Magic over Detroit

by | Feb 17, 2010 | 34 comments

A season high 33 from Dwight Howard pretty much tells the story in this one. Though Detroit fought through three quarteres against the Magic, they fell apart in the fourth as the Magic pulled away with a 116-91 victory over the Pistons.

Key Points:

  • Detroit started off slow, but dug deep, got back in it and were within one at the half 56-55.
  • Monster game from Dwight Howard, who is just plain fun to watch.  Howard put up 33 with 17 boards and 7 blocked shots.  He had almost as many Dunks as the Pistons did last night against Minnesota.
  • Did Charlie Villanueva get his minutes taken away?  Three minutes and 16 seconds for CV31.
  • Ben Gordon was ejected after he got clocked in the face by Redick.  The refs, who were extra bad last night, of course missed it and when Ben challenged the non call he was tossed.  He finished with 6 points in 21 minutes. He is slowly getting his game back.
  • Will Bynum with 5 assist and zero points and an assist.  Was it me, or did Will look extra slow?
  • Putback jam from Ben Wallace, who finished with 5 points, 6 boards and a steal.
Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons
  • As always I’m impressed with the hustle of Jonas Jerebko, but when he set a screen and took a football tackle from Matt Barnes (flagrant one) and got up smirking, I appreciated him just a little more. Jonas with 13, 2 steals, a blocked shot and 3 boards in 34 minutes.
  • Win or lose, I love it how Detroit always brings it when it comes to the Magic.
  • Rodney Stuckey scored 11 points on 4-for-13 shooting with 6 boards and 7 assists. So what if his shot didn’t fall, he was doing whatever he could when he was out there.
  • Rip Hamilton with his most impressive game since he was injured. Game high 36 from Rip on 12-for-18 shooting with 3 assists, and 5 boards. It was nice to see everything going right for Rip, while playing the way we are used to seeing him play.
Rip Hamilton
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  • Anyone catch how upset George Blaha was with the Refs?  It was hilarious.
  • Detroit stepped up their Defense to get back in the game in the second quarter, but lost their way after the half.
  • Tayshaun Prince keeps looking better, not perfect, but it will do. Prince scored 13 on 5-for-14 shooting with 8 boards and 3 assists.
  • 42% shooting on the night for Detroit and 51% for the Magic.
  • Outrebounded by just one 39-40.
  • In my book it doesn’t count as a “no look pass” if you turn away an pose dramatically Jason.

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  • We have until 3PM Thursday to see if the Pistons make a move.


  1. DOM

    rips scores 36 points and we loose ugh…..
    Well anyone whose interested
    check out this facebook link “Fire Dumars”
    check it out theres some valid points.

    something tells me this trade deadline is going to come and pass with no results.

  2. Brent

    Charlie Plays ZERO DEFENSE that’s why he lost his minute he let Ryan Anderson blow right by him for an easy dunk.

  3. Azure Acerbus

    Firstly Refs were terrible, ill give the pistons that. It obviously didn’t cost us the game, but it would have been a much more pleasant finish had the Refs been calling correctly.

    Well its finally caught up to CV31, his D is simply atrocious. There were times like in early Dec when he looked like he could actually play decent D. Tho looks like hes completely lost all effort on the Defensive end.

    If CV isnt going to play could we at least see some Austin Daye? I know the position is mess up but bottom line is Mins are available for Austin if CV is in the dog house.

    I was calling for a trade of Tay for quite some time, but now i think id rather trade BG or CV. Whats weird about BG is we brought him here to shoot, but hes only taken 140 3’s this entire season, not to mention only hitting 31percent. were probably stuck with BG for a long while tho.

    I think we could actually probably get rid of CV, tomorrows the deadline we could offer Cv to Cleavland. They apparently like him quite i a bit, cause they were mad we got him last off season. Also it helps that they have there finger on the trigger. It would be dependent on them not acquiring Amare, or Jamison tho. They might react rashly to nothing being done.

