Beyond Bynumite – Will Bynum with 20 Assists

by | Mar 13, 2010 | 34 comments

Yes the Pistons swept the season series against the Wizards 87-101.  The real story was Will Bymum’s 20 assists on the night.

Key Points

Disclaimer – This will be a Bynum filled recap.

  • Things just started good in this one, Will had a handful of assists in what it seemed like a few minutes and Rip was on fire.
  • Regardless of the fact the Washington is not a great team, this team looked great and Will just dominated.
  • One of those pretty Rip to Tayshuan alley oops that reminded me of the good old days.  You can thank Maxi for it too!

[flashvideo file= /]
Video Courtesy of the NBA and the Detroit Pistons

  • Speaking of Maxiell, he seems to be back! A double-double with 10 boards, 12 points, a steal and 2 blocks.
    Haven’t had that much fun at the Palace in quite a long time, thank you Will.
  • Tay and Rip both finished the game with 18 points.
  • I’m amazed every game with the amount of fans gained by Jonas Jerebko.  18 points for the Swede with 3 steal, 8 boards and a heck of a lot of swagger when Singleton got in his face.  That’s the kind of technical foul I like.  Jonas = he anti Sheed.
  • Will just looked like he had eyes in the back of his head and made a point of getting the ball to his teammates in any manner that he good.  The career high 20 assists where the most from a Detroit Piston since Isiah Thomas on April 12th 1985.
  • “That means a lot to me,” said Bynum, a Chicago native like Thomas. “I grew up watching Isiah play, and to do something that he did is huge.” Via The Detroit Free Press

Photo/Getty Images

  • Will’s Bynumite Highlight Reel.

[flashvideo file= /]
Video Courtesy of the NBA and the Detroit Pistons

  • Can’t tell you how excited the crowd was, we knew something special was going to happen as soon as he hit his previous mark of 14.  The crowd went nuts after each one…I almost lost track.
  • Even the few points Bynum did score were pretty.
  • When will was at 18 the bench never sat down and when he kept feeding DaJuan Summers and he was missing it we all could feel the pain.
  • I really didn’t think he was going to pull off 20, but Ben Gordon finally made Pistons fans smile when he knocked down the last shot.  Here is the last play of the game, Will’s 20th assist.

[flashvideo file= /]
Video Courtesy of the NBA and the Detroit Pistons

  • Love how Maxiell handed him the game ball.
  • Will Bynum post game interview.

[flashvideo file= /]
Video Courtesy of the NBA and the Detroit Pistons

  • At the end of the first quarter, I thought I had a chance to get Kevin Porter’s (team) record of 25, but I don’t think the coach and I had the same mindset,” Via The Detroit Free
  • A meaningless game just turned into something special for Will and a whole lot of Pistons fans. Something tells me if you leave Will a message in the comments, he might just see it.


  1. Nick Miko

    I’m so watching this game on the DVR when I get home from work tomorrow. Got to see the last couple minutes and was cheering as loud as I could in the locker room store.

  2. adam

    Great game to watch!! Will was just everywhere, congratulations on an amazing game! I think he now has the attention he deserves. He will blossom next season as our new PG.
    More rhythm from BG and yet again a great game from the sweede, and the vets.
    Great game, hope to see more in whats left of this season, and the next!!
    We still miss and need you big ben!!!

  3. Raphael Dion

    will u are the man… love u for this… keep doing your thing… 20 assists!?!?? thats amazing… u really know how to run a team as well as take advantage of an opportunity!! congrats!

  4. junior

    as our new pg? where do u think stuckeys going? even though i do think that will n rip start and stuck n bg off bench match to others skills more. but i dont see stuck coming off of the bench, he cant play at sg its already a log jam. great game will. GO PISTONS

  5. loop

    Does this game prove that in a team w/ so many firepowers like us, needs a true 1 instead of another gun?

  6. Sharif

    Will may have proved his is the point guard this team needs to build around. Amazing game Will! That is DEEETROIT BASKETBALL!!!!

