Rodney Stuckey Collapses and is Rushed to the Hospital

by | Mar 5, 2010 | 46 comments

The game is irrelevant at right now as we wait for more news on Rodney’s condition.  What we do know is that Rodney will stay overnight in Cleveland overnight for observation.


Detroit’s Rodney Stuckey was conscious and breathing on his own as he was taken to a hospital after collapsing on the Pistons’ bench during a game Friday night.

The Pistons said Stuckey was taken to the Cleveland Clinic and his vital signs were stable, but was going for further testing and observation.

Stuckey was wheeled off the court on a stretcher during the third quarter after he collapsed into a trainer’s arms on the bench during the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Stuckey walked off the floor for a timeout showing no signs of illness. After a few moments in a chair, though, Stuckey slumped over.

Medical personnel rushed over to the Pistons’ bench with a stretcher. Play was halted for 12 minutes as the medical staff worked on Stuckey, placed an oxygen mask on his face and wheeled him into an ambulance.

Let’s hope that everything is fine with Stuckey, who has a less severe, but similar thing happen to him last season.

Get well Rodney, this is beyond basketball right now.

Via SI

Rodney Stuckey was walking over to give rookie Jonas Jerebko some advice Friday night when he started feeling dizzy and sat down.

Shortly after he asked for some water, he slumped unconscious into the arms of Pistons trainer Arnie Kander.

Stuckey was to remain overnight at the Cleveland Clinic after collapsing and being taken from the arena by ambulance during the third quarter of Cleveland’s 99-92 win over the Pistons.

”He is stable and that is good news,” Pistons coach John Kuester said. ”I think he is going to be OK.”

LeBron James had 40 points, 13 rebounds and six assists as the Cavaliers rallied from a 21-point deficit in the first half, but the game was overshadowed by the scary scene in the third quarter.

Pistons teammate Tayshaun Prince sat silent in his chair a few feet away with his head down, and the Cavaliers huddled together near their bench also with their heads bowed as Stuckey was being treated.

Both teams huddled again at midcourt following the game and prayed. Cavaliers general manager Danny Ferry met Kuester as the Pistons left the floor after the game. The two walked to Detroit’s locker room with their arms around each other. Kuester spent the last two seasons as an assistant coach in Cleveland.

”He came over and told Arnie he was feeling dizzy,” Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva said. ”He drank some water and the next thing you know, he passed out. It’s very scary. One minute, you think everything is OK, then the next second, it turns around so quick.”

The players were walking off the floor for a timeout with 2:30 left in the third quarter when Kuester got off the bench to meet them. He was going to say something to Jerebko when Stuckey stepped in.

”I loved that he took the initiative,” Kuester said. ”As I was meeting with the coaches, all of a sudden I saw him leaning over with Arnie and before I knew it, he was on the ground.”

Stuckey, a second-year guard from Eastern Washington, had eight points and 10 assists before collapsing. He missed two games in 2008 with dizziness. It wasn’t immediately known if the incidents were related.

Kuester was shaken by the scene because of his past involvement in similar situations.

”It’s not pleasant to talk about,” Kuester said. ”All that matters is he’s going to be OK.”

The Pistons struggled after Stuckey’s collapse. Detroit led 67-61 when he fell ill. Detroit scored just one basket the rest of the quarter.

”My mind came off the game, of course,” Jerebko said. ”I don’t know if it changed the outcome.”

Prince had 23 points and Richard Hamilton added 20 for Detroit, which lost its sixth straight. The Pistons will head home to face Houston on Sunday. It’s not known when Stuckey will rejoin them.


  1. pistonpost

    Thoughts and prayers with Rodney, praying that this isn’t connected to any serious health issues…

  2. KobeWearsPurpleThong

    Thoughts and prayers are with him. Pistons staff surely will not let him step foot on so much as a practice court until they do extensive neurological testing on him.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Youre the man KWPT…nice of you to stop by with well wishes.

  3. FLCeltsFan

    My prayers are with Rodney tonight. I’ll be praying that everything will be ok with him. As you said, this is beyond basketball now. I really hope that the Pistons do not let him back on the court without very extensive tests and answers.

  4. Sleepy Crayfish

    Indeed, some answers are needed. He really shouldn’t be playing at all if it turns out he has some kind of heart condition.

