The Pistons vs The Clippers

by | Feb 24, 2010 | 33 comments

The Pistons vs. The Clippers
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The 21-35 Detroit Pistons are in LA to face the 23-33 Clippers (late) tonight. With a win tonight, the Pistons could make it seven straight road victories against the Clippers. The Pistons would like to extend their winning steak, but they haven’t won three straight since Jan. 12-16.

I know one thing I can count on, plenty of Detroit love a The Staples Center.

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Tip is at 10:30 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 97.1 The Ticket or follow the action over at



  1. mobius909

    I’ll be at the Staples Center for this one tonight, up in the cheap seats. Detroit Represent! Might even rock my Dirty 36…

  2. Larsony

    Will be there, 7th row, gettin’ rowdy for the D!

    • Natalie Sitto

      We will be waiting for the Pictures…

  3. Xavier

    i know this has nothing to do with this, but what programs do you guys use to edit your pictures here at need4sheed?

    • Natalie Sitto

      No guys…just me. I use Adobe Photoshop.

  4. Tycoon

    Give Daye some PT!!!

  5. KG

    Fuck AUstin Daye HORRIBLE foul!
    That is why you don’t play…

  6. sam i am

    y do we have plenty of fans in LA??

  7. The Fan

    Ben Gordon should give half his salary back for this year.

  8. KG

    Up 4 after 3 just wow!!!!!
    they should be up over 10…

  9. Tycoon

    KG this is their 2nd game of a back to back, dont expect a blowout win. We’re not the Lakers. We should be happy if they pull this one out.

  10. The Fan

    I can’t believe how many fouls Kaman got away with this game. Stuckey got mugged on the last drive.

    Doesn’t really matter cause we didn’t deserve to win this game.

  11. The Fan

    Are you kidding me. Is RIP shaving points. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. Tycoon

    every loss counts for it gives better chance at the draft

  13. KG

    Wow just wow is all i have to say about this game.
    It was a damn crime the Clippers won this game.
    And people wonder why I hate the NBA and it’s refs!!
    This is a prime example….

  14. Drew

    Kaman pushed off for a crucial rebound with just under a minute left. Then he initiates the contact with Ben but draws the foul. Fuck him!

  15. The Fan

    Unbelievable! Unbelievable! 45% FT shooting. Unbelievable. Rip has 47 straight and then goes 2-8 tonight. Unbelievable

  16. The Fan

    Yes EFFF Kaman and his Caveman B-Ball tactics.

  17. terry

    The Definition of bitter sweet; losing such a hard fought game in that manner, though each loss sweetens the lottery.

  18. terry

    Not to mention I got a distinct whiff of some home cooking down the stretch. I hope rip got whayever that was out of his system though.

  19. The Fan

    Somethun is rotten in LA

  20. edt

    wow. rip hamilton 2 for 8 from the stripe. And he could have sent the game into overtime with a 4 point play. 47 in a row before this game.

    i was watching the west coast feed for this game. it was pretty funny to hear the announcers. “Watch out Ben Gordon is entering the game, he adds instant offense.” 5 minutes later: “Ben Gordon is playing, I can’t use words that we can broadcast to describe how badly he’s playing.” 10 minutes later: “I can’t believe Joe Dumars blew all his money on Charlie V and Ben Gordon.” It took them about 10 minutes to figure out what it has taken us pistons fans all season to believe (because we didnt want to believe it).

    We could have had Drew Gooden for $4.5 million a year. Remember that? We were in talks with him in July but Joe D passed on Gooden for BG.

    But despite a no show by Ben Gordon, we should have won this game easy anyway thanks to great play by Tayshaun, and the fact that the clippers are awful. Rip has never shot this badly from the foul line his entire career.

  21. James (Australia)

    Nothing on the box score hinted anything but a Pistons blowout win. Then in the fourth quarter the Clippers get about a billion points off of offensive rebounds and three point shots.

    How didn’t Stuckey get that foul call on that last stupid play where we shot the ball in like 2 seconds despite having a full shot clock?

    If you had asked me this morning who I wanted shooting 3 free throws when we are down by 4 with 10 seconds to go it would have been Rip, I cannot believe he missed ALL three.

    Who would I take Gooden, or BG? BG every time. Why do people insist on saying that those signings were failures when they haven’t even played half a season? Who else was Joe D going to spend the money on? He had to spend it on someone, and BG7 and CV31 were the best two free agents available.

  22. Drew

    This is one of those games where Kwame should have gotten a few minutes. It was obvious we were too small down low. Deandre Jordan (who?) was looking like a beast. Can’t Kwame be used for these types of games, at least? Maxiell (who had a great game, btw) and Ben were just too small. I don’t get Coach Q’s lineup’s at all.

  23. edt

    the problem with bg & cv is that we have a million shooting guards and a million small forwards and exactly zero power forwards zero point guards, and 1 aging center in ben wallace. I would trade BG & CV for Gooden in a second, but nobody wants our overpriced contracts. right now we have jerebko playing power forward, when he’s better as a small forward. We have as shooting guard, bynum, gordon, hamilton, stuckey, and at small forward daye, jerebko, prince, summers, CV.

