Denver wants Ben Wallace

by | Feb 15, 2010 | 48 comments

Via Yahoo Sports:

The Nuggets have actively searched for a big man in recent weeks, working to pry younger DeAndre Jordan and older ones Antonio McDyess and Ben Wallace without success.

No reason for a trade to move Ben Wallace, but keep in mind either Tayshaun, Rip or both could be moved by the Feb 18th deadline if Joe Dumars sees the opportunity to build towards the future.


  1. edt

    Bwaaahahah .. . . like is denver the pistons west or what? Affalo, Chauncey and now Ben Wallace? Why not throw in Rip too, they could start Affalo, Chauncy, Rip, Ben Wallace and Carmelo Anthony and then denver will have the team WE should have had if joe d hadnt blow it by drafting darko.

    • Wade

      Lets trade Rip, Ben, Tay and Chucky all to the Nuggs and we would have the 04 team minus sheed right there eh?

  2. Lori

    I bet that was Chauncey’s idea! Pistons West!

  3. Ryan

    Trading away Ben would be like ripping the heart right out of this year’s Pistons team.

  4. Mark

    Its nice to see chauncey billups and ben wallace palying together again.

  5. Scarch

    Trade Big Ben! the Nuggets are like the Piston’s away team and its not like the Pistons are getting anywhere near the Finals, so if that gives the Nuggets a better chance at beating Kobe Bryant and the LA Rapers AND getting one of my favorite players another ring why would any of us not want that??

  6. edt

    from the mlive blog

    “Maybe we could trade Ben Wallace for Aaron Afflalo, a young, promising player on a reasonable contract?”

    • tduke53

      Wait didnt we basically give him away to Denver. lol

      Lets trade for Amir Johnson too

  7. James (Australia)

    Ben Wallace has been so good to the Pistons for this season and his previous stint, that if he asked Joe D to trade him to a contender for one more shot at a ring. I would hate it, but I would understand and cheer him on for whatever team he would play for. And if this is Big Ben’s last year, he might be worth trading to a contender who might part with a 1st round draft pick or a promising rookie?

    But, I don’t think Wallace wants to be traded, he loves Detroit, and wants to retire here.

  8. The Fan

    Ben Wallace isn’t going anywhere.

  9. Lori

    Seriously, I hope that Big Ben retires here and eventually gets his number retired as well. He has always played his heart out for this team. The Pistons started their downhill slide when Ben left. The Chauncey trade just made the slope steeper and faster.

  10. Amer ican Prince

    no ones getting traded

  11. Ben's Fro

    hell no! Big Ben aint leaving Detroit, hes going to stay here as the Big Ben we all know and love and so will Tay and Rip, they are the faces of the Pistons. Get a free agent, trade someone else, not our best players.

  12. Ben's Fro

    If you want Big Ben to go to Denver like Chauncey you’re crazy.
    That would kill the whole team and it wouldn’t be the same. Bens gonna stay in Detroit or i’m punching joe dumars in the face.

  13. BA

    Joe D. has to keep Big Ben. The only reason why Ben came back was to retire a Piston at the end of this season or next. I really don’t think he will trade anyone right now. He will most likely wait til summer to get front court help. RIP is on his way out and so is Prince. I say we bring in a rebounding PF, a post player and a defensive big guard behind Gordon.

  14. BA

    I really don’t think he will trade anyone right now. He will most likely wait til summer to get front court help. RIP is on his way out and so is Prince. I say we bring in a rebounding PF, a post player and a defensive big guard behind Gordon.

  15. Ben's Fro

    I’m not too comfortable seeing Rip and Tay go away, they still have some energy left and i will always remember Richard Rip Hamilton and The Prince of The Palace Tayshaun Prince.
    What else palace is there for Tay lol. Ripcity and Tay *Property of Detroit*

  16. ali bazzi

    tell denver we gave them chauncey but they aint gettin their hand on ben!! yo carmelo jock off joe d’s balls

  17. zeke khaseli

    Ben should stay. We have to trade RIP and Tay so that we have room to grow for the youngster. Ben to start as SG and Daye to sub for JJ. Go younger, go green

