Misery in the Fieldhouse

by | Feb 5, 2010 | 39 comments

A horrible performance by the Pistons in Indiana led to Detroit being pummeled by Indiana 83-107.

  • It was so bad I don’t really care that Ben Gordon, who scored 26,  may have gotten his shot back. Most of those points came in the  second half when the Pistons seemed to have waived the white flag and 13 of them came in 4th quarter garbage time.
  • Not even the Jonas Jerebko Jam can put a smile on my face.

[flashvideo file=https://need4sheed.com/videos/flash_videos/feb_5_10_jerebko.flv /]

  • Can’t really win when your starting guards don’t have an assist on the night and you only have 10 as a team.
  • If you watch this mess you know…it’s not worth picking out the good when there was so much bad.
  • We got spanked by Indiana…deal with it.


  1. Yasir Saleem

    you need to edit this.
    we got spanked by indiana. twice. deal with it

  2. junior

    that is old news put it behind us. hope for a win sat. GO PISTONS

  3. junior

    16 games man cant bekeive thats all we have won, i think it just sank in. 16 WINS. . . . i hope we get to 30 wins. i honestly dont think we will make the playoffs if we dont win 7 0f our nest 10 games. if we dont then playoffs are gone no matter what. (sigh) i dont know what else to say but what i always say. . . . . GO PISTONS

  4. junior

    only 34 games left? i take it back we ARE NOT going to make the playoffs.

  5. junior

    i count at least 16 more losses. . . . 34-48 at best. . at BEST. looks like we hit the bottom guess we will see who the real fans are. GO PISTONS

  6. Ronnie D.


  7. sam i am

    embarassing. period.

    ….. go pistons?

  8. #1 pistons fan

    yeah i think we should losse then get a gd round draft pick look at rose and beasly….. we could be like then in 2 years….. jonas….then this year we get a gd draft pick weel stucky was #15 and hes gd
    also soooooo pissed about 2003 we were in second if we were first we would of had got lebron!!!!!! ohh well we got this year!

  9. Hlmk

    well looking at the rest of your schedule I’d say the pistons finish with a 29 win season at best

  10. The Fan

    Did anyone see the pissed off look on RIPs face. It was a few minutes after the commentators mentioned that there was some scuffle with coach Q on the bench. Anyone know what that was about. Rip looked like he was pissed and gonna cry.

    Anyone see what Chauncey is doing tonight for Denver.
    39 pts
    9-13 from three land.
    8 assists.

    So Solid. Go Chauncey

    • hugeSTONESfan

      why do we suck????????????

      we need a talented distributor, and a big

      chris bosh, and ramon sessions please

  11. sam i am

    damnn who watched the lakers nuggets game?? chauncey and jr smith were tearin’ that shitt uppp

    • Nolan

      yea THEY were

  12. N1ck

    So what’s the problem? We are one of the worst teams in the league. I would dare to say second worst behind Nets. Deal with it, you’ll feel a lot better.
    C’est la vie.

  13. g2daner

    go pistons!

  14. g2daner

    pistons 4 life

  15. zeke khaseli

    All I got left is love for the team. this is even worse than AI fiasco. We need to let go the two headed veterans. If we loose tomorrow some changes gotta be made.

  16. steve

    Hoooray for joe dumars “golf clap”… god forbid u make a trade your team is so goddamn good as it is!.. wooo hooo heres to another 14 yrs of hell!.. pittsburgh pistons anyone??

  17. steve


  18. Loop

    time to rock the lottery….don‘t forget how we got isiah

  19. Nolan

    Someone wanna explain to me why we traded Billups again??? I still don’t understand the reason why we did it.

  20. BigBenWallace

    Lol Pittsburgh Pistons, hell no. Fire Dumars, trade Ben Gordon and the useless Charlie Villanueva for someone.
    There you go, simple.

  21. BigBenWallace

    A good starting lineup is: Jonas Jerebko, Rip, Stuckey, Ben, Ben Gordon (if he stays healthy and plays good!)
    Screw Tayshaun, leave his ass on the bench.

  22. Keepzitreal

    Sheeesh that was brutal….hope we don’t lose to the Nets today….we probably will..sadly thats my gut feeling

  23. Josh

    Ok so we lost. It happens. Keep in mind that our team hasn’t played together as a “whole” team since the beginning of the season. Other teams are in tact and have been that way since the start of the season. No other team suffered the injuries we did at the start of the season with major players. We have got to be realistic and still support our team. If not, you weren’t a true fan anyways..So what, we don’t make the playoffs this year…really, so what…we’re not ready anyway.

    • pistons 4 life

      You can still love and support your team and know that they suck at the same time. Why is negativity always linked with not being a true fan? I know the Pistons suck this year but I still watch every game and complain the whole time. Heck, I complained when they were a great team and made mistakes or lost close games.

  24. BigBenWallace

    We probably won’t lose to the struggling Nets, but it might be a close game if we can’t find our rhythm. I also noticed that the Pistons play tight in the first half then get lazy and blow a lead in the second half.
    Let’s Go To Work Detroit. Go Pistons!

  25. Marcell

    “Someone wanna explain to me why we traded Billups again??? I still don’t understand the reason why we did it.”

    Does anyone remember two summers ago at the golf outing Billups hosted? Joe got into the car with Billups and they had a heated Discussion ? Seems like Joe was mad because Billups let him downduring the playoffs. That following season Billups was traded almost at the start of the season. What went down, I don’t know but it was in all the papers at the time it happen.

    Why else would you trade the head of your snake?

  26. edt

    the answer is that as long as we had chauncey, then stuckey would never develop, because the back court would remain billups & rip for at least 5 years, I think billups play in denver has proved he will continue to play as a star well into his 30’s.

