Pistons Win an OT Thriller

by | Mar 7, 2010 | 42 comments

Detroit Rocketed to a 13 point lead in the first quarter at the Palace, but the Rockets turned things around quickly taking the lead mid second quarter.  Though they exchanged leads, it looked like the Pistons were faltering and Houston would put this one away, that was until Tayshaun Prince took this game into overtime with back to back dunks.  It went down to a final three point attempt in overtime by Kevin Martin that didn’t go down to tie it in OT for the Rockets.  The final score Detroit 110 Houston 107.

Key Points:

  • No Ben Wallace again, but it didn’t stop him from getting a technical foul from the bench.
  • Will Bynum started in place of Rodeny Stuckey.  Will with a Bynumite double-double, putting up 12 points, 11 assists, 4 boards, 2 steals and just one turnover on the night. Will was impressive in his start, feeding the ball when he saw someone was hot and knowing just when to take his own.
  • Jonas with a near double-double, 16 points, 9 boards, a steal and 3 blocked shots……yes 3.  This kid is reinventing what it means to be a rookie in the D.  It’s like he steps up in every department, right when the Pistons need it.  Need4Swede indeed!
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  • Ben Gordon…..I think Joe Dumars wants that money back.  Six points on 1-for-7 shooing in 25 minutes.  This season is a wash for Ben, lets hope he is the old BG next season.
  • A little better from Charlie Villanueva, who got very hot at one point in the first half, hitting a shot followed by back to back threes.  CV scored 15 on 6-for-13 shooting in 22 minutes.  We could use a few boards now that Ben is out CV…Jonas and Maxi can’t do it all.
  • Aaron Brooks scored 25 and has that blow by gear that makes him so difficult to stop.
  • Tayshaun Prince with not only a season high 29 points, it was his two back-to-back dunks that got Detroit right back in it with a little over a minute left in the game. Clearly a TAYrific game from prince.
  • Tayshaun  Highlights

[flashvideo file=https://need4sheed.com/videos/flash_videos/march_7_10_prince.flv /]
Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons

  • Tayshaun has sure silenced a lot of Pistons fans, including myself, with his play of late.  Good to see him healthy and back to playing the way we know he can.
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  • I’m convinced the only way that Jason Maxiell will be who we want him to be is if he gets consistent playing time.  Jason has really stepped up!  He scored 6 with 16 boards, and a steal that was one of the reasons Detroit won this one.  The Baby Eater is back….lets keep it that way please.
  • Austin Daye with a quick appearance.  Daye went 2-for-2 for 4 points in just 8 minutes, but got 3 quick fouls and didn’t return.
  • Board war won 50 to 43.
  • Louis Scola’s hair usually looks mighty stupid with the girly headband, but he sure made Kwame Brown look like a fool with this pretty move.

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/pistons/2010/03/07/0020900936_hou_det_play2.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

Via NBA.com

  • This one was tied 10 times with 14 league changes.
  • 22 for Rip Hamilton, who started the game off in Red (what looked like Jordan’s) shoes and then suddenly had white one one.  Don’t know when it happened, but I ‘m sure glad his show was as hot as his shoes were.
  • Highlights of the game via NBA.com

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/pistons/2010/03/07/0020900936_hou_det_recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

  • Still wishing Rodney well.


  1. KleenGee

    league pass had a tech glitch for the game, so I didn’t get to watch it: so how did Wallace get a T?

    I totally agree with you Nat about the playing time. That goes for BG also. his points are down when he doesn’t play at least 30 minutes (I wonder if he’s having second thoughts about signing with the Pistons. He was probably promised 30 minutes)

  2. edt

    ben argued a call from the bench while wearing street clothes, lol

  3. KleenGee

    I love it. I hope he coaches for the Pistons when he retires. I also hope he comes back next year!!!. Thanks for answering.

    League Pass broadband didn’t broadcast the first half. The 2nd half is available in its archives, so I just watched the replay and saw some lousy calls on Rip to start the 2nd half. Such a shame how the calls have changed over the years and that good defense is mistaken for fouls. I hope the rule book gets changed for next year (doubt it).