  18. george

    i think we should seriously consider trading with the clippers to land marcus camby. i think he would fit perfectly in our system and he is definitely a serious upgrade to anything we have rite now. he is such a defensive monster inside, he and ben would create havoc for opposing teams

  19. 3point stunna

    It wouldnt make since for joe d to move big ben so i dont see that happening..this has been a long winter with the stones not doing that good the wings just amking a push for the playoffs i kinda wish football season was here…i really hope joe d can maje a push for a trade for rip sources said the cavs were interested for rip for jj hickson and delonte i say that trade would free up alot of space so i would be happy with that trade

  20. Damien W.

    As much as a trade MIGHT be needed, I wouldn’t want to trade Big Ben. Not because I love what he is bringing to the court (which, of course, I do!), it’s more of Ben needing to deserve it. Besides his first few years at Washington, everything he has done has always been great.

    When he left Detroit, he’s been injury prone. I.E. Broken leg, tweaked ankles and among other things, he just haven’t been the same. But when he was gone, we missed him. And when he retires, we still will miss him. I agree with all the people in here, he should retire a Piston, hang the big 3 up in the rafters and put on the floor of The Palace.

  21. Hlmk

    I’d think that ben wallace isnt going to get traded unless necessary, but if the Pistons cant get a good offer for rip or tay, then they’re prolly gonna make any transaction they can to make the pistons better, but I don’t think ben wallace is going anywhere, if he did the pistons would get raped on the boards and by dominant centers on a daily basis lol

  22. Tycoon

    Ben deserves to be with a better team. If we packaged him together with Tay and Rip, will we get Melo in return? Just kidding, but if we lose Ben we’ll take away the heart of the defense and we’ll only see opposing teams averaging 125pts per game.

  23. pistons 4 life

    What’s with people saying we should wait till this summer to bolster our front court? With what money will Joe be able to so this? He spent all the freakin money he had on two players who haven’t and probably won’t ever make that big of an impact. Unless he can unload Rip and or Tay for expiring contracts you’ll see the same team on the court next year. He’s given out so many awful contracts the last few years we’re stuck with who we got. And what we got is a bunch of average back court players and a few less than average front court players. (not including Big Ben) Sorry for the pessimistic view point, but I don’t see a whole lot of anything bright in the Piston’s future.

  24. Nolan

    If Rip and Tay get traded I’m Boycotting the Pistons ripping up my tickets and hoping they do get sold to Pittsburg, Trade Stuckey!!!!!!! LOL

  25. philippines

    pistons champion ship squad no one will stay with pistons team?…

    trade tay for enyone ….

    but not rip and ben..
    if thats happen…
    this new pistons is not my old favorite team…

    i hate for a new loser pistons team
    without rip and ben…

    dumars is an idiot to trade billups..
    thats is a big wrong turn for pistons future
    i wish thats not happen again this time….

    im sorry for my english…
    because i am a pilipino fans..


  26. KleenGee

    Ben has to stay: Stuckey and Ben are going to trade numbers in the off-season, so 3-Wallace gets retired.

  27. Tycoon

    @philippines: I am a Filipino too and your nationality has nothing to do with your English. Philippines is the best English speaker in Asia. I assume your a grade school or else you got so much to work on.

  28. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Joe D decided to start rebuilding process last summer and hired 2 bad contracts. BG is worth his money in the 1st half of the season anyone? No he don’t deserve his salary. CV too.
    Now we see some teams are trying to push the trade button and make run deep into the Playoffs, while we’ve lost Need2Leave for nothing, wasted cap money to have nothing (BG+CV are nowhere near their prime now), traded C-Billups and stuck with some huge contracts such as Tay’s and RIP’s. We won’t get Amar’e or Bosh, won’t get LeBron, Wade or any player of this level.
    And we are one of the worst teams in the NBA, that had a lot of money to spend last summer. Bad. Too bad. I can’t look at the others who have a lot possibilities to improve from trades, have lots of talent to improve within the team. It’s jealous in me, I think. Because I thought we had to be higher this season and play on another level than we play now.
    I guess, there will be no trades for us and tanking. Then a season or two in the bottom. I can live with that, but just if Joe won’t tell me to have any expectations for some years. I hate this “we are dang good, we will make playoffs” thing! Because we won’t make any playoffs anytime soon. It conflicts with the true goals of the team to be successful

  29. rai_from_the_philippines

    @philippines and @tycoon: WOW! I thought i was the only Pinoy in this site. Nice to know that there are 3 of us detroit pistons fans in the philippines! LOL!

