The Pistons vs. The Sixers

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The Pistons vs. The Sixers

The 11-23 Pistons take on the 10-25 Philadelphia 76rs Saturday night at the Palace.  This would have been the first time Detroit fana would have a chance to see Allen Iverson since his “injury” forced him to stop playing for the Pistons last season.

AI’s arthritic knee has stopped him from taking the court in Detroit.

Philadelphia has the second worst record in the Eastern Conference.

The Sixers have lost both meetings with the Pistons this season after winning four of the previous five in the series.

Injury Report:

  • No Will Bynum, who’s still bothered by ankle injuries.
  • Rodney Stuckey will play.

The Scouting Report via
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Tip is at 7:30 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 950 WWJ or follow the action over at .

This is it, I really feel a victory tonight.


28 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Sixers"
  1. Avatar The Fan says:

    Boooooo BABY IVERSON!!!

  2. Avatar KG says:

    we’re losing…again

  3. Avatar The Fan says:

    I’m Speechless…

  4. Avatar KG says:

    why pistons why.. :((

  5. Avatar Buzz Killington says:

    Haaaaa… early beating at The Palace from the Sixers? Reeeally?… Will Joe Dumars keep John Kuester for the rest of the season?… Wake up FO!

  6. Avatar FAN54 says:

    we are down by 17 !!!! 🙁

  7. Avatar The Fan says:

    Maybe we should go back to the lineups we were running before Tay and Rip came back.

  8. Avatar Bugs says:

    I would love to be a fly on the wall in the locker room at halftime. I wonder who is blaming who…this is when a team either sinks or swims in bad time like this. They all need to stick together!

    I think they should play the rookies here on out or put our best hustling team on the floor

  9. Avatar The Fan says:

    Wow did any buddy else catch Coach Q rippin ass… He said something like. YOU’RE 35 F*CKING YEARS OLD…. somethin somethin.

  10. Avatar shawn says:

    omg down by 20 joe d trade soon lol

  11. Avatar shawn says:

    do you remember that Celtics wanted to trade Rondo and Allen for Rip, Tay and Stuckey? do u think they still want that trade we can include jmax for davis in the deal to


  12. Avatar Jzack says:

    Bring Michael Curry back! lmao
    At least he didn’t have a horrible 12-game losing streak.

  13. Avatar Hlmk says:

    on the bright side Ben Gordon made the 10 millionth point in NBA history, congrats ben

  14. Avatar Yasir Saleem says:
    at least something somewhat good happened today? sorta..

  15. Avatar sam i am says:

    i was at the game and it seemed like brand made every fuckin shot he took, is he showcasing his stuff to joe D. lol.

    but on a serious mode, seriously trade rip already. and wat happened to tay, he didnt play in the 2nd half.

  16. Avatar The Fluidics says:

    Joe is kinda stuck with Q because no matter how bad he is (I don’t think he’s bad, imo) you can’t keep running through head coachesbecause eventually you won’t be able to hire anyone good because nobody will come to a job that you know you’ll be getting fired after one season. Joe has to stick with q for until at least 2012.

  17. Avatar What and What says:

    Yes, that’s a pistons belt.
    I should probably add this is the only game that has been on tv here in Beijing this year that I’ve been able to watch, the other being a pasting by the Lakers during which I couldn’t convince a restaurant employee to change the station to the game during the lunch rush and subsequently left in a huff leaving behind a strawberry banana smoothie that had yet to arrive but was paid in full.

  18. Avatar Chris says:

    Funny how A.I. hasn’t played a game against us, I think he’s scared.

    • Avatar Ryan says:

      He did play last time in Philadelphia. (Stuckey broke his ankles and made him fall.)

      He’s probably afraid of the Palace crowd, yeah. I’d feel like booing the crap out of him.

  19. Avatar #1 pistons fan says:


  20. Avatar #1 pistons fan says:

    5 yrs

  21. Avatar #1 pistons fan says:

    HELOOOOOOOO TRADE NOW PLZ!! I MEAN RIP AND TAY HAVE BENN HERE FOR 5 yrs…… we traded chancy got rid of sheed so we can trade these 2 also i mean im bored of seeing the face let them leave with dignity not as lossers

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