Team Need4Sheed Podcast – To Trade or not to Trade

by | Feb 16, 2010 | 15 comments

Our good friends Bennie and Jeff are back with their pre-trade deadline podcast. With the deadline just days away, do the Pistons make a deal or not?

Don’t forget leave Bennie and Jeff your thoughts in the comments. They are waiting to hear what Team Need4Sheed has to say.


Team Need4Sheed Podcast #33- To Trade or not to Trade

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  1. Ben's Fro

    Man i wanted Amar’e Stoudemire on the Pistons soo badly, too bad.
    Dont Trade Big Ben nor Rip, maybe Tay. Lets see how it plays out.

  2. James (Australia)

    No need to trade. We aren’t going to be big players in free agency, we aren’t contenders. Let the team finish the season, see if they can salvage something, get a bit of chemistry, then with a healthy sample size, we might be able to see what moves we need/can make.

    We can get better via the draft, free agency(exceptions), and internal growth. Not making a trade doesn’t mean we can’t get better.

    The only trade I might entertain is that one of Ben Wallace going to a contender. If we could get a number 1 draft pick and then Wallace comes re signs with us in the off season. That would be pretty good. Don’t know if we could.

  3. Nat_Turner_Wit_Tha_Burner

    no trade will happen

  4. tduke53

    How about making a smaller trade? like one for Ronny Turiaf, he plays D and we could get him for Wilcox and Summer. I think he definently an upgrade from Wilcox and most importantly he plays Defense.

  5. terry

    Unless a trade lands a true center (cough, cough David Lee cough, cough)don’t do it. Boozer wants way too much money. It would not be smart to trade Stuckey. The Pistons FINALLY got healthy, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let them play the season out. This team is better than the record indicates, which is a good thing cause Joe could be looking at a top 5 lottery pick. People act like 2010 is the last season for free agents or something. Look for alot of teams to be butting heads this off season. The truth as I see it is: 1. this team has a great young core and is 1 good center away from contending, 2. if Joe gets any pick in the top 5 picks he can’t miss this draft is looking to have some nice young bigs, 3. don’t underestimate the number 1 offensive boards stat; that is going to be mighty helpful now they got their scorers back, and 4. did I mention all the scorers have been injured on this team (except Stuckey) practically the entire 1rst half of the season? That’s a fact not an excuse. Healthy we have one of the deepest rosters in the league.

    • Jesse

      What great young core are you talking about? Stuckey is good, may even be an all-star someday, but you’re not winning a championship if he’s your best guy, JJ has been good but is probably nothing more than a reliable starter, both Daye and Summers are question marks, Maxiell is average at best, Villanueva and Gordon are both one demensional streaky scorers. I don’t see a starting-caliber big man, a go-to scorer or a legit franchise player in that bunch.

      I think most teams in the league have better young players than us…
      CHI: Rose, Noah, Gibson, Thomas, Deng
      GS: Ellis, Curry, Biedrins, Murrow, Randolph, Wright
      LAC: Gordon, Griffin, Jordon, Kaman, Outlaw
      MEM: Gay, Mayo, Gasol, Thabeet, Conley, Young
      MIN: Flynn, Love, Jefferson, Brewer, Ellington, Gomes
      NJ: Harris, Lopez, CDR, Lee, Yi, Williams
      OKC: Durant, Green, Westbrook, Sefalosha, Harden
      POR: Roy, Oden, Aldridge, Batum, Fernandez, Bayless, Wesbster
      SAC: Martin, Evans, Greene, Thompson, Cassipi, Hawes

      …. Just to name a few, I’d take any of those cores over ours. Don’t get caught up in overrating your own talent, Dumars seems to have fallen victim to it, otherwise we would have had a trade by now.

