Pistons over The Bucks

by | Feb 10, 2010 | 18 comments

From what I can tell the Pistons 93-81 win over Milwaukee was impressive.  One of the few games I didn’t get to watch live looked like a good one.

Tayshaun seems to be shaking off the dust and Jason Maxiell heard our cries to step up.  Ben Gordon with 18 off the bench may have gotten his touch back.

I’ll watch the game later tonight, but this is where you come in.  Leave me your bullet points in the comments so I can take out of the game what you saw.

Highlights (Via NBA.com) are great but, I like Pistons fans input.

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/bucks/2010/02/09/0020900765_det_mil_recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]


  1. John Girdwood

    It was tough to balance my viewing between the Pistons, MSU vs Purdue, and @JalenRose on NBA Fast Break on ESPN… and studying… but, I did manage to catch a lot of my favorite @Flintstone14 vs the Pistons last night. The main thing I took from the game was this: Stuckey can run a good show.

    With all the hype that Brandon Jennings has received this year, basically Stuck taught him like the old guys teach me sometimes in pick-up games at Hurley Health & Fitness in Flint. Yeah, YungBuck is lightning quick but sometimes the old guys (Stuckey as an elder statesman? Yep, when Jennings is that young) – they can throttle the young kids with their old guy moves. Stuckey regulated this game!

    I can’t wait to see what he does against Tyreke.

    Nice article on Stuckey vs Rookies at True Blue:

    Peace out and Go Green! – @JohnGirdwood –

  2. Matt

    Stuckey would have easily had 10 assists if some of the other guys could hit their wide open shots. He has been distributing the ball a lot better as well as picking his spots to score. I knew he’d get better. He is my favorite Pistons on this current team. Go Detroit! Also I’d like to say congrats to Jonas and I think he proved that he earned the spot on the rookie squad last night. The man is a hustler.

  3. daddy

    Dont for get about Jonas he is really scrappy and fights for everything its what i like to see. Ben’s mins have been cut i think they are trying to give him some rest and let the others take care of the d. stuckey was amazing and is getting better at passing after driving to the lane. looks like our team is learning the plays now and even tay was doing his thing.

  4. shub902

    Need4Swede!! Jerebko with 8 boards in the first quarter!! Jonas was playing great D inside and I think he’s learning a few tricks from Big Ben.. his length is impressive. Maxiell
    (a game high +21 with 14 points, 10 boards and 2 steals) was hustling inside and made some great plays for us. C.V. scoreless against his old team and only 4 boards..maybe because his headband was about to come off? Will the Thrill tweaked his ankle and I hope it’s not serious, he was limping around for awhile but stayed in the game. 51 points between Stuckey, Rip, and Gordon. Not to mention Tay pitching in with 18(still not looking 100%). Seeing more and more of our guards posting up and making shots.. maybe because C.V. wasn’t getting it done.

  5. Lori

    The team chemistry is improving. The ball movement is really improving. Rip looks fine, Tay looks like he’s almost back and so does BG. This seems almost like the team we were supposed to have all season- not perfect, but pretty good.

    The worst thing last night was when Will hurt his ankle and came up limping. He looked extremely worried and unhappy after that. It would be awful if he reinjured it.

    • Natalie Sitto

      Oh no…Will? Please tell me he didnt hurt himself?

  6. HIME1

    I liked the game alot looked like we had some nice chemistry.I loked how they all did some work out there.is it me or is stuckey looking like a point guard?
    Go! Pistons!

  7. The Fan

    Stuckey is our future and has always been. He’s learning his role well and now that he has a healthier squad back and players that can shoot the pressure for him to generate all the offense is lifting. Maxiell has been making some noise inside which is opening up opportunities on the perimeter which is what we needed.

    The only critical thing I have to mention is that Bogut ate us alive with 18 rebounds. It seemed as though we had no answer for him.

    We really let up after the half and gave the bucks a chance to steal this one from us. I’m glad we showed some poise re-established control of the game.

    Good win. I really enjoyed watching this game. One of those games I thought we had from the beginning and wasn’t too worried about losing cept for a few minutes in the third. Thats a rare feeling these days.

