The Good, the Bad, and the HORRYble

by | Apr 20, 2010 | 29 comments

We went over the Joy of the Eastern Conference Championship in 2005, now it’s time to look back at what almost was.

Blame it on Sheed…we all do.

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Video Courtesy of the NBA and The Detroit Pistons


  1. ali bazzi

    thats how every second in the nba counts!! u get away from a shooter and then he drains a 3. so the pistons hard work in 2005 all came down to that split second where sheed stepped away from horry. it still haunts me to this day and i was only 10 when that happened! screw u sheed but thanks from the championship in 04!!

  2. Amer ican Prince

    i wonder what haunts pistons fans more. The horry three or that bird steal and layup against boston during the bad boy era. I wasnt old enough to remember the bird one though so i have to go with the horry 3

  3. PaulyD

    I still vividly remember watching Sheed letting Horray jack up that 3 with out any contention, and then I remember being pretty grumpy for the next month.

  4. The Fluidics

    That was Championship #4 being lost right there, no doubt there would have been a different outcome to the season.
    Still can’t blame sheed though, nobody plays perfect, all the time. Coach was still shopping jobs, and the rest of the guys would still have too much swagger for the amount of work they put out, but I’m pretty sure the stones would have won that ring.

  5. Jesse

    In general, I’ve never quite understood why NBA defenses seem to sag off shooters so much. If everyone blankets their man, it cuts off passing lanes and makes players have to create for themselves. Whenever a defense collapses good teams take advantage and make extra passes.

    That being said, it doesn’t haunt me that much. Sure, it was an all-time bonehead move, but it was a great series (despite what the rest of the country thinks), Poppavich is a great coach, Duncan is the best to ever play his position and the Spurs were a great team, no shame in losing a close fought 7 game series to them.

  6. JHigh

    I know everyone blames Sheed for that, and I did too, but after watching this clip it looks like Tay was kinda late getting to Ginobli so Sheed had to rotate over.

  7. junior

    who cares? its the past we didnt win. sheed is a bonehead for way more reasons then that! im personally glad we can start fresh and have a new younger team. it might take a couple of years but we will be right back at the top. people can put down the way joe d has done things. yah we might have a couple bad seasons sooner then we would have had he kept the team till they were too old to win anything, then tring to rebuild. the way joe d has done this we should be back in 1 or 2 more seasons, instead of the 8 years it took last time when the upper brass left the team together too long last time. im sure you guys remember the teal years? lets not get back to that, and that is what joe d is trying to prevent. you watch what is going to happen to the spurs when duncan, ginobli parker and mcdyess retire in a couple of years they are going to fall hard. kept the core of there team together too long. with that rant off my chest. get a good draft pick and as always. . . . GO PISTONS

  8. junior

    and also i agree with jesse, get up on your man!! it does not matter if he has the ball or not play some damn defense!! like they do in college have some passion about it.

  9. Jesse

    Egaladeist, you suck.

    Junior, most fans agree that it was time to break up the core (probably past due), and understand that building a winner again will take time; the critical fans think Dumars’ moves are ensuring that this team won’t return to glory for quite a while.

    Personally, I’m frustrated that the actual rebuilding process hasn’t even really started yet. Joe tried to pull off a quick transition and picked the wrong pieces…. and paid them too much. Rebuilding teams don’t spend $90 mill on bench players and give Afflalo and Amir away for nothing; instead they collect young players and draft picks, cut salary, give young players burn, move veterans for expiring contracts…. many of which the Pistons failed to accomplished this season. And unless we hit the jackpot int the draft, I’m not expecting a big improvement next year, because I don’t expect Tay to fetch an impact big man on the trade market.

  10. junior

    i agree with the afflalo part jesse, why did we get rid of him? i was ecstatic when we drafted him i watched him at ucla he is a great 3 ball shooter and a great defender 2 things that we really need. amir i could live with even though he is a talent and we gave him away for next to nothing. also still young 22 ithink.