    @philippines: you don’t have to apologize about your english. Some of the english I read here are not as good as yours, and I to think the americans wrote them. :p

    nonetheless, as long as we all bleed pistons red, white, and blue, language is not a barrier!

    back to the topic, I don’t think there is any substance to this rumor, coz I believe Denver has no player that Detroit is willing to take. We have decent to solid players in every position, we only need more time to gel.
    Remember, the rebuilding of the 2004 championship team did not start in 2003. It took about 3-4 years before we had that championship contender swagger.


  30. mark

    oh i see.. there are many detroit fans here in the Philippines.. 🙂

    My opinion for this one is that let accept the fact that Ben will be traded or not. I hope that Joe Dumars can do great decisions for the pistons before the trade deadline.

    Deeetroit BASKETBALL!!!!!!

  31. ej

    oh i see.. there are many detroit fans here in the Philippines.. 🙂

    My opinion for this one is that let accept the fact that Ben will be traded or not. I hope that Joe Dumars can do great decisions for the pistons before the trade deadline.

    Deeetroit BASKETBALL!!!!!!

  32. #1 pistons fan


  33. Diogenes

    If they trade Ben Wallace I am done with the Pistons – end of story – they brought him home to hang that number in the rafters. At some point a team is not a team if you are willing to sell out at any price.

  34. HIME1

    is this true? I heard that dwight howard is un happy on orlando . could this be true I was listening to sports talk and heard something about howard not happy in orlando. no thAT is a big man, with a pressance, hime and jonas would be a killer combo to build around, with a teacher like ben wallace howrd could could become a unstopable force. dont know how true that is but that would be awsome . go pistons

  35. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    That’s a joke upthere, right?
    We’d have to give at least a half of the team to get Howard))) Orlando and especially Howard has absolutely no interest despite if the rumor is true. I didn’t hear anything about his mood there, but it seems like he’s ok.
    If I’m Orlando’s GM, I’d take BG+JJ+BigBen+Stuckey for Dwight)
    He is the most dominant center now and he isn’t going anywhere))) lol)))

  36. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Let’s trade BG for Manu’s expiring contract)))

  37. Diogenes

    Dwight Howard for Detlef Schrempf – I ran the numbers on the trade machine and it is perfect. The Pistons would become part of this three way trade offering both Bison Dele and Brian Williams (who’s showing up for that?) as well as Darko, Rodney White, and the rights to John Barry.

    • tim*

      I don’t see that working unless we involve LA to bring in Vlade Divac and Bill Rambis to Anaheim for Sergei Federov.

  38. Jesse

    I’m all for any move that gives this team a brighter future, including trading Ben, but it will never happen.

  39. KleenGee

    just read this on the ESPN rumor page:

    Will Pistons stand pat?

    There was a report yesterday that Denver is interested in veteran big man Ben Wallace. Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars has said he’s leaning toward keeping the team together.

  40. iskan

    let’s get rip and tay out of the D. NOW!

  41. iskan

    even for nothing it’ll clear cap space for next season – make the rookies play and get BG back at his real level

  42. amol

    Let’s trade him for Darko. He and Kwame would understand each other really well. And don’t forget to include Iverson at all costs, he would be a beast off the bench.

    Okay, maybe not.

    Ben doesn’t have to be moved, he has to be cloned. He’s almost his old self and even more. He isn’t going to score 29 again but that’s not his job. His return makes me think less about letting Dyess go.
    Also, I have been expecting Joe to go for David Lee for years. And I was right, he’s become an all-star by now.

  43. terry

    Detroit is Big Ben’s power source, he aint going anywhere, and I got this sneaking suspicion that no trades will be made for Detroit at least until the off season. While the Suns are about to give the Cavs yet another future hall of famer for free, teams are trying to pick the Pistons bones like a bunch of vultures for next to nothing.

  44. G 2 DA NER



  45. Diogenes

    Sorry Zeke – Ben Wallace – favorite Piston ever.


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