    I dont know what kind of basketball you can play on a team made entirely out of shooting guards and small forwards. But that’s not my job that’s coach q’s job.

    It’s Joe D’s job to go get us two or three trees, and they need to have some skillz. Not literal trees, like Kwame and Darko. It wouldn’t hurt to have a point guard too. What if instead of shopping billups joe d had shopped rip, then billups and stuckey would be at the D, we would still have mcdyess . . .

    If we had a power forward that was, not an all star, just adequate, this team would be a ton better.

    I think by now we understand what Joe D’s plan was. He was gonna unload Rip & Tay, so we would have cap space, but Joe D lived in that same fantasy that all fans have. We always tend to overvalue our own players, and now we are stuck with a team knee deep in small forwards and shooting guards.

  24. James (Australia)

    Have you watched the play of Stuckey lately, edt? don’t give me that Stuckey is not a point guard rubbish.

    I think unless Ben Gordon averaged 25 points, 7 assists, 5 rebs, 3 stls a game, and Charlie Villanueva averaged 20 points, 12 rebs, 5 ast, 4 blks a game, people were going to say those signings were a bust. GIVE THEM A CHANCE! We have seen them play a disrupted 4 months of injury-plagued basketball on a team with a lot of new faces, and people already say, “We should have waited until the free agency of 2010, and then be one of about 20 other teams with cap room, to try and sign Bosh and Wade, only to have those players stay with their current teams, and we spend 20 million dollars on Travis Outlaw, Steve Blake, and Drew Gooden.”

  25. Anderson

    I think CAN become productive, but Charlie IS a real bust… I mean, we desperately need an inside presence, and he insists on shooting 3s, despite the fact that his trey-shooting skill is nothing but mediocre. he mustn’t be that stupid!

    as if this wasn’t enough, he plays no D, and he is soft as a little girl…

    to fix this team, we needed a ‘Karl Malone’ but got a Sheed-with-the-flu-and-no-D.

    man, I miss those bad boys!

  26. Jesse

    You know exactly what kind of basketball you can play on a team made entirely out of shooting guards and small forwards…. up tempo!!!! You play like the Phoenix Suns; in 05′-06′ they started Diaw and Marion in the front court most of the season, won their division and made it to the Confrence Finals.

  27. Jesse

    James, this is why people have no patience for Gordon and CV: combined they are averaging 27 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists and a steal. David Lee (who many people wanted last summer) is averaging 20 points, 11 rebounds, 3 assists and a steal. BG and CV are making $16.5 mill this year, Lee is making $7 mill. Granted, Lee’s numbers are little skewed by playing in an up-tempo system, and had he signed in Detroit it probably would have been for more like $13 mill, but even with that- who wouldn’t rather have spent that money on Lee? Or elsewhere? Or not at all?

    CV and BG are busts, these are they players they have been over the course of their career, and the players they will continue to be for the duration of their contracts. They are bench players, always have been, always will be…. on bad teams no less. If they were better than this, then their former teams probably would have offered them deals, or at least put up some kinda fight to hang on to them.

    If this season is a complete throw away for our two big signees, then obviously Dumars should have waited till 2010. The whole point of signing them was to stay competetive. Well now, we aren’t competetive, have no cap room for years, have huge holes on the roster…. but hey, we have overpaid one-demsional bench players who have potential they will never reach, so it’s all good right?

  28. edt

    james stuckey is our best player. He can play the point guard position and he’s doing it.

    But it’s a waste. Now, he’s no dwayne wade or kobe. But he’s the same as them. It would be a waste to use kobe or wade at point guard.

    In fact look at the cleveland cavaliers. Why do you think they struggle so much? Because Mike Brown insists that Lebron play 1 vs 5 and so lebron plays point, shooting guard and power forward, and the rest of the team gets a rest while on offense.

    jesse I wish we played at the same pace as the suns. It seems that’s how you win when all you got is small forwards and shooting guards. But we have the worst 3 percentage and the slowest pace in the entire NBA. We are like the anti-matter suns.

    To play a fast pace you have to be able to shoot. The suns have 5 players that shoot a 3 more than 40 percent, nash at 43, frye at 42 hill at 46 (I think someone is teaching him how to shoot 3’s in phoenix he never did this earlier in his career) dragic at 40 dudley at 45. And the suns have a great offense post presence with amare.

    the pistons have zero 3 point shooters. zero. our supposedly best 3 point shooter, Ben Gordon is 31% from the 3.

    night after night we see charlie v saunter around the 3 and hoist up clunkers, he’s 33% from the 3.

    How can we run and gun when our fire power is a water pistol?

  29. Jesse

    I agree, the lack of a playmaking guard along with poor perimeter shooting (even though they should be shooting better) makes it tougher for them to run. However, their current style of play is not working, that is clear. Regardless of losing the games, some fans here seem to think the team is getting better…. I’m gonna let you all in on something, Rip and Tay are playing better, the team as a whole is not. As Rip and Tay have taken more command lately, BG is playing like garabge, CV has gotten even worse, JJ is playing out of position and has tailed off a bit, Daye isn’t getting burn…. it all evens out.


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