Bulls over Detroit again….

by | Mar 28, 2010 | 20 comments

The Pistons dropped another game, and with it another season series.  The Bulls swept the Pistons for the first time in 14 seasons, while handing them their 8th loss in a row.

The final score 110-103.

Key Points:

  • How long has Flip Murray been with the Bulls?  Long enough to put up 23 points on his former team.
  • The Bulls went on a 31-11 run to take a 64-44 halftime lead. You need to score big numbers, just play the Pistons, apposing teams are averaging 110 points against.
  • The Bulls lead by as much as 21, the Pistons scored the first 5 points, which was their biggest lead of the game.
  • I’m sure the Pistons would love to have Ben Wallace back, their really is no D in the D without him.
  • Couldn’t pull it out despite a game high 29 points from Rip Hamilton.  Rip was 10-for-20 with 5 assists, a steal and one board in 34 minutes on the floor.
  • DaJuan Summers gets 5 minutes on the court lat in the game and scores a quick 7 points and almost gets Detroit back in the game.  I’ll take more Summers time please.  He’s athletic, has quick feet and can knock down the tree.
  • Rodney Stuckey is really playing well off the bench.  Stuck scored 20 points in 26 minutes with 3 boards and three assists.  He rolled his ankle in the third quarter and it looked like he wouldn’t return, but he got a magic tape up from Arnie and just kept on scoring.

Photo/Getty Images

  • Charlie Villanueva …..pathetic. He played just 4 minutes and the only shots he took didn’t even come close to the rim. You might want to go with that whole side of barn analogy.
  • Ben Gordon par for the course, 1-for-5 on the night for 3 points. When Kwame Brown scores just as many points as you….you have problems.
  • Another nice showing from Austin Day, he’s got to help grab boards, but he does know how to score.
  • A Tay inbound pass right to Austin Day for the easy lay in, was not only nice but scared the Bulls into a time out when the game clock was winding down.
  • Prince with 13 points, 6 assists a steal and 3 boards.  He’s really looked good and he’s handling the ball well.  It’s too bad his performances haven’t translated into wins.
  • Maxiell is still doing his best to fill in for Ben.  Jason scored 4 with 10 boards, 2 steals and 2 blocks. He’s all we  have on the defensive end right now.
  • Solid stat line again from Jonas Jerebko,  who had one of the nicest jump hooks I have seen from a Piston in quite some time.  JJ finished with 12 points, 5 boards and an assist in 37 minutes on the floor (the most of any Pistons player).   I love the fact that the fans have embraced him, but can someone tell me what the relevance of the “Eagle” is?  The two young men that I see at almost every game that dress up and have Swedish Eagle signs really makes me think.
  • Jokim Noah drives me nuts…does he always have to try to look goofy?  The Bulls had their black uniforms on with the black shoes and black socks.  Noah just had to have the white shoes on to make himself stand out while looking like an out of place 6th grader.
  • Highlights of the Game via NBA.com

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/pistons/2010/03/28/0020901090_CHI_DET_recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

  • At least they fought back in the second half, right?
  • Don’t forget I’m expecting your calls Monday night when I co-host the Celtics Late Night Show from 9 to 11 pm. This is your chance to get all your green hate out. We’ll be taking your calls all throughout the show so I’m expecting Pistons fans to outnumber the Celtics fans. We have to complain to someone don’t we?


  1. KaptainXulu64


  2. James (Australia)

    Here is a stat that is sure to get people’s blood boiling – New Jersey (that’s right those pesky 9-64 Nets) will finish with a better division record than the Pistons. NJN’s record – 3-13, DET’s record – 2-14.

    It is unheard of to be swept by THREE divisional rivals, and the funniest thing is we have had most of our success against the Bucks and Cavs who are 1 and 2 in the division. This isn’t the Northwest division, this is the Central division where, sadly, you could come second in the division and still miss the playoffs – we have to be able to win more than two games.

    I have hated the idea all season, but anyone else get the impression the Pistons are tanking? BG and CV are hanging out for the off season to spend their 20 million dollars. I’m all for giving Summers more time, I really think he has earned it and at least he is giving us production.

    A sad, but loyal, Pistons fan.

  3. justin parker

    if the pistons were healthy all year they wouldn’t have made the playoffs. Jonas is our best player which means we have one of the top worst teams in the league. rip and tay are trying to make money, now.. Everyone else is just watching the game.. the whole team should go. i know we won’t get rid of jonas because hes soooooo great , please trade him for someone who is solid. go old, it works for everyone else. this young garbage is getting us nowhere at least for the next 5 years until our pistons are old.

  4. Bobby

    on iTunes they have a pistonscast on it and they make good
    comparisons if we would have more wins between John kuester and Michael curry. They made very interesting points about kuesters system and our team

  5. Cyrstal Yurchiak

    Another new write-up with strong points, We’ve been a lurker here for quite a while but desire to be more included soon.

