Late Game Thriller – Pistons over the Hawks

by | Apr 7, 2010 | 25 comments

Forget the fact that the Pistons just strung two wins together with their 88-90 victory over the Hawks.  This game showed heart and hustle from a team that was shorthanded and wanted the win.

Key Points:

  • No Rip, Tayshaun, Wilcox, Maxiell and Stuckey got hit pretty hard after playing 8 minutes and didn’t return.
  • If you missed this one, I’m sorry.  One of the best performances of the season for this team.
  • Will Bynum with a ridiculous HIGH and I’m talking high glass layup, and the made free throw had the Pistons within one 84-85 with 56 seconds left.
  • Then Ben Gordon took over.
  • Ben’s late game defensive hustle with a steal and two free throws to give Detroit the lead 86-85.  Gordon finishes with a game high 22 points on 7-for-17 shooting with 3 steals, 2 boards and 7 assists.

Photo/Getty Images

  • 43 bench points for Detroit.
  • Let’s not forget a huge three from Chucky Atkins with 6 minutes left in the game that got the Pistons right back in it.
  • Charlie Villanueva with some key shots, but the fact that Austin was playing so well, CV didn’t see much time.  Charlie 4-for-8 for 10 points, a steal, 4 assists and 4 boards in 23 minutes.
  • Ben Wallace wasn’t resting much on the second game of the back to back.  The fro-less wonder scored 8 and was a perfect 4-for-4 from the line with 3 huge blocks. When he did this coast to coast move, I about fell off my chair.

[flashvideo file= /]
Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and The NBA

  • 100% from the free throw line for Detroit! (16-16)
  • Small lineup for the Pistons gets them beaten up on the boards.  48 to 37 in favor of the Hawks.
  • Austin Day starts for Tayshaun Prince (out for personal reasons) played one heck of a ball game.  The kid played 44 minutes, and he hustled every single one of them.  Austin scored 13 points with 10 boards, his first career double-double, with a steal and 3 blocked shots.  I could watch him play like that all Daye long.

Photo/Getty Images

  • “It felt good,” Daye said. “I was surprised I was able to stay out there that long without telling Coach to take me out. I’ve just been working on my wind and it definitely paid off.” Via MLive
  • Game was tied at the half and the Pistons came out strong in the second half until the Hawks went on a 20-6 run.  Detroit was down by as much as 9 points in the second half, until the magic happened.
  • Will The Thrill! 17 points, on 7-for-15 shooting with 3 assists, and a career high 4 steals, a huge bucket in the fourth and another one of his signature dunks. Pure Bymuite!  Well..can we keep him Joe?


  1. KleenGee

    That game was so much fun to watch!

    I’m glad that the Pistons have more class than to tank one of the last home games.

  2. PaulyD

    yeah, the fans that were there deserved to see the team play hard, because at this point only the true pistons fans are still standing. Good to see a victory, but still hard to see our chances of winning the lotto slip down another slot :-\ None the less, a good game, and good effort 🙂

  3. Azure Acerbus

    agreed that crowd was loud even tho they were sparse, and they really got in to it, Nice to see that even when we have nothing to play for.

    And Pretty much everyone played well, Daye was impressive, not perfect but i like what im seeing from him.

  4. steve

    so stupid… good job on blowing ur chances at john wall. morons..

  5. Ryan

    It was so amazing to be at this game! I was there and had a blast.

    The crowd erupted in the 4th when we went ahead. It was so much fun!

  6. Drew

    I agree with KlenGee–exactly what I wanted to say. 🙂 I enjoyed watching via Glad I tuned in. You can count on me catching the last four games too; there could be a couple more wins in that mix.

  7. James (Australia)

    Steve, I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Look at the Bulls, Blazers, etc. who finished with much better records than the Pistons will and they got the number one pick. The lottery is just that, a lottery, you don’t know who will get a top 3 pick. We will have a good chance at getting a top pick, but even the Nets know that 3 out of every 4 times they do the lottery, statistically they will miss the top pick. We will get a good pick, just enjoy the fact that the Pistons are trying.

  8. Chad

    yeah lets win-out and screw our draft position…

  9. James (Australia)

    @Chad – winning doesn’t necessarily do that!!! We still have a decent chance of landing a top 3 pick, and based on recent drafts, it has been the teams finishing 5-7 worst who have won the first pick .

