Amir Steals the Show

by | Apr 12, 2010 | 29 comments

Need4Sheed Guest Writer: JOE D

This was a great game for Toronto fans who were hoping to see their team fight their way into the eighth spot in the Eastern conference playoffs. For Pistons fans, it was a feeling all the same, just another reminder of what kind of season it has been in Detroit. Yet another game for the Pistons to fight for the first quarter but cant hold it together for the full 48 minutes.

Final Score

Key Points 111-97

  • No Bosh, Dorsey or Wright for Toronto.
  • Pistons without Rip and Chris Wilcox.
  • Toronto came out firing, hoping to keep their season alive. And everyone on that bench made their presence felt.
  • It was close for the first quarter, until the Raptors outscored Detroit by 14 in the second.
  • Every time The Pistons made a run Toronto made the right plays to push the lead even further.
  • My man Amir Johnson stuck it to his former team tonight, scoring a career-high 26 points adding two rebounds and a blocked shot.

Photo/Getty Images

  • Is it just me, or do the refs favor everyone except The Pistons?
  • The Raptors shot a scorching 61% from the floor, and 64% from behind the long line.
  • Board War tied 34-34
  • Ben Gordon lead the Pistons again with 24 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Nice ruby red slippers by the way Ben.

Photo/Getty Images

  • The Raptors had 34 assists, and a career high 12 from Jarret Jack.
  • Great block by Will Bynum in the first quarter. This one brought the house down, dare I say Bymumite!

[flashvideo file= /]
Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons

  • Season sweep for Toronto against the Pistons this year.
  • First time Detroit hasn’t won 30 games since the 1994-’95 season.
  • Largest lead by Toronto was 22 points. 4 for the Pistons.
  • Detroit had 11 offensive rebounds to Toronto’s 4.
  • Toronto ended a four game losing streak.
  • Andrea Bargnani went off tonight scoring 33 points going 5 for 6 from behind the arc. The man barley touched the rim all night.
  • The Pistons shot a dismal 29% from behind the arc, there’s definitely no way to win doing that.
  • Charlie V scored 16 off the bench tonight, nice night tonight out of Charlie we’re starting to see some consistency out of him and Benny G.
  • 37 assists for Toronto tonight, they played some great basketball with their backs against the wall.
  • The Pistons are slashing prices for next seasons tickets, up to 10-50% off all seats!
  • I guess Charlie V couldn’t come through on his guarantee. That’s why there are no guarantees…only Guaransheeds.


  1. Tom LaCombe


    did you catch what Terry foster said to Tay? maybe you will here tomorrow or you can ask your boy Dery about it….Terry just mentioned it a bit ago on his Facebook. Hope you are doing well…


  2. N1ck

    Detroit season 1993/94 – 20-62, 1994/95 – 28-54.
    Love this team no matter what. Hopeful for a better future…
    And thank you for such a great article. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Amir is another nail in Joe D’s coffin of wise decisions…

  3. James (Australia)

    yeah, like n1ck said, I thought Detroit had some even worse years in the 90s after Thomas, Laimbeer, etc. retired. The year we got Grant Hill we didn’t win 30 games.

    I think Toronto just wanted it more, and all teams that have had good three point shooting attacks have beaten the Pistons this year.

  4. James (Australia)

    Oh, and N1ck – Amir Johnson had about 4 years to do SOMETHING here in Detroit, and never did. I’m happy for him that he is doing better – he is not setting the world on fire though – but he wasn’t getting it done in Detroit.

  5. N1ck

    True m8, true… ๐Ÿ™‚
    You just have to let go in the NBA sometimes I guess…

  6. steve


  7. N1ck

    Steve’s still off his medication i see…

  8. The Fluidics

    Yeah, I didn’t light any candles when Amir left. Don’t hammer that nail in Joe’s coffin quite yet.

  9. daddy

    glad to see amir played well but im glad he left. he wasnt fitting our system siked to see him playing well though.

  10. Drew

    Calderon, that’s why you use your left hand on the left side, beotch! Good job, Will.

  11. edt

    i’m looking at the mock draft, and it’s starting to look like we are gonna get yet another small forward either wesley johnson or al farouq aminu. the draft will be #1 wall, #2 turner #3 cousins #4 favors #5 johnson and we get pick number 6 or 7 where the best pick is a small forward.

    Maybe the balls will bounce our way and we’ll get a top 4 pick but it’s unlikely.

    Joe will have to work to get our big man. I have to say, I can’t feel bad about winning vs the heat, which makes all the difference in our lottery pick.

    It’s one thing to get a #6 pick and not get cousins. But it’s an entirely different thing to be known in the NBA as the “team that quit” for a lottery pick.

    It’s worth giving up a pick to keep alive a tradition that the pistons don’t quit.

    The biggest problem of our team is that Joe D has been trying to create a team full of stretch 2’s and 3’s which is just no good.

    It’s better if your big man can’t shoot a 3 pointer at all. Look at Joakim Noah. Here are his stats from the 3 point range: 0 for 0.