    In retrospect it was a mistake, but who knew how good billups was? I certainly didnt. I thought that sheed and mcdyess were the backbone and billups was certainly talented but not the single most important part of the team. It’s the way billups plays, he’s always so relaxed and sedate, he puts the opponent to sleep.

    I can’t blame joe d for the billups trade. It’s clear now that it was a mistake. But at the time, how else could he develop his young players?

    I don’t think anyone is complaining about prince being injured this year, because otherwise jerebko wouldn’t get playing time. That’s just how it is, if you want to have a young team, you have to trade away your veterans because as long as you have vets on your team, they are gonna start.

    The billups trade was a mistake, without billups we couldn’t keep mdcyess or sheed, and I don’t mind sheed leaving but having no mcdyess was horrible, then the trade for ben gordno and charlie v was a panic move by joe d who thought we couldn’t bear to have another season with so many losses so he bought the most expensive free agents on the market. So that was a mistake too.

    He’s made a lot of mistakes. Strangely, I still trust joe d. He made a ton of mistakes, but I think he’s going to find a way to fix them. He’s incredibly competitive and will eventually find a winning formula. For all his mistakes I still trust him.

    And I’m glad to have coach Q he’s really good. It’s not his fault the team sucks.

  27. edt

    one more thing. Afflalo is a better shooter than ben gordon this year, 49% from the 2 45% from the 3. ben gordon is 43% from the 2 and 32% from the 3 this year. Afflalo can also defend better than Gordon.

    If Denver beats the Lakers this year, they should hold a parade for Joe D who made it all possible.

  28. Amer ican Prince

    we traded billups for cap space, unfortunatley i didnt know joe would spend allllllll that money on ben gordon and charlie v

    edt i knew how good billups was, when that happened and i heard people talking about the trade and how much allen iverson is going to be the missing piece i was like. Why are you not calling Denver a title contender? Well Now everyone else knows what many here knew. Billups was the orchestrator. But I’m kinda done talking about Chauncey Joe knows he made a mistake I just want to see him correct it

    Natalie I agree, this one was brutal to watch. We haven’t beat a run and gun team in awhile.

  29. edt

    AI was never the missing piece. Joe D got him for 1 reason only: to fill seats at the palace because AI is “exciting to watch” and a “fan favorite.”

    But what happened is AI stunk it up so bad we lost about 1/2 the season fans that year, and then when AI moved on Joe D panicked and bought 2 players that he thought would win enough games to fill the seats.

    The AI trade was first and last about filling seats at the palace and making money never about winning games or a “missing piece.”

  30. edt

    ps notice AI is still a fan favorite, he was voted in as starter for the all star game! That is what Joe D saw when he brought him to detroit. Of course it was a giant mistake by Joe D, AI didnt fill seats in detroit, AI emptied the palace.

  31. Sleepy Crayfish

    Bring on John Wall.

  32. HIME1

    Im still a Piston fan no matter what . I have said some bad things about the team but, they are starting over. I see some guys with potential and some bout move out . but no matter what. The Pistons owned the eastern confrence for six years. they got a championship with that. we a great bunch of guys who put it all out on the line to play defense and win games.some of those guys left and some are still here,posessing that reminence of greatness that never stop “going to work” look and you can some of it fading and see some of it still burning hotter than ever.But in all of this, I believe they will reach the top again and we will all stand proud and shot from home and the palace.”DEEETROIT! BASSKETBALLLL!!!!GO PISTONS!

  33. pistonsfan101

    I have read this on a forum and am still waiting for a legit source on this.

    With the Feb. 18 trading deadline approaching fast, the underperforming Detroit Pistons (16-32 on the season and 3-7 over their last 10) had been trying diligently to move either SG Richard Hamilton or SF Tayshaun Prince. In the Toronto Raptors, they have found a suitor for Prince. Since the season started, Joe Dumars and Pistons brass have been said to be intrigued by possibly adding Toronto point forward Hedo Turkoglu, who could partially relieve starting PG Rodney Stuckey (18.0 PPG, 4.5 APG) of playmaking duties, allowing him to play off the ball more. The Pistons have a stockpile of talented shooting guards (Stuckey, Hamilton and free agent addition Ben Gordon) who would profit a great deal from Hedo’s ballhandling and playmaking skills.

    The Toronto Raptors, who signed Turkoglu to a lucrative 5-year contract this Summer, have gotten little production from the Turkish international. With Jarrett Jack and Jose Calderon serving as the Raptors’ two-headed point guard, Turkoglu is primarily used as a wing player, taking away from his ability to direct the offense and cause matchup problems as he did with the Orlando Magic. The Raptors have their eyes set on Detroit small forward Tayshaun Prince, 2004 NBA Champion and Olympian, a solid defender throughout his career. With All-Star forward Chris Bosh likely seeking greener pastures in this Summer’s free agency, Bryan Colangelo call Prince “a guy we have to have”.

    According to front-office sources, both teams have verbally agreed on a trade that will send Tayshaun Prince to the Raptors in exhcange for Hedo Turkoglu and throw-in Patrick O’Bryant. League offices won’t be open until Monday, so the trade will most likely be made public on Tuesday.

  34. junior

    its not true u r stupid. y would we trade for hedo? to releive stuckey? we got bynum and atkins AND bg, if we want a sf to start the offense we got tay, jj, and daye that can do that. use your brain for once and think it through. leave that shit on the raptors forum where you got it. enough said. GO PISTONS

  35. edt

    the raptors forum is horrible, because it’s all bunch of people in their basements making up stupid fantasies.

    at least here on need4sheed, we don’t pretend we know what Joe D is thinking.



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