Boston over Detroit

by | Mar 3, 2010 | 14 comments

Exciting game at the Palace despite a Pistons loss to Rasheed Wallace and the Boston Celtics.   Detroit kept it close throughout, but couldn’t hold it together in the fourth quarter to get the W.  The Pistons are now 21-39 after the 105-100 loss to Boston.

Key Points:

  • Though wasn’t that close to the action, I could still here the emphatic Rasheed Wallace scream “Ball Don’t Lie” from my seat at the Palace.

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  • Great third quarter, but it all fell apart in the fourth.
  • They got as close as three with second left on the clock.
  • Detroit’s bench really did a bad job tonight, once again they took a lead and dug a hole.
  • I know it’s not my money, but can Ben Gordon give us a refund?  Eight points in 26 minutes with 4 turnovers.  He’s the anti-clutch right now.
  • A double-double for Jonas Jerebko, who in my mind was the player of the game for Detroit.  The Birthday boy lead Detroit with 16 points, 10 boards, a steal and an assist in 30 minutes on the floor.  His Swedeness never ceases to amaze.

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  • Ben Wallace helped off the floor in the closing minute of the game after  putting up six with a blocked shot and 12 boards.  If Ben goes you can start looking at an unofficial tank.
  • Kuester mentioned Ben had a sore knee in the post game presser. I’m sure we will be updated later.
  • Richard Hamilton with 16 on 4-for-9 shooting with 7 assists and a steal.   Rip went 7-for-7 for the line after missing clutch free throws the other night.
  • Rip to Ben Alley-Oop

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Video Courtesy of the Detroit Pistons and The NBA

  • Tayshaun Prince, who scored 15 points and looked very good, had a scary moment going down after he rolled an ankle.  The sprain looked pretty bad, but he came back late in the fourth to finish the game.
  • 3-for-20 from downtown for Detroit.
  • Austin Daye a HUGE spark off the bench.  Daye just kept hitting shots scoring 9 points in 13 minutes with 5 boards.  Give this Kid Charlie Villanueva’s minutes and his sandwiches.
  • Will Bynum just isn’t Bynumite as of late, 14 minutes an assists and 4 points.
  • A much better 76% from the line for Detroit, who had been shooting in the 50’s from the line on the west coast trip.
  • I think Charlie Villanueva should take 3/4 of his salary and deposit it into Jonas Jerebko’s bank account.
  • Rodney Stuckey 5-for 15 for 13 points with 6 assists.  This blow-by layup was Stucktacular.

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Video Courtesy of the Detroit Pistons and The NBA
  • Jason Maxiell still bringing it.
  • What do you know, Sheed actually was in the paint for Boston.  Think he’s getting a bonus for that?
  • Someone please inform the Pistons that Nate Robinson likes to go off on their team.  Nate off the bench knocking down threes and pushing Boston over the top with 14 points in 15 minutes.
  • This block on Nate by Stuck did make the whole Palace get up out of their seats.

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Video Courtesy of the Detroit Pistons and The NBA


  1. Tycoon

    Yeah! nice block by Stuck!

  2. edt

    i feel like im rooting for the washington generals

  3. Drew

    That’s why you use your left hand on the left side, Nate (who already is left-handed ironically)!

  4. jay

    I’m very disappointed at what we are getting out of Ben Gordon and Charlie V. I know that he was injured but something tells me that he’s given up on this team. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not a Piston next season. At least I hope not. Rip is definitely the better player. If he wants to be here….I say get rid of Gordon and keep Hamilton. We don’t need both.

    As for Charlie V. – I initially thought he was a decent pick up but now I don’t think so. I knew he wasn’t a defensive player of the year type of player but dang…..he can’t guard my mother at this point. And to add insult to injury….he can’t score now either.

    I’m going to have to say that luck wasn’t on Joe Dumar’s side when he picked up the 3 free-agents this past summer. Chris Wilcox doesn’t even play. They definitely don’t fit the bill of the “Detroit Pistons” that I would expect.

