Charlie V Says….(via twitter) + Austin Daye

by | Apr 5, 2010 | 24 comments

“This has been a very frustrating year, it just only got worse 2day, I have never experienced, in my 5 years, what I have experience this year”

After I’m sure quite some questioning by his followers he then replied like this.

“Let’s put it like this, I rather not say anything cause I don’t want to get fined

Finally we get this one…
“I respect Joe D so much, that I will keep my mouth shut, just needed to vent a little”

UPDATE via a Charlie V Tweet
“I’m over it

My bet is that we won’t be seeing Charlie Villanueva on court for the Pistons much more this season.  It’s been frustrating for just about everyone associated with the franchise, including the fans Charlie.


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Seems Austin Daye is also venting on Twitter…right after the @CV31 tweets.


“every1 I’m twisted (mad) right now but when I’m in LA imma work myself to death to try and get myself right for next year”

Sonthin happened to me today that won’t every happen again and I’m just venting right now but I’m twisted mad and and gunna b ready 4 r game”

An hour or so later…

“sorry bout my episode earlier but I think the only thing that could make me feel better is get up sone shots I’ll holla @ yall later”


  1. Shawn D.

    Austin’s tweets seem to have a different tone than Charlies’s. It seems whatever it was that happened to Austin was more of his fault, and what happened to Charlie was more of something that he’s blaming on Kuester. Austin can’t type for S**T though lol so its hard to understand what he means. I’m hoping that Austin is not blaming anything on Kuester though, cause he’s a rookie who hasn’t proven anything yet, so he has no right to bad mouth a coach

    • Natalie Sitto

      I have to agree you Shawn…he probably just told Austin to work harder and bulk up. Charlie is another story.

  2. Keith

    Agreed. I have high hopes for Austin in a Pistons uni.
    Charlie has never been one of my favourites ever since his days at UConn.
    Hopefully things can get sorted out in the off season and the team starts heading in the right direction again.

  3. john

    9mins ago from austin : Twitter sorry bout my episode earlier but I think the only thing that could make me feel better is get up sone shots I’ll holla @ yall later

  4. JoannePistonFan

    Not sure what to make of this. Hmmm…

  5. Amer ican Prince

    they are just crybabies.

    I mean we all know as a rookie coach kuester is learning just like michael curry. I dont particularly like the offensive sets of kuester or even the defensive but its not like charlie is making his job easier. And Austin Daye well he got some developing to do. Not too sure about him

  6. Richie

    Venting is Healthy!

  7. N1ck

    Well thank god we have guys who can tweet on our roster…
    Goin’ to work is another story…

  8. blam

    I wonder how players that play div I basketball and are 100% sure that theyre going to get drafted TO THE NBA are not already bulked up and everything. Of course if somebody is a PG and speed is all that matters then its different but SF/PF guy? Damn. Lebron was more muscular as a freshman in high school than Austin is now.

  9. edt

    i think charlie v and austin daye are just venting. it’s been a terrible season, dont read too much into it.

    There are only 5 players on our team who have played at a relatively high level all year, Rip, Prince, Jerebko, Wallace and Stuckey.

    I think the rest of the players know in their hearts that they are all underperforming. So while we got these vibes coming from Charlie V that show dissatisfaction with less minutes, he knows if he performed at a higher level there would be no question about his minutes.

    Our team is actually best when Jerebko plays the 4 (out of position small forward playing power forward), Ben Wallace center (older player who is having probably his last healthy year), Rip Hamilton and Stuckey together on the court who both play the 2, and no point guard, with only Tay playing at a good age and natural position.

    Joe D completely screwed this up. he figured out a new way to play NBA basketball, where you have two shooting guards on the floor and a bakers dozen of small forwards, which I guess the plan was to have ball handlers at every position and this means that everyone can drive to the basket from the perimeter, theoretically it creates mismatches at every position and with the new NBA rules, a skinny underpowered power forward will be able to draw fouls from the stronger natural power forward.

    Look for Joe D to recognize this experiment as a total failure. 100% pure cock-up. Watch him to go to 2011 with a natural NBA team with 5 players playing at their natural position.

    I think Joe has a love for the weirdo stuff, look how he courted AI for detroit because he wanted to make this team where AI would play 48 minutes dancing to the basket and the rest of the players would rest for half the game (with AI you only need to play defense since he takes care of all of the offense), or his deliberate strategy of never wanting to bring an all-time great to detroit, deliberately giving up on the lebron sweepstakes.

    He’s been using wacky strategies and it sucked. Which just goes to show, experimental stuff doesn’t work in the NBA, even with the changes in the hand check rules, the changes in what a foul is, at the end of the day you can’t create a good team made up entirely of small forwards and shooting guards. It’s been a disaster.

  10. James (Australia)

    I hate these sort of things. Bad enough that the team is playing dreadful and now have the third best chance at getting the number 1 draft pick. We don’t need player problems with coaches and the organization because these things take a while, if ever, to heal.

    All speculation and we may never know what this is about, but we can make some guesses. Kuester has either given these guys a tongue-lashing, or told them they will be shut down for the year. Pretty silly for these guys to get upset if that is the cause, its not like they are setting the world on fire on a playoff team.

    The one scenario I fear, and that is due to CV’s tweet about Joe D is that Joe D hashad to take it upon himself to speak to these guys or, that Dumars has told them he is openly shopping them around.

    These guys have to be more mature to know, we don’t need this rubbish at this time.

    @blam. Different body types mature at different times. Doesn’t necessarily matter how much weight training and dieting you do, sometimes you just can’t bulk up.