  7. adam b

    What more does Will need to do to prove he deserves to be our starting point? When he gets the minutes he’s electric. Either way, love the way you played tonight Will. You were amazing. Thanks for giving us such a good game to watch tonight!

  8. Franz

    Will the thrill showed it to us all. Again. This guy can play, even if he’s a couple of inches smaller than the other PG, he equalizes it with his strength and quickness.

  9. James (Australia)

    No Lava ball????????


    Glad to see he is taking his opportunities with the absence of Stuckey.

  10. jacob

    simply amazing if you didn’t miss any games you should’ve been a candidate fer 6th man

  11. Janet

    What a Bynumite performance by Will and also a Sweedtastic one too by Jonas…

    Thank you Detroit Pistons for the “W” on my birthday 🙂

  12. Aaron

    That’s 2 Isiah records Will Bynum is tied with now, correct?

    – Most points in a quarter (25? 26?)
    – 20 assists

  13. Heather

    Will u were so amazing last night. Everyone acted like they wanted to be on the floor which was great. Everyone did real well. I was so excited when BG hit those last shots to get Wills 20 assists! I hope that the Pistons will play like this the rest of the season and next season, if they do the palace will be filled every game. We all still hope that Stuckey and Ben gets to 100% we all miss them. All in all, great game Will!!!! Go Pistons!!!!!!

  14. BigBen

    nah, i want Stuckey to still be the starter because he can score, pass, steal and has a lot of speed. Will can get more minutes though if Stuckey alright with it.

  15. Rubbo

    Atta boy willy!

  16. HIME1

    I know it was thw wizards but, thats what happenes when you play like a team.even if stuckey was out the team took a page from larry brown last night. they ” played the right way” great game to watch pistons ..

  17. HIME1

    I know it was the wizards but, thats what happens when you play like a team, they took a page from larry brown. they “played the right way” even if stuckey was out there uou play like that thats a win. great game to watch ..GO PISTONS!

  18. #1 pistons fan

    can we make playoffs????????????

  19. Josh

    Will Bynum…….The Pistons TRUE point gaurd!

  20. Chris

    Thank you Will! After a season like this us Pistons fans needed something like this that would put a smile on our faces!

  21. josh

    Man, what a game. So much fun. Piston fans really needed this excitement! Thanks to Will and the ENTIRE team for an exciting, action packed night! PISTON FAN 4 LIFE!!!!!!

  22. Yasir Saleem

    is it wrong to feel bad for stuckey now?

  23. Amer ican Prince

    cant believe the one game i miss and didnt tape will goes off for 20 assists. Sounds like a rip roaring good time. Good job Will, and also good job to everyone else for making the shots haha

  24. CTCR

    Congrats Ill Will, great game! :]

  25. debo_toledo

    There is absolutely no excuse for Bynum to not get 35 minutes a game, start or off bench. Can’t wait to see more minutes from Daye. Future is bright. I see you Joe!

  26. Corey

    Coach and Will were not on the same page?

    Does will not like Kuester?

  27. JJ

    Backcourt is too crowded one of Bynum or Stuck is most likely too go. Gordon and Rip would be hard to move. Just like the Lakers only rotate 3 bigs.

  28. detroooooiiiit

    nice game will!!!

  29. Brandon

    Great performance! Great team win! Go Bynum! Go Pistons!! Dear Will: Please sign a contract this offseason to play for Detroit.

  30. Nolan

    Maybe stuckey can learn how to pass the ball from watching Will Bynum from the Bench Stuckey IS NOT A POINT GUARD!!!!!!

  31. riley

    Will Bynum is gun needs way more court time grt stuckey OFF!

  32. Kid Marshall

    i remember when will first came to the D, he was instantly one of my favorite players cuz he reminded me so much of Linsey Hunter. I been waiten for this dude to show out like that man, haha thats what Kid talkin bout Mr. Bynum!!

  33. Starr Townsel

    I bookmarked this website a while ago because of the good content and I have never been let down. Continue the outstanding work.


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