The Pistons vs The Cavaliers

by | Mar 16, 2010 | 16 comments

The Pistons vs. The cavaliers
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The 23-44 Pistons are hosting the 52-15 Cleveland Cavaliers tonight at the Palace.  One hopes that they will at least put up a fight after last night’s debacle against the Celtics.

If you didn’t look at the front page of, you missed this headline and article.
Davidson’s death, rough economy lead to Pistons’ demise

A lot of truth there and pretty fitting after the Pistons performance last night.

Ben Wallace is still listed as day to day.
Rodney has no timetable on his return.
No conformation whether Tayshaun will play or not.

With Jonas Jerebko now starting at power forward, Kuester would have to go in another direction for Prince’s replacement – perhaps Austin Daye, who has a pair of starts already under his belt. Daye totaled 29 points and 11 rebounds in starts on Nov. 27 against the Clippers and Jan. 18 against the Knicks. He scored a career-high 16 points at New York. Via Ryan Pretzer at

The Scouting Report via
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Tip is at 7:30 pm EST and will be broadcast on FS Detroit with the radio broadcast over at  97.1 The Ticker or follow the action online over at



  1. James (Australia)

    Read that article on the website.

    Confirmed that a lot of bad things have combined to hurt the Pistons badly this year – injuries, Detroit’s economy, the death of Mr. D, Karen looking to sell the Pistons, new coach, new players, broken chemistry, etc.

    But everyone knew it was going to happen eventually.

    A little upset that it seems like everyone wants to have a kick at us while we are down. That’s what you get when you have so much success though I suppose.

  2. B.I.G.Ben

    Yeah tough times for the team and the Motor City, i just hope we can get at least a decent amount of wins against the last few games coming up… It’s not all bad every team has a phase where they start playing like garbage, at least we can look at the New Jersey Nets and laugh in their face. lol GO PISTONS!

  3. The Fan

    Great first half!

  4. The Fan

    What a great game the pistons played tonight! Its just too bad it was marred by some pretty bogus calls for Lebron. I expect him to get a few extra calls each game but a continuation foul call when he is fouled at the three point line and then runs for a lay up. You’ve got to be kidding me. Thats one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. And then a goal tended block. Absolute horse crap.

    Nonetheless, we should be playing at this level every game. The last two games were horrendous. And an utter disgrace to the pistons organization and fans.

    Well done tonight Pistons!!!

  5. Ay Ess Dee Eff

    Lmfao, refs stole this one from the Pistons. I laughed so hard when Blaha was like “Finally, FINALLY FINALLY!!!11!11” That was hilarious Blaha x]

    P.S. Refs: Get off Lebron’s sacks.

  6. Hlmk

    too bad, it was a pretty nice game from the pistons, offensively at least, really the only person who underachieved that game was ben gordon, jason maxiell played really well

  7. edt

    i cant hate on lebron, here’s why: 12 assists, 12 rebounds. He shares the ball and puts in a hard days work on the boards. you cant blame the refs for the pistons losing this game. I got the feeling that lebron could have put us away at anytime. For him the first three quarters were like practice.

    I really didnt like how the cavs looked like today (aside from lebron). Recently the pistons have played the top 3 teams in the east, boston, atlanta and cleveland. We made two of those teams look like the harlem globetrotters.

    The way the cavs are playing they arent gonna make it past the 2nd round this year.

  8. The Fan


    Cleveland doesn’t match up well with us without Shaq, and Tay defended Lebron really well through the first 3 quarters.

    I don’t think you can blame the refs for the Pistons losing but you have to agree that continuation foul was just plain stupid. I’m not sure how that ref is going to sleep tonight knowing how ludicrous that call was.

    The difference between the Atlanta and Boston games and this one is that we played great. We shot the ball well behind the arc and from the free throw line. We played with intensity and we didn’t just lay down.

    Give credit to the Pistons man!

  9. edt

    we def knocked down some shots. 20 for 21 from the foul line for over 95% (if you dont count maxiel’s clunkers) and 9 for 14 (64%) from the three. It’s strange that Ben Gordon is supposed to be our 3 point shooter, but he only made 1 basket and didnt even try a 3. I admit it’s nice not to be embarrassed, so yay, we only lost by a few points? I’m not feeling it.

    When’s our next soft opponent so we can crush someone?

  10. James (Australia)

    Much better performance tonight. I can live with a loss, knowing my team gave it everything they had.

    Edt, I don’t think Cleveland would be very happy with their performance, but the Pistons definitely played much better than verse the Celtics and Hawks. This season has got to the stage where moral victories are nice.

    The refs may not have cost us the game, but they certainly helped the Cavs. How Lebron got the continuation call and the non-goaltend on that block is beyond me. That goaltend was the big one for me. It was the difference between a 104-103 scoreline with the Pistons on the front foot, or 106-101 with the Cavs charged as it turned out to be. Shame that it hurt what had been a good game.

    Pretty ridiculous passage of play through the middle of the fourth with all those three pointers. Gibson, Daye, Williams, and Villanueva all knockin them down.

    BG. Get it together, mate, this just isn’t good enough.

    Good effort boys.

  11. Tycoon

    Can we just give BG’s minutes to Daye?

  12. Mr. Anderson

    Can’t we play Summers as a back-up 2 (instead of BG)??

    BG: go home.

    like Mr. Miyagi said:

    Miyagi: Walk on road, hm? Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later
    [makes squish gesture]
    Miyagi: get squish just like grape. Here, karate, same thing. Either you karate do “yes” or karate do “no.” You karate do “guess so,”
    [makes squish gesture]

    BG: Either you basketball do “yes” or basketball do “no.” You basketball do “guess so”,
    [makes squish gesture]

  13. The Fan


  14. Diogenes

    Mr. Anderson – good shit. The original Karate Kid is the best ever. Too bad they felt the need to remake that instead of making a good movie in the tradition of the great movies of the ’80’s. Wax on wax off bitches!

  15. Vince Prygoski

    Mr. Davidson’s death hurt, but what hurt even more was his fatal mistake: leaving his sports teams in the hands of his airheaded, gold digging trophy wife. Little Girl Karen has singlehandedly destroyed everything that “Mr. D” built, giving away the three time champion Shock and turning the once great Pistons into cellar dwellers. Way to go, Karen! You officially SUCK even worse than W.C. Ford of the Lions.


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