It’s All About Balls

by | Mar 21, 2010 | 32 comments

The Pistons just got swept this season by the Cleveland Cavaliers, the first time that happened in 30 years. The 79-104 loss is really an afterthought after what has turned out to be a season of frustration and disappointment.
This game just added to the mess that is the Detroit Pistons 2009-2010 season.

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  • The only thing positive of not from this game for a Detroit fan was the play of Jason Maxiell. Jason led the Pistons with 16 points, 9 boards and a block. Nothing against Maxi, but when he leads the team with 16, that stat pretty much tells the story of the game.
  • One thing I am happy about….that Fred McCleod (Ex Pistons broadcaster) is in Cleveland and is as annoying as ever,  just listen to him call the block on JJ. He seems to have turned it up substantially since heading to the land of LeBron and I for one am happy he’s anywhere but here.
  • Maxiell Highlights.

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Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and The NBA

  • At this point, I’m just excited to see more of DaJuan Summers, and Austin Day.
  • The Lottery Balls have our name on them. Right now for the the Pistons, it’s all about balls…..the lottery variety.
  • New slogan for this season really should be “The Detroit Pistons – We Got Balls”


  1. Ahmed

    HAHAHHAHAHA, love you at nat

  2. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    All I pray for is Joe D will not draft a bust. Again.
    Love you, Nat, “We got balls”)))

  3. Tycoon

    If we lost to Pacers the next game, they’ll get to sweep us too. That would be unacceptable. How bout some pride?

  4. zeke khaseli

    how bout some balls?

  5. onlypistonfaninwv

    since i live in west virginia i had to make the 3 hour drive to cleveland to watch my first ever detroit pistons basketball game live.. in the midst of this ugly showing i missed my wvu mountaineers pull out a victory and move on to the sweet 16 but anyway.. i havent seen our pistons play this heartless since the ugly color days.. it seriously looked like a scrimmage..what made the experience worse for me was i was wearin my rip hamilton jersey and he played one of the worst games of his you said nat when jmax leads the team in scorin there isnt much else to say..he wasnt beastin everyone inside either he was takin 15 ft js all game..other than me i only saw 5 other people sportin pistons gear at the game..its a sad time for us pistons fans..hopefully joe d dont pick up another bust in the draft…… we got balls…..

  6. Fariduddin

    Nat!!!! you are silly for that one… Classic! Not really sure where everything went wrong this season… i can’t really blame the list of injuries… i actually think we might be “guard deep” and something will have to give during the off-season. i have to express that this is the second year that i really don’t see much offensive or defensive strategy on the floor… i realize it must be hard to get a solid system in place if you don’t have an entire unit together for practice on a long term consistent basis, but this is where a proven intelligent coach will be able to galvanize healthy players together a perform… this team (current) has so much talent and numerous scorers… maybe this season is a blessing to grab a young player in the draft that can produce right away… also, it gives Dumar’s and his people much needed time to consider trades… i love Rip and Tay… i respect their games and admire their professionalism on and off the court… Rip & Tay play with heart, calmness and are both leaders… however, i get the sense (i might be dead wrong) that they are ready to move on and explore new beginnings… i think something has to give and we should explore shipping one to get a post presence in return… if we have money to spend… we need a big and a slasher that can score the ball (an attacker)…. i’m some what excited to see what happens this off season… i love my Pistons and look forward to better days… the future is bright for us… Stuckey, Charlie V, Ben Gordan, MAX, Bynum (love his game!!!!!), JJ (this guys goes hard!!!), Daye, etc… the core is there and we have some solid pieces… btw… Ben Wallace is an amazing talent! This dude is every where and when i watch the games i am so impressed by his determination and hard work! as a fan… win or lose, we respect and notice that!!!!!!! but i wanna see some wins too :) anyway, again the future is bright and this off season will be yet another intriguing one… Peace….

  7. Tycoon

    i just got my first ever merchandise from the palacelockerroomstore! i had clima warm jacket and a gear T-shirt. it makes up for the bad loss… go Pistons!

  8. JJ

    I really like Austin Daye he reminds me of Kevin Durant just by how effortless and easy they make it look on the offensive end. Obviously Daye isn’t near the skill level of Durant but has showed signs he could be a good scorer in this league. Unfortunately I don’t know if he’ll get a chance to have an offense run through him to see reach his full potential. Hopefully we get to see more Summers and Daye=more balls

  9. The Fan

    DeMarcus Cousins!

  10. Adam B

    I’ve been chanting DeMarcus for a while. We are looking pretty good, position wise, to grab him.

    I fell asleep before the game started and woke up when it ended. Divine Intervention.

  11. Mr. Anderson

    Summers is a great guy. i’m not really surprised. i think he’s the most all-around talented rookie we have.

    unfortunately, we’ll have to let one of them walk. i’d hate to see him go.