  4. The Fan

    I hate watching Ben Gordon play. I’d much rather watch Chris Wilcox play than him and I hate watching Wilcox play.

    BG needs to do nothing but go to the Palace and work on his shot. Because it looks like Ben Wallace’s free throws right now.

  5. edt

    by the way i was looking at some old bulls games and I think I realized something about bg’s game. i think we’ve seen enough of ben gordon’s game to understand that with a low post presence he’s a very good shooter, because once the double comes in the post, bg is accurate and quick when nobody is guarding him. also he has a lot of trouble making his own shot on the perimeter, and our best big men, ben wallace is no threat offensively so when wallace gives ben gordon a high pick and roll, it does no good, because wallace doesnt have to be defended. bg is also good at penetrating into the lane, but because he only has that floater to finish, he needs to have a low post player that he can pass to.

    it does no good to give bg any more minutes. He’s not gonna be able to do anything detroit has a power forward.

    charlie v by contrast has such length that he can knock down buckets from long range. but what charlie v doesnt seem to understand is with every 3-pointer he makes, by hanging out at the perimeter instead of playing the power forward position, he’s hurting BG’s game.

    I dont think the rest of the nba understands what is going wrong with ben gordon’s game yet. They still seem to think that he’s a pure scorer and just needs more time to knock down shots and “get into rhythm”. I think Ben gordon needs help down low to turn back into a scorer.

  6. Brent

    Rip, Tayshaun, and JMax all said they weren’t worrying about being traded through the deadline and were playing terrible..Now the deadlines past and there playing like they use to ..so im thinking the trade rumors definitely put more of an impact on them than they were saying.kinda obvious.

  7. Loop

    We move down 2 places after winning one.

  8. goceltics

    you guys suck i would rather watch the nets than the pistons

  9. goceltics


  10. Kyle

    this is pretty much what i expected from BG.

  11. Normal 2

    Like most scorers, Ben Gordon is a Volume Scorer. Not making excuses for him, but when your a rhythem scorer like Ben is, shooting six/seven times a game is not going to get your rhythem back. In order to get his shooting rhythem back, he is going to have to shoot at least 20 times in like 5 straght games to get his shooting touch back. everybodies different when coming back from injuries just like Price said.

  12. The Fan

    If he’s a volume shooter then he needs to shoot 500 shots before each game 😉

  13. edt

    in ben gordon’s rookie year he didnt start, and only had 24 minutes per game and scored 15 points with 3 rebounds and 2 assists per game. he won the 6th man of the year award that year, the only rookie to do so. he has always been top 10 worst in the league for turnovers, 5 TO’s per 48 minutes, and also one of the leagues worst defenders.

    how is it that BG didnt need volume shooting to “get into rhythm” when he was a rookie. When he was rookie he knocked them down to earn his starting minutes, but now that he’s a veteran he deserves to start first and then we hope he’ll start making buckets?

    I think the solution is simple. The pistons suck so much, the other team is always able to defend BG easily. At least with Rip he has that midrange curl. Nobody in the NBA can defend against that.

    BG doesnt have any move like Rip’s that let’s him function in a team like ours that is lacking so many pieces.

    I dont think there’s any question that BG practices hard, and he wants to make these shots. The only conclusion you can come to is that because of his lack of length and athleticism means he is unable to put the shot up. This wouldnt be such a problem if Charlie V wasnt so soft. If Charlie V banged down low and drew attention from the perimeter, BG would have the open looks he seems to need.

    The irony of our situation is that when Joe D went and got Maxiell, Charliie V and BG, he said the reason that he got three guys like this instead of holding onto cap space so we could land a superstar is that with no mcdyess, billups and sheed, our team was just lacking too many pieces to be able to compete. And so Joe D decided to waste the money on a lot of smaller (but expensive) pieces instead of one great piece. And the irony is we are STILL missing at least pieces. We love you Joe D, but this was a complete failure. Fix it, Joe, I know you can do it. and now you have to do it without any money.