  5. pistonsfan32

    OMG that is the saddest thing ever. I am on the verge of tears, and what the players did at the end was great. Feel better Rodney, hopefully this is not too serious! He has gotten dizzy and dehydrated earlier this season, and the issue last season too. I feel so terrible. God bless you Stuck!

  6. cazjuice

    My thoughts are with stuckey.

  7. Natalie Sitto

    Thanks to all of you for keeping me up to speed on Rodney. I am actually on vacation and wouldn’t have know it went down unless I saw your comments on my phone. I just caught it on ESPN…beyond scary. Im almost glad I didn’t see it happen live.

    Prayers and well wished to Rodeny right now.

  8. Nat_Turner_Wit_Tha_Burner

    on espn the side line reporter said he had a seizure. Now everyone is saying it’s undisclosed. Let’s hope that reporter had some wrong info.

  9. sam jackson jr

    this i purely speculative on my part, though i have had experience in this area:

    20 years after hank gathers died on the court due to HCM (, i know my first thought when stuckey went down was that it was heart related (backed up by the EKG he was given courtside). HCM is what killed gathers and reggie lewis. cuttino mobley recently retired when he found out he had it, even though he hadnt had an episode

    Im praying for Stuckey. and his family

    (and nat turner: the sideline reporter was kind of talking out of her ass. he didnt have a seizure, by looks of the video. this looks very much like blood flow was restricted from at least one of the arteries of the heart due to the wall thickening. this would make one lose consciousness during physical activity. i had an episode exactly like this while playing hoops in high school, as it turns out, becuse of of something very similar to HCM)

  10. Count Istvan

    Praying for Rodney. #3 in all our thoughts in prayers no matter who our team is.

  11. junior

    i dont even know what to say right now. . . man i hop rodney is ok, hopefully he is just dehydrated like he was the last time he collapsed in 08, they did terst then if he had hcm they should have detected it . right? get well stuckey, u are my favorite piston when i seen this live i had tears in my eyes cuase i remembered the last time this happened and i was really hoping that its not heart related my brother has heart issues smiliar to hcm and he cant play sports or anything real stressful. lets have everyone pray that its not that and that stuck is just dehydrated becuase of his hard workand all out work ethic. if this is all that is, stuckey my man stop scaring us like this every year and keep your self hydrated. get ivs once in a while. i had to do that when i played basketball. about 1 every 2 months to keep hydrated. get well do what you have to we are with you rodney. GO STUCKEY

  12. Gary

    My son & I were at the game tonight and just like everyone there, were very concerned with Rodneys condition. Our thoughts & prayers go out to Rodney, his family, & teamates. Get well soon!
    Cav’s fans Gary & Max

  13. junior

    Team sources told Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski that Stuckey didn’t have a seizure, as some initial reports suggested. “He was lightheaded and couldn’t get his bearings, but he never lost consciousness,” one source said.

    After a somewhat similar episode in the Pistons’ locker room at halftime of a game last season, Stuckey underwent a battery of tests on his heart. No irregularities were found. At the time, team officials thought Stuckey was simply dehydrated.


  14. Kevin

    Thoughts and prayers with Rodney right now, hard to watch such a great player and person suffer. It’s cool to see the rest of the fans and players in Cleveland show some love to Rodney. Shows that there’s more to life than the game we all love.

  15. chris

    im hoping that this is nothing serious for him in the future, although it feels out of place saying the word great at a time like this, its great to see fans from other teams paying respect. praying that all goes well for him and his family.

  16. The Fan

    I hope Rodney can still play because he deserves to. He’s a real class act and a stand up guy who can play some good ball.

    When I found out my heart sank and I felt a great deal of sadness for him. I hope things work out for you Stuck. Hang in there.

  17. janssen

    oh come stuckey you can do that

  18. Rocastle

    Get well Stucks… you’re a tough guy.

    Best wishes from the #1 UK Pistons fan.

  19. mailman

    Praying for Stuckey to get better

    – Best from #1 Indonesia Pistons Fan

  20. zeke khaseli

    Get well soon Stuckey

    Best wishes from #1 Indonesia Pistons fan

  21. James (Australia)

    He seems to be OK at this stage, prayers are with him.