    • terry

      Alright Jesse we are all entitled to our opinions however your statement is debatable to put it lightly. Stuckey maybe an all star some day? If Rondo made the allstar game Stuckey is definately going I give it 2 years tops. JJ is better than good, he is developing an excellent overall game, he does the dirty work hustling, crashing the boards and can score and hit the three ball what more do you want out of a guy his rookie year? Maxie is a bit inconsistent but then again so are his minutes, yet and still I love watching him gorilla dunk, snatch rebounds, and swat dunk attempts on the regular, that aint average. What’s the question mark about Daye? He can score anywhere on the court, he’s got nice post moves, and can take it off the dribble, oh and he’s 6’11. Ben Gordan only, I don’t know, carried that squad you got listed for the Bulls against the Celts no less. He’s one of those guys you want on your team because he only gets better in pressure situations like the playoffs. Charlie V. is an efficient scorer that is getting better and adding more facets to his game. You forgot about Will Bynum huh? Now lets look at your youngins. You just saw what we did to Minnesota so dump them lames. Tyrus Thomas is over rated. 3 years in the league and already getting shopped JJ’s already better. Wasn’t that Rose that Stuck roasted for 40 last year? I’m just saying. NJ: Harris, Lopez yes, the rest of their squad NO!

    • terry

      Clippers? No. Golden State? eh, I like Curry. Sac beat us but I’m still not convinced. I’ll give you Oklahoma, Memphis, and Portland, but you want to talk about question marks there should be one on Greg Oden’s jersey I’m not sold on Brittle players ( growth hormones?). I could sit here and disect your offerings player by player but I’ll just state the fact that I didn’t say the Pistons were the best young core in the league….. yet, just that they have a great, solid young core in place and are a player or two from being back in the mix. That’s my opinion though and calling it crazy would just be pure speculation. I’ve been right so many times. }; )

  6. #1 pistons fan

    19 houres left….. i think no time only butler to mavs…and camby blazers i think no on will trade……….maby pistons i hope!!!!!!!

  7. The Fan

    Everytime a Podcast comes on it seems like we start playing better.

    What Benny and Jeff failed to mention is another possible scenario. That Joe D would be showcasing Tay and Rip the first half of the year. However, they were injured and thus their trade value went down.

    Had they been playing the way both have played the last week before the all start break and last night. Their value would have been there.

  8. Richie

    Call me crazy, but I like the current team. I think that the current team with 12 healthy men, maybe a successful draft etc. would make the playoffs. Certainly this year we’d be at least a 7 spot if not the injuries. If we leg go of Ben Gordon right now because he had a rough year (only after his ankle was hurt) we’ll be sorry for it next year when he’s playing big again because he had time to heal and we were too short sighted.

    • Jesse

      You’re crazy.

  9. Chris

    Yea, I say let the guys play this year out. This is the first time all season we’ve had the full roster, and even so some guys STILL aren’t 100%. Given what our record could be, we got a great chance to land a solid young big in the draft. I say let the guys ride it out, continue to mesh, take the lottery pick and pick up the pieces we need. We can pull things together.

  10. Davi

    I wouldn´t get excited after a win against Minnesota.
    This team is not good, because there are too many good guards and no centers.

  11. Jesse

    I’m not sure what you’re arguing here, I agree Stuckey is probably an all-star, just not a franchise player. Your right JJ, he’s developing an overall game…. like a reliable starter, but not a star. Maxiell is inconsistent, just because he’s good for a weekly monster highlight doesn’t mean he’s necessarily an effective player.I say Daye is a question mark because is, what has he proven in the league? Gordon is fine, but ideally he’s a bench player, realisticly he’s paid like a starter. Villanueva isn’t efficient, he’s madingly inconsistent, that along with his D forces you to bring him off the bench. And yes, I forgot about the great Will Bynum, who will probably be re-signed for too much this summer…that’s Dumars’ specialty afterall.

    So, I’m left with the same criticism: No legit franchise player, no starting caliber big man and no go-to scorer. Look beyond this season, Minny and NJ both have brighter immediate futures than us: They have 20-10 guys, legit pgs and young swingmen… I don’t care how badly we beat them this season, I care about how badly they wil be beating us two years from now.


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