Need4Sheed Podcast – Interview with Dana Gauruder Pistons Beat Writer

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Need4Sheed InterviewI was lucky enough to score an interview with someone who I have been reading since I used to actually hold a newspaper in my hand and turn the pages. Dana Gauruder has been giving us the Pistons inside scoop for 10 years and he was kind enough to let me bombard him with questions that Pistons fans need the answers to.


Special Need4Sheed Podcast – Interview with Dana Gauruder Pistons Beat Writer

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Dana always gives tells it like it is, so make sure you keep up with this Pistons recaps over at and follow him on Twitter @dgauruder. Thanks again to Dana for taking the time out for us. He went so far as to get a haircut for the occasion, even though we did the interview by phone. Now that’s what you call class.

3 Responses to "Need4Sheed Podcast – Interview with Dana Gauruder Pistons Beat Writer"
  1. Avatar Amer ican Prince says:

    very nice listen good job there natalie

  2. Avatar daddy says:

    you asked some good questions nat and i would beat them in a hot dog eating contest anyday. i believe you guys were right about maybe not being able to pull off a trade because of the situation the team is in right now. hopefully we get together and get that lottery pick. we do need a C but we will see how it turns out.

  3. Avatar Mr. Anderson says:

    Great interview, Nat. Congratulations…

    I wonder: wouldn’t Austin be bulkier by now?

    I mean… he’s looking as skinny as ever!

    C’mon Big Ben, my friend! Be his personal trainer, and put up some pounds on those arms!

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