    That’s who you want as a big man. Because if he can’t shoot the 3 pointer, there is no question he’ll be in the paint.

    This whole season (and last season) were entirely Joe D’s fault. He created a team that was missing a point guard, power forward and the only reason we had a center is because Ben Wallace was 100% for the first time in years.

    He wanted to make a team full of mismatches, full of rasheed wallaces that can go down low and shoot a 3 pointer, that can dribble the ball and post up, that can play the point as a small forward or shoot over small guards.

    It didn’t work. We got a few months now to sit and “go fishing”. I hope Joe D takes this time to ponder his mistakes. Unlike last season, he won’t be able to make panic move immediately, because there is no playoffs for us this year. This year, he’s gonna have plenty of time to ponder what went wrong.

  12. KleenGee

    very funny N1ck

    I hope that if the balls don’t fall for the Pistons to get a true big (favors, cousins), I hope a trade will be arranged so that a big gets signed before training camp

  13. Jesse

    Afflalo becomes a reliable starter, Darko all of a sudden becomes productive out of nowhere, and now Amir has a career game against us….. What’s next, is Walter Sharpe going to turn into an all-star? I’m starting to think these last two seasons have been worse than the teal era ever was. Anything that can possibly go wrong has, and most of it has been self-inflicted.

  14. Janet

    It was a good game despite the loss, and I do have to say some of my highlights included the jams by Tayshaun and Jonas. Lets hope for the 2010-11 season will be less injuries and more wins too.

  15. Kerghan

    There are still a few decent big guys in this class beyond the top few.
    Try Monroe, Aldritch or Whiteside depending on what kind of player you are after.
    All is not lost.

  16. Adam B

    The Pistons will pick Cole Aldrich before they pick Al Farouq-Aminu. Joe said only in certain positions (lottery wise) will he pick someone thats too good to pass up. Al Farouq-Aminu is not one of them.

  17. edt

    and what are we supposed to do with cole aldrich? develop him? he’s a junior and still doesn’t know how to play basketball. Monroe I would be happy with. Why draft Whiteside when we already got Austin Daye who is further along.

    I think the truth is we are just terrible. Terrible. We need 3 or 4 players, so it’s too much to expect us to get good with just one power forward. Unless we got a top 5 pick, we are going to have to rely on Joe D to do some horse trading and rebuild the team.

    Our core next year is Charlie V, Stuckey, Ben Gordon and Jonas Jerebko and of those players only 2 are starters. Everyone else, atkins, kwame, bynum, rip, maxiell, prince, summers, wallace and wilcox are either leaving for a big payday, too old, or not good enough.

    Minimum we need 3 more NBA starters. I believe in Joe D though. I think he’ll fix this team now that his crazy experiments have all failed.

  18. Diogenes

    Hey Steve – “Steve” for “go sell crazy somewhere else – we’re all stocked up here”. You must have alot of friends man.

  19. Jesse

    I like (don’t love) Aldrich. I don’t know if he gets a bad rep because he’s white, or because he didn’t dominate the competition this year, but IMO he is and will be a starting caliber NBA center for the better part of a decade. He’s not a stiff, that’s for sure; he’s quick with his post moves, good defender, good shot blocker and a good rebounder… if it comes down to it, Cole isn’t a bad option, he isn’t a star, but he instantly provides a lot of things this team desperately needs.

    I’m looking at this draft in tiers:
    1) Wall, Favors, Turner, Cousins
    2) Aldrich, Monroe, Davis
    3) Wesley, Aminu, Patterson, Henry, Whiteside
    4) Donatas Motiejunas IS NOT AN OPTION

    If we end up in a position where we can’t get anyone from the first two tiers I’m completely in favor of trading the pick. Though we don’t need Turner position-wise, I still think he’s too good too pass up on.

  20. Amer ican Prince

    maybe will can teach tayshaun how to do that nice chase down block. Tay might benefit from adding that to his arsenal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. KleenGee

    I’ve liked Monroe from the start. Unselfish, intelligent, strong inside, good hands, good passing, but, and this is the tricky thing, last I heard, he’s staying in school.

    oh well.

  22. KleenGee

    Oh, did you see Sheed sunk one in the wrong basket, helping the Bulls win last night. Feeling bad for Sheed. Hope he finds some peace of mind.

  23. KleenGee

    I guess I should have written: “did you see Sheed sink one”

  24. Keepzitreal

    I can’t wait for a trade to go down in the off season….Rip and Tay gots to go ASAP….

  25. edt

    “Rasheed Wallace, talk about the game tonight”
    “I played hard for both teams.”

  26. Adam B

    “We’re just terrible” — haha, I completely agree with your assessment. A draft pick ALONE isn’t going to save us. We might want to sit back and get comfortable with a few more rough seasons.

  27. Adam B

    And Jesse … I hope Joe sees what we see in Donatas Motiejunas, nothing special at all. I don’t want a Bargnani twin.

  28. George

    I can’t wait for a trade to go down in the off season….Rip and Tay gots to go ASAP….



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