Heated Argument During Practice the Reason for The Villanueva – Daye Tweets

by | Apr 6, 2010 | 13 comments

Matt Dery of 97.1 The Ticket

I spoke to one Pistons source who tells me that practice yesterday turned in to a bit of a bickering-fest, with players and coaches involved (not unusual) and John Kuester even got some frustrated that he allegedly punted a basketball. …..It is funny how there are certain players on this roster who are consistent.. consistent in that they are always complaining and sulking about the coach, no matter who it is.

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  1. Darth_Icarus

    Wonder if Minnesota would trade Darko for Charlie V….

  2. hi

    lol @ darth_Icarus…. this is very very sad

  3. Jesse

    This what happens when organizations are poorly run.

  4. Astrid

    The quoted statement is pretty fickle. The only players going off were bench players who’ve seen a draught in minutes. Let the coach make some decisions in the long term. I’m tired of the “new coach per year” approach. :p

  5. Jesse

    I’m sick of getting a new coach every year too, but I’m even more sick of getting the WRONG COACH every year. Even though I never really liked Kuester, I cut him slack because he’s in an impossible situation…. I don’t understand why we have such a hard time landing a good veteran coach… Is it becasue Dumars never publicly supports his coaches? Does he not pay them enough? Is he impossible to work with? Because our players have a rep for being uncoachable? Or just because nobody wants to relocate their family just they can be fired in 18 months?

  6. SHH

    I’m curious who are consistent…my guess, Rip, Tay, maybe Big Ben?

  7. daddy

    should of signed avery he knows how to coach looks like we might be in another rut next year

  8. KG

    You people make me laugh Kuester just does what any good coach would do and thats play the consistent players like the big bens tays jerebkos stuckey etc.. For me Daye and CV31 have both been inconsistent this year maybe charlie v more than daye but I see where Kue is coming from. I too am also sick of the coaching changes and for one actually like Kuester. How people can judge a new coach after one year with a below average team with a lot of injuries is beyond me. Get the guy some more players that ACTUALLY wanna play for something more than just money.

  9. edt

    avery johnson has his entire record being that 2005-2006 mavs team now remember that nellie was the coach before him, and had the best record for the franchise history, with over 300 wins for the mavs.

    When avery johnson took over, he was put in charge of a locomotive going full speed ahead with dirk nowitzki.

    Avery got coach of the year, it should have gone to don nelson

    After his first full year coaching, the very next year he completely screwed up the team, he took away devin harris’ options to call plays, fast breaks and offensive sets were removed, so that Avery could micromanage every single play. Avery also quit using his bench entirely, completely gave up on barea.

    By the time the season was done he can completely gutted the heart out of that special 2005-2006 team and the mavericks have not been the same since.

    This is the avery johnson that Joe Dumars loves. the fact is avery johnson is horrible. He blew up a great team and took credit for someone else’s work to get his coach of the year award.

    The best coach today there is no doubt it’s the great zen master, over at the lakers. Phil Jackson is able to keep his team’s ego in check, to prod when necessary but most of all to keep a successful train in motion.

    It’s no surprise to me that Joe D loves avery johnson because apparently Joe D loves blowing up a successful franchise and avery johnson is exactly the same. If you have a team that you want to turn around, it’s not avery johnson you hire but larry brown. That’s the truth. But dont look for avery to took a job at the pistons now. avery only plays for teams that are already winning. He’s not a turn around a bad franchise guy. don nelson of course is now with the warriors, while avery johnson can be seen on tv making comments. There’s a reason one of them is still a coach and one is not.

    I like coach q a lot. I know it’s unreasonable not to blame the coach. But I can’t seem to blame Q for these problems, nor do I blame Charlie V or Ben Gordon. These guys are the same guys they have always been. If their shot isnt falling they got nothing.

    We weren’t even supposed to have Ben Wallace this year remember that. Joe D didn’t recruit him, Ben called him and said, “Hey Joe do you mind if I play for the vet minimum in detroit?” and joe was like, “Ok, I guess, you can teach Kwame how to play.”

    Joe D doesn’t even give credit for our best player for this entire season, Ben Wallace, that was a pure accident and would never have happened if the Suns didnt randomly buy out his contract in the trade for shaq to cleveland to make salaries balance out.

    Actually don nelson would be a perfect coach for the pistons right now, because nelson really knows how to work with team that has too many small forwards. but not avery johnson.

  10. Jesse

    I don’t like Kuester (as a coach) for intangible reasons, I’m sure he can handle the rotation and X’s and O’s. I just don’t think he has the presence or commands the respect of a great coach. Which is also kind of the reason I never liked Flip (although his rotations and subbing patterns were awful), he was always fidgety, awkward, and sheepish, players never seemed to listen to him. I honestly think his teams won despite him. Often teams react to the body language of a coach (which is why Magic players want Van Gundy to calm down on the sideline), and if we want to believe that teams take on the personality of their coach, what kind of coach is Kuester? What is his personality? What is his philosophy? It’s nothing personal, I just don’t see greatness coming from him. That’s fine for now though, when we are ready to contend again, god willing, I suspect Kuester will be let go a la Rick Carlisle.

  11. James (Australia)

    For once, I am totally in agreement with you, Edt, Avery Johnson is highly overrated who didn’t want to come to Detroit to ruin his winning percentage.

    Unfortunately, when I see the line “It is funny how there are certain players on this roster who are consistent.. consistent in that they are always complaining and sulking about the coach, no matter who it is.” I can only see this referring to three people – Rip, Wallace, and Tay, no secret that these guys have had the occasional fall out with like every coach.

    I hope this has the right effect on the players and we see some good ball over the next week.

  12. Kyle

    truth be told i don’t mind kuester. i mind cv and bg. it’s like we realized we were 20 bucks short of the full price of a Lamborghini so we spent all of it on a beat up ford escort.

  13. adam b

    Eh screw it. We came into this season unprepared. Anyone wonder if John Hammond was the real brains behind the Pistons? Milwaukee on the rise since he jumped the Pistons ship….and the Pistons are well, sinking.



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