The Pistons vs The Magic

by | Jan 31, 2010 | 30 comments

The Pistons vs. The Magic
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The 15-30 Pistons will host the 31-16 Orlando Magic this evening at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Although the Pistons (15-30) and Magic split a pair of matchups in November, Detroit has fallen apart since, dropping 18 of its last 22. The Pistons have dropped four straight entering this contest, including a dreadful performance in a 92-65 home loss to Miami on Friday. They were outrebounded 52-25 and totaled 25 points over the second and third quarters.” Via

Injury Report:
Still no updates on the return of Will The Thrill.

Tip is at 6:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 97.1 The Ticket or follow the action over at



  1. testtacular

    we are some heartless pu$$ies i hate to say it. you know if you have no heart and dont want to play lets get rid of them and get someone off the streets! i really dont care if we lose but at least leave it all on the court and if we lose then fine. detroit pistons used to mean and stand for something. a lyric from cut you loose from slaughter house. Sometimes i wish it was dead than look this stupid alive. god prince and rip need to go n play for the wnba get outta Detroit and anyone else on the team that want to be a wimp see ya go play on a team that is known for that lets bring the D back to the D and forget this ever happened. lets say we are going to win and keep the score under 60 pts and thats are goal and thats that.

  2. Hlmk

    everytime charlie v has to cover dwight howard im gonna cover my eyes and hope charlie doesnt break something when he gets posterized lol

  3. terry

    This game will probably reveal if this team has officially really given up. If they play anywhere near the Heat debacle then Q might as well bench Rip,Tay, Cox, for the rest of the season and let the young dogs off of their chain. Daye has already shown he can play the 2, so he can back up Gordan. JJ, and Summers can hold down the 3, and for the love of all that is good show Kwame some mercy and let him play! Wilcox will fill his slot in the dog house rather nicely. I blame the whole team for that embarrassment of a game but it just might be time for Kuester to do something drastic to send a message and take control of this team, the best way to do that is to go after the under achieving veterans.

  4. Chad

    Kuester needs to DIAF…

    Kwame does not equal Darko, put him in the f’king game.

    Tank the rest of the season for a shot at john wall, go into 2010…

    Doug Collins

    Dump Rip, Tay, Atkins, Wilcox, CV, Max, Kuester – maybe trade them all for a 4.

    I’m 6’5″.. i’d backup JJ for 100k/yr.

    Looking at the rest of the schedule.. I see 9-28, including losing 2/3 to the Nets.. hopefully that closes the gap a bit.

  5. GaryN

    Oh god, this game is looking horrible already… Worse than Friday, at this rate…

  6. Buzz Killington

    Every Pistons game is turning out to be a joke! Circus show at The Palace, kids just love it.

  7. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    JJ is our everything!
    Talkin’ ’bout the 1st Q, now how stupid is that – BG goes under the basket on Howard with 7 seconds remaining and then picks a foul. Instead he could make a good shot not giving Orl a posession…BG is waisting posession to posession here
    The ball is moving with Chucky

  8. edt

    1) we aren’t getting wall, we are getting pat pat or cousins from UK.

    2) we dont need Yet Another Guard. We have Will Bynum, Rip (who has an impossible to trade contract), Ben Gordon (long impossible to trade contract), and Stuckey a combo guard who will become an all star one day. Why would you trade Chucky? He’s 1 million and worth at least twice that. He’s one of the few bright points in this horrible team.

    We can’t trade CV, he has no D and his contract is too big for a 6th man. We can’t trade Ben Gordon, we can’t trade Rip, so here is what we are looking at, Tay leaves 2012, that’s $11m, Kwame leaves 2010 that’s $4m, Wilcox leaves 2010 that’s $3m, so in 2012 we are looking at $11 + $4m + $3m = $18m, that gives us 1 league max player in 2012, and the rest of the team will be a bunch of noobs that will just have to turn into all stars. We don’t have the ability to buy talent we will have to develop it.

    We will draft pat pat or cousins this year. Nothing else happens. Don’t you think Joe D would trade Rip & Tay & Ben Gordon, and Charlie V, and Jason Maxiell and Kwame Brown and Chris Wilcox all together pulling down $50 million for Amare Stoudemire $16m & carlos boozer $13m and still have $20 million left over? What a fantasy!

