The Pistons vs The Bucks

by | Feb 19, 2010 | 13 comments

The Pistons vs. The Bucks
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The 19-34 Detroit Pistons back home to take on the The 24-28 Milwaukee Bucks tonight. The Bucks have won six of its last nine, but have lost the last two games against the Pistons.

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Tip is at 8:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 97.1 The Ticket or follow the action over at



  1. The Fan

    Deeeeeetroiiit Baaaaaaaaaasketbaaaaaaaaaaallll….

    Hopefully we can block out Bogut this game.

    Great Start 6 – 0

  2. zeke khaseli

    Our second team havent played together lately. the onus is on wil (injury)l and charlie (dont know what). At least gordon is playing hard.

  3. The Fan

    You think our team is feeling more comfortable knowing they are secure in their spots for the rest of the year? Rip has been playing like a man on fiyah!!

  4. The Fan

    Ever since Q subbed everyone out in the first quarter we lost our hustle.

  5. Bee

    I’m sorry but this team is a mess. I hate the rotation and the way the players are being used. Does anyone else have a problem with this half court offense? This team is actually made to run more because of the talent yet they continue to walk the ball up the court. That is one of the reasons why they struggle to score so much. I don’t think the shooting guard situation helps things and I wish that Dumars would have thought of that before signing Gordon. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Gordon but he will continue to struggle because he doesn’t have a role on the team. I live in Chicago and I’ve watched him play his whole career, he is better than this. I think that he deserves more than 5-10 shots a game. He gets a shot every 8 minutes or so which is not good for rhythm. Until some moves are made this team will continue to struggle because they have no identity. Can anyone honestly say what you expect to see from this team every night? I hope things get clear soon because as a fan, this sucks!!! I blame Joe Dumars for the lack of moves made but I also blame the coaching staff. This team was suppose to be a powerful offensive and poor defensive team but so far we’re terrible all around.

  6. edt

    so . . . the worse ben gordon plays the more minutes he needs to have for his “rhythm.” And the worse Ben Gordon plays the less minutes he gets? Ben Gordon is a streak shooter. Some nites he’s hot, some nites he’s not. Like tonight.

    If you want to play BG minutes when he’s sucking, then we should bench Tay for the rest of the season and play Austin Daye, bench Ben Wallace because every game is more wear and tear on the old guy, why not just play the players for the future?

    Because losing sucks thats why. BG isnt going to get minutes unless hes hot.

    • Bee

      Hey I totally agree with you. I like coaches who play players based off their strengths and if they are not playing well they should get less minutes. Now my problem that I don’t see the coaching staff doing that with everyone on the team. There are games where RIP is (5-18 playing 39 minutes, 6-22 playing 41 minutes etc.)and I believe that he should have sat down as well. Everyone on the team should be held responsible for their actions on the court. I just believe that Coach Kue rides players who are not shooting well too long and doesn’t search for good lineups during games. One of the things that I respect about Skiles is that he is known to go with who is hot and sit players who are not playing well quickly. When I watch the rotation it is really based on time and not what a player may be doing on the court. If a player hit 3 shots in a row, it is best to let him stay in the game and see if he is hot. Coach Kue just does not do that with this team. I have seen him take guys out who just made a shot, just to get someone off the bench in the game. I have read all your comments on this site, so I know that you are a real fan that understands the game. What do you think we should do to right the ship for this season and next?

  7. zeke khaseli

    we are just not playing the right way. if the right way on offense is only going through rip then we are in trouble. we need to get everyone involved. as for the subs, they gotta talk among themselves and find out whats going on out there. maybe they should come up with a nickname or something. we need energy off the subs and thats been lacking with jj as starter. this is not good. that 11/11 fg start was a fools gold

    • Bee

      This team has no chemistry and identity. What kind of offense would you say we run? When you play the Bulls,Suns, Spurs, Timberwolves(triangle offense), Lakers, Celtics and 76ers(Princeton), you know what to expect. I would like to see them develop something before the season ends.

  8. edt

    well bee . . . thank goodness it’s not our job to coach or GM. Because there is no fixing this team for at least 2 year.

    My attitude is to try to find a way to enjoy the games and not get upset when they lose, because we are going to be riding this horse for the next couple of years.

    There is no fixing this team, we got no cap space, we have some untradable players.

    On the great side, Ben Wallace is a fiend, Jerebko and stuckey are future all stars, and some day Ben Gordon will get his shot back. There is something wrong with him still. Go look at his stat sheet, I think he’s still hurt.

    I think a lot of times when a player has bad stats its just that they are playing through an injury. I think in retrospect that’s what happened to Ben Wallace. He wasnt good for chicago or cleveland, but he kind of hinted that he was playing hurt for those years and now he’s healthy again.

    So maybe Ben Wallace has more than just 1 more year, maybe he’s got 2 or 3 more years, which will be great if we get cousins this year . . . cousins will need 1 year to develop, so then in 2012 or 2013 we can make a run again.

    So I just have to find a way to chill until then. I know I sometimes trash charlie V and ben gordon because they have dubious defensive skills, I should just accept them for what they are and try to enjoy the game.

    There’s no way to right this ship except to wait for the draft and for stuckey & jerebko to gain more skills. I dont think daye will be part of the future, coach q knows something about his skill set that we fans dont and thats why hes not getting more minutes.

  9. The Fan

    Our entire problem this game was because our bench… all of them… STUNK! Simple and plain. The game was great until those bozo’s came in. And then Coach Q kept them in. So frustrating. If your players aren’t performing…. don’t play them… play someone else or play the people who are hot.

    Why put BG and Bynum in at 4 minutes left in the first quarter when we are killing them. We pulled Wallace and Stuckey and then they caught up. I could have blown my brains out during this game watching Coach Q stick with the bench. He let them continue half way through the second quarter.

  10. junior

    edt i agree with every single thing u said EXCEPT the thing with daye not being a part of the future. i think he is going to be a part of the future but they sre waiting till next year to really start giving him the constant steady minutes, becuase he doesnt have the nba ready body or strength yet. they said when they drafted him that it would take a year or possibly 2 to get him to that point. right now q is just trying to get as many wins as possible, so he is sticking with the more proven players. also i think they dont wantto play him too much and risk that he gets some kind of serious injury that would stunt his growth. we knew he was a year or two project we just gotta hope we give him that time to develop. cause i know you will agree with me on this. . . he has one hell of a smooth shot. GO PISTONS

  11. Jesse



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