Team Need4Sheed Podcast – What’s up with the Pistons?

by | Mar 9, 2010 | 16 comments

Our good friends Bennie and Jeff are back to figure out what’s up with this Pistons team.  They vent a little, talk about Detroit’s draft concerns and what we have learned from this season.

Don’t forget leave Bennie and Jeff your thoughts in the comments. They are waiting to hear what Team Need4Sheed has to say.


Team Need4Sheed Podcast #34- What’s up with the Pistons?

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  1. Ben G

    what draft pick do you think we’ll end up getting?
    don’t you think we should bomb the rest of the season to get a top 5 pick?
    BTW what the hell is wrong with Ben Gordon?

  2. terry

    That’s right keep over looking Stuck. He only had 10 assist half way into the third quarter the other night before he went down, but he can’t play the point. They said the same thing about Billups remember? If John Wall is not available you do not even consider drafting a guard or small forward period point blank.

  3. Diogenes

    My main concern is that the Pistons will try to shed salary now that they are on the auction block. We have seen this time and again in the NBA, though rarely with a franchise of the Pistons caliper. The one caveat is – The Palace – separate from the team it is a much nicer version of the Silverdome (what did that sell for again????). But if Davidson’s wife wants to sell the whole kit and kaboodle shedding a couple of million here hardly takes a chink of the almighty walls of that cathedral we call The Palace. The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts and that whole is the Pistons AND The Palace.

  4. t

    I think that first and for most letting Chauncey Billups go like we ddi was and awful move. This franchise showed alot of loyalty and respect to Joe dumars when he was no where near as effective as Chauncey Billups. have you guys seen what CB is doing for Denver, they went form a lottery team to contending for a Championship when he came on. Det should have kept CB allow him to mentor Stucky, and go from there. Then maybe a Antonio Mcdyese stays. I thuink the rookies we have would have benefited with CB on board. Letting Rasheed walk was the only move Joe D has made that has made any sense. He is in the role at Boston that he has been wanting to be in for years. The signing of cahrlie V and Ben Gordan does not make up for the loss of Chancey Billups. And for the people who thought he should have been moved, if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have gotten were we have all the last 6 years, look at Devenrs record now.

  5. The Fan

    Denver was not a lottery team before CB got there. Yes, he put them over the edge to be a competitive playoff team. But Denver was not a lottery team.

  6. Jesse

    Funny, you guys say at the beginning of the podcast that you have nothing to say, and yet that was the most in-depth, intelligent and honest analysis I’ve ever heard from you guys.

    As far as bouncing back next year? Not gonna happen. This is exactly why Dumars should have made a move at the deadline… to position the franchise for moves this summer. Now we are another 12 months behind in “rebuilding” because all we did is add dead-weight salaries this last calendar year….. which seems completely counter-productive when you are SUPPOSED to be rebuilding.

  7. KJ

    That podcast was alright with some good points. I just wanted to say that Tay was never an All-Star. True followers know all about the Stones!!

  8. Normal 2

    This team is built to trade in the 2011 season before the trading deadline. look at the contracts and think about that.

  9. Raphael Dion

    prince was an olympian but never made an allstar team

  10. Jesse

    I hope this team was not built intentionally to trade in February 2011, because Chauncey was traded in November 2008…. That’s a lot of nothing in between just to set yourself up just for a shot to trade for someone on the off-chance they become available. Unless they expected to have the team sold by then so the new owner could have some financial flexabilty and options early on.

  11. oracle

    this team can absolutely get back to the playoffs, with health.

    We have a core of players who will definitely be with the team next year, Stuckey, Rip, Ben Gordon, Austin Daye, Jonas Jerebko, Jason Maxiell, and Charlie V. Of those players, we can expect improvement over this season from everyone except maybe Maxiell and Rip, both of whom have been playing their hearts out and are worthy of keeping anyway. Everyone else improves either by staying healthy, or getting another year of experience. That is a group that is strong in SG/SF, and adequate at PF.

    To that core group, we’ll be adding a high draft pick, a mid level exception signing, Ben Wallace for a final year, and most likely Will Bynum. If there was any weakness in group one, it’s that there isn’t enough talent at PG or C. Those are the areas we address with Bynum/Ben, and the draft and free agency.

    Finally, we have our trade bait. Tayshaun has been playing like a stud this month, and will be expiring next year. In addition, Chris Wilcox and Dejaun Summers will be expiring. Combined salary of those three alone is about $15 million next year. That could get a quality piece back at the trade deadline, or it could get any player for a team that has buyers remorse after the Summer of Lebron. (starting salary for a max, or near max player is about 17 million). We can and should be big players next year due to our valuable contracts

  12. KG

    I agree with Terry Stuckey is pointing up great numbers and the offense is flowing we’re just not making shots. He’s putting up 20 pts 8rebs and 8 assists a game not a point guard?!?!? WEll then he’s doing a hell of an impersonation…You guys are out of your mind!

  13. bryan

    why are ben gordon and charlie playing only 25 min a game? We pay them 10 and 6 a year and the team is garbage, and they dont want to develop a chemistry w/ these guys, or try to win some games??? I am at a total loss as to what the ‘tons are trying to accomplish this year.

  14. Diogenes

    They are only logging 25 because they are not showing up this year. CV plays the worst defense I have ever seen – ever. BG took the year off after he was replaced by Rip in the starting line up.

  15. Jesse

    By the way the nameless ESPN Sports Guy is Bill Simmons, and he’s from Boston. That quote came from twitter and he uses humor as a literary devise, so I wouldn’t take it too seriously. On a related note, his “book of basketball” was really good, probably one best hoops books ever written, I recommend it.

  16. Mr. Anderson

    Well, after 3 or 4 years of lottery, we might have a group of nice young players…

    But then, we’ll have Gordon eating up minutes and missing shots, ans CV draggin’ the whole thing down…

    I mean, c’mon… CV was coming off the bench and playing 20 minutes a game last year for the terrible Bucks! What a resumé!


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