  11. Diogenes

    People are so sensitive – let these guys say what they want to without the fines. Obviously Coach Q sucks – the ball don’t lie. A good coach gets the best from all of his players. Charlie V may be lethargic and apathetic but if he doesn’t feel like he’s getting a fair shot then he is supposed to feel dejected and frustrated – that’s human nature. Q is just trying to deflect attention from his abysmal failure of a year by manipulating these guys – it’s working. This team is better than this record and there is no way we should finish worse than the Bobcats. Sorry Q – you aren’t cut out for the head coaching position. Let’s get Laimbeer in the house and a legit center.

  12. Jesse

    Didn’t CV just say he was eager to prove himself to fans like a week ago? How is this supposed to win us over? If you need to vent you do it private, not through the media or twitter or youtube.


    Joe D really screwed up…And I think he is gonna screw it up some more in the off season…I’m really starting to believe that John Hammond was the real brains behind all the success the pistons had during there run…..CV needs to stop crying because he can’t guard nobody at his position…….We went from sugar to sh*t after just a couple of bonehead moves by Joe D..sheesh…THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!

  14. J.D. Mo

    I’m reminded of a Bucks practice two years ago where soon-to-be-canned coach Larry Krystkowiak challenged Charlie V to a fight and called him a wuss when CV backed down. You guys remember Larry – Mahorh dam near ripped his arm off in the 1989 East semis.
    Anyway, good luck with Charlie. He’s a shooting guard in a power forward’s body, and the shooting guard in there ain’t Ray Allen … or even Ben Gordon.

  15. Ryan

    I can’t blame Kuester. Jerebko plays harder than Daye and Chuck. He’s more productive on both ends of the court than either of them, so he in turn eats up a lot of their minutes (which JJ deserves.)

    Villanueva has had a problem with Kuester all season, so this kind of outburst isn’t really unexpected. He’s played him 9 minutes in some games, not played him at all in others, and has been just about as inconsistent with Chuck’s minutes as Chuck’s actual play has been. For once, I can’t believe I’m saying this, I’m going to side with Kuester.


    We have a lot of work to do in this off season. Maybe the curse of Wayne Fanz is traveling through rest of the Detroit teams. Only one that is safe so far are the beloved Red wings.

    Joe stop taking gambles, go back to bread an butter just get good athletics young players with no name, and an old hag of a coach, who can teach the game of basketball.

  17. Dee

    Charlie never gave specifics about what this is about so no one should assume that this is between him and the coach. It’s funny because he is being called a cry baby and being criticized for venting. Just becauase someone posts their frustrations on Twitter (or any other social networking site, for that matter), doesn’t put them in category of a cry baby. And, what is wrong with venting? Funny. Also, the people who are criticizing Charlie bout his performance are probably the worst performers at their own job. I am a true fan no matter what!! You are my favorite Charlie!!!

  18. edt

    maybe you’re right “TRADE RIP TO A CONTENDER SUPPORTER” remember john hammond was there for the worst and the best he’s been a piston since 1996 so he was there at the absolute worst time. But maybe that’s time that he used to improve as a GM, because HES THE ONE who sold Charlie Villanueava to us from milwaukee which at the time was very unpopular for the fans. They liked Charlie V a lot there. Safe to say in detroit both ben gordon and charlie v have not built up a fan base. They have been sucking for us.

    Maybe hammond was the one who guided Joe D’s elbow during the 04 year.

  19. Jesse

    Uh, Dee what evidence are you using to come to the conclusion that people who are critical of CV are also bad at their own profession? Should we just conduct job interviews by asking do you have a favorable opinion of Charlie Villanueva? No? Well, I’m sorry we have nothing for you at the moment. Yes, I see that you graduated at the top of your class at Harvard, but unfortunatley our business philosophy is based soley on Charlie Villanueva and how our employees feel towards him. Sorry have a nice day and good luck to you in the future, sir.

  20. Dee

    No evidence, no proof and I have no idea why the statemment I made has you thinking that I was trying to come to a conclusion. Jesse?? Oh, you are the one who said, “If you need to vent you do it private, not through the media or twitter or youtube.” Oh, now I see? Have a great day! Rejoice!

  21. Jesse

    I said “conclusion” because you made a statement that I assume you thought about ahead of time and believed as you typed… We can argue about whether or not I used the right word when I said “conclusion” in trying to make my point, but the basis of your entire statement is absurd. It’s like me saying people who are Will Bynum fans are probably also the ugliest people at their jobs.

    And when I made the point about venting I was talking about professional athletes who sign contracts for millions and represent the league and their team. I wasn’t talking about your average Joe. You see how there are 3 sentences in that post, see how the first two are about CV, well believe it or not the 3rd sentence is directly related to the first 2 sentences… crazy, I know! And just so you know, I don’t vent on youtube, twitter or through the media.

  22. RIP CITY

    I think Joe D’s method of drafting not by position, but by talent is effective. Would you rather he pass up Jerebko when he already had 2 other SFs (Daye and Summers)? No. Talent is the only thing of value in a trade. The rotation bigs will come eventually. And if it costs them a bad season, so be it. The whole point of rebuilding is to accquire talent, not to panic and try to throw together a contending team. So complainers needs to stop calling for the heads of anyone the other side of Wallace and Jerebko. I guarantee every single lottery team would give up their players in a heartbeat to get the talent on the Pistons roster. Let’s see what happens in the draft…

    Go stonz.

  23. Jesse

    I might be looking at this the wrong way, but I would rather have most of the lottery teams rosters over the Pistons, moving forward at least. Most of them have more young talent, more cap space and flexibility, or a player to build around that’s better than anything we have. If the other lottery teams play their cards right, most of them are in position to contend before us because Detroit and Philly are really the only ones hampered by bad contracts, everyone else is just young, targeting this FA this summer or you’re Indiana and you just plain suck.



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