Charlie Villanueva’s Post Game Interview after his DNP

by | Mar 31, 2010 | 26 comments

Apparently Charlie Villanueva’s DNP was decided before the game.  His very telling post game interview.

Are you and Kuester on the Same Page?

“I honestly Don’t know how to answer that question.”

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Video Courtesy of the NBA and the Detroit Pistons.

The body languang and the words tell a big story.  We don’t know exactly what is going on, but something clearly is.


  1. Paulyd0021

    That’s really sad, I know Charlie hasn’t played well for the most part, but to not play him in a game, there must be more going on than anyone is letting on. Maybe a part of it is Charlie not going down low which is what kuester probably wants since the pistons need an inside scoring presence more than anything right now. Right now, for the first time since the early 90s I’m actually hoping for piston losses. I feel like a trader but I want them to have the best shot at the #1 pick as possible, or #2 or #3 for that matter. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this off season. Also speaking of another under achiever, whats up with Ben Gordon? Charlie has been putting up at least equally low numbers as Ben. IDK maybe its just the end of the season so its not a good time to judge anyone right now except for the rooks and potential free agents.

  2. Paulyd0021


  3. A Pistons fan

    Who cares about this guy, I mean, really. He is honestly one of my least favorite pistons ever. His work ethic on the defensive end is pathetic, and his offensive game, I’m going to go out on a limb to say is average. Ben Gordon and Charlie V have screwed us over for the next 5 years with there large contracts when we could have signed big names THIS off season. A rare but another CRUCIAL mistake by Joe D. Unless CV31 and BG can turn things around next season and up their numbers significantly, this franchise is doomed for the next few years. We need to Draft Turner or Cousins… And do anything to trade Ben Gordon and Charlie V even tho that won’t happen because no one wants those huge contracts for little production.. PS Coach Kue = the worst coach in the history in the NBA…I honestly know high school coaches better than this guy….

  4. JJJ

    just sit this guy for the 4years dont waste playing time on this turd

  5. N1ck

    CV &BG signings were the final blow in making the Pistons one of the worst teams in the league for years to come.
    Thanks Joe.

  6. Paulyd0021

    Charlie V and Ben Gordon both have the ability to light it up. CV actually had some really big games this year, not many but I’ve seen him when he’s “ON” and he can be damn good offensively. However, that doesnt mean S*** if he cant do it consistantly. And his defense, well I’m pretty sure Joe didnt bring him here for that, he’s never been good on D. I have to believe that Ben Gordon is going to have a much much better year next year. I mean they both have something to prove now. I either see them both having a pretty good 2010-2011 season, or they don’t and with that the whole team collapses again and I’m sure the internal drama will leak out next time. We might be able to pull of some kind of horrible trade if we really need to get rid of one of them, although unlikely. As for the draft I like turner too, he reminds me of TMAC in the way he plays, but with a little more hustle. He seems kind of…idk how to describe it, almost “slow” when he’s out there, like super relaxed, but then he turns it up in a split second. John wall is going to be damn good, but he’s not ready to lead a team yet, he wouldnt be any better than Stuck, at this point he’d be worse. Cousins would be a good pick, though he’s still young. Theres some guy named WHITEHEAD over at Marshall who has climed the draft charts recently. He’s a big man (7’0) that can shoot pretty well. Big guys are hard to find but big guys that shoot are even more rare (a la KG and Rasheed). So it’ll be interesting to see what happens. I noticed Washington won a game finally so the Pistons are only 1 game ahead of them for 4th worst record :). Go Pistons!

    Oh and coach K, yeah its hard to say he has any credability at this point. Why the F doesnt he play austin day more? That kid could be easily averaging 12 a game.

  7. edt

    is charlie v the dumbest guy on our roster or what

    Kuester: “We wanted to give some other guys a look right now. That’s the direction we wanted to go in.”

    Austin Daye 20 minutes
    DaJuan Summers 29 minutes
    Jonas Jerebko 32
    Stuckey 33 minutes

    What is there not understand. You sat so we could play our rookies with Jerebko & stuckey.

    And the rookies (except for jerebko) stunk the place up. Charlie V is a nice guy. Likeable. But if he doesnt understand he got sat down to give more time to summers & Daye he doesnt understand basketball.

    Dont worry Charlie you’ll be back in the starting lineup. The rooks got a half hour of play. And did nothing with it. It’s called earning your playing time.

    Here’s how I feel about the team. Charlie V, Ben Gordon, Austin Daye, DaJuan Summers, Will Bynum and Jason Maxiell all belong in the NBA. They all have talent and play at a high degree. But not a single one is a starter. Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Jerebko, Stuckey are all starters. Not super stars but they can all start.

    Except we dont really have 4 starters because both Rip & Stuckey play the 2. And Tay and Jerebko play the 3.

    Realistically we have just two positions filled, the 2 and 3 and need to look to fill three positions for 2011. We’ll draft a 4, Joe will fill the 1 and 5 with trades and a mid level exception.

    So many shooting guards and small forwards. I dont think charlie V is being punished, just that the rooks were getting some time.

  8. RIV

    CV31 has had several nagging injuries all year. At this point of the season he is not giving Q what he really needs. If “D” is not your forte and your not giving him some “O” then you can stop right there,that’s your answer. The same can be said about BG. I do think if they put some work in this summer and stay injury free they can atone for this past season, like the rest of the team. Other offensive players have corrected this in their second season and have done well. Earl the Pearl Monroe with NY is an example(and a old example of that). If their was no I in team for A.I. last year, this year at the moment their is no “O” or “D” in CV31, but he’ll get it together.

  9. daddy

    who the hell can we cut in the off season? are we able to get rid of wilcox? is kwames contract up?