    Joe D has a bunch of Yugos and Fiats and wants to trade them for a Lexus & BMW. NOT Gonna Happen.

    • Rashit Flawless (Russia)

      Wilcox leaves in 2011, he will take his option, unfortunately

  9. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    God, we just got 24sec violation…that’s crazy

  10. Ross

    Thank god Charlie Villanueva isn’t getting any playing time. If you don’t play him, you have a chance to win. He’s always been on loosing teams. coincidence? I think not…

  11. ted

    Did Dumbmars just get lucky b4 and now his true colors are showing derrrrr derrrrrr

  12. edt

    joe d passed on ‘melo for dark. but he got ‘sheed and created the 2004 team. joe d made a panic buy for ben gordon & charlie v. But he also discovered will bynum playing in isreal, brought back ben wallace and drafted jerebko.

    sometimes I think he’s genius other times I think he’s a moron. Overall he is above average.

    I just wish he would have more genius moments and less “Doh!” moments.

  13. Chad

    I’m well aware of the salaries of our team’s dead-weight.. Rip and CV may be difficult to trade but not impossible – same goes for the rest of them.

  14. edt

    a realistic trade is rip & cv for 36 year old antonio davis from the bulls for salary relief planning in 2012. anything better is a fantasy.

  15. terry

    Big Ben 4 president!

  16. terry

    It’s kinda funny how much they don’t want to call that fifth foul on Howard.

  17. The Fan

    What a garbage set play at the end.

  18. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    1) What the f*ck was that foul by RIP on Reddick? He almost lost he game by that!
    2) What the f*ck BG think he’s doin’?????!!!!!

  19. Ross

    WOW Ben Gordon. That’s what you pay ten million a year for right there. Shit I need a beer. WHAT THE F*CK

  20. GaryN

    Well, hell of an improvement on the last game at least… Showed some effort this time out, thats something positive at least…

  21. edt

    Box score for ben gordon: 2-11 from the 2, 0-4 from the 3, 1-2 from the stripe.

    BG this game: 18%, 0% and 50%
    his career averages are 44%, 40% and 86%

    Is Ben Gordon even aiming at the basket? He can make all those shots

  22. bill

    whats that smell??? oh, it’s us, we stinkkkk.

  23. Tycoon

    it doesnt hurt too much when you learn to accept that its over…

  24. BigBenWallace

    Ugh, soo close of a game they just coudn’t let Orlando slip in a win, but they did…
    what was disturbing was that the Pistons kept fouling at the end which made me mad right when they were down by 2 here comes a foul,
    also BG was crap but Tay actually scored decently, in fact the last 3 pointer that he made in the 4th was nice =)
    Agreed we need to play like this and not let them slip in from stupid plays and fouls.
    next game were going to beat the struggling Nets i can feel it…

  25. junior

    u guys are pathetic, stop putting your team down and the players down. they are our team no matter if they are good or bad. how you think its gonna help the players feel if they come on here and see that we have given up on them and on the season? they see that and you gonna expect them to play hard for fans that dont appreciate them? hell no they wont. right now is the time we need to stand up and cheer for the team while they are down and struggling. let them know that we still love them and want to see them play hard and win some games. they wont see that if we are putting them down saying we want them traded that we should tank the season and give up. they see that and that is exactly what we are gonna get. a team that NEVER plays hard,NEVER wins, NEVER plays the way the big D used to play. and you guys will NEVER be happy with that becuase i am a lifelong PISTONS FAN and i always root for MY team to play hard, MY team wanting to win and trying to win, MY teamdoing what the big D always has done. . . . PLAY HARD EVERY GAME TO WIN. they need us to be there for them RIGHT NOW!!! while they are struggling and need us the most. not when they are only playing good and winning. you guys know what that is? A BANDWAGON FAN. ive said enough. either be a true fan or dont be one at all. GO PISTONS

  26. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    This is my dream to get to the game in PlayOffs with Pistons, but I live in Russia…

  27. BigBenWallace

    I believe they can change this season around but it starts with motivation, ive always liked the Pistons no matter if they win or lose. Go Detroiiiittt!


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