  10. Riv

    I still would rather see the pistons go out strong than wrong. If you pick wrong you could wind up with another Darko. Look what Memphis got last draft at #2. We are in range to get a good frontcourt player that will help us. Coaches and scouts have more information about potential draft choices than they did back in 2003 (I hope). Also, Will Bynum is one player you have to keep. He’s got Nate Robinson type skills without all the drama. When healthy, he fits the piston profile type player at a very reasonable price.

  11. KleenGee

    Mr. Dumars has a plan, and if John Wall would have fit into the plan, then we might have tanked. The need for a big man is greater, and if the Pistons get John Wall by chance, I hope they trade his immature butt for a quality big who plays at both ends of the court.

  12. daddy

    if we get the number one draft wall and trade his ass for a quality player like kleen said. im not buying into all the hype with wall i think he is gonna be another derrick rose. rose is good but nothing to build a team around.

  13. steve

    KLEENGEE… yeah dumars has a plan alright.. 35 mil on a no hair worthless big man who cant play D.. dumbarse is a joke.. he got lucky in 2004.. 1 title.. when we shoulda had 4 by drafting melo.. hes a joke.. this teams a joke.. this team wont get better with dumars running the team.. you are all retarded homers.. im going back to a real blog… i jus come to here laugh at your homer comments.

  14. Wade

    Steve keep talkin like this and you wont be welcomed here… were just trying to root on our favorite basketball team, not rip on them for what they do/ dont do. We have no control of that.

  15. Astrid

    Somebody tell me, seriously! Where did the chemistry come from? Can we keep it for next year? 😛

  16. pistonsfan101

    The video isn’t working..

  17. anchunger

    this shuldve happened 72 games ago…

  18. edt

    bill simmons

    A few episodes ago on “Lost,” something happened that made me think of Rasheed Wallace. Don’t worry, I can explain it without violating the Spoiler Alert Treaty from the 2006 United Nations summit. Character A was explaining to Character B that they absolutely needed to kill Character X. And the reason was this: Although Character X was already dead, he had an infection inside him that, if left alone, would blossom and make Character X a potentially dangerous force.

    You cannot heal this infection, Character A explained. You cannot treat it with medication. You can only kill Character X.

    Character B disagreed. Character X was his friend. He couldn’t kill him. He had to roll the dice and hope Character A was wrong.

    I am not wrong, Character A said simply. We are endangering everyone’s lives by letting Character X live.

    And I was watching this thinking, “My God, Character X is Rasheed Wallace! We let him live, and now he’s destroying everyone on the island! Why didn’t we take him out in time? WHY DIDN’T WE TAKE HIM OUT IN TIME????????”

    * * *

    click the link above to read the rest

  19. James (Australia)

    @Steve. It is very low to make fun of a guy’s medical condition. Also, you don’t get an NBA world championship by being lucky.

  20. Wade

    rofl at pistonsfan 101s video.. that is just.. idk.. im speechless..

  21. KleenGee

    edt: good find.

    I like this line:
    “Sheed is so gifted that during a Clippers game in December, he pivoted Bill Walton-style, searched for a cutter, froze Brian Skinner, held the ball over his head for an extra second and then casually banked home a 15-footer … flat-footed. Boston’s bench guys had an appropriate reaction: part glee, part disbelief, part have-you-ever-seen-that-before? I was sitting 10 feet away. Rondo even slapped palms with a teammate and exchanged “I’m glad we shared that together” looks.”

    My friends who are Celtic fans now know why I was kinda glad to see him leave (bittersweet). I was trying to reassure them that Sheed was brought to the C’s to take out Howard in the playoffs and that he’ll probably start caring when the postseason starts.

  22. junior

    The Miami Heat are enjoying one of their best runs since their championship season of 2005-06. With no quality opponents remaining, they have a strong chance to carry their winning streak into the playoffs.

    In yet another game with a subpar team, the Heat look to win 10 straight for the first time in four years as they host the Detroit Pistons on Friday night.

    FROM YAHOO SPORTS. really? still kicking us while we are down. GO PISTONS win this game show them what the D is al about.

  23. OG Junior

    my bad. Didnt see this


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