  11. daddy

    ill take amir over gordon anyday. first he plays d and he is a better fit for our half court style of play. as far as sheed goes on that play he had to roatate because tay got caught on the pick and manu was open. if he didnt rotate we would of bitched its just lame that horry had to hit another cluth shot. amir over cv anyday but it looks like we are stuck in these contracts for a long long time sorry guys.

  12. terry

    That was the play that should’ve gotten Sheed traded.

  13. Diogenes

    I disagree with this whole premise – one play does not a game make. If this play would have happened in the first quarter no one would even remember it. I distinctly remember how giddy the Pistons were way too early in this game. Sheed was the only reason we ever made it the finals at all – let alone to a game seven in 05. It’s pretty jacked up how you cats dump on him in return. He aint no Billy Buckner.

  14. Ryan

    Yes, one play makes a game when you’re up by two with seconds remaining and you’re supposed to play man-to-man defense to not allow a three point shot.

    Had they won that game, I’m pretty sure they would have won the series.

  15. Diogenes

    If one play makes the game we should scrap the other 46 minutes and see who makes one mental lapse. That cat can single handily take the blame for the loss and we can all take turns pooping on him. It’s easy to have zero talent and sit back and criticize these guys.

  16. ripcity32yessir

    i was at this game w/ my uncle, i was 8 and started crying lol we sat in our seats after that game for about a half hour… if they woulda won this i wouldve been able to see a championship vitory live!

  17. Amer ican Prince

    speaking of san antonio they are up 2 to 1 on Dallas, not sure if they have the tools to go all the way but im cheering for dyess for sure.

  18. Tycoon

    Spurs now up 3-1. Smells disaster again for Mavs. =)

  19. Diogenes

    Is it possible to trade coaches? I think Rick Carlisle is available. We could trade Q, a rack of towels, a bucket of ice, and two 9 dollar watered down beers – that’s about even as far as I can tell.

  20. Diogenes

    So I have a conspiracy theory – the morale of a team gets low – the team (players) holds management accountable for making poor decisions – the team wins games like the last game against Minnesota to strike back against Joe and a decision of poor decisions. What a statement this would be! Tank. Nah – I think I’ll put up a double double. Tank. Nah – it turns out I’m not injured after all. We slip from 3 to 7 and now the future of the club went from franchise to role player. It’s possible. I hear Oliver Stone is making a movie about it.

  21. Ian

    If one play makes the game we should scrap the other 46 minutes and see who makes one mental lapse. That cat can single handily take the blame for the loss and we can all take turns pooping on him. It’s easy to have zero talent and sit back and criticize these guys.

  22. edt

    q is a really good coach. the problem is joe dumars blew everything up.

  23. Brando

    I attended Game 1 in San Antonio on my 32nd Birthday!

  24. Diogenes

    Ian – you just posted my post – OR – you just happened to post the exact same thing. What are the odds – I mean it is theoretically possible – like the twelve monkeys who type randomly for eternity will eventually type Hamlet – word for word. What do you think? Very curious.

  25. Jesse

    EDT, out of curiosity, what makes you say Q is a good coach? I’m not trying to be argumentative; I just want to know what you see that I don’t. Other than Ben, I don’t think a single Piston played to their potential this season. Obviously that is not all on the coach, but it has to reflect somehow on him. I guess the only positive I noticed about Q is that he’s not Michael Curry.

  26. Diogenes

    I think Q needs to go back to Sesame Street – they’re missing a letter of the day. Number 3 is also on the wrong jersey. Charlie V plays defense like Telley.

  27. Jonathan

    Is it possible to trade coaches? I think Rick Carlisle is available. We could trade Q, a rack of towels, a bucket of ice, and two 9 dollar watered down beers – that’s about even as far as I can tell.

  28. Diogenes

    I don’t get it – why are you cats re-posting my posts?


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