Welcome Back Dyess – The Video

by | Feb 21, 2010 | 27 comments

The Pistons beat the Spurs in OT 101-109.  I’m gong to set most of the details aside like:

  • The officiating
  • The hack a Ben Wallace fiasco that Pop pulled.
  • The fact that Kuester left Ben in after 5 consecutive fouls.
  • The almost fit of rage and the headband toss from Ben when when he finally was pulled with a little more than 2 minutes left in the game.
  • The 10 point lead widdled down to one.
  • The Manu flop.
  • The Rip tech that could have cost the Pistons the game.
  • Some clutch baskets by Stuckey.
  • Ben Gordon coming to life.

I guess I really didn’t put anything aside, but here is the video I took of the reaction from the crowd when Antonio McDyess was introduced at the Palace with the Pistons Intros.

[flashvideo file=https://need4sheed.com/videos/flash_videos/feb_21_10_dyessintro.flv /]

I have to say I am a bit disappointed that they didn’t make a bit more of Dyess’s homecoming.  In fact I felt that they almost cut off the cheers by starting the introductions.

Not only did I get to see Dyess, I’m still excited that thanks to my friend Dave, Antonio McDyess has an Ice4Dyess T-Shirt in his possession.

It was a great win, I’m anxious to hear your thoughts.


  1. KleenGee

    Good game for the Pistons. Q finally gave BG the minutes he needs to be productive. I hope he keeps it that way.

    The Pistons showed that they’re a playoff quality team (even though the postseason is practically out of reach now)

    What was the technical for?

    Hack a Ben was so lame. I thought Pop was better than that.

    Since when does Manu get calls usually reserved for Lebron and Kobe? He has that international flop game that so obvious that you wonder how the refs don’t laugh at him.

  2. elainfan

    Im not understanding why Ben was upset. Because the coach left him in so long or because he pulled him out?

  3. adam b

    The winning formula for the Pistons is to keep playing teams that have former player of ours on their team. We always bring a lot of energy and focus on those nights.

    The Pistons are definitely a .500 team when healthy, comparable to Toronto (consistency wise), which is encouraging if we make smart tweaks to our roster next season.

    Kuester should not have left Big Ben in down the stretch, everyone knows Pop loves pulling that Hack-a-Shaq/Big Ben shenanigans.

  4. The Fan

    I think Ben was mad that coach Q left him in so long. He did not want to be the reason we lost. I had flashbacks to the 2005 playoffs. Oh man… Hacka Ben. Hate that.

    But what a game. I love games like that.

    And a win in OT? Wow! Such a rarity over the past 2 years.

    Glad to see BG shoot well. Hopefully it comes with some consistency. Bynum still seems to be struggling a bit to get his groove back.

    Rip is playing like a monster and Stuckey is playing the point very well.


  5. Richie

    I’m very pleased to know that he got an Ice 4 Dyess shirt 🙂

  6. KG

    Alright I was at the game the video does the Dyess return no justice..
    It was real loud for Dyess like REAL loud lol
    But yea it could have been longer for the fans…
    RIP was clutch for us in the first half and I feel BG took over that role for us in the 2nd half
    People wonder why I hate popavich now you know why lol
    Cant believe Kue left him in for that long
    Tay starting to look real good
    Will Bynum is like a shadow of his former self right now…
    Mr Hustle sighting tonight JJ fighting for everything
    Agreed Nat we’re those refs awful or what!
    I’m sry but In my humble opinion BEN WALLACE is the steal of the summer!

    Overall great win through adversity, they never quit and I can live with that win or lose

  7. The Fluidics

    That game was a blast. I’m glad that Dyess got love, way more love than Sheed got.
    I too was little confused as to why Kue kept Ben in there so long, except for if nobody else was warm.

  8. max

    wow,I thought Rip and Tay were done in D,but right now they are playing really well.All of
    our Guards had at least 20—impressive!This is how it should have worked the season.Maybe next year with the help of a rookie (Whiteside,Favors,Cousins) we can play into the summer. 🙂

  9. anchunger

    ben wallace definitely did his best out there to make those free throws.
    man…pops is just an annoying coach. first, he hacks shaq, and now ben?

    this proves that pops is not a true coach and doesn’t play clean ball. ben was probably furious that he was getting hacked by SA.

    but this was definitely a good win.

  10. Loop

    Great win.
    But should we face the reality and try for a higher pick 2bring in a big? At least we had 2 good memories outta last 3 high picks.

  11. James (Australia)

    Great win.
    Rip is playing some great basketball at the moment. Really stroking his shot well.
    Tay is just doing what Tay does, a bit of everything, and doing it really well.
    Stuckey seems to be cutting mistakes out of his game. He only had the one turnover which came at a bad time, but I’ll take 1 turnover to six assists anyday.
    JJ and Ben played great D and just hustled. It seemed like Detroit won all the 50-50 balls.
    BG7 looked his best for a long time.
    A good win over a (still)good team and CV31 & Bynumite hardly contributed. Hope that is a positive.
    The Pistons need to play with that kind of intensity and focus for 48 minutes every game.
    I think SA may have looked at the Pistons and seen their future. Unfortunately for the Spurs, all good things must come to an end, and I think they are drawing night to that point. I think the Spurs may slip out of the playoffs come next year.

