Pistons can’t shake Jazz Curse

by | Mar 11, 2010 | 20 comments

Well the first quarter of this one tell nothing of the story of the game.  The Pistons were holding their own against the Jazz until the second quarter happened and they were outscored 35-14.  This was one of those games that makes you think twice about what’s going on in the D, so if you missed it…put a smile on your face.  The final score of the continued Jazz dominance against the Pistons 115-104.

Key Points:

  • Another game without Ben Wallace and another game that shows just how much the man anchored the entire defense.  Besides the Swede, we look as soft at the Pilsbury dough-boy.
  • Nice to see Stuckey on the bench in street clothes.  He’s missed dearly, just hope he really is ok.
  • The Pistons second unit is NOT getting it done.
  • The Utah streak against the Pistons now stands at 10 in a row.
  • At one point during a run, the Jazz were shooting close to 70%, while they held the Pistons to 31%.
  • Yes, it really was that bad Jonas.

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  • Never noticed this lineup, which Kuester showed in the third. Tay, Daye, Ben Gordon, Charlie V and Jonas.
  • It just has to be in Ben Gordon’s head at this point. He can’t hit a shot for anything. Ben shot 4-for-11 for 11 points…it will come.
  • Utah is a very good team.
  • Charlie Villanueva led Detroit with 19 points on 8-for-18 shooting in 26 minutes on the floor. I know he played ok, but it’s like a Sheed deja-vu ——POST UP CV!
  • Detroit allowed the Jazz a 56% shooting night and seemed to contest absolutely noting in the paint.
  • At this point, more A Daye and DaJuan please.
  • Another start for Will Bynum who wasn’t hitting much either. Will went 4-for-10 and took some ill advised shots. He was clearly outmatched against Deron and he wracked up just 2 assists.
  • Double-double for Jason Maxiell with 11 boards and 10 points. He’s doing what he can to pick up the slack for Wallace.
  • Looked like the Pistons were all playing one on one basketball until they got into trouble and either jacked up a bad shot or passed it away when getting trapped. No semblance of any types of plays or organization offensively or defensively.
  • Jonas Jerebko 13 points, 5 boards and three steals. I’ll not even going out on a limb when I say he’s currently the fan favorite at the Palace and it really shows.
  • Best part of the game, The Need4Sweed putback jam.

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/pistons/2010/03/10/0020900955_uta_det_play3.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]
Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and The NBA

  • Oh and BTW, did anyone notice the Need For Sweed custom jersey in the crowd!


  1. Kyle

    you have more faith in BG than i do. even if his shot comes back, it’ll be back for a couple games at most then will disappear again. unless his stint as a piston has somehow changed his dna and made him a different, better player, which i’d say is highly doubtful.

  2. Jesse

    I missed this game, but at this point a loss always makes me smile. I knew the whole story of this game as soon as I clicked on the box score: getting out scored 35-14 in the second quarter, and the Jazz shooting %56 for the game.

    Should Kuester consider starting Gordon at pg while Stuckey is out? Maybe starters minutes can shake him out of this funk. I just hate to see him play this poorly on that contract.

  3. daddy

    i love tay just as much as anyone but i still think its time for him to go. put jj at small f and maxy at power forward and have the other rookies come off the bench and fill in. Starting line up should be stuck at the 1 rip at the 2 jj at 3 maxy at 4 and ben at 5. i wonder if joe d is kicking himself for signing everyone he did this summer. none of them can guard a light pole and bg turns the ball over more than he misses. i was really hyped on bringing cv and bg in and now im disappointed they should of learned their roles by now. CV POST UP we dont need you jacking up threes all day. you wonder why you dont get boards casue your camped out on the three all night. bg donate some money to the rookies that are doing work. THIS IS DETROIT BALL SON PLAY D AND DO WORK

  4. The Fan

    Nah. Don’t start BG. Bynum has earned the right to start in Stuckeys absence.

  5. Jesse

    At this point I don’t think it’s about who earned what. It’s more about attempting to fix whatever you can, so that next year isn’t this awful. Even though some of the rookies haven’t earned it, they should all be playing regular consistent minutes now, because that is what is best for this team moving forward. It will be completely absurd if we finish this season in the bottom 5 and still have no clue what Daye or Summers are.

  6. daddy

    i never said start bg im a firm believer of having him come off the bench. i would like to see the rookes get some solid mins though.

  7. Amer ican Prince

    im kinda sad i was sort of hoping the dejuan summers blowby dunk would of been highlighted. Have to admit that was pretty sick.

    I think tay is stopping this team from growing, he has some good talents but he can be really Allen Iverson like on the offensive end with his selfishness. Only he does it for his stats the first 3 quarters then lets someone else finish the game while he relaxes with his points.

    You know Utah is salavating over Jonas right now, we better not lose jonas to utah like we did memo.