    Nat, you said it perfectly, the game of basketball at the moment is irrelevant. I hope he recovers fully from this and this doesn’t affect his career at all.

  22. Mathias Qvarnström

    My prayers are going out to Stucley and his family, get well! 1# Swedish Piston Fan

  23. Mathias Qvarnström

    My prayers are going out to Mr Stuckey and his family!
    1# Swedish Piston Fan

  24. Jo

    Hi, Rodney is my favourite Pistons, hope is nothing really serius and he can come back and play.
    If i am not wrong he had a similiar thing a couple of year ago

    Best luck

  25. DEL

    Stuckey get well, we need YOU!
    1# Polish Piston Fan

  26. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Get well Stuckey, best wishes from Russia

  27. Franz

    Get Well Stuckey, forget basketball. Health is the most important in life.

  28. Janet

    Get Well soon Stuckey … sending you healing vibes xx

  29. max

    Get well Rodney,get well.

  30. Josh

    My prayers go out to Stuck and the family. I’m glad he’s okay but whatever is happening should be thoroughly checked. This same thing happened last year.Take care of yourself buddy! Love from Chicago

  31. BigBen

    Get well soon Rodney! i’m glad that nothing serious happened. i hope he gets better in time, or im going to miss his high energy plays.

  32. Number1DetroitFan

    Get well soon Stuckey. My prayers go out to him and his family. Love from Collins, Ohio.

  33. owen

    My prayers go out to you and your familly.Best luck from Bulgaria

  34. sam jackson jr

    ” they did terst then if he had hcm they should have detected it . right?”

    no, sadly. My father had it, and he put 20 years in the army, including 2 yours in Nam as a groundpounder. he had several episodes, and the docs knew what they should be looking for, but they didnt find definitive evidence until after he was out of the army. i was born with a murmur, and with my pops history, i started having echocardiograms when i was 5. They didnt find my HCM until i was 17

    now, testing as gotten better, but detecting HCM still isnt an exact science

    im praying that it is just something like dehydration (and if so: stuckey, drank some damn gatorade my man…it’s there). but having multiple episodes now, he needs to take whatever is happening very seriously, and get regular testing eery 6 months by both cardiologists and neurologists.

  35. The Fluidics

    Jorge just can’t seem to win, it’s sad actually.

    Get well soon Rodney.

  36. FLCeltsFan

    From reading the comments, this is exactly what happened with Reggie Lewis. He had a couple of episodes when he collapsed on the court. waa light headed and couldn’t get his bearings. He had a dream team of doctors testing him and told him he shouldn’t play any more. He got a second opinion and those doctors determined something different. He decided to play again and it killed him. I am praying that the Pistons keep Stuckey off the court until they know without a doubt what caused the collapse. It would be a shame if they tell him not to play but it would be even worse for another tragedy like Reggie to happen. I hope they have at least learned from it. My prayers are with him and with the doctors treating him.

  37. Buzz Killington

    So glad to see all the well-wishes for Rodney from all over the globe.

    Hope he gets a chance to read all these.

    Hang in there tough guy! ^^

    -No.1 fan from Philippines

  38. KleenGee

    Nice to see the kind side of people.

    The current news reports say that results came back negative. It’s weird when there’s definitely something wrong, but there aren’t any answers. hope it turns out to be a passing thing like dehydration or flu, but I guess they would have determined that already.

    My wife and I are praying for Stuckey!!!!

  39. Mike

    Rodney is extremely talented and has the ability to develop into something really special on the court. That said, if there is even the slightest chance that his life could be cut short by stepping back on the floor, I’d rather be left asking “how good could he have been?” then “why did we lose him to a game?” I hope to see you on the court soon Stuck, but if not, I’ll be happy to know that you left the game with a lot of life left to live.

  40. Britt

    Oh gosh I really hope he’s ok… And I really hope this doesn’t lead to some further issue. Get better soon!!

    -Celtics Fan(and I wrote that to show everyone that other teams and their fans do care!)

  41. PF

    Get well soon Rodney. We all are praying for you.

    Pistons fan from Italy.

  42. chris

    thanks britt

  43. JeremyB666

    Rodney I hope you are doing well and live a long life. Please don’t ever scare me like that again, I love you!

  44. JeremyB666

    Rodney I hope you are doing well. Please don’t ever scare me like that again. I love you man!



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