  12. edt

    Why do we have to let him go? We can dump Chucky, Tay, Rip, Kwame, and Wilcox this summer.

    And we probably will not be able to keep Will Bynum, because it will be difficult to match his free agency salary that other teams will be willing to give him.

  13. Lori

    I hope we don’t get Cousins. From everything I’ve read, it sounds like he’s got personality problems. Yuck. Favors sounds like a much better choice.

  14. Jesse

    It’s been all about the balls for about eight months now, welcome to the party guys.

  15. KaptainXulu64

    Greg Monroe FTW!!

  16. friendoftheppl

    donatas motiejunas nigga

  17. Jose

    idk about you guys, but it has been all about balls since i hit puberty.

  18. The Fan

    If we draft Montiejunas it will be Darko all over again. I hope to god we don’t draft him.

    Cousins would fill our role at center and could develop into the dominant big man we’ve always wanted.

  19. BIGBEN


  20. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    I’d say Monroe, but I bet he won’t be on the draft. He probably stays in college for 1 more year

  21. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    2 Fariduddin
    Talkin’ bout how deep is our guard posotion:
    Breaking Ben Gordon.
    Month: March
    Games: 11
    Boston (L) Mins:26.41 Fg:2/8 3pt:0/3 Pts:8
    CAVS…(L) Mins:24.01 Fg:3/7 3pt:0/1 Pts:10
    Rockets(W) Mins:25.42 Fg:1/7 3pt:0/1 Pts:6
    Jazz..(L) Mins:23.05 Fg:4/11 3pt:0/4 Pts:11
    Wizards(W)Mins:29.56 Fg:7/13 3pt:2/5 Pts:17
    Atlanta(L) Mins:26.12 Fg:3/8 3pt:1/3 Pts:12
    Boston (L)Mins:23.00 Fg:4/10 3pt:1/3 Pts:11
    CAVS…(L) Mins:19.12 Fg:1/6 3pt:0/0 Pts:4
    Pacers (L)Mins:29.14 Fg:4/13 3pt:2/4 Pts:17
    CAVS…(L) Mins:24.21 Fg:3/7 3pt:1/2 Pts:7
    MINS avg: 23; FG% avg: 35.5; 3pt% avg: 26.9%; PTS avg: 9.36;
    Salary: 10.000.000$
    How much months do we need to stick with him beggin’ to make some shots?!
    Maybe he will be a solid player NEXT year. But he spoiled this season and destroyed his reputation in the NBA.

  22. Damien W.

    Hmm… 26 wins is pushing it, huh? and 30 wins is out of the question I see… >_>

    Let’s get them balls bouncing!

  23. bennyb

    I got fred mkclouds autogragh at a preseason game in grand rapids… my mistake i called him Greg. he looked at me and said thats my partner and walked away.
    glad hes gone too.

  24. DCAVS

    Come on Detroit fans – aren’t you going to bash the refs for Cavs latest trouncing of your pistons?

  25. Diogenes

    Fred is a real D bag. I remember listening to him and Kelser and I thought they both sucked. It turns out Fred was just clouding the whole room with his funk. I am down with special K now. It doesn’t hurt that he works with the Blah – who is tied for first with Ernie Harwell as the greatest announcer in the D ever.

  26. Diogenes

    Yo DCAVS – your team is the new “Atlanta Braves of the NBA” and I can’t wait to see the Lakers or Dallas take it to you. Oh yea – give us back our pyrotechnics but keep your pseudo John Mason. Enjoy “the king” for another month or two – he is leaving your wack ass city for the big apple. LMAO!

  27. Jesse

    One thing I miss about Fred McCloud is how he always used the phrase “rubber rim job”, that made me laugh. Good one to have in your repertoire there, Fred.

    If the Cavs are in fact the new Braves of the NBA, then they stole that title from the Pistons… Hey, maybe they will get a new lame head coach ever two years too!

  28. edt

    the cavs have one of the worst coaches in the nba. his suckiness is obscured by the fact that everyone looks great when they are coaching lebron.

    that said . . . a lot of coaching is about personalities. The reason that Phil Jackson is the zen master is because some of the greatest players in the world like michael jordan and kobe, like having phil jackson as their coach.

    If lebron james stays in cleveland because he likes mike brown, I will change my mind about him. But right now, the cavs are being coached by lebron james, while brown gets to stand on the sidelines and clap a lot. watch during the timeouts. Whos is holding the clipboard with the x’s and o’s? (hint, its not mike brown)

  29. JOE


  30. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    That was nice.

  31. Diogenes

    “Rubber rim job” – I just spit my drink all over – thanks. Funny shit.

  32. Casper411Det

    When Blaha says ” He drained the duece ” it remids me of someone pissing out of their a$$. lmao!



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