  6. Franz

    No defense at all. It’s been a while since I could watch a Pistons game. Man, the defense looks scary, sorry, there is no defense.

  7. chaz

    Pistons need to find a big man and a new starting point guard, stucky cannot lead this team to a championship.

  8. daddy

    they threw in the towel for the lotto pick as a fan id still like to seem them atleast try, but o well. im ready for some drastic moves get rid of kwame, cv, bg, wilcox, coach q and lets start all over. i still think we have some solid rooks and with a trade or two and some reasonable pick ups JOE D we should be ready to be back in the mix.

  9. Hlmk

    a draft pick isnt gonna save everything, at least not in one year, look at Derrick Rose. He was ROY last year, and where did he bring his team? from horrendous to maybe, maaaaybe eeking out a playoff spot. So even if the Pistons draft the future-ROY (which they haven’t done since Grant Hill in ’94-’95) its not like they’ll automatically be in playoff contention unless there are other drastic changes made.

    All I’m saying is, be patient. Don’t expect a rookie and a couple of moves to make everything better again, just keep being loyal to the Pistons and when they become a quality team again it will be worth it

  10. The Fan

    I’m not sure why some people want coach Q’s head. I think he’s a pretty decent coach. Its not as if he’s Michael Curry. The guy can draw up plays and convey a point in a few sentences which is a huge up swing from the Curry days.

    Oh how those were all miserable. I did have a dream that we drafted someone like this last night. http://www.clevver.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/jonah_hill.jpg

    which woke me right from my sleep. saying noooo joeeeee!

  11. Chitown Piston Fan

    At this point in time, I’m hoping that we have another successful draft. Hopefully we can pick up a sleeper pick like Jerebko. I know its sad to say but i’m really pushing for the Pistons to get ahead of the Wizards to get a better draft pick.

  12. James (Australia)

    @Chitown Piston Fan. I know what you are trying to say, but just remember that if we move up to the Wizards pick(4th in a perfect world) we are actually more likely to free fall further as teams below us get lucky. The teams with the best chance in the lottery actually rarely win out in the lottery. That’s why wins and losses are really irrelevant at the moment, if we win some games we might jump ahead of Sac-town. If we lose some we might slide below Washington, either way we have to get lucky in the lottery.

    Oh, and we might get a sleeper with our second round pick, but it is pretty hard to do that with the 1-5 pick.

  13. terry

    I see this team being rock solid within 2 years flat out.

  14. pistons 4 life

    ABSOLUTELY NO DEFENSE!!!!!!! I can’t believe what Ben being out has done. I also can’t believe how useless CV has been this entire season. I mean come on, they obviously have no faith in his abilities. How can you pay a guy $10 mil to play 4 minutes off the bench. RIDICULOUS. I’m hopeful for this off season, but at the same time how hopeful can you be with so many bad contracts on the books? Hopefully they can score a good pick in the draft. The Bulls had like a 1.7% chance of getting the #1 pick and look what happened.

    Go Pistons! and lets see what happens this summer.

  15. Ben G.

    KEEP THE L’S COMING!!!!!!!!!!

  16. James (Australia)

    Charlie isn’t getting payed 10 million a year, its 6.5 million which, if he produced the numbers he was producing at Milwaukee would be an absolute steal. At least we finally have a coach who holds players accountable – if you aren’t going to defend, or rebound, you don’t play.

    And I’m hoping for more than what the Bulls got out of their number one pick – they went from a team just outside the playoffs to a team that just snuck into the playoffs in a bad conference.

  17. KleenGee

    Nat, that’s funny about Noah. I know he’s still a kid, but he really looks like one out there with the white shoes.

    Please stop mentioning John Wall. Pistons need a big with a post game. I really like Greg Monroe, but I think he’s staying in school. He rebounds, scores, and passes.

  18. edt

    john wall is no cp3. If you saw how he got his pantsed by west virginia you would agree. there’s a john wall every year, it’s no big deal. cousins is the real deal tho. he’s an “every other year” kind of player. this year is stacked, we cant go wrong, wall, turner, favors cousins, they are all good, we either get a point guard or a power forward.

    If god hates detroit, though Joe Dumars will pick Wesley Johson and we will have Yet Another Small Forward to go along with Joe D’s plan of creating a team made entirely out of small forwards and shooting guards. It’s a mismatch in every position . . . for the other team!

  19. Diogenes

    “Goin to tank, goin to tank – it’s time to go to tank!” On the jumbotron Charlie V hits himself with a sledgehammer on his own head. Ben Gordan blocks his own shot like Bugs Bunny. Ben Wallace is injured. Will Bynum is very un Will like. It’s time to go to tank – come on ya’ll – you know the tune (going to work song).


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