  14. edt

    i mean to say the irony is that after acquiring maxie, cv and bg instead of holding onto cap space because we were missing so many pieces, that we are still missing at least 3 pieces — center, power forward, and a backup point guard. We have a million shooting guards and small forwards, why? Only Joe D knows. Maybe he thought Charlie V would play power forward instead of being an almost 7 foot 3-point shooter that cant defend.

  15. The Fan

    I agree with you the fact that our lack of inside presence makes it hard for Ben Gordon to shoot. Every time he takes a shot it seems like he has a hand in his face, he’s off balance or just pressing to hard to the rim.

    Maybe if we pick up a solid center and a jerebko develops into our premier PF. Then somewhere after a couple of years into BG’s contract he will be able to shoot again. I don’t know how we can get rid of him but if we could it would be awesome.

  16. Jesse

    I think Joe D has a nasty habit of overselling fans on the talnet he acquires which then over-inflates expectations. BG and CV are what they are… bench players, but if you listened to Dumars after signing them, you’d think we just landed elite players. Same goes for drafting, Daye hasn’t shown anything yet on the pro level, but fans are already writting him in as starter in a few years.

  17. edt

    if ben gordon & charlie v are bench players how come we are paying them $90 million???

    Anderson Varejao is a bench player, he’s making $6 million, thats how much we should be paying Ben Gordon. Charlie’s contract is actually ok, except that this team never needed another “stretch 4″.

    There’s no question that when Ben Gordon came to detroit both him and Joe D thought he would be starting. You dont hand out contracts like that if you dont start unless you are manu Ginobli, manu”s making $10 million a year, and the only reason they dont start manu is cause he’s such a high energy player, they need to rest him instead of start him.

    Joe D thought he could move Rip, but he ran into reality when he found out he couldnt move rip. Nobody wanted the contract.

    Joe did didnt oversell the fans, he oversold himself. He hypnotized himself into thinking that when you play for the pistons you “magically” get better because of the “culture of detroit basketball” which meant he could offer huge salaries to everyone.

    but what good is the culture of detroit when we dont have a power forward.

  18. Jesse

    The overpaying of players is part of what causes expectations to rise. If I’m a casual fan, and hear that they traded away Chauncey Billups so they can clear a bunch of cap space to go in a new direction, then spend $90 mill on 2 guys, I expect that those 2 guys will be all-stars (or at least close it).

    On a somewhat related note, I think I finally figured out what Dumars’ master plan is. I think he wants to emulate what Orlando was last year; he saw a gimmick that Cleveland couldn’t match up with and decided to run with it. However, to implement that system, you need someone like Howard beasting it on both ends. The Pistons already have the perimeter oriented guys and the tweener shooting forwards, they just need the man in the middle to open those shots up….. DeMarcus Cousins? Hassan Whitehead? Derick Favors? Can any those guys step in and control the rim at both ends for us?

  19. KleenGee

    Both Tay and Rip were probably on the block even before the season started, but Joe probably didn’t expect all of the injuries this year. Their contracts were not completely untradeable, but their contracts + their injuries + their apparent shooting slumps really negated their trade values.

    Thinking about signing CV and BG before trading Rip and Tay was probably not the most economically wise decision. Oh well, not much we can do about that now. GO PISTONS!!!

    Be well Stuckey!!!!!!!!

  20. Drew

    One down, nineteen more to go to get back to .500. 😉

  21. Drew

    Can’t we draft a guy like Cole Aldridge or something to help us in the middle next year?

  22. edt

    joe is putting together a different team. due to the nba rules changes over the years, like no hand checking and how you cant touch perimeter players, he’s been looking for slender stretch 4’s and scorers on the three. This is the team that Joe wants, Charlie V, Tay, Ben Gordon, Stuckey and Jerebko.

    Joe D never wanted to draft an offensive presence down low because of the changes in the NBA rules.

    Unfortunately for Joe D, the NBA didnt change the way he thought it would.

    So we have two sets of rules. Down low in the post you can bang, and put your arm in the guys back, but in the perimeter, you cant touch the guy at all.

    What this means positionally is that you want a big man down low that can play on the block and athleticism and dribbling skills in your guards.

    He created an NBA team for rules that he thought would be created when the large physical post players would be replaced by smaller more athletic players that can dribble the basket in the post.