    Rip had a great game, I really hope it isnt the catalyst for him getting traded. BG would start, which would be terrible in my opinion.

    • terry

      140 3’s isn’t that weird considering BG was hurt for most of those games now he’s still working his self into the offense. Charlie will be fine.

  4. Azure Acerbus

    Sorry apparently, Jamison is already a Cav. I was unaware of that. So unfortunantly looks like were stuck with Cv No D 3…1

    • LarryB

      How about supporting our players? What kind of fan are you?

  5. Hlmk

    cavs landed jamison, that combined with the fact that the East gets home-court advantage during the finals and the cavs winning the championship suddenly looks a hell of a lot better, then again thats what people said about them last year

  6. terry

    We got screwed by the refs at crucial times in this one in the second half, too bad because this was shaping up to be a good game.

  7. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    These trades are killin’ me. Last season LAL got Gasol for chewing gum, now CAVS gets Jamison for free (draft pick) because Washington will waive Big Я and he goes back to CAVS in 30 days…
    Whooohooo, Rockets get Martin+a bunch of players, SAC get rid of K-Mart, get Landry, and trying to get someone from NY for Tracy…
    With all that happening I look at The Pistons and the team is silent.
    Are you happy with our position, BG or CV anyone? Anyone???

  8. rai_from_the_philippines

    ugh! they played jmax and big ben on howard the whole game. Coach could have thrown different bodies (kwame, wilcox) at dwight to give him different looks on defense, and fouls to throw away to frustrate him. anyway, GO PISTONS!!!

  9. Hlmk

    another rumor is that celtics trade eddie house to the knicks for nate robinson, at least robinson can shoot and handle the ball, unlike eddie who dribbles the ball about as well as shaq does

  10. KleenGee

    I had to work late so I missed the game. Still seems like a hole down low. We really need CV31 to get with the program.

    Anyone have a sound clip or quotes of Blaha talking about the refs from last night?

  11. daddy

    im still all for trading tay love the guy but now we got jj and some other young guys that can do his job for cheap too. ill be down to trade cv but it doesnt look like anyone will want his contract or bg so we might stuck this way for a min.

  12. The Fluidics

    Pistons aren’t in a position to trade for better talent. teams headed to the playoffs trade to get better, not teams who would be grateful to finish just under .500
    If the Pistons made a trade, it would be to shed payroll, not to improve.
    There’s very little point in making a blockbuster deal to secure you 9th place in the conference.

    • Jesse

      Tell that to Dumars… he seems to think if he can’t trade Rip or Tay for an all-star bigman then there is point to making a trade at all. I didn’t expect there to be a move made at the dealine, but now that its passing and the Pistons aren’t even being named in rumors, I’m getting kinda mad here. I know that just because there is no buzz doesn’t mean he’s not trying, but its frustrating to watch the team stand pat when it has sooooo many holes.

  13. Normal 2

    Detroit deadline deals: Looking dim
    February, 18, 2010 Feb 1811:37AM ETComment Email Print Share By Chad Ford
    Archive The Detroit Pistons, who are struggling after spending most of the past decade as a contender, came into this year’s trade season as a potential player. But with less than five hours to go before the deadline, a Pistons source told that the chances the Pistons make a deal look slim.

    “There’s a less than 10 percent chance,” the source said. “There’s just no deal that makes sense for us right now.”

    The Pistons had been hoping to use either Richard Hamilton or Tayshaun Prince to land a frontcourt player — they especially had interest in Jazz forward Carlos Boozer. But with Prince’s injuries and the Jazz playing terrific basketball during the past month, any interest Utah had in a deal has dried up.

  14. 3point stunna

    man im sorry but joe d…. man im just kinda sad…i mena i thought if there was somebody who would know how to play their cards right it would be joe d…i mean going into this we were behind joe d 100 percent but i think joe d tried to weather the storm and now he’s backed up in a corner…with the death of mr.d tom wilson’s departmen and last seasons and this seasons collaspe it’s now time for joe d to just step down b4 it get’s n e worst..i think his type of thinkin worked last decade its just not working n e more and thats no knock on joe d he’s a legend in detroit..we need new idea in the front office somebody who wants to win with a young mind joe d you have done us well now its time to give it up

  15. Jesse

    Why would Phoenix do a deal that makes them worse and adds a lot more salary?