  8. Jesse

    He was referencing a post I made. I’ll just say this too, for anybody who wants to retain Bynum in the offseason (I don’t because I want a pass-first guard somewhere on the roster) if he is productive in starters minutes that just drives up his market value. Considering that more than 2/3 of our roster is already overpaid, the looming CBA and that Dumars spends money like a drunken sailor (courtesy of EDT), you have be careful. Bynum IS NOT worth burying ourselves deeper into salary cap purgatory.

  9. edt

    Tay is in no way selfish. He’s being forced to step it up and become the first option to score because he has to not because he wants to. Back when the pistons were good, Tay was perfectly satisifed being the 4th scoring option behind sheed, rip and chauncy. Charlie V on the other hand is the black hole. Once the ball touches his hands it never escapes. Why do you think he posts such huge scoring numbers? Charlie V is not afraid to throw up clunker after clunker. Ben Gordon on the other hand, seems to have some mental block. He knows his shot is not going in, so he hesitates and doesn’t shoot when he should. This season Charlie V is 45% on 684 attempts from the 2 and 33% on 227 from the 3 on 25 minutes per game while ben gordon is 42% on 504 from the two and 30% on 162 from the 3 with 28 minutes per game. I like how Charlie V is not afraid to throw it up. I just wish he would post up for goodness sake. We all know why sheed liked to throw down 3’s it’s because he was a bit lazy and he liked saving his energy for defense. But Charlie V doesn’t play defense so what is he saving his energy for?

    I noticed that this game BG had huge open looks, he had all the time in the world to line them up. I think teams have finally noticed that ben gordon cant make a shot and quit guarding him, so Natalie is definitely right about him it’s got to be mental. He’s lost his confidence or something.

  10. The Fan

    Yes his confidence is lost. Come on BG. Let it hang loose and go out there and make those baskets mayne!

  11. Jesse

    Telling stat about CV: last night he played 27 minutes scored 19 points and his +/- was -23.

  12. Mr. Anderson

    What does a shooter do when his balls aren’t falling and his confidence is shaken?

    He takes a thousand shots after practice. Every – single – day.

    People today are lazy. They don’t work to improve things. The get ‘depressed’.


    It is said that legendary Oscar Schmidt used to take shots everyday after practice.

    And he wouldn’t stop until he got a hundred… in a row.

    BG, you’re not Reggie Miller!

    Go shoot!!!

  13. edt

    ben gordon is well known for his work ethic. seems unlikely that lack of practice is the problem.

  14. BigBen

    Ben Gordon needs to step up seriously with his shots. When the Pistons got BG i was so happy they can have a good team captain and shooter, here comes this crappy season and BG is crap. He can’t shoot a shot for his life holy crap. I hope BG knows what PRACTICE means.

  15. Tycoon

    One thing for sure, Swede is going to be a superstar. I see him just under a Nowitzki type of player but with better defense. Real steal on the draft.

  16. junior

    y u guys putting down bg? u dont know his work ethic. are u thre as his ball boy to know what he is and isnt doing? i didnt hink so. as edt said bg is WELL known for his work ethic and hard work so i highly doubt that he isnt taking all the shots after practice. if u remember before he got hurt he was avg 26 ppg, give him summer camp and training over the summer he will be back to his usual self which is 40 per from 2 and 42 per from the 3 and thats his career numbers not one good year he had he is a great shooter he just lost his confidence or maybe hes not confident about his groin yet? hell get better. cv31? . . . . can be a great offensive weapon IF he would stay down low, post up. he has a lot of great but unorthodox shots, which make the shots so hard to guard. somehow joe d or q need to get him down there, if they want to run the pick n roll go with jj or austin. i would prefer austin cause that boy can SHOOT so can jj but austin has a really smooth shot. he needs some more min. id play him at c against teams that have smaller c to get that big out of the paint. enough ranting. GO PISTONS take ur time stuck.

  17. RIV

    Due to an abundance of injuries and unstable lineups, I am willing to take a second look at BG and CV next season. Both of these players have had injuries that limit what they can do. We really need defense which is something they don’t provide and if they can’t bring us what we brought them in for(offense) a trade involving one or both might bring us what we need. Rip and Tay are healthy and are still an asset to this team for now. But people were calling for their heads prior to trade deadline. We would be in deeper trouble without them the way they are playing now.

  18. edt

    tay & rip have been playing great. But every time we put bg & cv in the game, they lose to the other team’s bench. Deeper trouble? We would have won 5 to 10 more games this year if BG and CV had never arrived in detroit. Joe got got BG & CV for the same reason he got AI, he didnt want a defense-first team anymore, he wanted a fun fast lots of buckets team. When BG’s shot starts falling we’ll look a lot more like golden state, a team that can really play good on one end of the floor. ever notice how happy the golden state fans are? maybe there’s something to this idea

  19. edt

    oh never mind you were talking about trading rip & tay, not cv and bg

  20. Amer ican Prince

    yeah i dont like BG but i have to agree with edt, you cant question Ben’s Work ethic, he puts the shots up, my problem with him is that he offers nothing else to the team, and he’s not mentally strong enough to stay focused when he’s not the focal point of the offense


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