    I say build next years team around Jonas, stuckey, Rip, Tayshaun with a bench of will Bynum, Austin Daye, and Jason Maxiell. I’d also keep Ben Wallace if he wants to still play here. He’d be great coming off the bench if we could snag a premier post player. If not, Ben can definitely be a starter.

    What do you think?

  5. daddy

    no one will want to take cv or bg’s contracts. i thought bg could of been a nice fit but it does seem like he has given up. you want more mins ben then hit your shots and maybe you will get some. hold onto the ball and quit turning it over and over and you might get some more too. jonas rip tay stuck and ben would be a nice thing to build on, but how can we when we dont have any room to sign ppl and no one will be willing to trade?

  6. Normal 2

    Yeah, I think BG’s biggest problem is that he can’t get into a rythem because his mins are here and there…but as daddy above me said (sounds wierd, don’t it) you have to earn time in Coach Q’s system and his constant turn over’s and missed shot’s are what’s doing him in. Before, he could make up with less than steller defence with his offence, but now…..he’s pressing and thinking to much instead of just playing i guess. CV is just CV. a shooting guard in a power forward’s body. He shoots more 3 pointers then all our guard put together…you can’t just come off the bench being 6’10 firing up 3 pointers thinking your going to catch a rhythem. You have to start down low and then mix it up.

  7. The Fan

    We should send BG and CV down to the d-league. BG should work on his shot. His shooting is like Chris Wilcox from the line. Its absolutely deplorable. And CV is about as lazy a Sheed was last season. Tossing up 3’s all the time.

    I knew those trades were retarded. Sweet Jesus. How the hell can we get rid of those 3 goofs we got last summer. I know its probably an impossible task but thats what we need to happen.

  8. Jesse

    Come on guys, why so negative? Give this team a chance, once they get healthy and, oh wait…. nevermind.

  9. terry

    Great game, the young core of this team is putting themselves in a position for future dominance. It wouldn’t be bad if they lost the rest of the games in this fashion. BG and CV will be fine after another training camp. Big Ben should’ve milked that leg injury and let someone else shoot his free throws at the end though. Even though each loss helps sweeten the lottery I hate the Celtics and I hate that whole Hack a Ben thing working.

  10. sam i am

    joe….so much for ur “impact players”? ben gordon nd CV have been having some great impact on the games huh joe?

  11. Amer ican Prnce

    haha i love the pistons megaphone on sheed’s pic. Made me laugh. This was a good game to watch. and it looks like the problems with sheed here are being noticed by boston fans. I still miss sheed and what he brought but hey it is what it is.

    To me the problem i always had with ben gordon is he’s a one on one player only. A role player with a bad attitude (recall the statements and stuff he made during his contract negociations with chicago where he took shots at ben wallace saying “the best player should have the best contract” cause ben wallace was making that 60 million.)

    But my biggest problem was that Ben Gordon doesn’t have that mental toughness, if he gets out of his comfort zone he falls apart. And doesn’t have no way of getting back in a rhythm unless he shoots, and hes not going to be getting a lot of touches in a row with this team

  12. daddy

    if the best player should have the best contract then tell bg to donate his money to big ben, jj and stuckey. eat your words and start playing the game. dont bitch about mins and then come in missing all your 3’s. bg came here knowing he was coming off the bench so him sitting for a while shouldnt matter. he was the 6th man in chicago and it didnt seem to bother him. he just doesnt have it there mentally i think. ive seen him turn the ball over and just walk down court. PLAY DEFENSE THIS IS DETROIT BALL SON

  13. adam b

    I see a few players here that are ready to dominate down the road, JJ especially. I don’t know what the hell is going on with BG and CV has terrible lateral movement on defense. In CV’s defense, he had an ice pack on his lower back while on the bench, which makes me think he lower back problems persist.

    I really don’t know what to make of all of this. Impact players…that’s right. That’s what Joe was looking for. I don’t think he’s found them yet. July could not come soon enough.

  14. The Rasheedism

    Ben Gordon and CharlieV were the biggest waste of over 16 MIllion dollars I have ever seen! FIRE DUMARS! Seriously.



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