  16. Amer ican Prince

    ok but we give up tayshaun, rip, and CV for another shooting guard and Amare who can opt out of his contract this summer.

  17. Amer ican Prince

    besides i dont think joe d was really on the phone like they said, with the franchise in so much uncertainty i don’t think they are looking to make moves without knowing what’s gonna happen in the future. Plus joe d hasn’t gone after the right people the last few years. When he first started he had that year off to really study the game, and he was coming off playing with most of the players so he knew who the players were. Now that it’s been awhile he doesnt have the same feel for the players. Even if he did make a trade i doubt it would of been the right person anyway.

    That being said why would you take joe dumars out? although i dont agree with him sometimes, you have to admit he does keep the pistons financial stable and usually able to get guys to compete at a high level, too bad he just doesn’t know how to find those high level players that work together, he goes after 1 on 1 players too much

  18. edt

    There’s also this problem of the pistons being sold. Why would Joe D make a bunch of trades so that the new owner could say, “I didn’t want those trades!”

    Joe is sitting in a much better position with the new owner if he can say “I waited to see who the new owner would be for making any moves.”

    And the new owner would be like, “Why thank you Mr. Dumars, I appreciate you waiting for me to arrive on the scene. I think I’ll keep you on as GM!”

    • Jesse

      I disagree, a new owner would much rather have a blank slate and short contracts when they take over. A new owner doesn’t want to pay Rip, Gordon, CV ect. while they look for a way to unload them so they can build the franchise the want. The new owner will already know whether or not they are keeping Joe before the ink dries.

  19. sdfasdfa

    so, no trades huh? I guess there’s no point since we are tanking this season and awaiting that high lottery pick.

  20. Friggins

    I bet Detroit was the “mystery team” that made a last-minute push for Amare. Seems like a Joe D-type phone call to make. Think about it…Suns want Amare out, Amare wants out, then the Cavs go elsewhere and get Jamison. So, Amare’s value plummets.

  21. The Fluidics

    Good. I’d rather them not make a trade then make a trade that makes no sense. Do your damage in the off season, in the draft, you’re not contending this season anyhow. Grab a one and a five, you’ve gotta replace Big Ben, and you’ve still gotta replace Chauncey, and Chucky.

  22. steve


  23. junior

    we dont need a 1 stuckey is our 1. i thiught you would see that now that everyone is healthy stuck is avg around 8.5 asst and 15 points that might not be superstar numbers but it is very solid ones. plus if bg would make his shots that he usually does and cv31 would not throw up so many 3s stuck would gain another 3 asst per game right up around 10 t0 11 then and that is dam good. give the man a chance with a healthy team. stuck is the man. GO PISTONS

  24. junior

    hey steve u are back? seen a couple wins and thought you should check out the site again? thats ok but when we start winning again dont say you knew we would and that you were behind us all the way. band wagoner if all you wanna do is put the team down go back to your cavs site and talk bad about us there. GO PISTONS

  25. steve

    i was being sarcastic junior plus your not even 18 yet u have no right to run your mouth to me i could smash you

  26. Lori

    Quit badmouthing Joe. It’s getting so old! I’m so sick of hearing about Darko, for instance, that I could scream! Darko was second pick in the draft and if you read his whiny interviews, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that the fellow has quite an attitude/personality problem. If Darko had JJ’s attitude he’d probably play great! Besides, Joe salvaged that arrangement quite well.

    Look at other GM’s records before you air your ill informed opinions. All of them have their triumphs and failures. Then look at Joe’s record. He’s been one of the most successful and stable GMs of the last decade and I’m sure he hasn’t suddenly lost his touch.


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