    Joe D was wrong though. U still need someone who is an intimidating physical presence in the post. Look at the lakers, ron artest, paul gasol andrew bynum, lamar odom, this is a team of physical monsters.

    Joe D though the future of the league would be small long shooters like austin daye, but all that happens when daye goes into our rotation is he gets blown away by these nba monsters.

    we are left in the bad situation of having to either draft some trees, or put our long skinny guys in the weight room and hope they can get bigger. But having a team with size was never joe d’s plan. he thought we would be some sort of pheonix suns of the east.

  23. Jose

    shut up edt, you think you know everything!

    but you know nothing holmes, nothing!

  24. Tim

    Fantastic game to watch and a great comeback at the end but why does the lead the starters create is instantly reversed when Ben Gordan steps in seems to be even worse when he plays at point. Ben Gordan should be given less time on the court and Austin should get more so he can improve his game and he seems to out shoot Ben everynight!

  25. junior

    holmes? get real. learn how to speak. then someone might take you serious. edt does know what he is talking about we need that big down low that will open everything up just like orlando. we will draft a big and we will improve 15 games over this year, maybe 20. we will win48 games next year maybe push to 50. GO PISTONS

  26. edt

    jose you got me right. i talk a lot of bullshit. I mean most of what I say is just hot air. But dont just call names, lets have a dialog, tell me what you think, and especially explain where you think i’m going wrong. I’m not afraid to admit Im wrong, after all I’m nothing more than a pistons fan.

  27. Tycoon

    jose, edt is talking with sense, he’s posting his opinion just like everyone is doing here. Say your point if you have anything in mind.

    BG started the season well especially when Rip got injured. Remember how he used to pour the points before he got injured? Nobody knows the real reason why he’s ending up like this. Could be his injury still bothers, his rythm or his disinterest because we’ll miss the playoffs

  28. terry

    Way to go Charlie V.! Detroit’s strong young core will continue to grow into dominance. Ben Gordon and C.V. is going to make a lot of fans eat their words just like Stuckey and Tayshaun.

  29. The Fan

    Charlie V needs to post up! Post up Charlie V don’t just settle for the three.

  30. Jose

    okay chico listen up.

    Ben Gordon is the 3rd best shooter in the league, right behind Adam Morrison and Maurice Ager. So, you need to chill out with the bad talk about my boy ben gordon. Okay holmes ?!

  31. The Fan

    Gordon’s shot looks like garbage this year. He doesn’t just miss… they are certified bricks!

  32. junior

    jose that makes no sense becuase the two guys you mentioned are irrelevant they dont even play so ya they might have a high shooting per but if you only take 5 shots and make 3 thats good. also i think you need to check your stats i think they are way off.

  33. Jose

    you guys need to stop taking things so seriously.

    i’m just trying to get a few laughs, i mean come on now, adam morrison and maurice ager are horrible lol.

  34. edt

    ben gordon is a pure shooter, right up there with chauncy billups in his ability to knock it down.

    the mystery is why he cant find his shot. everyone has their own theory. some think he needs more minutes for rhythm, others think he is still hurt, some people think he’s doesnt care because of no playoffs, others think that he cant make his own shot and the pistons are so limited in big men that other teams guard our perimeter and the other team is just smothering him.

    i dont think ben gordon himself knows for sure what is wrong. One thing for sure. If ben gordon’s shot aint falling he’s a waste of money because he has no other basketball skills. I think that’s what is really frustrating us fans about ben gordon. He’s just so one dimensional.

  35. goceltics

    PISTONS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I’s rather watch the nets.

  36. letsgodetroit

    edt, stop being a smart mouth

  37. Diogenes

    For my part – I appreciate the “smart mouths” here at Need4Sheed. Why one would “stop being a smart mouth” – if one was lucky enough to be endowed with a “smart mouth” is beyond me. Shutting up the dumb asses is another story. Quit hatin on those who wax knowledgeable on the D – or git served.

  38. edt

    letsgodetroit too late now for me to change.

  39. The Fan

    Wax that knowledge. WAXIT!

  40. Jose

    yall are crazy holmes!


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