  10. Jesse

    Kwame is up, Chucky is up, Bynum is up, Ben is up. Wilcox has a player option that he will excerise. Team options on Stuckey, Summers (I think) and Jerebko. We are over the cap so all we have to spend in the MLE. The only way to get rid of CV is to package him with something of value (Daye for example) to entice a team to take him via trade. Nobody, I repeat NOBODY, will be interested in him alone (for basketball and financial reasons), especially if the Pistons give up on him 6 months into a 4 year deal…. Were probably stuck with him.

  11. The Fan

    Here is something to cheer about. We swept the Wizards this year!!!

  12. Jesse

    Except that had we lost those 4 games, we would be 19-55, making us a virtual lock to have the third worst record. As hard as the Pistons are tanking right now, Washington and GS have a lead on us and we’ll need to some luck to pass them, or have them pass us depending on your point of view.

  13. Normal 2

    My take on it is that if CV’s defense was half way decent, he would have stayed the starter. He seen what JJ was doing to earn time with hustle and hard work and he didn’t even take it to heart to try and get his starting position back. He just let it happen. That hard works comes natural with JJ. CV has to work at it because I’ve seen the times where his man just blowed right pass him and he just stood there and watched as his man either layed the ball up or dunked it, and that’s why i like coach Q a little bit cause he listened to me…i was like “mannnn pull CV out of there” and the next thing you know Summers or Daye was checking in..hahahaha.

    As far as Ben Gordon goes, he needs a playmaking point guard to be at his upmost peak in performance. He is least effective with two scoring point guards like Stuckey and Bynum. I seen countless times where Gordon was wide open on the wing and both Bynum and Stucky just took it straight to the whole. They are not the kind of point guards where the look to get the best scorer out on the floor hot first before going for their shot..and that is the kind of point guard Ben Gordon needs. just my take though.

  14. brgulker

    I really love Charlie’s attitude. Unfortunately, his game is nowhere near as good.

    This was a bad signing since it was an idea in Joe’s mind. Trade him for whatever we can get as soon as we can get it. I don’t care if it’s for expiring contracts and draft picks. Get rid of him.

  15. Jesse

    Draft picks and expiring contracts for CV? That would be a dream…. not gonna happen, you have to convince someone to take CV, we aren’t going to get valuable assets back. And I think CV’s attitude is part of the problem, if he had Jerebko’s attitude he’d probably be an all-star.

  16. daddy

    i agree that a point gaurds job is to get ppl hot but if you have a lane open for a lay up take it to the bucket. i just think that ben isnt playing as hard as he should. especially after he turns the ball over he makes no effort to get down the floor. your getting paid 10 mill a year you best do something, or atleast TRY

  17. junior

    is the game vs the suns at 8 or 4? all the sites say 8 but my tickets say 4? someone help me. did they change the time of the game?

  18. James Black

    I’m not sure what the hell Joe D. is thinking these last few years especially. Nothing in this whole damn puzzle fits at all, from the very top (God rest Mr. Davidson’s soul) to the bench!
    I know Joe D. has to know better than this! You can’t put together a damn team with a bunch of shooting guards and small forwards!
    Experiments and mistakes happen, yet his F ups are becoming increasingly alarming! Oh, he definately knows basketball more than I ever will…..but even I know you can’t always use the same formula to build a competitive product.

  19. Kyle

    for years we, as pistons fans, watched our team regularly play and destroy teams featuring charlie v, ben gordon and allan iverson. i never once, in all those years, in all those games thought “gee, if only i could get that loser on my team.”

    obviously joe d and i were looking at different things.

  20. Amer ican Prince

    basically joe d lost me when he did the exact opposite of every decision i would of made. The last decent guy he brought in terms of role they play was Juan Dixon, and the rookies sometimes. Everytime I hear Joe in an interview I just keep thinking, wow he really believes that or is he selling us?

    The team wasnt the only one resting on championship year. Joe D pretty much put it in neutral and then made bad moves since then.

  21. JJJ

    bye bye stuckey or bynum, one of them is definitely gone, maybe both

  22. pistons 4 life

    I completely agree American Prince!! I look at all the people that he passed up in last years draft and how much potential some of those guys have on other teams and I just think, dang, what the heck is Joe doing. (JJ Hickson, Dejuan Blair, Taj Gibson) What do you know, all quality big men that the Pistons could have used. Jerebco was obviously a great pick, but I’m still waiting for Summers and Daye. Honestly, I think Chauncey was the key to Joe’s success. Look at how bad it’s gotten since the trade. And look at how much better Denver is now.

  23. daddy

    everyone passed on dejuan because of his acl’s he doesnt have any. taj and jj are pretty good but they will never be great. austin daye has the potential to be like kevin durrant. summers i have not seen much of him im sure joe brought him in cause of his defense, mainly why we got rid of arron affolo. i think we will be able to keep stuck and bynum. most teams already have their guards set i dont see any teams making big changes besides us and washington.

  24. Jesse

    What do you mean by “like Kevin Durant”? Do you mean gangly with a jump shot? Seems like quite a bit of a stretch, how about he can be like Yi Jialian or Hedo Turkoglu?

  25. daddy

    i mean how they can play multiple positions and have the ability to shot from anywhere on the feild. both players would be a nightmare to guard because of how quick they are. they resemble the ice man where they can beat you off the dribble shot over you and reach around you. Yi Jilalian are you kidding me? hedo is ok for the right system and everyone knows know that he isnt that good. austin daye will be better than him with the right amount of time.

  26. Mr. Anderson

    Trade Daye for Ricky Rubio, and lure the guy to the NBA!

    we desperately need a PG!

    then trade CV for a new mascot!


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