GM has made a draft selection that in hindsight he wishes he hadn’t, but that is the nature of the draft.

  62. steve

    May 20, 2010 at 10:13 am

    stuckey jonas daye just to name a few recently

    stuckey is a shooting guard horrible point guard.. austin daye is god aweful and weights 90lbs wet… and jonas is a hard worker but no talent.. got any other joe d supporters? ill bash u all day..

  63. raji

    Who is this steve guy? Completely inappropriate and classless.

  64. raji

    Don’t argue with idiots, they will wear you down and beat you with experience.

  65. Steve

    Wow nat you suck at updating this site you fair weather bandwagoner

  66. Diogenes

    Stene-o – shouldn’t you be setting your head on fire or stapling your nipples together. You suck Stevey boy. We love Nat for bring us this kick ass site.

  67. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    There are people with shitty nature, we call them rats in Russia. So Steve is one of those rats, always want to spread his shit everywhere.
    Steve, if you like this team – stop talking like a dull beggar, stop trolling. It seems like you think you’re the most clever guy, always tryin’ to be smart.
    But all I see as a fan is your shit spreading from your shitty nature, you cry like is 2012 end of the world, no smart ideas, no dialogues, just stinky shit from you, fella.
    And if you don’t like this team and all you want is have fun of us, because we are poor homers, leave us alone and go spread shit to the toilet, because now it’s officialy the best place for you to lшму with your thoughts and comments.

    As a supporter of this wonderful site, one of my faves, I don’t have to read your shit, man. I’m better than that. And if you mind, stop fuckin my brain with your “very funny comments we all know are 100% correct and smart”

  68. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    *the best place for you to LIVE with your thoughts and comments

  69. jes

    can we get a post goin about the possible trade with philly?

    rip for brand and the 2nd pick?

    i say do it

  70. Chad

    Bye Bynum.. can’t wait to see you lighting us up next year for 20/20.

  71. terry

    If Joe D is a terrible drafter than so is damn near every GM in the NBA. No one has had a perfect draft record, but Joe has been pretty good in my opinion. The problem has been with the coaches’ willingness to play them and risk losing. When given minutes all most to a man Joe’s former picks have shined, even if for another team. Coach Q doesn’t seem to have a problem playing rookies, though that may have been the record amount of injuries he had to deal with. Another strong suit for Joe has been his ability to make good trades (Chauncey Billups is arguable), so I expect him to pull off something respectable for Rip despite all the his-contract-makes- him-untradeable nonsense. Look for that when the free agency sweepstakes losers are more willing to make reasonable deals. Dumars has already said he was resigning Bynum so I don’t know were that comment is coming from Chad. You piston fans are becoming totally emo.

  72. terry

    and why are are some of yall bashing Joe D cause the Pistons won the last game? It’s not like he put on a uniform and hit the game winning three or something. That’s just dumb.

  73. James (Australia)

    Steve, you’re an idiot. Stuckey made the all-rookie second team, has been Eastern Conference player of the week twice – a position usually reserved for LeBron James – and is arguably the second best rookie out of that ’07 draft. Jerebko made the all-rookie second team – only the Pistons record stopped him from making the first team IMO – was Eastern Conference rookie of the month, and you are saying he has no talent. I question whether or not you know anything about basketball.

    Terry, great comment, mate, seriously. Joe D is rubbished because of Darko – whom he turned into Rodney Stuckey – but every GM has had at least one bad draft. That is the nature of the draft, it is very hit and miss.

    Joe D wants to resign Bynum; Bynum wants to stay in Detroit. Why do we think we are going to lose him?

    I’ll finish with this. I wouldn’t mind seeing a trade with the T-Wolves to get their number 4 pick and Big Al in exchange for the number 7 pick and either Rip or Tay. The Wolves want to get rid of either Jefferson or Love, and they need perimeter players. We could get Jefferson and Cousins in the draft – that just about solves the frontcourt problems.

  74. James (Australia)

    If we needed to add Daye or Summers to that trade I would do that.

  75. terry

    James, if the pistons could swing a deal like that they would be a force in the nba again. With atlanta falling apart and the possible demise of Cleveland waiting to happen, not to mention Boston getting ever more closer to a retirement aged roster I can’t wait to see Detroit coming in with a chip on their shoulder and a fire in their bellies. Should be interesting.

  76. Bret Vafiades

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