    Great win. Hope we build off this and have a good West Coast trip!

  12. Diogenes

    FCUKER? Man you are a dumb FCUKER – my mom agrees and so does yours.

    Also – the most effort I have seen by this team this year. Keep playing like that and we can get swept by the Cavs again 😉

  13. daddy

    the refs were terrible seriously almost cost the game. this game was kinda of hard to watch down the stretch cause of all the lame calls/hack a ben. gordon still needs to learn how to hold on to the ball he had quite a few turn overs. ben blocks tim duncan all day and im glad to see another one happen tonight. tay and rip are looking good right now.

  14. pistonsfan32

    I was at the game and actually went early to wait for Dyess to finish his warmups. Usually he just runs past in the locker rooms, but is time he went to every fan and gave an autograph. My sister and I got a picture with him. He is so incredibly nice.

    Q almost cost us the game. We kept screaming at him to take Ben out.I think Ben was pissed because he was kept in so long, and he called both getting hacked and being left in “garbage” during his postgame.


  15. Sleepy Crayfish

    Tough decision with Ben at the end there. I have a feeling he would’ve been mad either way. If you take him out, you’re not showing confidence in him; if you leave him in, you’re putting a potential loss on his shoulders. Basically he just doesn’t have the right to be upset. It’s his fault he’s terrible at free throws, which makes the hack a legitimate strategy.

  16. brgulker

    Thanks for posting this Natalie.

    As to Hack-a-Ben, it’s hardly new from Pop. He used to do the same thing against Shaq. But I don’t hate him for it. It’s good coaching strategy. If an NBA player can’t make free throws, penalize him for it. I love Big Ben as much as anyone, but if he can’t make FTs, then he’s gonna have to sit in crunch time…

  17. DieHardPistonsFan


  18. edt

    the hack-a-shaq thing never works, because if your guy is making baskets, you can leave him in, and the strategy fails, but if your guy starts missing you can either take him out or leave him in anyway, to frustrate the other team. I’ve seen so many games where down the stretch either shaq or big ben hit a bunch of free throws in a row and sealed the game.

    Like the absolute best case scenario for hack-a-shaq or hack-a-ben is that shaq or ben gets pulled from the game in the final minutes. And that doesn’t mean you win the game! I mean the pistons won anyway.

    It’s a frustrating strategy to play against, but I don’t think it’s very smart. Hack-a-shaq is even a more unreliable strategy than shooting 3’s. I mean at least with shooting 3’s you have the ball in your own hands, but with a hack-a-shaq or hack-a-ben, you are depending on someone else to miss, it’s just unreliable.

  19. AC

    Another monumental win for the Pistons but more impressive another amazing video! Gracias for that! Since our horrible 13-game skid, our guys are playing .500 basketball and are healthier. I know 99% of the SportsNation has given up on this team, but even if we get hot and some how sniff 37-38-39 wins, a couple bonus post season games would be something to be excited about!

    A scenario if all else fails however …. Larry Brown’s Bobcats putting it to LeBron in round 1. 🙂

  20. AC

    One thing we can all agree on – DETROITS PLAYING BETTER BASKETBALL, enjoy right?

  21. HIME1

    I like the way they are playing now they have no pressure, no playoffs just go play and build chemistry…the team is healthy.. I think they should shop a big this summer a real big man. I am a fan of billups and mcdysee and sheed. they are not pistons anymore . like lambeer told mahorn when he got tradded, ” you are now the enemy”

  22. edt

    “even if we get hot”

    if we win 20 straight of our next 20 games we will have less wins than cleveland, orland, boston, the lakers, utah denver and dallas have right now even if all those teams go 0 for 20 in their next 20 games. And even if we won 20 games in a row we still wouldn’t have the 41 wins you need to make the playoffs, we would have to do better than 20 wins in a row to make the playoffs.

    Let’s just be happy with a solid win. This doesnt look like the same team that lost over a dozen in a row.

  23. junior


  24. terry

    Everything is just as I predicted Stuckey is quickly maturing into a rock solid point guard, and now that more scorers are healthy his assist are going up. The team is getting chemistry because they are finally healthy and able to play together and they are a far cry from the team that lost 13 straight. Now for my last prediction to unfold, Charlie V. will do fine and be a great asset to this team.

  25. rai_from_the_philippines

    i don’t mind the hack strategy. even though ben couldn’t hit those FT’s, just as long as the whole team doesn’t let the opposing team score at the other end as well. GO PISTONS!!!

  26. AC

    “Solid win”

    I don’t think we have to be too concerned with Utah, Dallas, LA or any other Western Conference team getting in the way of a playoff spot. Remember the Tigers collapse? They have to play all 82 games, 39 w’s got us in last year.


  27. tandberg



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