  8. BennyB

    I didnt get to watch the game either, but 0 points from charlie? that has always worried me. Some nights he scores 17 the comes up short of 1 point. But a win is a win, must feel good.

  9. BennyB

    I didnt get to watch the game either, but 0 points from charlie? that has always worried me. Some nights he scores 17 then comes up short of 1 point. But a win is a win, must feel good.

  10. Kevin

    As far as I’m concerned, dollar for dollar, Charlie V is the worst player on this team. That’s the only negative thing I can take from last night though. Stuckey playin stucktacular, BG got back on track(hope he stays that way), nice games from Tay and Max. No need to even say Need4Swede balled out, thats the only thing you can expect from this team on a nightly basis.

  11. KleenGee

    Tayshaun had his best game yet. Good shot selection (and he was getting them in the bucket). Though, he didn’t make the Olympic team: http://www.detnews.com/article/20100210/SPORTS0102/2100400/1127/rss13

    CV31 still looks cold from the back spasms. I guess he needs some more time.

    The 3 guard lineup challenged the Bucks. I bet Q’s happy to have that option again.

    Still enjoy watching this team. Can’t wait for tonight’s game. To all the doubters: they’ll make the playoffs and make some noise again!

  12. ChrisM

    All I can say is thank you SWEEEEDEEE! He played out of his mind last night on the boards. 13 total boards for him, 5 of them offensive! He was a huge reason we got off to that hot lead in the first quarter. Only with six points, but I’m glad to see somebody still trying out there…

    Still a little worried about the board wars that we continue to lose. We lost this one last night 46-47, but only because Jerebko played like a 9th grader trying to make the V-Squad.

    Also, love for Jmax. Played like a straight boss again with a double-double (14 and 10). Anytime we have his presence down low, we have a great chance to pull out a W.

    Solid D overall, but probably due to the poor shooting of the Bucks. We basically shot the lights out at 44% and the Bucks didn’t really help themselves shooting 36%.

    Delfino…Three three’s that really hurt us down the stretch and kept them close in the late third quarter and early fourth.

    Overall, very impressed with the scoring distribution. 5 pistons scoring in double digits is great any night, especially when you are playing a common cave troll/black hole in Bogut. However, Big Ben really held him to a modest game with only 17 and 13 adding in 2 blocks. No points for Ben though, probably because he doesn’t have a fro.

    Kings tonight, a little worried about how we’re gonna deal with Tyreke Evans. I don’t think Stuckey can handle him and Rip never tries on Defense. However, we can breath easy knowing that the Kings have no able bodied big man that can destroy us in the paint tonight.

  13. sam i am

    do we still have a chance at the playoffs?? i sadly dont think so but i still have one inch of hope

  14. edt

    we are 43% from the field (only new jersey is worse), we are in dead last for 3 pointers (29%), we are second from last for free throws (only orlando is worse), we are dead last in the NBA in assists (18). We are second to last overall in offense in the NBA, only better than the new jersey nets. Our defense has had a huge improvement in the last 10 games, for a while we were bottom 3 or 4, now we are only bottom 10.

    With work and effort, I think we can be one of the worst ten teams in the NBA this year instead one of the worst five teams.

    We got about 30 more games, we’ll win 15 of them, and end up with a 30-52 record.

    We need a 40 win record to make the playoffs to do that we would have to play as good as the Lakers for a 30 game stretch.

    In other words, if this team makes the playoffs, it is playing so good that it could win the NBA championship and plays at this beating-the-lakers-every-other-night level for 30 games.

    It’s very unlikely.

    • KleenGee

      edt: thanks for breaking that down about making the playoffs. I’m just trying to keep hope. I was also looking at that 8th spot held by Miami right now.

      but your description of the Pistons playing as good as the Lakers sounds so good… Where can I get one of those?

  15. Natalie Sitto

    Thanks to all of you who gave me the scoop on this one, it really helped. I knew I could count on you.

  16. edt

    kleengee, first you get a time machine . . . then you set it to either -5 or +5 years



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